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Depending On Salvation

What are you depending on for your salvation?
1. Confirmation
2. Baptized
3. I try to live my life right?
4. fill in your answner?

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 ---mima on 9/17/07
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Jesus.........all the way! Nothing else. Jesus is the Way,the Truth and the Life. No man cometh unto the Father, but by me. St John 14:6.
Says it all. If you try to come in another way, you are a thief and a Liar. Number 1,2 3 is useless in the question without Jesus. I choose number 4.. fill in the blank with......Jesus. Mighty King Jesus!
---Robyn on 9/19/07

I sure do like what you wrote>>>betty8468 Have a most pleasant day. ++
---catherine on 9/19/07

No Jesus, No Salvation. Know Jesus, Know Salvation
---betty8468 on 9/19/07

Do you mean after ones conversion? We depend on God to get us to heaven. I must say, if you depend on all the above you will never make it to heaven.
---catherine on 9/18/07

The shed blood of Jesus. Didn't you ever hear the song, "It's your blood that cleanses me, it's your blood that gives me life, it's your blood that took my place, in redeeming sacrifice, that washes me, whiter than the snow, my Jesus, God's precious sacrifice." It's the blood of Jesus and that ALONE!!!!
---Donna on 9/18/07

Lamentations 3:26, It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord. My salvation is assured by my blessed hope, which is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. For, I am IN CHRIST..
---Cynthia on 9/17/07

We are saved by accepting Christ as our Savior. God chooses everyone, but not everyone responds to his call. To say God picks those he saves, in my opinion is wrong and misleading. I can know without a doubt I am saved and going to Heaven because I accept the free gift of salvation given to us by Jesus and his death. All we have to do is accept him, repent, and believe he can do for us that which we cannot do for ourselves.
---Saved_By_Grace on 9/17/07

Answer #4. I depend on Jesus Christ for my Salvation. Which is why I also do all of the above, not because they guarantee salvation on their own, but because Jesus wants me to. I need no further reason than that.
---lorra8574 on 9/17/07

The shed blood of Jesus Christ as well as His grace and mercy.

And that is my final answer. (My only anmswer.)
---denna7667 on 9/17/07

Hi Mima, the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ is my only answer. I don't deserve it but I need it and am learning slow but sure to trust in Him for it. :) I have Tourettes Syndrome so I have a tendency to always doubt--it's biological and it makes life harder but I know Jesus is above it all. :)
---Mary on 9/17/07

An individual can not initiate the process of salvation God and God alone chooses who he will offer it to. You can not make yourself worthy of it. You can't win it, confessing sins can't guarantee it. You are totally at God mercy, God chooses you, you don't get to choose God. He choses who he choses and rejects who he rejects.
---Phil_the_Elder on 9/17/07

mima.....My salvation comes by the grace of Almighty GOD through faith alone in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
---JIM on 9/17/07

Nothing of what you have written. I sit and pray to get into communion with my Lord and simply talk to Him, and pour out my heart to Him, and be still, I usually live with way to many distractions, but try to find a time to GET ALONE WITH HIM.
---Whisper on 9/17/07

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