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What Is Church Discipline

Does your church practise "Church discipline"? For what reasons would it be used in your own particular church? If you can, please give scripture to back up why 'your' church does this.

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 ---RitaH on 9/17/07
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I believe church discipline should be more in line of church "order". There are scriptures on how to keep order in the church (group)as well as individuals who stray from God's word. We too often confuse "business" with "church order" or "discipline". Leave the business to the BPOE, KoC, or Shriners and keep the Bible in our churches. As for scriptures, see Timothy, 2Cor. , Romans, etc.
---mikefl on 9/25/07

God bless you Cynthia for your encouraging words to me. Only by the grace of God do we all have a measure of faith. Let's keep fighting for the cause of Christ.
---Robyn on 9/23/07

The reason that I asked this is because I have attended (over many years) 4 different types of church. Anglican, Methodist, Independent (non-denominational) and Presbyterian. Only once can I recall Church discipline being used. That was in the non-donomination church. Two 14 year old girls were made to stand in front of the whole congregation and apologise to a family that they had hurt deeply. Some people thought this was very harsh, others said it was scriptural. What do you all think?
---RitaH on 9/23/07

Robyn I agree with you, and I can tell by the many godly post to many of these blogs that you are very mature in the word of God, and many of your answers have spoken to my heart, and I thank you for being so faithful and obedient to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Your Godly wisdom, at many times have been a blessing to me , and I thank God for faithful servants as yourself. You are much more mature in the word of God than I am and I wanted to say, God bless you and your family. Amen!
---Cynthia on 9/22/07

Cynthia: My beef is not with godly leaders, do understand me on that. There are many fakes around but I do not judge all preachers by one or two. No way. I have just resolved to be more careful with my money,time and who I sit up under now for the Word of God(leadership).That is our choice. We have to work out our own soul's salvation. I believe in respecting and obeying genuine authority. But to obey everything and everbody that says "Lord,Lord",,no way. I will be led by the Spirit.
---Robyn on 9/22/07

#-1-I have been asked to leave three churches.
1st time-my wife ask her Sunday school teacher how the money was divided.(Come to find out to pastor owned the church building and took all the money. This was a pennicostal church and the next Sunday we were move out.
2nd time-after seeing a healing take place on a little girl I prayed for I was asked to be the pastor.
---Mima on 9/19/07

#2-when I said no about becoming their pastor, the deacons had a meeting and decided to ask me to leave the church. They did this while I was teaching Sunday school openly, and plainly, I said OK got my wife and my Bibles and walked out of the church. This was an Assembly of God Church.
3rd time-- nondenominational church, when I questioned the pastor mortgaging some of the churches land, I was slowly pushed out of the church. Short history of my church career.
---Mima on 9/19/07

If you read the book of Matthew, chapter 18:15-19, Jesus talks about discipline in the Church. Robyn, I have never experienced what you have described about disagreeing with the Pastor will get you kicked out of Church. If this has personally happened to you, then I am sure it had to be devastating to you. Pastor's make mistakes too. I would not judge all Pastor's by the actions of one.
---Cynthia on 9/19/07

Robyn "If a church leader is found committing adultery he/she would be taken from that position until they have repented and corrected their behavior." I agree, this is what should happen and not only for adultery. Mima, I don't understand your response to Robyn, are you disagreeing and being sarcastic? What do you say should happen in such a situation? Thanks Denna for all those scriptures. Very helpful.
---RitaH on 9/19/07

denna7667: I am a forgiving person. In my younger days I was not so forgiving but my understanding is so much better now. This is why, if you read some of my older post, I choose to stay connected to my church. My pastor is human, I know that. But I respect him, he is a wonderful preacher and visionary but I still say he focus too much on money and prestige, now. We recently moved to a new church and he is becoming full of himself.I pray for my pastor,wife and entire church family--almost daily.
---Robyn on 9/19/07

I totally agree with Robyn's post about how to get kicked out of church.
---Mima on 9/19/07


Pastors are human and make mistakes just like everybody else. Yes they get tired, hungry, and thirsty from time to time. I have never seen on who did not. Remember ...All have sinned and...You know the rest.

It is obvious you have had a bad experience. All I ask is do not judge all pastors or churches by one. If they fall yes they must be removed from office. But God is merciful and restoration can take place. But we must be willing to forgive.
---denna7667 on 9/19/07

The quickest way to get kicked out of the church: disagree with pastor or confront him on anything he does in the church. The whole church will practically turn on you If they don't turn on you literally tooth and nail, they will ignore you and make you feel so bad, you do better to leave and never come back.
---Robyn on 9/18/07

To Robyn-under this type of reasoning," If a church leader is found committing adultery. He/she would be taken from that position until they have repented and corrected their behavior." I would like to become a bank robber and upon being caught I promise to repent and correct my behavior!!!!
---Mima on 9/18/07

Churches should practice church discipline when needed, but the preachers have gotten so into numbers(members) and money now--they are afraid to administer discipline== for fear of running away the big tithers and givers who take their money with them when they go.For example_ If a church leader is found committing adultery. He/she would be taken from that position until they have repented and corrected their behavior. Do people read their bibles anymore?
---Robyn on 9/18/07

After church discipline restoration II Cor. 2:6-8
Correct when necessary Titus 2:15
Discipline for offense against Paul II Cor. 2:6-11
Proper protocol for discipline Matthew 18:15-17
Rebuke when necessary Titus 1:13
Restore one who has fallen wirth gentleness Galatians 6:1
Seek to saave erring sinner James 5:19-20
Sexual immorality calls for discipline I Cor. 51-11
---denna7667 on 9/18/07

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#1- In China my interpreter and I were invited to a Christian gathering. Hush-hush of course. When we arrived a lady missionary insists on my interpreter (who was a girl) beening seated by her. After the dinner I asked my interpreter what did you think of the missionary? My interpreter said she was explaining disciplining to me, oh I said what is this disciplining? Continued
---Mima on 9/18/07

# 2-my interpreter who had studed English for 14 years, and loved to use slang terms said, discipline means" my way or the highway" and of course at this point in the conversation I had no choice but to totally agree. Discipline is mentioned five times in the bible and never use to indicate correcting another person.
---Mima on 9/18/07

I know we had an elder that had a adultrous relationship and was disciplined. Counseling etc he was removed from his position. I never heard who it was. Thats nice.
I don't believe anyone should be disciplined in public. A church service is not the family it is public.
---Dan on 9/17/07

Churches/denominations can practice Church Discipline for violations of ordinances of church or denomination membership and for procedural or clerical miss conduct. Since the violations are of ordinances that the individual voluntary subscribes to by accepting membership or office there is no need for scriptural of authority. The Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) has a written Constitution and Judiciary Commissions to handle ecclesiastical trials using a published protocol including an appeals process.
---Phil_the_Elder on 9/17/07

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