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Do Christians Tell The Truth

Have you told a lie in the past month?

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 ---John on 9/11/07
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I cannot say I have. I was not much of a lier when I was lost, and now I do not lie at all. I am unbelievably honest. Is that bragging? Oh well. Don't care what anyone thinks. God takes care of me and my sins. I will be leaving for a few days. All God's people, I am asking you to pray for my safety.
---catherine on 9/30/07

Mima - yes - I agree.

and I agree with Lorra and Splaa

truth is limited to our knowledge and opinions sometimes they are opposed to one another.

A heart that knows it will answer to God tries to tell the truth.
---Andrea on 9/30/07

REad the 3rd chapter of James before saying that we always tell the truth:) It is difficult to always tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It is certainly one of my greatest goals. I will not say that I am yet perfect. He has started a good work in me and will complete it even up until that glorious day(as the Bible teaches).:)
---splaa6685 on 9/29/07

Christians tell the truth if they have the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit.
If you are of another spirit, then you probably can't discern truth from lies.
---Michelle on 9/29/07

Mima, if you were to tell the whole truth, I think that your fellow bloggers might be in shock.

But before you try something like that, you might want to do a little more investigating into what you think is true.
---lorra8574 on 9/29/07

It is wrong to lie, but most people have done it when in a hurry or while trying to avoid a confrontation or to avoid hurting someone else's feelings.

When I get worried is when people tell or spread untruths for the purpose of deliberately bringing down another person or organization. The worst is when they bring God into it - then we have a lie against the Holy Spirit.
---lorra8574 on 9/29/07

P2: If a person believes that someone is doing someing wrong and they "expose" it, even if the exposer is wrong, that is not necessarily a lie. BUT, about three times on this site, a question was raised concerning the Nicolaitans and their sins. Each time, one or more people spread a fabricated story about how the sins had to do with creating a heirarchy and equating this to the Catholic Church as if having a heirarchy was against the scriptures.
---lorra8574 on 9/29/07

P3: Three times I have tried to post to those blogs to reveal from the scriptures and from history was the true sin of the Nicolaitans was and then shortly after that the blog disappeared. According to the NT, a heirarchy was set up so this was not the sin, and according to Revelation the sins of the Nicolaitans were the same as those who followed Baalam. According to history, Nicolaitans were named for their founder the heretical Bishop Nicolas.
---lorra8574 on 9/29/07

P4: I can only hope that the reason the blog questions on the Nicolaitans was removed was because the moderators realized that the question was used to perpetrate a malicious hoax upon the good Christians of ChristiaNet and sought to minimize the damage. Nevertheless, the fact that the lies were printed and published before being adequately denounced might leave a false impression among the innocent.
---lorra8574 on 9/29/07

Sometimes I think I will tell the(whole) truth but the prospect of doing so and the resulting clamor among my fellow bloggers frightens me.
---Mima on 9/29/07

The answer is NO. But I agree with Whisper. True Christians in this nation the U S of A are a lazy bunch of people. You set around and allowed Satan to take the prayers out of schools. You set by and allowed God's laws to be done away with. We are all too comfortable. We want it safe. Just give me safe, we tell ourselves.
---catherine on 9/29/07

A class of40 children were asked if they ever told a lie 37 raised their little hands & shouted NEVER so the teacher asked the three remaining 2boys & a girl well what about you & they replied in unison "I really don't know".Question? who was telling the truth?so it is also with us here on this forum ONLY GOD Knowsin all truth.
---Emcee on 9/16/07

Anything we say, add onto, or is designed to give another opinion or story to something,is a lie. Does not matter. It is still a lie. We can rationlize it all day but it is still a lie.
---Robyn on 9/16/07

Well, not to be bragging here, No I have not. At least not that I am aware of.
---catherine on 9/16/07

Lieing can be avoided. If you say no then why can adultery,murder, and stealing be avoided? A sin is a sin which is a choice. If murder is a choice then so is lieing a choice and can very well stop in a Christian's life. People need to learn what lieing is. A comedian on stage giving a funny story that never happened for his act is not guilty for lieing. A sarcastic sense of humor isn't lieing.
---Matthew_from_LA on 9/15/07

OK guys everyone lies its totaly unavoidable. Anyone that says they have never lied has lied by saying that havent. Theres no reason to be ashamed of it its in are nature no one is what we say a perfect person would be.
---randomguy on 9/15/07

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No. I endeavor not to lie and cannot remeber doing so if I did. I admit to the mistakes that I make. I admit to my shortcommings. I do this even at the expense of looking bad, or knowing I will receive tounge lashings.
---Michael on 9/14/07

Yes....not proud to admit this but I have.
---Robyn on 9/14/07

I hope I have not told a lie this past month. If I have, it was not intentional and I do not know it! Gigi
---Gigi on 9/14/07

I am ashamed to admit, but yes I have.
---hadaa5944 on 9/12/07

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Honestly, yes I have. but when I did I was so convicted that I dropped down to my knees and confessed and repented right then. As always, the Power of God! He let's you know when you have done something that displeases Him. No, I as well am not proud of it, but I know I am forgiven so I move on. Amen!
---Cynthia on 9/11/07

I think if we Christian say that we haven't told a lie then we be liars, have I told lies yes I have and am I proud of it no I am not, and I thank my Lord he has forgiven me and those that have told lies, and we can admit we aren't perfect, but Him.
---ANN on 9/11/07

not to my knowledge - i wanted to thou - a couple of times so I guess if my heart wanted to I did.
I knew I'd just feel bad and I'd have to repent and go tell them what I did anyway.
I didn't want to go to a bridal shower so I called and said I just don't feel like dealing with it and I didn't want to lie - she was very nice about it and came to church with me.
---Andrea on 9/11/07

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