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Vote For A Mormon President

Would you vote for a Mormon president?

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 ---Andrea on 8/26/07
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MikeM...At our house, it won't matter who is elected president. We will keep on serving the Lord and telling everyone we meet about HIS saving grace.
---Susie on 8/30/07

I just wonder what the fundamentalist going to do when its Hilley and Romney? And if he iS elected, how will they handle it?
---MikeM on 8/29/07

No Way
---Vernon on 8/29/07

the U.S. has only had one president in the last fifty years worthy of the title. to bad they couldn't clone President Reagon. He was honest and had something everyone else lacked. integrity. if he said he would do something he did it, regardless if the minorities cried foul. the majority rules a country, not minorities. demos cratia or people rule, not one person influenced by evil and negative attitudes of millions around them. the squeeky wheel gets the oil. democrats want to reinvent the wheel.
---ashley on 8/29/07

Personally, I do not care for anyone that is in this race for President. I have listened to a lot of the debates, and I am not at all impressed. I believe that as corrupt as our congress is, how could you trust any of them? All they do is fight and argue, and they do not care about the American people. This is just my opinion.
---Cynthia on 8/28/07

I would not vote for a Mormon for any office. I would also not vote for Obama due to his lack of experience and the fact that he is a member of an extremely liberal denomination, the United Church of Christ.
---Susie on 8/28/07

Vote at your own risk. Look at the whole system of a Democracy. Its a pagan concept to begin with not for the Christian to participate in or with! To vote for one cultist over another or that demon. Its all about concession. Does it make a difference, a Roman Catholic cultist or a Mormon? Be separate from the world. Democracyrepublic satanic ideas invented by pagans. Gods law for society is shown in scripture.
---John on 8/28/07

We are not to throw aside the knowledge or wisdom we have about things which don't line up with the Bible,that includes people in leadership. No I wouldn't vote for a Mormon. I wouldn't vote for Obama because his Church has a bylaw that all members must help Africans or slave decendents and a President must not be bound by any teaching which excludes other races. Strict Church beliefs/rules do make the foundation of the man's actions and that doesn't make for a President of all the people.
---Darlene_1 on 8/28/07

The campaign chair had to step down, messed up in an airport restroom. Probably not the first time he messed up.
---Gail on 8/28/07

Bulletin to all you fundies voting republican: They are using you...Duh...They are never never gonna given you you want you want. We dont live ina and state are separate!
---Sherry on 8/27/07

I vote on issues - I don't care what religion the candidate is. I will vote for whoever the Republican nominee is - that's a certainty.
---Tammy on 8/26/07

No. But what difference would it make? God (religion) and politics should not mix. It doesn't matter if the president is a Christian, Morman, Catholic, etc. Because when all the weight of the world is one a person, they lean on their advisers and their understanding instead of God's understanding. I'm not saying Christians can't vote. I'm saying that religion and politics shouldn't mix because it causes problems and confusion in the church and everywhere else.
---Rebecca_D on 8/26/07

I see no one follows history. Ezra Taft Benson who later became president of the church, was President Truman's running mate for re-election. If truman won and died, the U.S. would have had a Mormon president. He stood for honesty, integrity and strong Christian values. Not like today. people vote for who they think will push through their own evil agendas and NOT what God wants. look around. laws now favor minorities. democrats follow the world. republicans follow God.
---lori on 8/26/07

If Romney gets the nomination i will vote for him.
I am curious how many Christians won't vote for him bc of LDS. I don't think he gets his 'talking points' from the prophet. I'd be pretty comfortable with him but very concerned that it would increase the LDS. BUT and its a big but - are LDS easier to bring to Christ then unbelievers. I was.

I'd rather a pro-life Mormon then a pro-death hillary.
---Andrea on 8/26/07

I vote based on issues. In history, 50 years ago fundamentalist railed against Kennedy due to him being RCC-It was pointless. I may, may not vote for Romney. To not vote simply based on religion is the height of shortsightedness.
---MikeM on 8/26/07

Mima i think you are why we have separation of church and state. We don't elect or not based on religion. I wouldnt vote for Romney because he is a republican. I doubt you need worry about his mormanism. I doubt it means any more to him than his "pro-life" or "pro-gun" stance do.
---sherry on 8/26/07

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No! absolutely no!! For I know the Mormon religion is not of God. Which brings up another interesting question, would I vote for Hillary Clinton for president. I do not believe so. However I have heard her say, that she is against abortion but that she does not favor criminalizing it. The Person elected president will be who God wants or permits. God did not want King Saul but he permitted it to happen.
---Mima on 8/26/07

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