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Favorite Kid's Games

Just for fun! How many of you when you were little had favorite games you liked to play and wish were still around to pass it down to your children or other people's children? Mine was playin Jacks and marables.

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 ---ANN on 8/25/07
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again I just want to thank each and everyone of u that answered my blog question and I hope all of u have fun in doing so, and I also like to thank Crystal and I know some of u was giving her a hard time and its ok if she has a different take on the subject God Bless u all and I hope to here from u soon.
---ANN on 8/28/07

Oh so may memories! I loved all the neighborhood games, most mentioned already such as mother may I, also loved capture the for at homes fun, my mom would make homemade pare dolls and clothes which we would color, providing hours of fum for us girls...we also had a play room with a floor size black mat which we would draw on making towns complete with grocery stores, parking lots, name it...we'd then drive match bix cars around our town with brother and friends.
---christina on 8/26/07

When mom wished some space from kids, she'd send is out on a "penny hike" all would predetermine which direction we'd go if heads or tails turned up when the coin was flipped...and the "hike" would continue until we made our way back home.
---christina on 8/26/07

Trish...I'm with you...I loved to play Monopoly...we had neighborhood tournaments. We played Jacks, Chinese Jump Rope, Hopscotch. I also caught fireflies, grasshoppers and small frogs down by the lake. When my kids were little, my daughter and I would play Ninetendo all day long...Dr. Mario or Zelda...we had so much fun. I still love arts and crafts and even still like to color. We all need to have some good ole fashioned fun sometimes.
---Holly4jc on 8/26/07

Crystal: I think it is you who needs to grow up and stop acting like a prune. Everyone of us has an inner child in us. We all think back to our childhood, so we can share those memeries with our children. I still get down in the floor and color with my kids. When it is rainy outside or if it is cold, my kids and I will play a game inside without playing a gameboy/Nintendo, or anything electronic. Lighten up Crystal, it is okay with God if we good clean fun.
---Rebecca_D on 8/26/07

I'm 25 years old, and I still enjoy pulling out some of the things I played with as a child. There is nothing wrong with play children's games or toys. Sometimes, I feel as if we grow up way to fast to really appreciate the things of our childhood. I may be an adult in body, but I'm a child at heart and a child of God.
---Katie on 8/26/07

it is amazing how we can see what we use to do when we were little and what we do with kids now. Some of the games I heard of and some I haven't and I love taking the trips down memory lane with kids exspecally sing the old songs my mom used to sing to me or what I have learned in kindergarden with my niece's and nephew which all but one is to grown for it now. Thanks again for answering the blog GBU all
---ANN on 8/26/07

Crystal I felt your answer was rather unkind. Yes we should put away childish things when we become adults but there is nothing wrong with getting them out again when we have children and grandchildren. How else would the younger ones ever learn anything? I no longer count my fingers and toes or sing nursery rhymes by myself but I sure do them with my granddaughter and we have a lot of fun doing so. Perhaps you could try it sometime.
---RitaH on 8/26/07

"My favorite games were hopscotch, jacks, redlight/greenlight, Mother May I, Simon Says, Red Rover, and a few others."

Wow Rebecca, except for jacks these were the games we played on a regular basis in my neighborhood.

You didn't grow up in the South by any chance, did you? ,o
---augusta on 8/26/07

I made dollhouses out of the large round oatmeal containers. I made wallpaper out of contact paper. I cut windows, made furniture out of cardboard, placed small dolls at the table or on the cardboard beds. I spent oodles of summer afternoons making dollhouses and building forts. I rode my bicycle the rest of the time. I did play a marble game that a neighbor man made for me, Aggravation, I think that you might call it.
---Raine on 8/25/07

Ann...Most of the games we played as children are still around today. They're just not advertised on television as much, so kids don't want them.
---Susie on 8/25/07

My mother was a school teacher and we were not allowed to say, "I'm bored", "what's there to do around here", "what now, mom?".
She is very creative, always had a project idea, and we had it make it ourselves. The cost was pennies and we stayed out of her hair. Sorry to say, one of my favorite games in the summer was making cinnamon toast. Just enough butter, sugar and cinnamon, so everything didn't slide off. The perfect piece of toast, along with chocolate milk.
---Raine on 8/25/07

You know its funny I forgetten most of those games when I was little, and with the computers and other games kids look at us funny when we say the stuff we use to play. Thanks everybody for answering the blog.
---ANN on 8/25/07

Crystal: What a party pooper you are. There is no harm in talking about the fun we had before electronic games.

My favorite was, and probably still is, Monopoly. I play it with the adolescents and children at the hospital regularly. I also love Bingo, and so do all of the patients.

Remember catching fireflies and putting them in jars?
---Trish9863 on 8/25/07

Hi ann, my favorite games when I was little were kick the can, hide and seek, and hopscotch. It is a shame that alot of the kids,today seem to be so much into computer games, Nintendo, Playstation, etc. At least the games we used to play sure did get you off of the couch and you got plenty of exercise!!
---Cynthia on 8/25/07

I also liked jacks and hop scotch and hot peas [jump rope fast] Double rope was also fun.How about playing chase under street lights and hideing go seek.
---catherine on 8/25/07

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My favorite games were hopscotch, jacks, redlight/greenlight, Mother May I, Simon Says, Red Rover, and a few others. I have taught my kids those games. And we play them still today. Well we don't play red rover, cause someone sometimes gets hurt. But those games are so much fun to watch the kids play.
---Rebecca_D on 8/25/07

Crystal, this is my blog and it was just for fun and thats all and besides when u have kids don't u want to teach them to have fun with games that u once did when ur little thats all. So lighten up and have fun thats all.
---ANN on 8/25/07

and other thing your right the bible does say that, but when u are around kids exspecially ur own its easy to take a trip back to when u were their ages playing the same games, if they're round and toys now are to dangerous now than it was then.
---ANN on 8/25/07

Hi Crystal, I personally find the "childish" hobbies some of the most relaxing. :) Swinging in a park, using crayons or painting is all soooo relaxing to me for some reason lol
---Mary on 8/25/07

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I LOVED checkers and chinese checkers, still do. :) Usually had no one to play with, though, so played both sides hehehe :D :D Same thing when I played tennis in the yard--got LOTS of exercise there! :D
---Mary on 8/25/07

Is this someone's inner child that's reverting back to childhood now?
The bible says, when I was a child I spoke as a child I understood as a child I thought as a child, but when I became a man I put away childish things. I Cor.
---Crystal on 8/25/07

well, you would probably beat me in marbles, because im bad at it but i just like the marbles because of the colors they had. Thanks for answering my blog by the way. GBU
---ANN on 8/25/07

Marbles and a whip and top. I'm not sure I'd be much good at either now though but I'd enjoy trying to show children today if they could be bought. I havn't seen a whip and top for a long time. Marbles yes, but I'm guessing most schools have banned them as they have most things 'so that children cannot hurt themselves'.
---RitaH on 8/25/07

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