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Two Holy Spirit Experiences

Why did Jesus disciples have two separate experiences of the Holy Spirit (first on Resurrection Sunday and then at Pentecost), or do some Christians think there is only one?

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 ---Andrea on 9/14/07
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Kraus, read Lke.5:17-26,*17:11-19 for perfect (super)natural example of a healing, <-> being whole. 'Quickening' <-> Baptism.

If Christ said it, He meant it, & it happenned, literally!

10 of ten lepers were healed physically ['received' their healing as they went], one was made 'whole' [healed to overflow], 'body', mind, & spirit from being outcasts from 'their' society. Sound familiar 'Believers'?

---bob_[Elishama]_6749 on 9/25/07

Kraus::The fact you disagree on the basis of your logic would suggest that you do not believe in the Blessed Trinity.Acts1:4 says it was the promise of"THE Father "Not Jesus. thought I would point that out.
---Emcee on 9/24/07

Fact is the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ and could not be given while he was physically with them. He had to ascend first as many scriptures point out.
---Kraus on 9/24/07

i disagree that breathing on the disciples was some kind of infilling. Acts 1:4 Jesus commanded them to go and wait for the Spirit. you only wait for what you dont have. 1:8 says when the spirit comes they will receive power. John 7:9 says that Christ had to be glorified before the outpouring.
---Kraus on 9/24/07

I totally agree with this answer by Andre."And with that he (Jesus) breathed on them and said, "Receive the Holy Spirit."" (John 20:19-22)
The disciples received the Holy Spirit on the day that Jesus was resurrected,

they were filled with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost!

the disciples had two separate experiences of the Holy Spirit

one for salvation and one for empowerment
---andre5846 on 9/14/07
---Mima on 9/15/07

There is only one baptism in God's Holy Spirit, thereafter it is to be 'fed' by The word of God. It is the same Holy Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead.

Cp. the ten virgins parable, all had 'oil', 5 lamps went out, 5 kept burning.

When The Lord breathed His Holy Spirit on them, this was a 'individual quickening' of The Spirit, different from The baptism on The Day Of Pentecost that formed one living organism, The Church.

---bob_[Elishama]_6749 on 9/15/07

Jesus breathed on the disciples and they recieved 'new life' Salvation. At Pentecost they recieved empowerment.
When we are saved we recieve the Holy Spirit as our seal of salvation -then if we ask(Jesus said ask) He will Baptize you with fire (Holy Spirit in filling) this is the power to witness, and when gifts are given. In the bible it was evidenced by speaking in tongues. But it was never stated that one had to speak.

great teaching at
layinghands dot com bapHS
---andre5846 on 9/14/07

I know of the Acts 2:4 experience, but I do not think it was a one or two time thing, but came to them continually after Christs death and resurection.
---Whisper on 9/14/07

From what I understand, that at the moment of conversion, you recieve the Holy Spirit. But I understand that you should ask to be FILLED with the Holy Spirit every day. Just as our automobiles run out of gas and have to be filled up, so we need to ask God to fill us everyday with the Holy Spirit.
---Cynthia on 9/14/07

Read John 14:16 ["...*The Comforter shall be 'with' you & 'in' you".] along with *John 20:22, & *Acts 2:1-21.

God Bless
---bob_[Elishama]_6749 on 9/14/07

Jody. The referrence to one baptism doesn't refer to one kind, just the fact that the baptism is in Jesus and no one else. Remember, Jesus himself spoke of the baptism of fire, and the baptism by water. So there is more than one baptism, but only one, in that both are in Jesus.
---john on 9/14/07

I don't know why, it's just a fact. I don't see any evidence that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is a one time happening. We read several times that someone "being filled with the Holy Spirit" did some miraculous thing. It's a wonderful experience.
---john on 9/14/07

Jesus said that he needed to leave the earth so that He could send the "comforter who would lead in all things". So he left the earth and did send the comforter, the Pentecost. Since that time the Holy Spirit has been active in ALL believers from the beginning of Salvation as long as sin is not grieving the work of the H.S. Jesus said that there is 1life,1death and 1baptism. This ref to baptism is referring to water baptism ,a symbolic one.
---jody_martin on 9/14/07

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