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Is Filing Bankruptcy A Sin

Is filing bankruptcy a sin?

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 ---Cynthia on 4/18/08
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Our bankruptcy laws find their origin in the Bible. Deuteronomy 15:1-2 discusses the Sabbatical year: "At the end of every seven years you must cancel debts. This is how it is to be done: Every creditor shall cancel the loan he has made to his fellow Israelite. He shall not require payment from his fellow Israelite or brother, because the Lords time for canceling debts has been proclaimed." This would happen every 7 years. Under our laws today, one can file a chapter 7 every 8 years. While mismanaging God's resources may lead to a bankruptcy, being freed from overburdening debt is biblical and is based on the idea that God owns it all and we are simply His managers.
---Greg on 3/27/09

I dont know if it's technically a "sin", but taking an action so that we will not have to pay back money that we rightfully owe...that isn't a very Christian principle.
If you talk to the higher-ups at whatever business you owe money to and let them know you're considering filing bankruptcy, but would really rather pay them back, they'll probably work out some sort of payment plan you can live with. After all, they want their money.
---Todd1 on 6/13/08

Nicole "Matt 18:21-35 looks like bankruptcy. The parable of the Unforgiving Servant. The King gave a form bankruptcy in his day." The king's decision wasn't at all like bankruptcy. This debt was owed to him personally and he was free to write it off. Bankruptcy is decided in a court by people who are not personally going to lose money when the debtor has his debts written off or greatly reduced. Bankruptcy can be disastrous for creditors who have no choice but to accept the courts decision.
---RitaH on 5/16/08

Sadly, there are too many judges on here. God is the only judge & WILL tell you whether or not it's ok to file for bankrupcy. We are ALL sinners & have ALL fallen short of the glory of God - whether by bankrupcy or anything else.
---Kim on 5/9/08

Only if you have no intent on paying your debt. The bible tells us that we are to owe no MAN
---wendy on 4/28/08

absolutely not----thats what its there 4
---brian on 4/27/08

I do not think tha it is a sin, but I do beleive that a person should do their best to pay what they owe.
---ivory3733 on 4/26/08

we are all bankrupt, thats why christ paid for our sins
---Wes on 4/26/08

I think the sin would be the reason why you are filing for bankruptcy,(not things out of ones control ie. death, loss of job ect.)
---mike on 4/26/08

no,,come on ,lets get real!!
the sin starts from even having to ask that question,,,,,
---James on 4/25/08

Dorothy::You do present good reasons which I do agree with. But lets be honest what is the percentage in relation the actual truth.I belive the law of the land was introduced for these express purposes .So we do "render to Caesar what is caesar's and to God what belongs to God" There are still many unscropulous people out there who take advantage of the rule.
---Emcee on 4/25/08

It is a sin, because filing for it like declaring it. God said "do not limit yourself for you are limiting me." God can do all things.
---Pink_Richardson on 4/25/08

God's word tells us to not be a borrower and to obey the law of the land when it does not conflict with his word... It is foolish for believers to allow themselves to be enticed by banks/merchants to purchase on credit without restraint. Many get in too deep and find they owe more that they earn. It becomes another form of slavery to a master.

But if the law of the land allows you a way to be freed/forgiven of the debt, then it cannot be a sin to take it.
---Claudie on 4/25/08

Most of the time I believe that we should not bankrupt. However, I believe that there are mitigating circumstances which cannot be avoided such as loss of job and illness or disability and lack of funds which force us to bankrupt. If the time should come where we are able to pay our past debts we should do so,
---Dorothy on 4/24/08

Bankruptcy is not a sin but is a lack of dicipline and ignorance. Material things that are to expensive will not last. If you lose every thing that you own is taken away you should NEVER grt it back again.
---lyle9855 on 4/24/08

Nicole::Dear what is "Honest Bankruptcy"can you call fraud by another name and make it legal in the eyes Of GOD?Laws of the land are different.But they are man made Lev.1:1,5 It may be OT do you think it is abolished!!I don't.
---Emcee on 4/24/08

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No, I do not think honest bankruptcy is a sin. I knew dishonest people years ago who filed bankruptcy after buying a lot of stuff.(This is a sin)
Matt18:21-35 looks like bankruptcy. The parable of the Unforgiving Servant. The King gave a form bankruptcy in his day. Jesus was disappointed with the debt-released servant who refused to do the same to his fellow servant and collected his debt.
Plus, this country made it a point to be different from England and Outlawed prisonment for debts not paid.
---Nicole on 4/24/08

How did they get into DEBT ??, Borrowing beyond their Means ???Thinking, they Heard from GOD??? Yes it's a sin, bu we serve a forgiving GOD !!Clean up your act, then be very carefull , about Borrowing !!!
---Ray on 4/23/08

I Don't Think Filing bankruptcy Is Not A Sin,Thats The Best Thing To File For Bankruptcy So I Don't Think Its Not A Sin!
---Elizabeth on 4/23/08

Jesus was not poor. Judas was the treasurer. You don't need a treasurer when you are poor. What makes the prosperity message seem erroneous is that it demands everything of God with no heart change from us. "Beloved I wish above all else that you prosper and be in health as YOUR SOUL prospers."and "God delights in the prosperity of His servant." Josh 1:8...medidate in this book day and night do all that in it, then you shall make your way prosperous.
---melann on 4/23/08

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It is not a sin. That prosperity doctrine that is going around is erroneous. Jesus was born into poverty and never became rich. All of his disciples were poor, and only raised money for the purposes of spreading the gospel and building up the church. The lady in the gospels who gave only a penny, which was all she had, was commended by Jesus and He said that from her poverty, she gave more than everyone else who gave a lot just to be noticed.
---Bree on 4/23/08

The Bible teaches that we are to be good stewards of our money as while I don't think that bankruptcy is a sin, I don't think it is being a good steward of your money if you have to declare bankruptcy. If a person is in debt so bad that it looks like declaring bankruptcy is the only answer, they need to pray about that before they do it as there may be another solution to the problem.
---Barba8655 on 4/23/08

this is not a perfect world
---rob on 4/23/08

Of course bankruptcy is NOT A SIN! Its business just like anything else in life.
---Ken on 4/23/08

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While Christ ,Gave himself for forgivneing even the Most Ugly Sins,He also commanded us to be good Stewards,,,,And , it's a Lousy Witness to the World !!
---Ray_Herring on 4/23/08

Bankrapcy is asin and on the other hand it is a spirit that can follow someone,becuase when one doesnot have enough and really needs it gets him to start lets him/her to be alone because he feels he cnnot associate the bible forbids all those acts.It is a sin because one looses in trust in God ,blames himself and fails to thank God in all situations,psalms 100.
---peace on 4/23/08

filling of bankruptcy is not a sin,because God's promise is He'll provide all we need.
We must honest to take care of Gods what He give us-money,friedship,marriage...What is our attitude for that according to Bibble?
---ivaja on 4/23/08

No it is not a sin. I have been involved in bankruptcies(people who owned me money took bankruptcy.) I harbored no ill feelings against these people. I believe, corporations can find tax benefits in this. Both while filing bankruptcy and being a victim of bankruptcy. I may be wrong about this. Please someone comment.
---Mima on 4/23/08

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I believe that Bankruptcy is a sin. God has told us not to steal and this is a "legalized" form of stealing. Sometimes circumstances can be out of our control, so we need to plan ahead for those "emergencies".
---Hans on 4/23/08

No I don't think that bankruptcy is a sin, but I think it should be a last alternative. The Bible teaches us to owe no man but to love him, and I think to set up a payment plan and stick to it would also give the person in debt more peace of mind to know that they are actually making progress toward settling their debts and will also help to deter future indulgence to avoid the same situation, if this is the reason the debts were incurred.
---lucy on 4/23/08

check out dave ramsey online. if you owe, he says you should pay. bankruptcy just delays how you pay. you probably do not even need to file. i encourage you to check out dave ramsey and listen to his show on radio.
---la on 4/22/08


I agree.

However, how about those who go into debt by wasting money on such frivolous luxuries as food, rent, water, electricity, health care, etc.?

Unfortunately, there all too many people in that situation.
---StrongAxe on 4/22/08

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It is not a sin. Most of the financial snares good people walk into are a sin. Business without morality or ethics mean that good people face challenges. I am glad I have Jesus!
---Terry on 4/22/08

I think as long as a person truly tries to resolve their financial situation and pay their debts that if it is not possible to pay back and they are sliding deeper and deeper into debt than perhaps it is okay to file bankruptsy
---Lynne on 4/22/08

HI, I do not believe fileing bankruptcy is a sin. It is a business move to keep your creditors off your back while you can re organize legally, with a lawyer. Hope this helps...Dave4358
---Dave on 4/22/08

I think if you can avoid bankruptcy at all cost do it. Christians should learn how to be better administrators of their blessings from the Lord. I had a 20,000 debt and the Lord put it in my heart to call my creditors and ask them if I could pay half of the payments till it was all paid up. 99% agreed and it took me two years, but I paid back all my credit cards. That's my take.
---Yolanda on 4/22/08

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No, it's a privilege and a legal right in this country to get relief from debt when circumstances get beyond our control. Credit can sometimes be misused....people today want everything right now....they have never learned how to they charge it....big mistake....and creditors want their money...understandable.....bankruptcy gives relief when creditors become unreasonable.
---David on 4/22/08

The Bible teaches that over indulgence is a sin. If you cannot control your spending and spend much more than you earn, will surely lead to bankruptcy. This could be compared to excessive consumption of alcohol which will result in becoming addicted to alcohol.
---Horace on 4/22/08

Hi,I don`t think bankruptcy a sin...I think everyone does makes a mistick and it happens that it is a financial one.For whatever one of the many reasons that one has to declare bankruptcy,I do not believe that it is a sin.
---james on 4/22/08

no i dont. I think christians should use every means available to get out of debt but if your income is too low to pay the bills its one way to get help.
---eliza on 4/22/08

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Hy Everyone,
I am not sure on what perspective should I answer this question. I have not come across in the Bible talking about bankruptcy. In one parable the widow gave all what she had in temple's offering but Jesus didn't said what she'll eat the next day. Probably she had nothing left. Is that Bankruptcy??
---Haireisim on 4/22/08

I don't know if it would be a sin. Altho sometimes a person just gets in over their head and that maybe the only way out. I think if they prey about it and they still feel good about it then its ok.
---Dale on 4/22/08

I beleive that there are circumstances that a christian may have to file bankruptcy....but I think that it is best not to, but to try every means available to them before doing such a large step, there is debt counseling and ways of making arangements for repayment of debts, prayer is the answer and follow our Lords leading, and at all times remember that you are a christian
---patra9795 on 4/22/08

Bankrupcy is about the legality of this country, to follow the law of the land is required by God unless it breaks His command to love one another as He has loved us. All things are permissable but not all things are beneficial is what Paul wrote, I think this is one of those things here.
---Sadie on 4/22/08

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i think that decison n your past ultimately u have 2 pay 4...with quest 2 b holy, bankrupdy is the consequence of those decision...
---darnell on 4/22/08

yes this is twila i think bankruptcy a sin
jesus says we are not supposed to kill steal or destroy and he also says a christian shouldnt take another christian to court because he is our judge god is.
god bless sara,
---twilalowry on 4/22/08

No I do not believe filing for bankruptcy is a sin. I remember a time i filed. I had no other choice, but I sought The Lord, on it before i made any decisions. It is between you and God. He knows what is going on and He knows your heart.
---mary on 4/22/08

I do not believe it's a sin if bankruptcy was caused by illness, and such like circumstances. I worked in bankruptcy for the Fed. Gov't and many cases came across my desk where illness (cancer mostly) had taken all their resources for paying hospital bills and doctors. If bankruptcy is caused by greed that's another story.
---Daphn6388 on 4/22/08

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Filling bankruptcy is not a sin when it's necessary to resolve a financial issue. Of course, this should be done with integrity with no intention to deceive.
---Serena on 4/22/08

we all are just sinners here on earth so some of us have no controll over our finances and spend too much! I dont think thats a sin in gods eyes!
---John on 4/22/08

I feel God is making His personal stewards accountable.
Bankruptcy is just the severest form.
You have God's money to spend on Godly things.You can spend it however you'd like but there is a consequence.
I believe that Bankruptcy is a way God holds you accountable.
God is the giver and can take away! Remember the parable of the sons asking for their inheritance.
One buried his,the other 2 turned a profit.
God took money from the bankrupt and gave it to one who was turning a profit.
---Karyn on 4/22/08

john, I can address your question if I may.
My nephew and all male relatives STILL get circumcised, so that practice hasn't been done away with.
God did away with sacrificing animals because he REPLACED that ritual with His Son shedding His blood for our sins thus becomming the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.
What did God replace tithing with? It's also mentioned in Hebrews. God never replaced tithing, but Jesus did say, "Give and it shall be given unto you, etc.,"
---donna8365 on 4/21/08

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People who lend money, do so, to make money mostly institutions, a risky Business. Those who borrow have a habit, usually bad but see the apple within reach so take the opportunity.Pay back time may or may not be a smooth transition.and I am reminded or the Ant and the Grasshopper.the latter an entertaining fellow, who approached the ant in winter who said "But tell me dear sir did you lay nothing By when the weather was warm"said the cricket "Not I".Draw your conclusion.
---Emcee on 4/20/08

All that I feel I can say on this subject is that if someone owed me a lot of money and didn't pay it and then went bankrupt so that I got none at all or a penny in the pound e.g. I would feel aggrieved and would probably go bankrupt myself. For every bankrupt person there are usually many victims who might never recover financially.
---RitaH on 4/19/08

For others who face huge medical debt it may seem the only option. However, we do serve a big God and He may show you another way. If not, I know of no scripture that calls it sin. I am not even sure you could call it bad stewardship, its unfortunate life circumstances.
---melann on 4/19/08

Most hospitals,physicians,anesthesiologists(sp?) have programs available to reduce or write off your medical debt. They don't offer it so you have to check with the business office. We have had thousands written off and so have other people we know. Also, DHS has a program that will pay large amounts for medical bills, you have to ask,they don't offer.Some electric co-ops as well.Hope this helps.
---melann on 4/19/08

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Donna, you need to check on what it means that God never changes. After all, he did do away with circumcision and sacrificing animals didn't he? Yes, tithing is OT. and has nothing to do with bankruptcy. Overspending is the problem and God tells us to pay our debts, not slide out of them despite what the laws of the land say we are entitled to. Not paying what you owe is a sin no matter what the law says.
---john on 4/19/08

I definately think its a matter of the heart. There are those who rack up debt, spend foolishly, can't pay or don't want to pay, it's the easy way out. For those people, they will file bankruptcy every 7 years unless their hearts change. I know several who have done this.
---melann on 4/19/08

Some people over-extend themselves by spending beyond their means.

However, in many cases, financial troubles are caused by unfair (but legal) practices - banks charging $30 overdraft fees for a $2 overdraft, credit cards charging similar amounts for payments a day late, banks similarly foreclosing on properties.

If they use the law to rip people off, people can use the same law to stop them.

When Paul was brought before a magistrate, he invoked his legal rights as a Roman citizen.
---StrongAxe on 4/18/08

I hope no-one thinks I really meant that!
---a on 4/18/08

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Why should it be a sin to pass on the problem of your overspending to those who have been more careful with their money?
After all, you have spent your money, and now don't have enough to pay your debt.
On the other hand, they have not spent all their money, and have some left (even if maybe it is only a little)
Since they still ahve money it seems quite right that they should bail you out of your problem.
---alan_of_UK on 4/18/08

I didn't read a response yet that talked about tithing. I know some here think it's the Old testament, but the OT is still God's word and God never changes. If you tithe, and plant seeds for a harvest, then when you need money for something, you can go to Abba Father and ask Him to "Supply all of my needs according to His riches in Glory in Christ Jesus." Who is in Christ Jesus? the Body of Christ. It should be as in the book of Acts, they were selling all that they had to help others. Amen?
---donna8365 on 4/18/08

I do not believe filing for Bankruptcy is a sin. In some ways it is similar to our salvation. We are forgiven debts that we can not repay. I think the greater sin is the practice of charging high interest rates. In the Old Testament, the Israelites were forbidden to charge usury (interest) when they loaned money or property to each other. Many people face bankruptcy in part because of the high amounts of interest due on their debt.
---Tony on 4/18/08

My husband and I almost went bankrupt - some of it would have been our fault and maybe that was sin. Not being good stewards etc. But we weren't less christian.

Still you need to stay honest - observe the law and listen to your conscience. The law was made for good people - its best for everyone. So take advantage of it if you need it. Be blessed.
---Andrea on 4/18/08

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If several people owed me money but couldn't pay me, because they were very much in debt, that could cause me to go bankrupt through no fault of my own. All bankrupts have not arrived at that state through greed or money mis-managements etc. Many do go bankrupt through their own stupidity and to avoid their debt but that pushes the problem on to their creditors who, in turn might go bankrupt.
---RitaH on 4/18/08

Bankruptcy is not a sin. Getting to that point could be debated, greed, coveteousness etc. God's plan was so wise, in that debts were settled every seven years, all debts. Fields were given a rest as well. If we followed the idea of repaying all debt every seven years, our lives would be so much more abundant.
---dan on 4/18/08

Some comments...not all people in debt are reckless spenders, saying others should live within their means may be true to an extent, but there are too many in this world with insufficient means to simply survive. Even if people have spent wrongly, should we as christians condemn them? I've seen the Lord work in wonderful ways when people have dug themselves a deep ditch. It is His delight to turn lives around for His glory, and many live new lives after the Lord delivers.
---christina on 4/18/08

melissa...I know what you mean. We have two shredders at our house. Bankruptcy laws have become stricter so you cannot file just because you have a lot of debt that you don't want to pay.
---Susie on 4/18/08

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Cynthia: If a person goes out and buys things they do not need but want and later on can't afford it, that is their fault. There is no point in crying to God about it. If a person can't afford it, they don't need it. Betty: I can understand all about medical bills. I calcualated mine up the other day and without the removal of my kidney, (I haven't recieved a bill yet) my medical bills are close to $200,000. Bankruptcy looks good right now.
---Rebecca_D on 4/18/08

Those don't file bankruptcy end up paying for those who do file because the rest of the American population has to pick up the bill for those end up in a rut or put themselves in a rut.
---Jeannine on 4/18/08

It is sad to file bankruptcy due to medical reasons. However, the result of this is that medical costs rise for everyone else who uses the system. Americans need a standard medical insurance so everyone is insured but i don't forsee that for a while. I still see bankruptcy as a form of stealing for those who irresponsibily rack up their credit cards and spend carelessly then don't want to pay up since they are deep in debt.
---Jeannine on 4/18/08

I agree that most people in the US have unpaid medical bills. Our country wants to keep us in debt. Have you noticed that not a day goes by without a phone call or letter asking you to apply for a credit card? No wonder people are in such a bad financial shape. All we really need is food, shelter, clothing and transportation. That costs enough without all the extras!
---melissa on 4/18/08

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Betty, I do not condemn you because I understand what you are saying about medical bills putting you in debt. I read where about 93% of Americans are in debt due to medical bills. I too had to file bankruptcy because of medical bills,and only because of medical debt should bankruptcy be considered.
---Cynthia on 4/18/08

Betty ... # 1 You are in a very sad situation, and it is no good blaming you for not having medical insurance, because I understand that US policies carry mountains of exclusions.
Nevertheless, would it be fair for you to file for bankruptcy, because it would mean the providers did not get paid, and they then would have to put up the bills for everyone else.
---alan_of_UK on 4/18/08

Betty ... # 2 In the UK we have the National Health Service, which provides healthcare without charge (paid for by general taxation)
Although there are complaints about that and there are inadequacies and nefficiencies, it seems a much better system than what appears to be a heartless system in the US
---alan_of_UK on 4/18/08

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