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False Tribulation Doctrines

Why do you suppose that tribulation will be more horrible specifically for women nursing babies? Do you think that something nucleur that affects the milk will happen so that they have to watch the babies die? What could it be?

Moderator - Many of those scriptures have already been completed in 70 AD with the destruction of the Jewish temple by Rome. Most tribulation theory today is probably false doctrine from Darby.

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 ---jody_martin on 9/5/07
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Now what the Moderator wrote hear is one veiw held - The other is lot deeper,Because Christ spoke in parbles, and with a out parble he did not speak - The other believe is this destruction in 70 AD is symbolic of what happens at the end of time. That the churches are over ran with false gospels,there spirtually destroy.Not phyically, there are verses that seem to back up this And this happens to all the churches.(Tribulation) This leads to the HOLY GHOST not being in the churches.Therefore the people and infants are lost.
---RICHARD on 11/28/10

Jesus was speaking of a future frantic flight of Jewish people to escape the wrath of the antichrist. This occurs when antichrist walks into the newly completed Jewish temple and presents himself to the world as being god.

This is the abomination of desolation referred to in Daniel. Following this, the antichrist will seek to destroy the Jewish People so Christ says, when you see this abomination ....flee!! They will SEE it when it happens. It will be on ever major network, live telecast.

2/3 of all Jewish peope will be killed by Antichrist following this abmoniation done in the temple.
He says pray that its not during this time or that because it will be a difficult journey, most will not make it, 2/3 wont.
---Barak on 11/22/10

When an hour of tribulation hits prior to the end and the word of God has been twisted so that even the elect come close to being deceived the churches that have "babes" in Christ sucking "milk" and never getting to the mature "meat" may not stand a chance of discerning the spirits to know what to believe.

Sadly, much of that is already taking place.

---Frank on 9/10/07

Jody I checked its under penpals
---Andrea on 9/9/07

Andrea) I tried to email you but, you are'nt a member any more? ha. Where are you? Will you email me with the site addy? I am always hungry for knowledge and wisdom. It won't go away.ha:)
---jody_martin on 9/9/07

That which Moderator has shared is true. Jesus did prophesy concerning the then future destruction of Jerusalem and this statement can be properly applied to it. Being pregnant, or having a newborn baby at that time would have been an extreme hinderance to escaping the natural destruction of Jerusalem. However, the prophesy has an important spiritual correlation. The verse concerning those with child, as it relates to the end times, uses the word 'them' rather than 'women' for a very specific reason. Cont
---joseph on 9/8/07

Pt.2 The verse is speaking to mankind as a whole, particular those who profess to be followers of Christ. The child spoken of is not a person, but rather a condition. It is a fixed position mentally, of resting in the deceptions surrounding the appearance of spurious messiah. Having been impregnated by and/or feeding, or being fed by the seducing spirits and doctrine of those who have been given the ability to be very persuasive and persistent in the spreading that doctrine. Cont
---joseph on 9/8/07

Pt.3 Humans will be consumed mentally in their excitement and zeal, sincerely seeking to save those they consider to be lost or ignorant concerning their savior, by any means necessary. Seeking to deliver them up, unknowingly to death, as a synonym for Satan. Referenced in Mat.24:28 as "the corpse" to whom the eagles (Vultures that feed of death), as in a wind like flight, "will be gathered together" collected to be entertain and to take pleasure in their unrighteousness. Cont
---joseph on 9/8/07

Pt.4 "Take heed that no man deceive you" is the warning message. The tribulation of the end times involves a great deception. Most seem to be waiting for a time of great physical hardship however the physical hardships that we face today or will ever face in this generation will never compare to the hardships faced by the founding church. History has shown very clearly that man has overcome the harshest of hardships during this dispensation. Cont.
---joseph on 9/8/07

Pt.5 Through it all man has shown his resilience, his ability to overcome on a physical level through an innate spiritual ability to adapt. Therefore Satan has gradually changed his strategy to make way for his most effective deception. He will stand in the temple of God exhibiting himself as God.
---joseph on 9/8/07

P.S. I think it is important to point out that In Luke 21:23 the verse go on to say "there will be great 'distress' in the land, and 'wrath' upon this people" The verse is informing us that there will be a looming threat of a use of force to prevent, restrict, or dictate the actions or thoughts of others due to the aforementioned peoples love and devotion to who they believe to be "The Christ". However peace in safety will be the basic mindset of the end times.
---joseph on 9/8/07

jody - I can't believe we're in the trib, but if I was in LA after Katrina or in Iraq - and I think' when the trib starts there will be no where to run. No huge continents of peace and prosperity. Its actually hard to get good teaching on end times without the hype. Its such an exciting time but we are not to KNOW we are to be ready always. We watch for the Christ not for the anti-christ but if you want me to point you to a good site (scare you to death too) I know one. My chat name is andre5846.
---Andrea on 9/8/07

Mod - I usually enjoy the mods comments and they help focus and explain the questions. This time you just shut it right down.
---Andrea on 9/8/07

Moderator) If we are in tribulation, then where does that put us in the grande scheme of things? Are we also in the seal judgements? I am interested in your theology. I am tired of false doctrine. Please do respond. TKS:)Looks like just me & u anyway.ha
---jody_martin on 9/8/07

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