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Should Christians Support Israel

How do you think we as a (Christian) nation should treat the state of Israel?
1. Total complete support.
2. Support only if Israel agrees with us.
3. Let Israel fend for herself.

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 ---Mima on 9/27/07
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Supporting Israel politically or because of Biblical beliefs are two different things.

Did you know that it is illegal to evangelize people for Christ in Israel? How do you reconcile that with supporting Israel Biblically?

I support Israel politically, but Biblically, I don't know what God is up to there. How do we know if Israel will cease to exist, and God will resurrect them at a later time, if indeed that is part of God's overall plan? If the new covenant means salvation is all spiritual, maybe Israel is not part of the big plan.

Politically, Israel wants to live in peace with their neighbors, the same way America does. We should support our political friends.
---Rod on 1/20/09

Israel is protected by God and we should do the same. The Holy Land. God will not let anyone destroy it. God will bring chastisement to those that try and hurt it as well.
---paul on 1/19/09

A little off topic, but if you take a look at Israel's history..... woe betide anyone that made enemies of them.
---Graham on 1/11/09

the Jewish people returning to occupy its own land after being scattered, is a fulfillment of prophecy.
- Israel being forced to divide the land for the sake of peace is a matter of Biblical prophecy. but just because its prophecy doesnt mean that God wants the land to be divided. read Joel 3:2
the way in which the nations treat the Jewish people is a matter of God dealing judgement upon them. America included. to those who are against Israel, they will be goat nations. to those for, will be sheep nations.
- praying for the peace of Jerusalem first means being whole. so if Israel is divided, its not experiencing peace. if they dont, who will.
---opalgal on 1/9/09

Support ONLY those who follow the Golden Rule as stated by Jesus: Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. How can Christians say amen to the mass starvation and bombing of an imprisoned population in Gaza? Supporting that policy is AGAINST the Spirit of Christ!
---Patricia on 1/9/09

Support ONLY those who follow the Golden Rule as stated by Jesus: Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. How can Christians say amen to the mass starvation and bombing of an imprisoned population in Gaza? Supporting that policy is AGAINST the Spirit of Christ!
---Patricia on 1/9/09

******Suppose they resolve to conduct genocide on the Palestinians we would be committed to supporting this otherwise our support would not be unconditional and absolute.*****

I think this is a horrible supposition!

Knowing the Jewish People have endured the horror of actually would suggest out of WHAT your own ignorance.

You condemn without evidence of fact.

I suppose YOU are a crack head.....or may one day become one...therefore I suppose I won't listen to any of your supposed supposes.

I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you...STILL STANDS TODAY!!!!
---kathr4453 on 8/14/08

I believe that ultimately, the leaders of our country are going to turn against Israel. I think this will put us in a very bad situation, as Israel is still God's chosen people and all who oppose them will answer to God. We SHOULD support Israel completely.
---tommy3007 on 7/26/08

#1. First point is that it is unclear whether Israel is a secular or religious nation as they have not established a constitution as the gap between the two proved too difficult to bridge. So support for the state of Israel cannot be on the basis of it being a Jewish religious state. However "The Law of Return" does allow people of Jewish ethnicity, cultural and religious background special rights (I am not an informed judge on the mechanics of this law though).
---Marty on 10/11/07

#2. But either way support for the state of Israel in its present form cannot be based on it being a Jewish religious state. So according to the biblical mandate of unconditional absolute support regardless of the circumstances we are obliged to coerce the state of Israel into becoming a religious state through any means necessary? I think and hope that this is not your position Mima but that is a consequence of this mandate.
---Marty on 10/11/07

#3. Second point commitment to absolute and unconditional support for Israel irrespective of their behaviour would mean the following. Suppose they resolve to conduct genocide on the Palestinians we would be committed to supporting this otherwise our support would not be unconditional and absolute. I understand that this is perverse to state it like this but this is the consequences of absolute and unconditional support regardless of circumstances.
---Marty on 10/11/07

#4. Which I believe not to be Biblical for us to support. If God chooses to wipe a people off the face of the earth, God is sovereign and that is his decision and it will happen regardless of our stance for there will always be ungodly people. But we are not God and it is not for us to allow or encourage.
---Marty on 10/11/07

I believe just the opposite of this statement," am just trying to emphasise that a mandate for absolute unconditional support regardless of circumstances is not biblical." I believe absolute unconditional support for Israel regardless of circumstances is biblical(for Christians).
---Mima on 10/11/07

Let Israel fend for herself. That is our attitude towards Sweden, Switzerland, Bhutan and Burkina Faso, so why not Israel too?
---InimicusStultitiae on 10/10/07


I follow what you are saying. This point needs to be made however. The Palestinians are on land that belongs to the nation of Israel. In the bible, as they are busy trying to occupy the land, G-d himself tells them to not leave any alive. That is the attitude that G-d has in the bible for those that occupy israel's land. This has nothing to do with the poor, or dispossessed people unless you are one of them. Regardless, the israelis are in this mess due to their disobedience.
---Tony_P. on 10/10/07

Yes the land of Israel has been promised to Abraham and God will always honour his promises. God also promises to punish evil, especially amongst his chosen people and to refute that he already has by punishing the state of Israel's through the Diaspora cannot be done while maintaining God's sovereignty. Nevermind refuting the bible if you try to do so.

I am just trying to emphasise that a mandate for absolute unconditional support regardless of circumstances is not biblical.
---Marty on 10/10/07

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I should add I firmly believe that if the Muslim countries didn't have Israel to hate and attack they would be concentrating on us and if we don't defend Israel(as a nation) --- God is not going to defend us (as a nation)
I do not think that the everyday muslim would be declaring war on Israel without the power of their govt instigating it. But I don't see them fighting it either
---Andrea on 10/10/07

Gordpn ... Sorry not to have answered earlier, I have only just noticed your question.
The answer is yes.
Tracy ... I referred to ally of Christianity, by which I meant the church and principles laid down by Christ, not the way in which "Christian" nations, or their leaders now behave. now behave.
---alan_of_UK on 10/10/07

Israel treats the palestinians better than the Islamic countries treat them. Better considering how they treat Israel. USA would have annihilated a people that consistantly bombed and made plans to destroy us. I don't say this to mean I'd want them annihilated just the truth.
It was the Jews land 4000 yrs ago its their land by right and by the dictates of war the same as we are free from Britain they have fought and won that land
---Andrea on 10/10/07

We should def. support Israel.God gave Abraham the land of Canaan, as an everlasting possession, Gen.13 & 17:8, in its entirety and it should not be divided.Gen. 12 God says, I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you.That makes it plain what God had in mind,and when we started pressing for dividing the land of Isreal,Gods wrath started hitting America. Decisions against Israel were made by our gov, and natural disaster struck immediately afterward, everytime.
---Gayla on 10/9/07

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#1 Nor am I speaking politically, I am speaking according to what I believe God's will to be. The state of Israel is arguably the causal fact for the hardships that the Palestinians are now facing in the refugee camps.
---Marty on 10/9/07

#2 Ezekiel 16:49-50 'Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned, they did not help the poor and needy. 50 They were haughty and did detestable things before me. Therefore I did away with them as you have seen. NIV. So, ignoring the poor and needy and actions that exacerbate their situation is unbiblical.
---Marty on 10/9/07

3# Like interpreting the bible you cannot look at one salient issue on its own, it must be considered in context. As such the suffering of the Palestinians is one of those issues that is often not given enough consideration, though there are several others that need to be considered.
---Marty on 10/9/07

#4 Jonah 4:9-10 But the LORD said, You have been concerned about this vine, though you did not tend it or make it grow. It sprang up overnight and died overnight. 11 But Nineveh has more than a hundred and twenty thousand people who cannot tell their right hand from their left, and many cattle as well. Should I not be concerned about that great city? NIV. I Take this to mean that God does indeed care about the Palestinians.
---Marty on 10/9/07

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#5 By using examples of God's will that hopefully everyone can accept it has been show that Israelis actions towards the Palestinians should not go without due consideration to whether we should support them. As such this makes it conditional support which in turn offers us guidance that God's will is not absolute(unconditional) support for Israel.
---Marty on 10/9/07


You are correct, I do not mean murderous Jews or Jews who do not obey their own laws. I am speaking, not politically, but religiously, that the nation of israel needs to be supported. That much is biblical. I know that the New Testament is different in thinking somewhat, however, that is done more in an attempt to distance early christians from the Jews of that period, who were being murdered by the romans.
---Tony_P. on 10/9/07

This sounds more like a political Blog rather than a religious Blog.

My view is that we should support them militarily to maintain balance in the Middle East.
---trey on 10/8/07

If the criteria for supporting Israel is based on them being Jewish, then it follows that we should support the Jews in all things.

Tony P my point here is that has some very bad consequences, say if a Jew is a mass murderer we should support him and I don't think that this is what your saying.

There is plenty of references to jews being rebuked in the New Testament, thus it is their behaviour that we should base our support (not their hearts) with the bible as measuring rod to determine it.
---Marty on 10/8/07

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Alan of UK this is about 4 years old but a survey of 95% didn't think that they should allow Christians to immigrate there
---Marty on 10/8/07

Also Alan of UK, a Christian Foreign Minister speaks more of political wisdom than of tolerance. There is around a $3000 bounty for a bible in Saudi Arabia and even secular Turkey has only recently allowed a Church (and one alone) in Istanbul the same legal status as Mosques and that has been attributied to the desire to enter the E.U.

Islam is the religion of the sword, and if it isn't it isn't Islam.
---Marty on 10/8/07

Christians should support the nation of Israel completely. If you don't you are definitely in the wrong, no matter which side turns out to be true. The Messiah is Jewish, or the Messiah is G-d and told Abraham that whoever blesses you I will bless and whoever curses you I will curse. Even Jesus tells you salvation is of the Jews. G-d does not break his promises. If He did what faith should you have has a Christian in the New Testament?
---Tony_P. on 9/30/07

Mima ... Is that really true?
It makes the Jews less tolerant than Muslims regimes. The Iraqi Foreign Minister, Tariq Ali, was Christian under Saddam!
---alan_of_UK on 9/30/07

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mima - throughout history Christians have brought nothing but terror to Jews - do you blame them?

We need to let them vent on us and love them - not bc they are Jews but bc they are from the same root.

The christian church has been a big disappointment too - we cannot look at the Jewish people as those that did not choose Christ when christendom was built on Jews.
I don't know what Christ's plan is - I know it involves Jews.
---Andrea on 9/30/07

Mima and Alan: Yes, Israel as a nation, may distrust or even despise Christians, but can you blame them? How much horrific evil has been done to these people, by those professing to be Christian?! (a vile anti-Christ named "Hitler" comes to mind.)
While it's naive to hope to change Israel's mind as a whole about Christians, we can sure try to win some by doing good to them in the name of Christ, right?
---tracy3346 on 9/30/07

Alan of U.K., Are you a Christian?
---Gordon on 9/30/07

Alan of United Kingdom, Actually it does not really matter that Israel is no Ally to Christianity. The Bible says that the "Jews were made enemies to the Gospel for the sake of the Gentiles." Then when the time of the Gentiles are fulfilled, the Jews will recognize their Messiah Jesus (YAHUSHUA) when He returns, and then they will weep for Him as one mourns for an only child. But, modern Christianity has made itself in some ways repulsive to the Jews by it's rejection of the 10 Commandments.
---Gordon on 9/30/07

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When Jews migrate to Israel they are required to fill out a form stating their religious preference. If they put down Christianity (a belief in Christ) they are refused immigration into the country. I can put down any other kind of religion but not Christianity. Is this not a sobering truism? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what the Jews think about Christianity.
---Mima on 9/30/07

Politically, sure! We should support any country which lives under constant threat of annihilation by its barbaric neighbors. From a religious perspective, we Christians share an identical religion with Jews, although man made changes in both give the appearance of disparity. The only significant difference is that Jews are awaiting Christ's first visit, and we Christians, His second.
---jerry6593 on 9/30/07

Hi Alan: In the 1st part of my reply, about Israel being our ally, I was speaking as an American, because Mima's ? was about the "state" of Israel. If that sounded exclusive, I apologize.
As for the rest, I was speaking as a Christian. I feel a connection to the, as Gordon put it, "people from which came our Beloved Messiah and Saviour Jesus Christ (YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH)."
---tracy3346 on 9/30/07

Melissa - I just spoke with a messianic Rabbi - who said there are around one million world wide and growing.
---Andrea on 9/29/07

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Ttacy ... "Israel is our greatest, if not only, ally in the Middle East"
Do you speak there as an American, or as a Christian?
Israel is no ally to Christianity.
---alan8566_of_UK on 9/29/07

<<<1. Total complete support.>>>
Israel is our greatest, if not only, ally in the Middle East.
I've done a bit of study on Judaism, and find their culture fascinating! Learning about their ways has helped me see certain things in the Bible more clearly.
I completely agree with Gordon and most others here.
---tracy3346 on 9/29/07

It's difficult
At times God took the land away from the Jews, and sent them into exile.
How do we know that this is not one of those times?
---alan_of_UK on 9/29/07

Yes, we Saints should certainly honour the Land which GOD gave as territory to the race of people from which came our Beloved Messiah and Saviour Jesus Christ (YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH). We should stand up to support her and speak out and do deeds on her behalf as the Holy Spirit (RUACH ha KODESH/SHKHINYAH) leads us to.
---Gordon on 9/29/07

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To---melissa, In year 2000 my wife and I spend a month studying and working with the messianic Jews organization called Christian Jew foundation. At that time, year 2000, the official figures were the 50,000 Jews had accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. At that time I also heard much talk and discussion about "secret believers" among the Jewish people. Something like Joseph who ask for Jesus' body. There may be another 50,000 of these secret believers.
---Mima on 9/29/07

For every Christian there should be total complete support. As it has been through the ages American Christian's have and should support Israel's through their time of troubles. They are God's chosen people, who are mentioned in Scripture and God requires us to support them for He has told us that they will come to Christ in the future. All history will be ufolded through them in the end times. I am with Tommy, I believe also that one day we will not and that will be very bad for us all.
---Mark_V. on 9/29/07

Matthew from L.A. No I am not saying that at all. The Jews are God's Chosen People. It was through them that He allowed His Son to be born in human form and, shortly before the end comes, many Jews will be saved. The bible tells us that. Jews who were born after Jesus came and did not believe were/are not saved. Those born before Jesus came are saved if they believed in God the Creator and were awaiting the promised Messiah in faith at the time they died.
---RitaH on 9/29/07

Rebecca D,
You said, "We should treat that country and the people in that country as we would our neighbor."

Please elaborate.
Should we give equal support to our neighbors who are hostile to Isreal?
---AG on 9/28/07

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Does anybody have any statistics about how many messianic, born-again Jews there are? The bible says that God will always love Israel and give it a chance to accept and obey Him. Isn't it ironic that, after over 2000 years, they are still looking for the Messiah? How that must break the Father's heart, and yet He still waits for them. I definitely think we should pray for and support His chosen people.
---melissa on 9/28/07

To---RitaH I believe your post is exactly right. And it's correctness is the reason I like to use the term Israel has been put on the back burner at this time. The scripture Romans 11:15,"For if the casting away of them be the reconciling of the world, what shall the receiving of them be, but life from the dead?" I believe proves with certainty that Jewish nation will yet be the ascendancy.
---Mima on 9/28/07

RitaH, are you saying the Jews are saved without believing Jesus was the Messiah?
---Matthew_from_LA on 9/27/07

I think it is our (Christians) best interest to support Israel. I don't know all of what God's plan is for them, but I do know he loves them with an everlasting love.
---Andrea on 9/27/07

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The United States is not a Christian nation. There are more sinners than there are Christians. We should treat that country and the people in that country as we would our neighbor. Why should they be treated any different?
---Rebecca_D on 9/27/07

I do not believe that Israel (the natural branch as you call it) has been cut off by God. Yes, Christians are the ones grafted in but if you graft something onto something else (the root stock I would call it) and then cut off the roots, the grafted part would die with it. The world is going to turn against Israel and will be punished for doing so. The Jews are God's chosen people and Christians are His adopted people.
---RitaH on 9/27/07

Politically I hope the US continue's to support the state of Isreal.
Not that Isreal needs anyone but God.
Supporting them is to our benefit.
The God of the house of Isreal and the house of Judah is the one true God. To oppose Isreal is to oppose God.
(A neutral/lukewarm stance is an opposition.)
---AG on 9/27/07

Total complete support, Amen. We need not only to support Israel, but to pray for Israel daily. Israel is God's Glory, and we as Gentile believers are grafted in as Israel will be restored. God bless Israel and the Jewish people. A wonderful ministry to get involved in is The friends of Israel Gospel Ministry. This Ministry really opens your eyes as a Gentile believer of our ties to Israel. I highly recommend it!
---Cynthia on 9/27/07

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Israel is the natural branch that has been cut off by God. We are grafted in by faith and so also will they be restored into the tree when the fulness of the Gentiles comes. That's Romans 11.
I would go with #1 But not totally supporting under all circumstances because that would leave the door wide open to support ungodly activity.
---john on 9/27/07

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