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How Did You Get Saved

What happened that made you know that you were saved? Did you have a life changing experience or just believe what God said?

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 ---Andrea on 9/7/07
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Andrea: Thus we try to lead others from Bondage God calls sin. Not free to continue in sin but with HS we are freed, turning from sin
Of our own we do nothing but with Christ we can "Keep His Commandments" Not saved by deeds of Commandments yet not excused from them
Commandments are Old and New Covenant, difference is in the Old "We will Keep your Commandments" (OurOwn Strength) vice New "(GOD) will write them on hearts" so you keep them
But we must invite Him in :)
---SeventhSeal on 9/10/07

7th - praise God - I was beginning to wonder if any of you guys were saved.
Now I'm happy - I still think your in bondage (LOL) but if your saved that's good enough for Jesus - its good enough for me.

Be blessed.
---Andrea on 9/8/07

I was saved by grace via faith in Jesus who shed His blood to cover my sins which are the result of breaking His Commandments. His Spirit helps me grow in grace to Keep them. Ive seen Gods miracles. Years a Baptist wondering if I had misread the Bible since what I read didnt match some of the preaching, Adventists led me to Prophecies in Daniel 2, 7, 9 and Rev. Knowing History, letting the Bible define Symbols, I came to the SAME CONCLUSION as Protestant Reformers. God declared, it happened, I believe!
---SeventhSeal on 9/7/07

Andrea: Christian faith need not be blind. Im a Scientist, skeptic by nature. SDAs showed me Prophecies in Daniel foretelling rise and fall of world empires: Bablyon all the way to divisions of europe and rise of the USA. Even showed from Daniels Prophecy the exact year Jesus would come, die and the Gospel go to the gentiles-declared 500yrs in advance! No my faith is not blind, Praise God!
The people expected a savior in old Judea bcuz Daniel foretold it! Mathematical Odds of this are astronomical!
---SeventhSeal on 9/7/07

I believe that every Christian should have a testimony of some sort. Some will be very dramatic and some quite mundane but everyone should be able to say how it came about although I don't believe it is necessary to pinpoint the date and time as I've heard some say. For me, having attended a church for many years where I cannot remember Jesus' sacrifice being taught in a meaningful way, I attended a different church and there I heard how Christ died for me, a sinner.
---RitaH on 9/7/07

2. How He paid for my sins so that I won't need to and that for any kind of gift to be of any use it has to be accepted, that includes Christ's gift. I sometimes wonder why I was never told any of this in my old church but then I think - did they actually know this themselves? I have discovered since then that there are many in our pulpits who do not know Jesus in a real and meaningful way, so what can they offer their congregations?
---RitaH on 9/7/07

1. I was 'saved' out of fundamentalism as a teen. After personal study and prayer I came to believe and have a testonomy in the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

-All others would not/could not answer my questions, to the point of being outraged by any questions.

-I took Pauls advise, 'test the spirits' As a teen I did this, clearing out fundamentalism/pentacostalism as clearly a falsehood.(switched book covers)
---MikeM on 9/7/07

2. It is heart wrentching seeing so many family members still pentacostal, but slowly several are leaving it, 'saved' from the abuse they experienced. Three and counting, all are in college now, something they would not have dreamed of if they were still fundamentalist. The racism,(W. Martin) the manipulation(shepherding) all far behind them, saved from being marionettes.
---MikeM on 9/7/07

I knew that something, or someone was missing in my life. I had a sense, or I suppose that you could say something was drawing me to the Church right down the street. I heard the message about Jesus Christ that night, I believed and received Him as Lord and Savior of my life. I have been totally transformed by the saving faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Glory to God!
---Cynthia on 9/7/07

I ask this bc I never see any of the cults LDS-JW-SDAs on any of the blogs with a testimony.
Is it fair to say you must have a testimony to actually be saved?
I hear so many people that went to church for years and finally got saved. I guess that's what I'm looking at - did you then have an experience?
Would it be a good idea when witnessing to people to ask about their experience - would it make a difference in the lukewarm church?
---Andrea on 9/7/07

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