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Do You Have Road Rage

What are your thoughts on road rage? How would you handle road rage today?

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 ---Cynthia on 8/24/07
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If you don't want to drive fast keep out of the overtaking lane. Is that too hard?
I get annoyed at lane blockers too because they endanger everyone on the road, including the slower people in the right hand lane.

Once I was driving the speed limit in the right hand lane. There was a slower guy in the left lane who was going below the speed limit.

This insane person was going at least 100mph and approaching from the rear. He came up on the lane blocker (who should not have been there) and swerved into my lane at the last second. He did not slow down, and came within inches of my bumper at 100mph. He then swerved left and cut off the lane blocker on the front.

I was nearly killed by two idiots.
---obewan on 9/17/09

I don't know whether 'rage' is the correct word but it is difficult not to become annoyed by drivers who clog the overtaking lane, often driving well below the already too low (110kph) speed limit, and not overtaking. They are annoying road-hogs. I think they should incur large fines as they destroy the flow of roads and cause frustration and accidents.

I get to drive in Europe for quite a few thousand KM each year and rarely see this ignorant behaviour on the motorways. What a joy to cruize along a German autobahn, in a good car at 160Kph. Then I come home to the valium induced doze here. Boring!

If you don't want to drive fast keep out of the overtaking lane. Is that too hard?
---Warwick on 9/17/09

The stiffest fines and penalties should be put upon person who harm and kill others behind the wheel of their vehicles. ---Robyn on 9/11/09-------------------
Question then from real world event. Driving on interstate in Ohio, followed closely by double tandem trailer gravel truck with a full load. Going 65 MPH in right lane, left lane is FULL of bumper to bumper SUV's passing at 75-80 mph. Old codger cuts me off with no signal in merge lane going 25-30 mph. I slammed on brakes to avoid hitting him and was nearly killed in rear end collison by dump truck. If I WAS killed, which "bad" driver goes to prison for manslaughter?
---obewan on 9/14/09

The stiffest fines and penalties should be put upon person who harm and kill others behind the wheel of their vehicles. It is stupid,irresponsible,and a heinous act for someone to engage in this activity. Many persons gulity of this have even killed others on the road! I think someone who does this should get the same punishment they inflict on others.Maybe worse punishment.
Yes, but does that also apply to people who are just plain stupid, and who might kill someone by not paying attention or making dumb decisions? I don't have road rage, but frequently get furious at others who endanger through poor driving habits - like merging on the Interstate at 30 mph.
---obewan on 9/14/09

The stiffest fines and penalties should be put upon person who harm and kill others behind the wheel of their vehicles. It is stupid,irresponsible,and a heinous act for someone to engage in this activity. Many persons gulity of this have even killed others on the road! I think someone who does this should get the same punishment they inflict on others.Maybe worse punishment.At the very least their driving license should be taken away and not be allowed to drive for several years. Pay a stiff fine and attend anger manangement classes.
---Robyn on 9/11/09

I for one do not get road rage, but I have seen my wife get mad many times because of some person cutting us off or been on my bumper. She will talk for a while until she commons down. She doesn't say bad things she just gets angry. I already drive fast enough many times and if I am driving fast and someone is still in my bumper I pull to the right because I figure he is more anxious then me. I have seen road rage and one time a pickup truck and a car hit each other many times, all you could see were sparks when metal touch, so I stayed far away until one turned off and the other followed him. I prayed nothing bad would happen.
---MarkV. on 6/30/09

Betty - Everyone has seen drivers like the ones you describe. Road rage occurs when another driver takes it upon himself to "teach them a lesson" (often breaking more traffic laws in the process) instead of realizing that, eventually, these bad drivers will be caught by the law and pay a penalty.

The important thing is not to "get back" at some idiot driver, but to stay safe even while sharing the road with them.
---Donna66 on 6/29/09

People who drive have a responsibility to drive carefully and be considerate of others and of laws. There are some people who break the traffic laws and almost cause wrecks. Potential killers. I don't care what anybody says, the ones who almost cause wrecks are maniacs, and they need the police to catch them in the act. Crazy drivers do these things: tailgate, pass on the wrong side, pass in a no passing place (like the edge of the road), weave in and out of traffic, and speed like they're on the way to hell and looking for somebody to take along with them. If any of you are guilty of these things, I'd like to turn you in, too. I don't have road rage, just righteous indignation.
---Betty on 6/29/09

"What are your thoughts on road rage?" It is a waste of time, energy and emotion.
"How would you handle road rage today?" By consciously not allowing myself to become involved in it, or frustrated by it, recognizing that we all have our temperamental idiosyncrasies. If I find myself the cause of someone's "rage", I make jesters that will hopefully be recognized as an apology. If I find that emotion arising within me, I immediately check myself, knowing that the emotion is frivolous and futile, that the peace of God may rule within me.
---Josef on 6/29/09

I've seen people who have road rage and its a very frightening experience. I have told them they better stop it before someone kills them because usually the other person is behaving just as badly. I don't have road rage per se but I must fess up I have a habit I am trying very hard to stop,when someone cuts in front of me suddenly in a dangerous way,I say "IDIOT!". Its not loud enough to be heard anywhere but in my car and I'm not angry,but it's something I do because they could easily have caused a wreak and they scared me. Even though they commited a very dangerous act and could have caused some deaths,I feel awful and must immediately repent to the Lord because I didn't control myself as tightly as I needed to and usually do.
---Darlene_1 on 6/28/09

Nobody can "force" you from behind...
---StrongAxe on 6/23/09
I have to state my case.

In drivers ed, back in 1975 (before 4 wheel ABS disc brakes) we were taught to maintain 1 car length for every 10 mph. Nowadays that is considered overkill and they state the 3 second rule.

When I am approaching a slow car, while being pushed from behind, I maintain my speed until I break "my rule" and become subject to the 3 second rule.

Often, the polite people below the speed limit will take the hint as they see me approaching and speed up. That makes me and the people on my butt a lot happier.

If they don't speed up, I pass, for my own saftey sake, at the earliest safe opportunity.
---obewan on 6/23/09


Nobody can "force" you from behind, unless he actually rams your car. If there isn't enough room in front because the car in front of you is going too slow, you should slow down too (until you can pass him) - if the car behind you doesn't like that, it's his problem, not yours.
---StrongAxe on 6/23/09

Betty I agree there are maniacs on the road. But I think the problem is wider.

As I see it (having driven extensively in many counrties) the problem is about two types of drivers. The inconsiderate who treat the roads like their own private domain, both those who drive agressively and the dreamers who drive far to slowly, inconveniencing others and causing dangerous frustration. A considerate person will pull over and let others past.

Then there are those (we all know them) who are just not psychologically suited to driving. Some people just don't have the mental skills for this dangerous task and are a problem for themselves and others.
---Warwick on 6/22/09

Warwick- I meant any maniacs, speeding ones or otherwise.
---Betty on 6/22/09

If someone is tailgating me (following much too closely for safety), I gently tap my breaks several times to alert him to this fact. If he continues to do so, I will slow down. Such people are usually in a great hurry, and will pass me as soon as I slow down.
---StrongAxe on 6/22/09
You do not say whether you are going the speed limit. If you are intentionally under by 5mph or more, you are provoking other drivers. That is also considered road rage. The situations I am talking about are where passing is not always possible.

I generally refuse to tailgate, but am sometimes forced from behind when a driver is below the speed limit in front of me.
---obewan on 6/22/09


If someone is tailgating me (following much too closely for safety), I gently tap my breaks several times to alert him to this fact. If he continues to do so, I will slow down. Such people are usually in a great hurry, and will pass me as soon as I slow down.


Last week I saw a fellow on a motorcycle in the middle highway lane, texting on his cell phone. I often see people doing many stupid things because they are too busy yacking on the phone to pay attention to the road.
---StrongAxe on 6/22/09

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Warwick- Ha! It's amazing what people don't know!
Yes, Americans do know that that many other countries drive on the left. But sometimes they are not sure which countries drive on which side.
Maybe my "translation" was unessesary, but even though I've visited Australia, I needed a moment, myself, to visualize myself driving there.
---Donna66 on 6/21/09

Thanks Donna.

I thought everyone would know that driving is done on the left in quite a few countries.

Surely even Americans! But then a few years ago in Alabama a few people asked what the national language of Australia was! One even asked if I travelled to the US by train. I answered-no, it's a bit to wet for that!
---Warwick on 6/21/09

Almost any act of another driver can touch it off.

It may involve someone taking the parking space a driver, for various reasons, considers his.

It may be getting cut off in traffic or a driver making a sudden unexpected left turn.

I recall one time I accidentally cut another driver off. It was my fault...I guess I didn't realize what I was doing...(one more reason I don't display Christian bumper stickers!) But I was not prepared for what followed. He began to tailgate me on the freeway. He would drop back slightly, then come up fast behind me and tap my back bumper. At freeway speeds this was pretty scary. He did this several times before I could get to an exit. Fortunately he didn't follow me off the freeway!
---Donna66 on 6/20/09

Warwick ---

For the benefit of American drivers who might be a bit puzzled by your post:

The equivalent of the Australian "Keep left unless overtaking" would be, in America, "keep right except to pass",
---Donna66 on 6/20/09

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Betty the idea that speeding maniacs are the real problem is popular but not too realistic. They are a problem but not the whole deal.

Recently on a one lane per side road, a car crossed partly to our side of the road, a 'head on' seemed certain. However the other driver finally remembered he was supposed to be driving and lurched back to his side with 20 metres to spare. He was not speeding but was looking down, not at the road. I felt anger at his dangerous driving.

Later on the freeway as we overtook a slow vehicle it veered into our lane, on a straight. This day dreaming innatentive type of driving is common and often lethal.

Some people are 'unsafe at any speed.'
---Warwick on 6/20/09

People who drive like maniacs and almost cause wrecks ought to be reported to the police. People ought to get the liscense plate numbers of such maniacs and call the police to report them right away. Then there would be less road rage.
---Betty on 6/19/09

Road rage is a two way street. The state I used to live in ran frequent newspaper articles and the police emphasized the idea that it is important to keep traffic moving. They defined obstinate intentional lane blockers as road ragers right along with those who tailgate.

Some people will hit their brakes and slow down to below the speed limt when a car approaches from behind. That is just as much road rage as the person tailgating.

The polite thing to do is speed up to the speed limit or pull over and let them pass.

The main road to my house has a speed limit of 50mph. I see people all the time who only want to go 35mph. That puts me in danger of offending the people behind me, and it is NOT safe.
---obewan on 6/17/09

Road rage is a reaction to annoying drivers, sometimes 'over the top', but caused by them none the less.

For example: On Australian motorways we have a sign 'Keep Left Unless Overtaking', obviously a challenge in comprehension for some. Our motorway speed limits are low enough at 110kph (about 70mph) without the dreamers who wander along at 90kph in the overtaking lane, overtaking no one, while blocking others who just wish to drive at the already too low speed limit? Road hogs, asleep at the wheel, or just so unconnected from reality they dont know where they are?

I truly would like to know.

How much I enjoy driving on motorways in Europe with higher limits and lane blocking day-dreamers a rarity.
---Warwick on 6/17/09

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Road Rage can be the result of daily stress, and the failure or inability to set personal concerns aside when folks get behind the wheel. Our highways are designed to SHARE. Unfortunately, too many people get out on the roads and compete for space instead of sharing the road.
Professional drivers understand that personal concerns must be set aside when they get behind the wheel. Proper mindset and patience and consideration for other drivers is the key to safety.
Road Rage has become a serious problem and if we avoid responding to these bad actors we'll have a safer drive.---
---John on 6/17/09

Road rage occurs all to common and almost by everyone. Leaving 5 minutes earlier for a meeting has helped decreased my anxiety
when I need to be on time for a meeting.
Of course, when I make a driving blunder,
I mouth the words, I'm Sorry and then smile.

I now get a little more sympathy from the
---Pam on 6/16/09

If any of the people here ever feel they need to excercise Road Rage take the time and think twice.Almost 5 years ago I got behind a guy that had road rage.I think he was just flat ticked off because I was breathing.He thought it was funny to swerve side to side & speed up then slow down.Anything but let me pass him.He totally got carried away and was so overtaken by his rage he drove me into the concrete wall barrier that divides the highway I hit 2 of them and took on the third one head on.Then he left me to take care of myself after I blacked out.Thank God there were people who saw the whole thing & came to my aid.My car was totaled, & I had a broken pelvis.I was in the trauma center for 3 days.
---Vickie_Helpingstine on 6/16/09

Well for most people I suppose they would go to some kind of anger classes. I think that it is silly. If you have Christ living in you plus Him watching every move that you make, well, do you get my understanding?
---catherine on 9/2/07

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Too many cars, too many drivers who are talking on the phone not paying attention ... I just hate it when somebody in front of me is going 5 or 10 miles UNDER the speed limit! Happens all the time. At least go in the right lane and let the people who want to go the speed limit in the left lane! Good thing I have lots of patience and a sense of humor. Sometimes I pretend that my steering wheel has two buttons on each side that when I push them the car in front of me disappears *poof* gone!
---sue on 8/26/07

No, I don't have road rage. I drive over mountain passes and high elevations. One distraction, turn of the head, you'll be a goner. We have many tourists that do exactly that. Two deadly headon collisions last week. Both involved the elderly pulling back into traffic from pullouts. Road rage is another expression of unresolved anger. If you have it, you shouldn't be behind the wheel. There are already too many other killers on the road. Combine alcohol with road rage, deadly combination.
---Alpine_Junction on 8/26/07

Mary - Seven weeks after I got my driver's licence, I drove my car into a MEN's Wear shop. Think I could have picked a ladies' shop LOL. Don't drive anymore. :)
---Helen_5378 on 8/26/07

Mary, I have you beat, I will be 52 this year(double yikes!!) As far as road rage, I have been cut off, tailgated,and a lot of people pulling out in front of me.I do get aggravated at times, but I have done the same to others(tattletale!).Let's be honest, haven't we all done this at least one time or another?
---Cynthia on 8/25/07

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I haven't driven in years, since the day I got my permit, when I was about 26 or 27 (I'm 43 now yikes!), got a ticket that same day for running over a stopsign (and hitting a house afterwards--oops!), I am still terrified to drive or even be in a car sometimes. A shame but it's crippled me.
---Mary on 8/25/07

I used to drive a long distance to work and would tailgate etc - while I was teaching my daughter to drive I told her to "put her ego in her pocket when she got in the car"
she does and so do I.
and I remind myself that if I'm in that much of a hurry it may just be a fast way to the morgue.

ps:marcia - a little prayer goes a long way.
---Andrea on 8/25/07

No worry about road rage when I am driving. I drive within the speed limit and don't cut people off and use my turn signals. As I get older, I get in less of a hurry to get somewhere. Leaving early enough to be early to where I need to be, is a habit I have had since a child. Yesterday, a big SUV was darting in and out of traffic, speeding, and getting very impatient with the other traffic. The vehicle pulled into the police station and three police offers got out. This is disgusting!
---Susie on 8/25/07

I don't drive. So, there is one less cause for ones to go crazy because of how I would be driving (-:}

But I can get in a rage about what people do in my life > it helps to admit this is not having compassion on all people like Jesus wants, and be quiet until God changes me to be in His love so pleasant and kind and considerate. And see how You are with me, when I am wrong, is how I need to be with people who are a problem for me.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/25/07

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"Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. And walk in love, even as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma." (Ephesians 5:1-2)

Walk in love, and DRIVE in love, so we are sweet-smelling to God > it's not about us, it's about pleasing the LORD.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/25/07

Pray for me, after proof reading this, I am beginning to think maybe I have a little road rage from time to time, but really who can honestly say they have never had road rage?

Be Honest with yourself.
---Marcia on 8/24/07

I don't have road rage, however I can't stand it when I stop at a stop sign and there is a car on the oppisite stop sign who was there before me and won't move, and then has the nerve to get mad at me for waiting on him or her to move. I know its because they r embraced. but gheez, I got some where to go. I'm not worried about their embrassment just move on.
---Marcia on 8/24/07

Road rage is a terrible thing to deal with today. I try to be careful with that. They are crazies on the road who carry weapons and don't mind using them. Not that I am afraid of anyone but I try to keep a cool and level head when I am driving and to be more tolerant toward other drivers.More courteous. I pray for God's protection before getting into my car.
---Robyn on 8/24/07

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