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Gospel Makes Someone Mad

What do you do if the Gospel makes someone mad?

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 ---Graham on 9/11/07
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I disagree,gaining someones respect is important. but not a prerecquisite for having an opinion.if anything people should respect peoples views and their belief system.they are responsible to God to answer for their life choices.judge no one thats Gods job.correct in love yes,proclaim the gospel,yes. but even more important, live it first.
---tom2 on 9/16/07

InimicusStultitiae you are correct.
Christ told the man who had been possessed by a legion of devils to go home to his friends and tell them. (Mark 5:19) He did not instruct him to start knocking on doors or stand on a street corner and shout at all that pass by.
---trey on 9/15/07

Typically the gospel causes people to react one of two ways:

Response #1
Ac 2:37 Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart, and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles, Men and brethren, what shall we do?
These men greatly desired to follow Christ.

Response #2
Ac 7:54 When they heard these things, they were cut to the heart, and they gnashed on him with their teeth.
These men killed the messenger (Stephen).
---trey on 9/15/07

Never try to convince anyone of your point of view unless you have first gained his respect.
---InimicusStultitiae on 9/13/07

graham, is it the message or the conviction thats upsetting them?people have been mad about the gospel since the beginning.paul,was one of the fiercest fighters against it,so being mad is not unusual.jesus said this would happen.ask why?never hurts.ask what they do believe in.tell them there are plenty of things they believe in that they cant see.wind,gravity,etc.there are plenty of unseen things that exist. and God is number 1
---tom2 on 9/13/07

When someone is mad at the gospel, it is important to distinguish whether they are upset at the message, or at the person delivering it.

If the person delivering the message is not practicing what he preaches, he is a hypocrite and subjects himself (and his message) to ridicule. Look at all the preachers and politicians preaching "family values" and "sanctity of marriage" while the are divorced or committing adultery or involved in other scandals. Nobody can take them seriously.
---StrongAxe on 9/12/07

There will always be those that are offended by the Gospel (especially in these last days), keep preaching it anyway - people's eternal souls are more important than people's anger.
---Leslie on 9/12/07

Pray for them & do not push it on them. God will be there when they are ready to acknowledge him & his word. All we can do is plant the seeds.
---candice on 9/12/07

That lets you know the Gospel is doing what it suppose to. It is bringing this person under conviction. In other words, it is making him think about his life and his need for Jesus. The seed has been planted and it has the power to change this person's life. If the person is very upset I would stop witnessing to them, at this point, and let the power of God's Word work on his heart.
---Robyn on 9/12/07

Satan deceives some into thinking they are being persecuted if a person gives them the Whole Word. Many don't want the Whole gospel of Christ, but rather fables and half-truths. Paul said that he declared that he had not failed to give man the Full Counsel of God (Acts), the blood of men wasn't on his hands, many ministers don't do that,creating multitudes of people peddling major false doctrines,the blood of many is on their hands. The Holy Spirit leads the Bride into ALL truth, not some or half.
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/12/07

It is not them, it is the demons inside of them raging, after deliverance, {having them excorsised} they will get a big smile on there face and come to their senses. Then they won't be able to get enough of the Gospel.
---Whisper on 9/12/07

Graham - if it makes them mad it may be that it is convicting them.
Jesus was a stumbling block and an offence to anyone who would not recieve Him. Its true then its true today.
---Andrea on 9/12/07

You definitly should not shove the Gospel down someones throat. I would agree with Trish, and maybe offer them a Gospel tract as well. When you tell someone the good news of the Gospel, as vessels used by God, you never know. One day they may be truly converted, and God gets the Glory.
---Cynthia on 9/11/07

Tell the person you will pray for them and that you are available if they ever want to talk about it. Let them know that you care about them regardless of what they think about the gospel.
---Trish9863 on 9/11/07

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