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Did Michael Vick Find Jesus

Michael Vick said the other day that he has found Jesus, and I pray that this is true. What are your opinions and comments on this?

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 ---Cynthia on 8/29/07
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eloy. I have kept the Golden rule. But you do not know for you are not my Father in Heaven. My Father in Heaven knows that I keep His Commandments and He loves Me. I am His Sheep and I listen to Him as a child listens to his parents.

I could careless what you think about me and my personal relationship with the risen Saviour. But you will believe whatever you desire.
---Ramon on 9/8/07

.ramon, "If you all love me, My Commandments keep." John 14:15. You need to keep the golden rule. Please read Matthew 7:12+ Mark 12:31+ James 2:8+ I John 4:6,20,21.
---Eloy on 9/7/07

eloy. I could careless what you think about me and my personal relationship with the risen Jesus, for I am saved and part of His Flock. I am His Sheep and I listen to Him as a child listens to his parents. Only the Lord God knows the relationship we have. I am His son and He is my Father. I worship Him and I will give my life for my Father in Heaven. And I think Mary could careless what you think about her too.

But you will believe whatever you desire.
---Ramon on 9/7/07

.mary and ramon, people condemn themselves to hell for refusing to believe the truth. When I say, You must repent, or you will be condemned- That is not a presumption nor manifesting myself as "holier than thou", but a Biblical fact. One is either holy or one is not, those of the body know whom is not of the body and that is also a fact. Many mockers that have gone on before are already in hell. I speak the truth which is validated in the holy scriptures, but you will believe whatever you desire
---Eloy on 9/6/07

.mary, your heart is not right with a saint whom is visible, nor with God whom is invisible. I judge rightly, but you Accuse me saying I speak presumption and condescension, and all your words are of false-witness. Indeed I am sanctified by the Lord, filled the Spirit, and speak the words of truth, therefore your false-witnessing manifests you to still have a stony heart. When you can say to brothers, "Blessed is he whom comes in the name of the Lord", then your heart will be seen changed.
---Eloy on 9/5/07

LOL! Thank you Ramon, you're absolutely right--about needing to pray for Eloy instead of getting mad at him, I just really get irked sometimes :/ God bless ya :)
---Mary on 9/5/07

.ramon, I care not what others think my truth sounds like to them. "He that is of God hears God's words: you all therefore hear not because you all are not of God. If they have kept my saying, they will keep your's also. If they have called the Master of the house Beelzebub, how much more them of his household? We are of God: he that knows God hears us, he that is not of God hears not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error." John 8:47+ 15:20+ Matthew 10:25+ II John 4:6.
---Eloy on 9/5/07

* Eloy!! You sound more self-righteous than a Pharisee!!*

Mary, Thats old news! That is How eloy is ("Believe what I [Eloy] say or be Condemn"). Fight with eloy and you be condemn to Hell for forever. Just pray for Him...
---Ramon on 9/4/07

Eloy!! You sound more self-righteous than a Pharisee!! My heart is DEFINITELY converted, I love the Lord and want to please Him, don't assume otherwise about everybody that doesn't happen to agree with you, please.
---Mary on 9/4/07

.mary, out of the mouth the heart speaks, and it is evident that your heart also is not converted.
---Eloy on 9/4/07

Hi Eloy, well, I read Matthew 7:30 like you suggested, only thing was, I don't see why you suggest Jack is a "false prophet", he simply has opinions like the rest of us. I know--my opinion does not matter to you lol :D Isn't it hard to breathe on such "holier than thou" ground up on your mountain? :)
---Mary on 9/2/07

Eloy, watch out my friend or your opinions will mean nothing to anyone here either. You don't have any claim on truth. You interpret how you will as does everyone. Some interpretations are shared by most, some by few. I tend to stick with "most" as being a bit more reliable
---alexia on 9/2/07

Whether Vick really found Christ I do not know. Whether Vick confession came from His heart or not I do not know. That place belongs to God and Him alone.

I really prayed to God that He was sincere. But beyond that, I will leave everything in God's Hands. God Bless!
---Ramon on 9/2/07

.mary, Nope, no presumption, only truth from my lips. I not only have the right, but I am Commanded to preach the gospel. It is not any presumption to know whom is a sinner: I reiterate, Read- Matthew 7:20.
---Eloy on 9/2/07

.mary, your opinion has no meaning to me. I profess the truth IN truth, and all the opinions in the world are just that, opinions with no worthy foundation.
---Eloy on 9/2/07

Eloy, I don't always agree with Jack, but it sounds terribly presumptous to say that a believer, like yourself, and an unbeliever, like Jack--whew! Just because Jack disagrees with you (or me or anybody) doesn't give us the right, really to call him an "unbeliever"--in my opinion anyway.
---Mary on 9/1/07

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I thought the bible said that only God discerns the heart. Guess the bible is wrong, some folks here say they can.
---alexia on 9/1/07

But if the bible is wrong, then God has lied, and then my church is wrong, then...oh dear.
---alexia on 9/1/07

.jack, it is not a burden for any true believer as myself, to know every true unbeliever as yourself (ref: Matthew 7:20). We simply present the gospel of repentance to the unbeliever, and pray that they accept the salvation of God, and if they refuse then the burden is upon the one whom rejects so great a gift, and not upon the one presenting it.
---Eloy on 9/1/07

Jack you will understand discernment one day when you receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. It is not easy when the curtain is pulled back and you get a glimpse of the sin,pain and hatred in this world. You don't even have to be a discerning person to know the condition of another person's heart. You can simply listen to their conversation. What is in your heart will come out. You cannot hide that.
---Robyn on 8/31/07

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Jack, I know that the only one who can see the heart is God Almighty. I do pray that He really has recieved Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, and as Robyn said, time will tell. Genuine, true conversion is between God and you.
---Cynthia on 8/31/07

Hey Jack they're a lot nicer to Vick then they were to Billy Graham. Its more then he deserves.
He's a sinner like the rest of us and God loves people more then dogs. But do people love people more then they love their dogs?

oh I'm asking for trouble....I have 3 rotten little dogs too
---Andrea on 8/31/07

One of the wonderful thing about these blogs is how many people I've met who are able to see into people's hearts--even people they've not actually met--and determine their salvation status.

It must be a terrible burden. How can they stand it?
---Jack on 8/31/07

Only time will tell if Michael Vick was sincere in finding Christ. Certainly Christ is available to all who sincerely ask to be forgiven of their sins. He could have also meant:that he asked God to forgive him for his part in the dog fights. These are two totally different acts. He may not know the difference. I hope he does.
---Robyn on 8/30/07

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sorry but I have not the personal arrogance to assume my opinion matters and find it arrogant to even think that it could. I have no idea what is in the mind of Mr. Vick. I dislike his actions intensely. His thoughts are between himself and God.
---sherry on 8/30/07

Well, it's a dog eat dog world.......
I, of course, hope Vick has received Christ. time will tell.
This activity has been going on for some time.
Remember how in a game Vick stomped the player that was on the ground. His mind and heart is/was corrupt. Only Christ can change him. It must be done on Christ's terms and not because Vick has finally been caught.
By the way it makes no difference what his family has done. God has no grandchildren.......
---Elder on 8/30/07

Brother mark & Tommy.....Vick saying he found Christ does not imply that Christ was lost. Jesus is always standing at the door waiting for us to find Him and let Him in.
It was Vick who was lost.
Have you ever gone anywhere and got lost.
The final destination was not lost,but you were while trying to find it.
---JIM on 8/30/07

We realy have know way of knowing of a salvation experience but it is not uncommon for a person who is in legal trouble to plead insanity or Jesus. Either could be true or manipulative. It all eventually surfaces to the light/truth.
---jody on 8/30/07

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I dont think its anyones place to say that Michael Vick is or isn't saved. Some times it takes a person hiting the bottom to see the light, so to speak. However he still needs to pay for his crimes. Its like Ted Bundy anyone remember his interview with James Dobson. He said he got saved to. Again its not for me to say. But I can't wait to find out.
---Adam on 8/30/07

Alan, I think (correct me if I'm wrong) That Michael Vick is this sports guy (NFL?) who got busted fighting dogs. He admitted to killing several dogs because they weren't good fighting dogs. Anyway, he is now in big trouble and will most likely go to jail. (as he should)
---sue on 8/30/07

Cynthia, I did hear he had found Christ, yet Tommy is correct, Jesus is not lost, we are. He finds us. Vick didn't know how to explain his experience as many still don't know. I was going to put that question on Vick this morning just to see what people thought about what happen in his case and kind of get a feel for their feelings and opinions as Christians on our judicial system.
---mark on 8/30/07

When I watched on "Nancy Grace" what Micheal Vick and his gang of friends had done I prayed and asked God that His will be done to that man for harming those innocent dogs. I am an animal and person lover, and believe that judgement and viegnance belongs to God. If it is true that Vick found God then praise HIM. But if Vick lied then God will judge him for it. God tell us to witness to all then leave it in His hands. That is all we can do then pray.
---Victoria on 8/30/07

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AlanOfUk, He is an NFL football player who admitted to illegal dog-fighting. He admitted to buying pitbulls and the training equipment and was involved in the killing of 6-8 dogs by various cruel methods in April for not performing well in their testing sessions. He is looking at fines and prison time for his felony. Many people "say" they found Jesus, but not many lives "prove" what they are "saying" is the truth.
---Eloy on 8/30/07

Tommy. I see no lack of understanding salvation by someone who says they found Jesus.
Acts 17:27 says that the Lord is not far from anyone that will seek him and that if we would seek him he would be found.
---john on 8/30/07

Alan: Michael Vick is an American football quarterback who was arrested for dog fighting and killing dogs on his property in Virginia. He pled guilty of the charges.
---Trish9863 on 8/29/07

Hi Alan, Mr Vick is a pro-football player who was caught in the ugly business of dog-fighting--and abusing and killing dogs that lost or something--horrible! :*( I love dogs soooooo much, and this guy made money abusing and killing them.
---Mary on 8/29/07

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Vick was raised by Christian parents and has even built a church. The group from his church had signs outside that said 'vick knows Jesus do you' and the media went nuts - but I hope he is not trying to use Christ as a shield for his own behavior.
I pray him the best and hope he uses this for some good for himself and animals.
---Andrea on 8/29/07

Tommy3007, these were his words not mine. I know that we do not look for God, He comes looking for us. He draws us by the Holy Spirit. Maybe Michael Vick did not quite word it right(I found Jesus) but look how God dealt with Paul on the road to Damacus. I still pray that it is true. Praise the Lord!
---Cynthia on 8/29/07

Well alan, Vick is the probably the biggest professional football icon here in America. He has been accused, and pleaded guilty for dogfighting and killing "6-8" dogs VERY inhumanely. But lets hope and pray that he is telling the truth or that he does get saved. He could be a HUGE light to this lost, hell-bound world we live in. But only he and the Lord know for sure how his heart is.
---Hou_Dawg on 8/29/07

When and where did Jesus get "lost?" I know this is usually said because a person doesn't understand the truth of salvation, but nibody "finds Jesus", rather just the opposite happens, Jesus finds us. I pray that all who need the Lord will be found by Him!
---tommy3007 on 8/29/07

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When and where did Jesus get "lost?" I know this is usually said because a person doesn't understand the truth of salvation, but nobody "finds Jesus", rather the opposite happens, Jesus finds us. I pray that all who need the Lord will be found by Him!
---tommy3007 on 8/29/07

Who is he, please?
---alan_of_UK on 8/29/07

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