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Peter Crucified Upside Down

Was the Apostle Peter crucified upside- down? Is there a scripture that states this?

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 ---Cynthia on 9/11/07
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I would consider it to be a dubious myth. Roman crucifiction was performed in a very precise manor to inflict death in a precise manor. Crucifixion upside down would not do that. Historically a Roman Citizen might have some choice in is method of execution but a non citizen would not have such an option and Peter was not a Roman citizen.
---Blogger9211 on 2/6/11

No it's not in Scripture...and we don't know if it is true or not.
It's an inspiring think that Peter who denied his Lord 3 times, went on to die of crucifixion because of his faithfulness to that same Lord.
There's some encouragement there for us.
---Donna66 on 2/6/11

2Pet.3,15 And account that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation..
The main theme of the Word is salvation,so how Peter died, and where he was buried is irrelevant
---michael_e on 2/5/11

\\It's not scriptural, so its irrelevant
---michael_e on 2/5/11\\

Relevant or irrelevant to WHAT?

Something can't be relevant or irrelevant all by itself, as the word relevant means "pertaining to the matter at hand."
---Cluny on 2/5/11

It's not scriptural, so its irrelevant
---michael_e on 2/5/11

No, it's not in the Bible, but in this case that doesn't signify much. The Bible is not even secondarily about the careers of the apostles.

It's a long-established, historical tradition that St. Peter was crucified upside down, as he did not feel worthy to die as Jesus did.
---Cluny on 2/5/11

Please cut the maddness. I know our Heavenly Father and Son will not accept this behavior. Let represent at all time. The Bible speaks for itself.
---judy on 2/4/11

alanOfUk, Yhwh, he God, none else. Yeshuah (Jesus) says: Truly, truly, I say to you, Before Abraham came into being, I Am. For I am The Lord. I level my life, and I raise it again. I am The Almighty. He that has seen me has seen The Father. And no one always stepped in heaven except he out of heaven came down, the Son of man who from being in the heaven. And Jesus went to them, walking on the sea, and said, Take courage: I am, be not afraid. I am Light to the world. I am from above, I am not of this world: for if you all believe not that I Am, you all will die in your sins. Which of you maligns me of sin? I am the door, by me if anyone enter in, that one will be Saved. I am the Good Shepherd: the Good Shepherd gives his life for the sheep.
---Eloy on 8/25/09

Eloy ... Do you say that you do not accept the Bible when it says that the Word became Flesh (i.e. became man)?
Do you say that Jesus was not Man?
Do you not believe Him when he called Himself "Son of Man"?
---alan_of_UK on 9/18/07

Eloy:: You claim being Born again born again of what denomination as you do not profess the trinity or God His way so Pray what are you born again of what?I think you yourself do not know>
---Emcee on 9/18/07

.emcee, I reiterate, because I am a born-again Christian, I am not able to receive your falsehood, but I think that catholic blogs would welcome your catholicism.
---Eloy on 9/18/07

.alanofuk, I know in whom I believe. And you will believe whatever you desire.
---Eloy on 9/18/07

Eloy ... A man like us in that He was physically a complete and thoroughly normal man, with all the pain & pleasure senses.
He was also God, and that would have affected His nature.
Now you seem to think God has no sense of humour, but I think He had. Neither of us of course has proof
---alan_of_UK on 9/18/07

Eloy ... Jesus was 100% man and 100% God.
"The Word became flesh" It is you who "disses" Jesus by refusing to accept that.
You diminish Him by saying He is God without being man also.
The whole point of Jesus life here was that it was as a man like us. It was to be a man like us that He came
---alan_of_UK on 9/18/07

Eloy::How many times must I tell you that for all your endeavour to follow the word of the lord you falter at steop 1Its not BornnAGAIN its Born from AboveJN 3:3 Nicadeamus thought the same thing But he was a pagan.Satan is leading you in falsness & you wear his blinders.BTW you do need to change the record it's getting played know the one one about cant recieve.
---Emcee on 9/17/07

.emcee, Since I am a born-again Christian, I am not able to receive your falsehood, but I think that catholic blogs would welcome your catholicism.
---Eloy on 9/17/07

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.alanofuk, You dis the Lord by saying those things, because those things which you say are not recorded in the Holy Scripture, neither are they the Lord nor are they glorifying the Lord.
---Eloy on 9/17/07

.alanofuk, Nice try, but you didn't get my goat. Perhaps you delight in dissing the Lord with adding your own uninspired words to the Scriptures, or you merely choose to oppose my words with sarcasm for some other reason. Know that the Holy Bible is sufficient by itself to speak and guide souls aright, and needs no added ideas from people endeavoring to dim Christians whom rightly stand upon the literal Word of God, neither endeavoring to dim Jesus' glory in order to humor their own undoneness.
---Eloy on 9/17/07

May I point out that this confrontation is getting to the point of idiocy.Attack counter attack is a ploy of Satan.Eloy you must admit that there are certain things in life that are relevant to a subject & do not need repetion or explaination.Allans point is true "JESUS was 100% man & 100% God (Divine)even you cannot deny that AGREE?
---Emcee on 9/17/07

#1 I'm sorry Eloy if you think by my comments I am "dissing" Jesus.
Perhaps Jesus did not eat baby food either, because it is not mentioned in the Bible, nor did He go through teething, nor lose His baby teeth on His way to adulthood.
Is it insulting to Jesus to say He was physically human? That is what He was Eloy, and He endured a cruel physical death .. or do I "diss" Him by suggesting this?
---alan_of_UK on 9/17/07

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#2 I'm sorry Eloy. As for playing practical jokes etc, what a boring child He must have been if He did not, and Mary and Joseph must have missed out on much of the fun of being parents.
Eloy ... The Word (that's Jesus) became flesh (that's human)
The Bible says so.
---alan_of_UK on 9/17/07

Eloy ~ 3 ... You seem to accuse me of "dissing him (Jesus) as mere mortal clay"
It's slipped off the bottom of the blog now, but you will remember that I did say that Jesus was 100% human and 100% divine.
That's not mere mortal clay.
---alan_of_UK on 9/17/07

("Surely these were the most important six hours of human history, spent upon a lonly hill outside a city.") -- What beautiful wording Catherine.
---Helen_5378 on 9/17/07

Our Lord was placed on the cross on an April Friday at 9:am. Here He suffered for some six hours and gave up His spirit at 3:pm. Surely these were the most important six hours of human history, spent upon a lonly hill outside a city. The word "forgive" here can also mean "to allow". If this should be the case, Christ then would pray, "Father, allow them to crucify me". I really thank God for men and women who dives deep into the word of God. I want to be one of them.
---catherine on 9/17/07

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AlanOfUk, I fight for my Jesus tooth and nail to the end, so if I sense any dissing him as mere mortal clay then they better be ready for some divine judgment. Did baby Jesus crawl? I speak truly, he did not crawl according to the Scripture, but babies do crawl. Now to Jesus being mischievious, nah, know Alan that he is God and always loves others as himself and puts them first (having God's omniscient mind with perfect understanding, he allowed much to happen to himself, both as a child and as an adult).
---Eloy on 9/16/07

AlanOfUk, Truly ungrateful creatures these humans are, still Jesus is the very best thing that has ever happened to this wicked world. People should be seriously thanking God that Jesus has a liking for them, especially after what they profanely and horribly did to him in return for all his goodness to them. They sinfully desecrated the Holy One and slew the Innocent Lamb of God: little people these, how suicidal they boast against their Maker, how unspeakably hot will be their Judgment.
---Eloy on 9/16/07

Cynthia:: Thank you for your blessings which was awfully kind of you,also unexpected .Sorry Im late in replying.I even smiled when I read your post which gave me a glimpse into your thoughts.Now its your turn to be surprised!yes little words are dead give aways.I see it often on these postings.This is a gift, so I send my Blessingsin return,as yours which were genuinely given from the heart of a curious woman, a tender Heart, I might add.God bless you,keep you in His Care always.
---Emcee on 9/16/07

AlanOfUk, you "being sure" in your mind that Jesus crawled has no substantial indicative merit, save that which is your own private ideation which you have surmised through comparative reasoning of God's physical nature with that of common man's. Let the Scripture speak for itself. BTW whether Jesus did not crawl or whether he has is insignificant, but to be sure that he did when it is not written is nonscriptural.
---Eloy on 9/16/07

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Alan of Uk::Sorry I was unable to read your unprinted posts.But to refer to this post it is correct That St Peter was martyred on an upside down cross in Rome .Reference is made to this inJn21:18-19 which is "he said this to indicate,the kind of death by which he would glorify God)From My NSRV & Douay Rheims BiblesEloy wants to be rightbut oversteps his intentions by mis-step.
---Emcee on 9/16/07

Caring: "Allan, and the Bible does not mention electric sotves, computers, cars, and million other things. Looks like we are all deviating from what the Bibles states :))"

Not really. What we have invented is how people act the way they do today. The accumulated knowledge people have gained within the last centruy has increased a thousand-fold. This knowledge has people believing more and more in science and technology and less and less on the power of God.
---Steveng on 9/16/07

Eloy ... # 1 Again I see what you mean.
But you say I have "sureties" and in England that means "guarantees", and of course I can't guarantee that Jesus crawled, for I did not see it and it is not recorded in the Bible.
But I am personally "sure" in my own mind that He did!
---alan_of_UK on 9/16/07

Eloy ... # 2 I think that had He not done so, it would have been recorded in the Bible that this extraordinary child moved directly from being a babe in arms (or in manger) to being the walking child who stayed behand with the teachers.
My argument is the same about the ever-sinless Mary of RC belief ... had Jesus' mother been sinless from birth, it would have been so extraordinary that it would have been recorded.
---alan_of_UK on 9/16/07

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Eloy #3 I think you are stretching things to suggest that I could extend my belief in Jesus crawling to Him sinning.
The one is a matter of the physical, and Jesus was physically human (and so presumably (but not provably)had normal physical human facilities and actions)
The other is a matter of nature, and we know that Jesus had divine nature, and was without sin, so would not have fallen from grace nor needed to repent.
---alan_of_UK on 9/16/07

Eloy # 4 I'm glad we can discuss this in a good natured way without getting dogmatic and angry with each other!
Now, to be playful, I wonder what Jesus was like as a toddler ... was he perfect and totally docile, or did he occasionally get a little mischievous and play practical jokes on His family, such as hiding Joseph's carpentry tools?
I think He was probably fun in that sort of way!
---alan_of_UK on 9/16/07

Eloy, are you saying that Jesus was not a baby like every other human being? I'm sure He crawled, he cried when He was hungry and He was a complete human being with the exception that He could not commit any evil since He had a perfect nature.
---Caring on 9/16/07

Allan, and the Bible does not mention electric sotves, computers, cars, and million other things. Looks like we are all deviating from what the Bibles states :))
---Caring on 9/16/07

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.alanOfUk, Just because other humans crawl, does not equivocally by any means mean that Jesus crawled, and this is where we differ. I stand upon the proven and documented truth, without added or taking away from it, but you stand upon what you think you are sure of by depending on supposition and outside sources. Seeing airplanes and not seeing them in scripture is not the same as seeing babies crawl and not seeing Jesus crawl, for airplanes are presently seen by all but my Jesus Christ from heaven is not
---Eloy on 9/16/07

alanOfUk, as long as you are going to add your own "sureties" to scripture: ie: Jesus crawled, Jesus had normal bodily functions, etc. Then you may very well increase your false sureties like, Jesus fell from grace, Jesus was ill, Jesus sinned, Jesus repented, and so on. I suggest that you stick to the Word, for therein is life and that everlasting. Don't be as the false religions which have surety in their own ideas rather than in the Bible. Be more sure of the Scripture than of any thing else
---Eloy on 9/16/07

Eloy ... # 1 I do understand what you are saying, but the tenor of the previous arguments was that because the Bible does not mention it, this was proof that Peter was not crucified upside down.
Because the Bible does not mention it does not mean that other sources are not right.
The Bible does not say anything about aeroplanes ... so we are not to believe in them?
---alan_of_UK on 9/15/07

Eloy ... # 2 Of course we can, although there is no Biblical proof that those who have flown in them are still alive, or are not lying when they say they have flown.
As to Jesus crwaling as a baby, I am sure that He did, because although He was 100% God, he was also 100% human, and that's how tiny human babies get about!
---alan_of_UK on 9/15/07

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Eloy ... # 3 There's no biblical record either of Jesus and the disciples exercising normal bodily functions ... I'm again sure they did, it's just there is no need for the bible to mention such an unimportant and irrelevant detail.
Similarly whether Peter was crucified upside down or not is not important to our salvation ... so it is not mentioned.
---alan_of_UK on 9/15/07

Eloy ... #4 Personally, I think if he had been crucified upside down, during the period during which the historical book of Acts was written, it would have been an unusual way of dying and would likely have been mentioned, so I tend to doubt it.
But the point I was making was that absence of the record of something does not mean that that something has to be denied.
---alan_of_UK on 9/15/07

Lisa: "...This is so sad. All the Catholic churches I have been to...and guess what..they never say anything bad about other Christian denominations."

Neither do the Hindus, the Buddists, and the Shintos. But are they of Christ?
---Steveng on 9/15/07

Lisa, sleep with peace in your heart. Stick to the RCC. Same prayers you pray in the Mass there, we pray them in Europe. Ours is a true Universal Church.

Do not let anyone burden you with guilt trips which is a tactic used by many here. Take care and God bless you.
---Caring on 9/15/07

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Emcee, just remember that Eloy is "born again" - he inherited that popular useless label which they use to make themselves look superior to us who make more sense than they do.
---Caring on 9/15/07

Lisa, there is an Evangelical church close to where I live. After 10 years, he was able to have about 30 members in all. The pastor introduces all his "sermons" with attack on the RCC and the Pope. Once my wife and I blasted him.

He was a Catholic once but decided to open his own "religion". He doesn't like to see thousands attending the RCC and a few attend his "services".

Many "denominations" don't smell that great. Stick to the RCC.
---Caring on 9/15/07

Eloy ::When you get trapped in your own words your pride does not let you say I'm sorry or I see or yet even I agree but instead You say I'm born again so let me remind you "YOU MUST BE BORN FROM A B O V E JN3:3this denial will shew you may wind up being born from Below, but then I'm RCC what do I know.
---Emcee on 9/15/07

Caring..TY..I went to a pentecostal church...I really like to go to any church that loves the Lord Jesus Christ and preaches the gospel.
I still go to this church on occasion too...however what I am finding is that they copy-cat the RRC in many ways...and yet they still find the nerve to talk bad about the Catholic church too.
This is so sad. All the Catholic churches I have been to...and guess what..they never say anything bad about other Christian denominations.
---Lisa on 9/15/07

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.emcee, Since I am a born-again Christian, I am not able to receive your falsehood, but I think that catholic blogs would welcome your catholicism.
---Eloy on 9/14/07

Lisa: I suggest doing a bit of research about how the Catholic Church baptises and how it's actually performed in the Bible. Two completely different concepts. I've read about different ways man baptises other people. I've watched people being baptised using fire hoses and using catsup (which supposedly sybolizes the blood of Jesus). RCC baptises an infant with holy water which is not Biblical. What are the Biblical prerequisites before being baptised?
---Steveng on 9/14/07

Caring - Is that what you think we're doing here - just here to pick on Catholics?

how about we think fellow christians are abandoning the faith. the same things that caused the reformation are causing the arguments today - heresy.
It is never about being right - its about doing it HIS way
---andre5846 on 9/14/07

Lisa, I'm with you and yes, Steven is out of his mind for saying what he said.

I suspect that most attack the RCC because they are jealous of us. We are more organized, more united and teach one catechism unlinke the others who have several thousands versions.
---Caring on 9/14/07

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Eloy::To quote you "It must be in scripture,to be true" yet when it is, you derive a different interpretation. Hence the conclusion one draws is You know more than God, which is reminiscent of the fallen one who claimed "I am greater than God "are you?Gods word never changes its there before you & will remain long after you are gone.
---Emcee on 9/14/07

Emcee, because for one thing, I am a woman and I am a curious creature. Another reason I was asking if there was scripture was because I believe that we as God's Children can learn quite a bit about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ by the way the disciples, lives were transformed by Christ, especially Peter. God bless you Emcee!
---Cynthia on 9/14/07

Steven??? Are you out of your mind???
No Catholic Christian baptism counts?
This is one of the craziest thing I have ever heard in my 43 years of life on earth.
You are out of line.
I have been baptized..I am born again and I am Catholic/ Christian!
Thanks to God.God is faithful.
I don't need you , a mere man to tell me otherwise. How rude!
---Lisa on 9/14/07

AlanOfUk, things not written in the Holy Scripture cannot be relied upon with the same import as things that are. Scripture is God-breathed or God-spoken and to be 100% relied upon, but things outside are suspect to be uninspired and not from God. Scripture does not say that Jesus crawled as a boy, so we cannot assume that he did. If a thing is not written nor implied, then we do not accept it as inspired truth. Was Jesus a babe, a boy, grow to manhood? yes. But did he crawl? not according to scripture.
---Eloy on 9/14/07

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Nope, no scripture, instead it is a manmade tradition. Jesus says to Simon Peter, (Lit.Gk): "Truly truly say I to you, When you being young you girded yourself and walked where you desired, but when old you will outstretch the hands of you, and another will gird you and uplift where you want not." John 21:18. How anyone derived an upside down crucifixion out of this verse is anyones guess, nonetheless as you can see that interpretation is not Biblical.
---Eloy on 9/14/07

Robyn ... Why dioes everything have to be in scripture for it to be true?
Scripture does not even record everything about Jesus (for example, the day the bay stopped crawling, and took His first steps as a toddler) but you cannot deny it happened.
---alan_of_UK on 9/14/07

Lisa: "I think it's goal is to destroy the Catholic church. To condemn the Catholic church...anyone else feel the same way?

I'm not here to destroy it, but to bring to light doctrines not Biblically based so people will go out of her. For example, the Catholic church has NOT properly baptised anyone in it's entire history. So Catholics will definately not rise during the first resurrection. I can't say for the second resurrection of humans.
---Steveng on 9/13/07

Why would you need a scriputure to state a fact which happened.A fact is a fact Is a fact.Why it happened is because he chose this way of humility an ignominious death.If you still desire a scripture read JN21:15-25 with special attention in Verse19.He was executed in Rome.Both Him and St Paul are buried in the vaticn.Their feast day is celebrated together Nov 18.
---Emcee on 9/13/07

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Knowing this has nothing to do with our faith or salvation.I did read this in the book of Martyrs, I think, where Peter was supposedly crucified, upside down. There is no scripture that verifies this that I know of.
---Robyn on 9/13/07

To know this happened or not...has no impact on my church ..or my faith in Jesus!
---Lisa on 9/13/07

Blessings to everyone! When I posted this blog, I did not know that it was tied into the Catholic beliefs, nor did I intend to offend anyone. I heard that Peter was crucified upside-down, but I did not know if perhaps there was a scripitual reference to this. And thanks Ramon for your keen insight on this question. I am just here to learn, share and grow in my faith in Christ and I thank all of you for your information and insights. God bless you all!
---Cynthia on 9/12/07

Lisa *I think it's goal is to destroy the Catholic church. To condemn the Catholic church. . . . anyone else feel the same way?*

I feel the same way. Some of these questions on this site are done to spark more Roman Catholics "Bashing".

However, I do not think this particular question/discussion is a attack on Roman Catholics. The Roman Catholic Church are not the only ones who believe Saint Peter was crucified upside down, according to Church History.
---Ramon on 9/12/07

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No scriptures - but the story is believable. What is the difference? he was martyred for the faith - God bless him.
---Andrea on 9/12/07

This is not in the Bible because it had not happened yet when Acts was being written. But it IS long established church tradition, and very much in character with how Peter reacted to things.

Are we to reject everything that we haven't personally witnessed? If so, we might as well erase all history from around 50-1950AD
---StrongAxe on 9/12/07

Lisa ... I'm not a Catholic, but I agree that that impression is sometimes given. There are other non-Catholics who also think the same way, and disapprove of what goes on.
But I think you may have chosen the wrong blog subject to raise your protest, because neither the question nor the answers so far appear to have the motive you suggest.
---alan_of_UK on 9/12/07

this blog site has it's mind set.
I think it's goal is to destroy the Catholic church. To condemn the Catholic church.
And to say all who are members of the Catholic church need to get out or you will go to hell.

After being here a while now, this is the sense I get..anyone else feel the same way?
---Lisa on 9/12/07

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most of the folks here will accept no proof that cant be found in their particular version of teh bible.
---alexia on 9/12/07

Cynthia.#2 Eusebius also records this story, but says his source is from a church theologian named Origen (who wrote about AD 230):

"Peter appears to have preached through Pontus, Galatia, Bithynia, Cappadocia, and Asia, to the Jews that were scattered abroad, who also, finally coming to Rome, was crucified with his head downward, having requested of himself to suffer in this way" (Ecclesiastical History 3:1).
---Ramon on 9/11/07

Cynthia. #3 Many of the stories we have on the ways some of the Early Christians were Martyrdom comes from Traditions and the Early Church Fathers writings. So while there is no Scriptures that saids the Apostle Peter was crucified upside down, the Early Christians said He was.

What we do know is that in John 21:18-19 the Lord signified to Peter that he would die a martyr's death by crucifixion. Again, Tradition says "upside down".

I hope this helps.....
---Ramon on 9/11/07

It is not biblical but it is tradition. According to tradition it is said Peter felt he was not worthy to be crucified like his master Jesus.
---denna7667 on 9/11/07

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Cynthia. According to the Tradition of the Church, Saint. Peter was crucified, but since he refuse to be crucified the same way Jesus did, he was crucified upside down.

The earliest mention that we have of Peter's death is in a letter from Clement, bishop of Rome (AD 88-97), to the Corinthians. He mentions the suffering and martyrdom of Peter and Paul in Rome.

It is from "The Acts of Peter" (2nd Century) that we get the story of Peter being crucified upside-down.
---Ramon on 9/11/07

I was taught this in school but I know of no scripture reference to this. Does anyone know of any historical evidence regarding this?
---RitaH on 9/11/07

yes Peter was crucifed upside down, because when he was put to death he felt he didn't deserved being crucifed right side up. And I found the information in the Bible dictornary that has Peter's background, I don't have the acknowledge if it is true or not, but thats what I have read.
---ANN on 9/11/07

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