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Divorced Living In Sin

If divorced Christians remarry against the Bible teachings, are they living in constant sin? Do they need to divorce to correct the sin? Do they say sorry and stay married? What should they do?

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 ---jody_martin on 9/4/07
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Hi Willa, I'm so glad you made those great points because I'm happily re-married and my husband didn't do everything exactly right when he left his ex. But yes, God has mercy--praise God! :)
---Mary on 5/2/11

Does it mean, that because of this sin, there is no hope of eternal life for them? No matter what they do they will be in sin. Their in sin because they divorced if they divorce again to remarry they are in sin again. Has God not offered mercy for us? If we murder someone, we can not reconcile with them, but does that mean we are in perpetual sin? Does not God give grace to the humble? That is what I would encourage these two to do, humble yourselves before God and ask for mercy, He is rich in it.
---willa5568 on 4/27/11

ATTN People: if two Christians marry before God, God has united them. If they divorce except for marital unfaithfulness ( as stated by Jesus) they commit adultery. Why is this adultery because God united them, God did not divorce them so in Gods eyes they are still married. So yes they are living in perpetual sin before God. " do not forsake the wife of your youth" - God. They cannot repent while still living in sin. Repenting and being sorry sounds nice but it's not the word of God, you cannot remarry and live in Holiness before God. You cannot repent while living in sin. Divorce is sin but you will not be living in sin afterwards and you can repent and live single and Holy before God.
---Ze on 4/25/11

Ha, Ha, What a dilemma. Of course ones best course is to pray about everything. You have got me on this one. I am so serious. Anyways, have a good day. Not a great Day, until you resolve this mess. Oh, did this really happen to you or someone else?
---catherine on 9/27/07

Pat are you sure you are a christian?(no offence)if you are do you read your Bible at all.Marriage is to be holy not moving from one man to the other.One is allowed to remarry only when the husband dies.
---jumy on 9/27/07

I have 3 friends who are now divorced and seeking to remarry. Divorce is a sin and those who divorce and remarry, I believe commit sin upon sin. Surly there will be consequences for our sin. Yet, last I checked theres only one sin that God will not forgive. The fear of the Lord, His holiness, aside from a failed marriage, I would think would cause a divorcee to seriously examine their failures & repent. But, the last place a man or women look for the explanation of their failures is within.
---Bob on 9/26/07

Take the example of Saul asking the witch to contact Samuel, his penaty was death,although the witch knew it was wrong because a man of God asked her he persued to do so and she did. Saul and company dies yet she kept her life(but did she) she's a sinner and not of God so ultimately she will not be ressurected because although she knew right from wrong she still disobeyed God by her lifestyle. She needed to repent and stop living this in way. That untimatley speaks volumes.
---Carla5754 on 9/19/07

Luke 15:18 Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery.
---Mr._Graham on 9/13/07

MrGraham..I don't believe Jesus said anything to Mary Magdalene about a husband. That is the story of the woman at the well and no name is given.
---Susie on 9/7/07

One of the reasons I divorced was due to I would not accept my wifes family's fundamentalism. When divorced they would come around the house, and chant, they called this 'Jericho walks,' make prank threatening calls all hours of the night. They even called my work. They claimed "I had ruined her life unless I took her back, as divorce is unBiblical." I moved out of that city to escape them.
---MikeM on 9/7/07

If this new marriage is the Only Sin standing between those
Christians and total holiness devoid of any Sin, then by all
means divorce and be holy. Otherwise they should repent,
pray and commit to their new marriage with a renewed heart
unlike the one they used to have.
---Nana on 9/7/07

The only biblical reason for a divorce, that I can find, is adultery. If a man puts away his wife, or visa-versa, for any other reason, then neither can remarry. As Judy stated, the couple should separate if a reconciliation isnt possible. However, if both man and woman love Jesus, they should put their differences aside and work it out.
---Mr._Graham on 9/6/07

Is not God's "law" only binding on those that accept God and follow Him?
---dan on 9/6/07

Mima-this question was asked about Christians. The woman at the well was not a Christian. So your response is out of order even though I love you and know you know the word. I agree with jody. Also, Paul tells us "she is to remain single." And Jesus tells us in Mark Chapter 10 that "whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery." What's so hard to understand what Jesus said?
---Donna on 9/6/07

Mima, here's a question for you. If "the two shall become one flesh" what happens when a person remarries? How does God view a second marriage if He views the first one as "one flesh?" How does that "one flesh" become undone? God does not recognize divorce. He said in Malachi He hates divorce. So how does God undo the "one flesh" theory when a person remarries? Does He close his eyes and only looks upon the second marriage as being "one flesh?"
---Donna on 9/6/07

Mr.Grahm) That is kind of how I see it as well.It is a problem that I encounter in my practice allot. I think that the people should split up and not see each other but not divorce. Just repent and go their seperate ways and never marry again. Maybe get a legal seperation incase income taxes are a problem. This is basically what I counsel people who ask. But they never do it.:}To confess the sin to God, which was willfull to start with in most cases and then remain in sin makes no since.:)
---jody_martin on 9/6/07

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If one is divorced, then he/she is no longer married. Therefore, the second marriage is not adultery.
---Pat on 9/6/07

Jesus told Mary Magdalene that the man she was with is not her husband. If a man and a woman divorce for a non-biblical reason, then they cannot remarry. To do so would be living in perpetual sin. That is my understanding.

If this describes you, then Jesus will forgive you of the sin, but you must get out of the sin. That is my understanding of Jesus message.
---Mr._Graham on 9/6/07

Mima)That's an interesting response. Read Deut 24:4-?.Talks about a man divorcing his wife and she remarries and divorces the 2nd but the 1st cannot ever remarry her again as she is thereafter defiled to him. God takes this very seriously. My question was hypothetical. Just wanted to see what everyone thinks.:) Its not about me,fortunately.
---jody_martin on 9/6/07

Jody, take the quiz. It will answer all of your questions. Two or three wrongs do not make a right. You don't keep divorcing to make it correct. Stay put and get your life together. Man's ways can really mess you up.
---Eric on 9/5/07

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---AlwaysOn -this question about divorce and remarriage is the question I am ask most about. Let us remember the woman at the well, Jesus did not tell her return to her first husband, I believe Jesus offered her everlasting water, and I believe she accepted that water and was justified. Jesus recognized she'd been married more than once. To answer plainly, I believe they are truly married to their second spouse.
---Mima on 9/5/07

Concerning this question let me also say this. Sighting Matthew 5:28"But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart." I'm prepared to prove everyman(heterosexual men) guilty of adultery. But do not listen to me, search the dark corners of your mind and you will find the answer!!!!! Are you guilty?
---Mima on 9/5/07

John and Mima, if He calls them adulterers does the Father recognize these second marriages, though? To phrase it another way, are they truly married to their second spouses in His sight?

Trish, did the ministers who advised you offer you any scriptures to support their claims?

That He forgives and is full of mercy is most important to note here.
---AlwaysOn on 9/5/07

I believe---john has given the correct answer.
---Mima on 9/5/07

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These people are called adulterers by Jesus. I believe they are living in constant sin until they they ask fogiveness from God and all the people around them that they have, and are offending. Getting divorced again is just another sin that would be compiled upon what has already happened. The Bible doesn't instruct a remarried person to divorce.
---john on 9/5/07

I struggled with this issue when my ex, who divorced me for non-Biblical reasons, remarried a woman who also divorced for non-Biblical reasons. I was advised by three ministers that they were not living in sin. If they confess that they sinned in the divorce, and remarriage, they continue on in grace. To divorce again would make things right. Hopefully, they can get back to a restored relationship with the Lord and get on with their lives.
---Trish9863 on 9/4/07

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