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God Made Me Sin

What would you say to someone who says, "God made me like this. Sin is His fault"?

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 ---Cynthia on 9/25/07
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I would say how little we know....Sin is universal---------We all sin. The Bible does not give a complete account of the orgin of sin. God is in no way responsible for sin. Satan introduced sin when he beguiled Eve, but the Bible does not teach that sin had its orgin with him either. Sin'e orgin is to be found in humanity's rebellious nature. Ps. 51:5 and Eph. 2:3 could be interpreted to mean that this sinful nature is inherited. Every person is responsible for his/or her choice of sin.
---catherine on 10/12/07

I would say"so,what's your point? The mysteries of God are too numerous for me to rationalize. Jeffery Dommer and Charles Mansion will most likely rot in Hell unless they find Jesus Christ. You can join them. It makes no difference who they blame their crimes on. However Bible says that God cannot sin or create sin so go figure. Chose faith or blame, the consequences will still remain."People who say this know better.
---splaa6685 on 10/10/07

I would tell them that God made man to have communion with,and to be obidient,but he also made man with a free will so that he could choose.adam chose not to obey,just as this person chooses whether to obey.
---tom2 on 10/10/07

I'd say, God is perfect and therefore cannot be blamed for any thing, let alone be blamed for someone elses sins. Almighty God can easily take away "YOUR" sin (which is never his), but it requires action on your part, it requires your free choice to confess "YOUR" sin and to repent from your sin, and ask for Jesus' perfect forgiveness and salvation. Remember the two on the cross, if your mocking Jesus he will not save you.
---Eloy on 9/30/07

Sin is not in God so how can he make you sin? That is the devil. It is our fault if God warns us not to sin and we do it anyway.
---Bennie on 9/29/07

Job was blameless, upright, fearing God, and turning away from evil. I am going to assume that anyone who blames God for his own sin isn't any of the above, otherwise he/she would not be taking the side of the accuser and blaming God. When Satan came among the brethren to accuse, God asked him if he had considered His servant Job. Satan begins a long list of accusations that had no foundation to them. Job offered sacrifices for his sons "just in case" they had cursed God in their hearts.
---Linda on 9/26/07

Satan was essentially saying, "If You let me at him, he will forsake You." Well, Job didn't and he didn't even sin with his mouth. Job is the OT righteous man. Jesus destroyed the works of the devil and destroyed him that had the power of death, that is, the devil. If we are to give him no place, then why would our Father who told us to give him no place tempt us with giving him a place? In the NT book of James, you will find what causes our temptation. It is our own lusts, period.
---Linda on 9/26/07

The trying (testing) we experience is not of US but of our FAITH and is not the same thing as tempting by evil. In this world we will be exposed to opportunities every day where we choose life or death. The testing of our faith is for the purpose of showing His growth in our lives, not for our defeat and shame. In any test, He has already given us the answer. We are to find out during the test that we have retained the answer.
---Linda on 9/26/07

Andre makes a good point in her answer. Those who keep the law in order to earn their salvation must necessarily swell with the pride of accomplishment.- A person told me and my witnessing friends, that the reason we are capable of witnessing is because we have no pride. They said we were just silly old men!! What an interesting statement.
---Mima on 9/26/07

I would say no its not Gods fault you did it you are the one who has gone cookoo
---barry on 9/26/07

When we study the book of Job we find that God allowed Satan to testify Job. In the light of JOB Chapter 1, I assume that it is God who allows Satan to testify His faithful man. Please mention someone a believer or non-believer.
---sunny9488 on 9/26/07

When we study the book of Job we find that God allowed Satan to testify Job. In the light of JOB Chapter 1, I assume that it is God who allows Satan to testify His faithful man. Please mention this "someone" is a believer or non-believer.
---sunny9488 on 9/26/07

If that's true (and for him it might be) then remind him that if God made him sin then God can punish him for it.

The point is to seek God - if we had no sin we'd be like Lucifer - proud and not needing God
---Andrea on 9/26/07

First of all you have free will. That means "you" choose what "you" want to do. Satin tempts us with sin to bring out the worst in us. God test us to bring out the best in us, to teach us that we are able to overcome and become stronger. Remember that a house divided can't stand. God is pure, sin is not, therefore God would never make anyone sin. Free will, it's your choice.
---Craig on 9/25/07

Hey, let's not even give the devil that much credit. He loves it way too much. I am sure it just tickles him pink to discover that someone has given him just a little more dominion over their lives. James chapter one makes it clear that it is neither God nor the devil but your own lusts that draw you away and entice you. If you are going to blame anyone or anything, at least agree with God about the source. You will grow more quickly if you do.
---Linda on 9/25/07

God can't make u sin. Only Satan can make u sin. And if u want somebody to blame, then blame satan and urself for ur sin, but not God.
---ANN on 9/25/07

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James 1:13-16
It is pretty straightforward. You also have the fact that Jesus came that we may have life. The end of sin is death. Those sound like polar opposites to me.
---Linda on 9/25/07

In addition, those who say that "God made me like this and sin is His fault" don't understand either the fall of Adam or the work of Christ. One is either in Adam by first birth of the flesh or in Christ by being born of the Spirit. One is either an old creature or a new creature. Most people who blame God are usually using Him as an excuse to stay the way they are. Those who are sincere toward God know He is working in their lives and changing them.
---Linda on 9/25/07

No one wants to admit responsability, it's "pass-the-buck" My son has been a homeless hopeless druggie for 30 yrs, and you know what? He says it's my fault! The reality is, he fell in with bad company and has no intention of quitting!
---1st_cliff on 9/25/07

That is a cop out. It is an excuse for their sin problem. I dealt with addicts of all kinds for years and they always gave the excuse, "My mom/dad was a drunk so that means I am one too."

Society says, This person has addiction or a social problem. No they do not. They have a sin problem. Call a sin a sin and stop making excuses for bad choices. Love them and help them understand they have a sin problem.
---denna7667 on 9/25/07

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