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Protestants And Catholics

What do Protestants and Catholics agree on?

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 ---Andrea on 8/29/07
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The classical creeds, for one thing.
---katavasia on 9/1/08

I agree with Marcia.
The problem is that one denomination keeps telling the other denomination that we know all the answers to her questions.
The other refuses to listen. They hold their hands to their ears, until they hear one thing.

All they want to hear is "No, Please tell me how to get Save."

Then they put down their hands and to tell them their own plan of Salvation.

We have ears to listen and we speak.
Lets start listening to each other.
If you say your profession of faith is this and that, okay.
I believe you know the answers.
I take you at your word.

Who knows you own heart besides yourself?
Only God.

Respect is needed.
---Nicole on 9/1/08

Both are monotheist
Both beleive Jesus is the SON OF GOD
Both beleive that Jesus was born of a Virgin
Both beleive in Heaven and Hell (with the exception of some apostate protestant faiths)

However to protestants and Catholic's alike you believe well, however, even the demons believe and tremble!

The Question is, do you know where you are going when you die?

Do you undersatand God's Grace and Salvation?

If you don't you have no excuse read your bibles please.
---Marcia on 9/1/08

Andrea, do you know what the Bible says about a lying spirit?
A false witness, false testimonies, vain imaginations, false delusions, guile, treacherous dishonesty, cunning lies?

Andrea, did you know that a lying spirit will speak using profanity and a condemning tongue?

Andrea, did you know that a lying spirit will exaggerate, garble words, tell fables and fiction?
---Bob on 8/30/07

Andrea, did you know that a lying spirit counterfeits itself with insinuations, strong delusions, untruths, falsehoods?

Andrea, did you know that behind a lying spirit is a frenzied, driving zeal?
The root of a lying spirt is pride and rebellion.
---Bob on 8/30/07

That is your agenda, isn't it Andrea?
I wonder how those people on the other end interpret the bizarre writings of Andrea?
Do you incorporate the collective intelligence of all of these personalities you've developed?
Mackey, you don't like it that some of us are really on to your game, do you?
---Bob on 8/30/07

Andrea, while you may be relying on your intellect to carry you through, others of us rely on the Holy Spirit.
He's not the Holy Spirit in the way you have described Him, that's why your "gift" has some glaring inconsistencies.
---Bob on 8/30/07

Andrea, you've given us oh so many details.
Details and details and details.
That's alot to work with, and when you try to take over these blogs with all of your names with atypical answers, it does stand out.
---Bob on 8/30/07

The Catholic's Apostles Creed with the exception of the verse that says "I believe in the Catholic Church" pretty much states what all christians believe on an intellectual basis. However, from that point on, there are many many doctrinal,practical,legal and worship issues that conflict.
---jody on 8/30/07

I'm non-denominational pentecostal - I don't correct people that call me Prot - evangelical - fundamentalist - non-catholic - we all came off of the early church -didn't the RC come off of the Orthodox - hahahahahha
but Eloy - your right - we need to get on with the business at hand
---Andrea on 8/30/07

Protestants and Catholicism vary on specific points of doctrine, but all Protestant denominations have Catholicism as a common heritage in some point in their history or they can't be called Protestant. Let us stop this senseless bickering and get on with the business of spreading the Gospel. True Christians do not prostalitize each other, concentrate on the unchurched only.
---notlaw99 on 8/30/07

That Jesus was both truly man and truly God. That Jesus was the promised Messiah, and is our savior. That He died for our sins, once and for all, upon the cross.

That He will return.
---lorra8574 on 8/30/07

Bob thats good. You are far more evil then I suspected. please don't fear me I'm just a housewife on a tiny little farm in NJ. Of course I do email presidents and Prime ministers and warn them about the Anti-christ.
go to living hope in jesus dot com and search javier solana - its real today Anti-christ stuff - no kidding crystal bob.

your not one of those paranoid schizos are you?
---Andrea on 8/29/07

Mima ... That was an interesting story.
But did it address the question?
---alan_of_UK on 8/29/07

To ---Emcee -- the young lady(maybe 25 years old) knew exactly how she had been saved. And she was very condemning of the vast majority of Catholic teachings.
---Mima on 8/29/07

To ---Emcee -- say this prayer with purpose and I will prove to you that your are saved.
[ LORD JESUS THANK YOU FOR COMING INTO MY HEART,FORGIVE ME MY SINS, SAVE MY SOUL, I TOTALY RECIEVE YOU RIGHT NOW.] AMEN- If you will be honest with Jesus, yourself and me. I will show you prove, from the Word of God, that you are saved. Just let us know.
---mima on 8/29/07

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Andrea, is this your goal or strategy - to form a diverse group of pastors and ministry leaders who share a common faith in Jesus Christ, form a relational commitment to each other, and a common vision to unit churches and Christrian organizations in communities?
---Bob on 8/29/07

Andrea do you believe in one church consisting of local congregations, members of one body, a universal church?
Unity in doctrine, servant leaders, accountability partners, etc?
---Bob on 8/29/07

Mima::Is it not possible the young lady was telling you that she was born again, or reborn again into the Catholic church??
---Emcee on 8/29/07

Marcia::That is a delusion."No body" knows where they are going when they die but they do believe their HOPE is in the lord By their Faith."Vengence is mine says the Lord as you have lived so shall you reap"BE perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect" if your HOPE needs Not a single sin or Blemish."Nothing defiled enters heaven"
---Emcee on 8/29/07

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Andrea Marcia, I don't agree with your theology about Oneness.
So we will depart from any commonalities right there. I notice that with all of your names, Kathr, you do not believe the Holy Spirit is part of the Godhead. You can't even mention the Holy Spirit in the same sentence. You are unable to do that, there's a real problem there.
---Cindy on 8/29/07

Recently as I was witnessing in a county fair a young lady came up and signed up for a chance to win a car. When I ask her the question her answer was, I am a born-again Christian with a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ but I attent the Catholic Church. Her relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ caused her to be apologetic for her Catholic background, and her attendance at the Catholic Church was a family situation.
---Mima on 8/29/07

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