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Dancing At My Church

Is there anything wrong with having dancing at a church wedding reception?

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 ---Karen on 9/3/07
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Because a bride should be modest,,,, showing her moves only to her husband would believe any Bride who professes to love Christ would not want men of the wedding party see her dance...Dancing should only be with husband infront of husband. Modest or being Modern.... Christ would suggest we have modest behavior at all times...even our weddings
---kay on 3/5/08

Absolutely nothing.

Mind you, that doesn't mean one should dress and act like a 'hoochy-mama'. But a waltz or even the hokey pokey shouldn't be a problem.

I'd worry more about alchohol being served, frankly. No one ever got pulled over by a cop for dancing too much, after all
---Nancy on 12/1/07

weddings are times of rejoicing,if you are happy you can dance.david had a godly reason to dance and he did long as it is not vulgar and would not drag the name of the lord in the mud you can do so.those who are against dancing for any reason outside these are 'heavy footed' and certainly dont come from africa that,s one of the ways we show gratitude to God.
---sarah on 9/28/07

just to clearify when david danced or when it was commanded in the psalms and such it was an act of worship to God and not ment for a text on how to party. not really commenting on dancing at weddings. i just dont like to see scripture twisted that way.
---Kraus on 9/27/07

I would think if it was good enough for David it should be good enough for us. 2 Samuel 6:14 And David danced before the LORD with all his might, and David was girded with a linen ephod.
---denna7667 on 9/5/07

Susie, I am pentacostal too. There was no alcohol there that I'm aware of. My husband is a minister, and my son wouldn't have had it present where it would be visible if they did have some. But all in all I just thought the dancing was fun. There wasn't any dirty dancing. The music was loud, but there was no vulgarity.
---Barbara on 9/5/07

But I do know some people at my church wouldn't have approved of it though.
---Barbara on 9/5/07

No, definately not. Dancing is a part of most ancient Jewish weddings and didn't Jesus attend at least one wedding. You know what, I bet he danced. I bet he had a good time and kicked up his heels with his friends. That's just me though.
---Michelle on 9/4/07

I see nothing wrong withh good clean dancing, as well. In a church I would be really careful with that. When you say dancing there has to be music. Where can you find good wholesome music to play at a church wedding? That is another problem in itself. I would omit dancing if it were my own wedding.
---Robyn on 9/4/07

Barbara...My nephew's reception was held in an exclusive country club with alcohol as the bride's family's religion did not preclude it. There was lots of dancing, including line dancing. The look on the "upper class" faces when my brother, an LDS Elder, and his wife, a dance instructor took the floor. They put everyone to shame. Although I am pentecostal I saw nothing wrong with dancing. Of course, all of our family refrained from the alcohol. But, we had a great time anyway.
---Susie on 9/4/07

Just to make it clear, there will be no alcohol.
---Karen on 9/4/07

Unless the church where the reception is to be held prohibits dancing in their facility there is nothing wrong with doing so.
---notlaw99 on 9/4/07

All through the Book of Psalms, you will find that David danced before the Lord and proclaims to others to Dance. There is nothing wrong with dancing itself unless it becomes suggestive of sexual desires. Dancing can be Godly however and a great form of expression and fun as well. I see no reason why you cannot dance at the reception.
---jody_martin on 9/4/07

What a coinsidence that you asked this question, because My son just got married, and the bride's pastor married them. At the reception there was line dancing, and the pastor's wife joined in with them. I just thought of it as clean fun. I'd like to see what others think also.
---Barbara on 9/3/07

I should add that the reception wasn't at a church only the wedding was at the church. The reception was held at a center that's rented out for different occasions.
---Barbara on 9/3/07

As with most things, you can use it for good or for evil. The type of music played would lend a hand to what type of dancing would happen. There's lots of dancing in the Bible for all kinds of reasons. A wedding would be one of the best reasons to be happy and dance.
---john on 9/4/07

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no, we should rejoice at weddings,so we should dance, but keep it nice & clean, no "dirty dancing" or "club dancing" that would be inappropriate.
---candice on 9/4/07

It depends on the denomination. I have not been to many church sponsered receptions and the few I've seen had no dancing.
The potential for embarraessing situations from people drinking or unbelievers is something I'd try to avoid.
Best of luck - I don't think God has a problem with dancing.
---Andrea on 9/3/07

My son got married on Saturday, and we had dancing. The wedding was held on a college campus and the reception was held there as well.

I see nothing wrong with dancing at a wedding. I loved it. It was good, clean fun.
---Trish9863 on 9/3/07

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