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Is There Bad Worship Music

Do you believe that there are certain types of christian music in our churches today that do not Glorify and Worship God?

Moderator - Affirmative.

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 ---Cynthia on 8/23/07
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I'd have to say yes. I believe music that brings about feelings of anger or violence not in line with Christianity. I admit though, that I listen to Air1 a lot and the hardliners of my church would definitely think it's wordly and not Christian.
---Todd1 on 5/21/08

I agree with the first response. It's not our place to judge what type of music is good or bad, but rather examine ourselves when we choose to listen to a particular type of music and the message that is being sent through the music. Are you receiving a message of love and encouragement or hate and selfishness? Does the music glorify the Lord? You are what you speak, so we have to be careful of the words we mimic.
---Naomi on 5/20/08

Phl. 4:8 "whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things [are] honest, whatsoever things [are] just, whatsoever things [are] pure, whatsoever things [are] lovely, whatsoever things [are] of good report" Think on these things. It isn't the style of music played. Is God lifted up in the song. Ps 66:1 to the chief musician "Make a joyful NOISE unto God, all ye lands"
---Tammy on 5/20/08


Each generation thinks the music of the following generation is crass and worldly.

Today people revere the Great Hymns of Olde - but remember that when they were first created, they were in the "popular" style of their day. In Martin Luther's day, the hymns were all popular tavern beer-drinking songs with the lyrics changed to more spiritual subjects.

Look at the song Greensleeves. It is a religious song, yet it keeps the name from its original version (a love ballad).
---StrongAxe on 5/19/08

In our church last Sunday, we had a marvellous meaningful hymn, and a worship song which for me for me was absurd.
Yet the younger generation found the hymn boring, and were really moved by the modern worship song.
I think the Mod is wrong ... it is just that these "certain types" of music do not help him glorify God
---alan_of_UK on 5/19/08

i do not believe in "Holy Rock & Roll" or "Holy Hip Hop". These do not glorify God, but the World. We as Christians were told to "come out from among them and be ye seperate" and that we are "in this world, not of this world".take the vile and make it holy? God forbide! These people are just struggling to let go of their old ways and what they see around them. But "be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind"
---dela on 9/10/07

It is very easy for each of us to think the most beautiful and most appropriate music sounds only like our favorite, but the truth is what we know now is no comparison to what's to come, the music we will make and hear in heaven and the earth made new.

1 Corinthians 2:9
But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.
---Geoff on 9/4/07

The word says the songs of those in rebellion will be as howlings in the ears of the Lord.
As for the question I have to say yes. And now of days it is most of it.
No cross, no blood, no humility, just howling.
---Frank on 9/2/07

One very talented musician I know has often taken secular songs(good ones) and turned them into AWESOME Christian music, and as anyone attending his concerts will tell you, GOD IS GLORIFIED in this man's talent! :)
---Mary on 9/2/07

Yeah, Rural_Cafe, that list of songs certainly doesn't fit 1 Corinthians 10:31 or Philippians 4:8. How can people who love Jesus be inspired by those who hate Him? For example, can a Christian be inspired to love God by even by a (wordless) musical composed by a devil worshipper?
---Geoff on 9/2/07

Country Songs

Running My Fingers Through Your Hair Messes Up My Mind

When She Bleached Her Hair it Frosted Me

My Skin Always Crawls Back to You

She was Just a City Girl who Thought Twang was an Orange Drink

Her Teeth were Stained but her Heart was Pure

When She Said She was Sleepy I Knew She was Tired of Me

I Remember When She Forgot Me

The Apple of My Eye Turned Out to Be a Fruit
---Rural_Cafe on 8/30/07

She Dumped Me for the Garbage Man

I Dropped the Bookcase On My Darlin' and Pleaded Shelf Defense

I Bought A Car From A Guy Who Stole My Girl, But It Don't Run So We're even.

I'm So Miserable Without You, It's Like Having You Here

The Peach I Picked in Georgia Didn't Cling to Me For Long

Now That We're Miserable, I Hope You're Happy
---Rural_Cafe on 8/30/07

well me, im a gosple poet/singer and what i have learned is God created music for us to lift him up with. satan was a singer for GOd at one point but now since he is tring to compete with God he is going to use the same thing God created for himself to receive praise also so it all was made by God first.satan is just a copy cat. in my community the young people listen to worldly rap music.......
---angina on 8/28/07 i figue i can reach them by their music giving them a hip beat with a life changing message not one degrading the women or talking about murder but one that lift up the women and give a message of life and let them know its not to late to turn to jesus. and it makes a diffrence. it really do. so if your going to dance like david you need a beat to dance like that as i can remember he danced out of his clothes so i know u cant dance out ya clothes with out a beat. well ya'll stay blessed...
---angina on 8/28/07


I believe Wordly music is music that exalts the World or Exalts man above God. Christian Rock music reminds me of Prophecy, God's Wrath, his attributes of Soverignty, Justice, and Power. If you ever watched a music video of the Great White Throne Judgement or the Second coming of Christ when he comes back as the Lion of Judah, the Rock music in the background sounds awesome. It's like thunder/lightning, earthshaking, Heart Ponding, Soul Awakening Witnessing through music.
---Marcia on 8/27/07

I, for one, am really against rock, and rap , and other worldly-sounding music in church, how can someone receive a blessing, to praise the lord and have the tears to flow out of the adoration of serving a loving God. if i ever went to a church that played that type of music, i would leave. the bible says to "come out from among them and be ye seperate. the idea is to leave one's worldly ways at the alter.
---jack on 8/27/07

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Good question! I have heard people criticize Contemporary Christian music as being too worldly, but when it comes to music, styles of it have changed over the years. There is a big difference between say country music in the 60's and 70's and country music today. I think it is the same with Christian music. It is just a difference of style. The words are still glorifying God whether it's Southern gospel or contemporary. Actually, the same songs are often sung in different styles.
---Melissa on 8/27/07

Question: if all that makes music Christian & acceptable are the words then what about offensive secular music revamped with "Christian" lyrics. Does changing the word, as Kirk Franklin & others do, sanctify the song? What about wordless music composed by devil worshippers? Should Christians be grooving to that? 1 Corinthians 10:31, Philippians 4:8
---Geoff on 8/26/07

This topic is why many follow the world. When I go to church, I have a hymn book and sing songs praising God. If I want to hear an acid rock concert at the front of the church, I would pay to see them perform in a field somewhere, not in church where Jesus stated we are to worship in meekness, humility and reverance to him. where is the reverance when your ears are exploding in noise. church is not a high school dance. it is a place to escape the evils of the world for a short time.
---Lori on 8/26/07

con't. I watched TBN once to see what the top forty christian songs were that month. I heard exactly one song out of forty I would listen to. the rest reminded me of an AC DC, Motley crew, Kiss, heavy metal rock concert from the seventies. just a noise that glorified satan, NOT God. God uplifts and edifies our souls. We are taught to separate ourselves from the world, hence reverant hymns praising God. The Holy Spirit is a quiet still voice, not an acid rock singer deafening us with noise.
---Lori on 8/26/07

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Too many people are too judgemental. The Bible says dance before the Lord. David's wife hated it when David did this. Stop being so judgemental and just allow people to worship God in the way that they can.
---betty8468 on 8/26/07

L.L. You say "I believe that what makes music 'Christian' is not the style or beat, but the words." I would agree if only I could hear the words but most music passed off as 'Christian music' these days is indistinguishable from rock or pop music and is quite vile. I'm sure that God can hear the words and knows if they are acceptable but, when sung publicly, the congregation/audience should also be able to hear them. If they cannot, they also cannot use them to Glorify and Worship God.
---RitaH on 8/26/07

Besides, have you seen some of the supposed Christian music found on TBN late at night?
---Steveng on 8/25/07

Mary: "God made everyone different, yet we try and squeeze everyone into a mold "just like us"

There are over 33,000 different denominations in the United States - each one doing their own thing. But God is of one accord through the Holy Spirit. To the physical body we have different music, but the spiritual body is of one accord. The music since the 1940s is based more on beat. Try listening to voodoo music and you'll see what I mean.
---Steveng on 8/25/07

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LL: "I believe that what makes music "Christian" is not the style or beat, but the words.

What's the first thing that attracts your attention when meeting a person for the first time? Ninety nine percent of the time one choses to listen to a song for the first time is the style or beat. So, what's the first thing that attracts your attention when meeting a person for the first time? Whether one is male or female.
---Steveng on 8/25/07

depends. I like worship music ,but I like it with meaning & old time religion in church & worship of today can be at home or in the car.
---candice on 8/25/07

Even the Pharisees and Saducees sang the Psalms. Worship music is always of whom you are worshiping. A Christian sings from his heart, glorifying the Risen Son of God. Since the heart is changed it sings of His righteousness. With all that being said, I think a lot of the noise coming from people who utter with their lips they play for God, but in their hearts posess the lusts of the flesh...Ya, they're nefarious.
---Ryan_Z on 8/24/07

LL, I agree with you, it is the lyrics, not the music that is Christian. For me, music is how I can best worship and glorify God. I like songs of all tempos and styles because one day I might get a more worshipful experience from a slower song and the next a more upbeat song. I also use my musical gifts to glorify God, especially when I'm playing my flute.
---Katie on 8/23/07

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Hi Steveng, just my 2 cents worth, but I think the only reason today's Christian music divides Christians is because WE LET IT. God made everyone different, yet we try and squeeze everyone into a mold "just like us" lol
---Mary on 8/23/07

I love my churches service - we have a music minister. Maybe that is why - he seems to understand the congregation.
I would never leave a church bc they didn't have music - I just prefer the music to reflect our worship.

Why do I think this is silly, I know a number of people have been hurt bc their church changed music but I'm there to worship God and I'll find a way to do that anywhere.
---Andrea on 8/23/07

If you like contemporary rock, would you attend a heavy metal service? Most music nowadays doesn't glorify God, but glorifies the self. Music causes division among Christians within the Church. Traditional Christians do not like the heavy beat of todays music. You must answer questions: does the music glorify God? What is the true purpose of worship? How is worship/church servie conducted (according to the Bible)? Does today's music bring together ALL Christians?
---Steveng on 8/23/07

I believe that what makes music "Christian" is not the style or beat, but the words. If the lyrics reflect God's character and/or are a plea that we might better reflect His character, then the song pleases God, in my opinion.
---LL on 8/23/07

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Yes. Christian rap music. What is up with that? Just because a person writes a song that has words that has to do with God doesn't mean that God is reaping the benefit.
---Rebecca_D on 8/23/07

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