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God Takes Too Much

Why would God take three close family members away from me this year. I have lost my mother, and more recently, my oldest son Shaun died suddenly on Aug. 6, then four weeks later on Sept. 6, my only sister died. I've also lost two jobs as well this year. Have I been put in hell?

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 ---Denimari on 9/30/07
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Robyn, you are so right. God does have a purpose for everything. If we had the mind of God we would know that purpose every time something did happen. So much is involve with God, that we could never understand all of it, with so many people, so much sin and the curse of death on everyone of us. No one is exempt. We all die and no family is without losing family members. Just some more then others. We get old and we too will die. That is the system we live in.
---Mark_V. on 1/6/11

Denamari: I am responding to this post again. After 2 years. I hope you are still holding on and are beginning to understand why things are happening to you and around you. Perhaps things are better for you. I pray they are. i have had some really terrible setbacks since I last posted here. I sometimes, feel as you did when you wrote this. God has a purpose to everything that happens. We have to accept only what God allows. I am not really clear on why things happen the way they do sometimes. But I do know I have to accept the things that come my way. For whatever reasons. God knows better than I do.
---Robyn on 1/5/11

The image of God you are holding to will only add sorrow on top of the sorrow you already feel. A lie that is believed will affect your life negatively, just as believing the truth will affect your life positively.
---Linda on 10/18/08

Billy Jo Daugherty has just written a brannew book that I highly reccomend for you, for people who have had loved ones taken from them and experienced many losses in life, "GOD IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM" is the name of it.
---Whisper on 10/2/07

I am so sorry for your loss,first of all. But please do not give up on God and blame Him for what has happened. God's ways are not our ways. Read Isaiah ch 55. God loves you so much and only wants what is best for us. Stay encouraged and don't believe the devil's lies. I have had a tough time this year also.On my job, in my home etc.. your question is understandable. My prayers are with you,also.
---Robyn on 10/1/07

I can understand what you feel. My husband and I were never church goers until this year, we believed we did not have to go to church to believe or pray, however, we went and both of us have found our faith and the Holy Spirit. Go and pour your soul out in church, there will be someone there who will put their hands on you and the Holy Spirit will come and make you feel fresh and able to face whatever comes next. Don't delay, go and be in peace....I can only tell you it works, have faith.
---Chris on 10/1/07

If we did what God asked of us - maybe then we could blame God for what happens in our lives. But He doesn't stop us from having free will and He doesn't stop people from dying. He takes them to Himself.
I pray you know and trust Him enough to cry out to Him for your comfort. For He hears you. You have my condolences - andre5846 on CN penpals

be blessed and comforted
---Andrea on 9/30/07

Hi, I am sooooo sorry!!! You are in my prayers, dear. Also, sometimes we blame God for things He did not do. Years after my big brother was murdered, someone said "God took away your God"--as in, you loved him too much so God got rid of him! No, the man with the gun took care of that--not God.
---Mary on 9/30/07

God knows the end from the beginning and I am convinced He may ALLOW evil--but does NOT COMMIT it. The devil is always around to "kill and destroy", hon. I am just sooo sorry for your losses.
---Mary on 9/30/07

My heart and prayers go out to you and your family members. I would suggest to you to meditate on the book Of Job. And may I suggest to meditate on Romans 8:28...And we know that ALL THINGS work together for good to them that love God , to them who are the called according to his purpose. We do not always understand, but God will be glorified through this. One day we will understand. Every trial is filtered through the fingers of God. Keep focused on the Lord. God Bless..
---Cynthia on 9/30/07

God may be getting ready to use you,it may also be to strenghten your faith in him.without any harsh intentions read the book of job.
---tom2 on 9/30/07

First I am very sorry for all you have gone through. I pray God will give you the strength and peace you need. God did not take anyone away from you. This world is full of sin and it's consequences. It has been since the fall of man. Trust God. Lean on Him and He will give you the understanding and answers you seek.
---betty8468 on 9/30/07

This sounds like the Job experience. Have you read the book of Job? I feel so grieved for your losses, as I can not imagine, it sound like too much to bear, Job received more in the end than the beginning but it is not God who took away it was Satan the Bible says he comes to rob, kill, and destroy, do not get confused as who has robbed from you, do not accuse God, He gave His only begotten son for you.
---Whisper on 9/30/07

That is hard, Denimari. But not all relatives are a loss for their families when they die. You've had THREE you dearly loved? I thank God for however long He lets me have my dearly loved ones, who often do move on to other things and I have to let go of them. And I pray in preparation for whatever might happen to anyone I care for. This world is not nice. So, I pray to be ready for hard things, AND the nice things God does bring > God keeps bringing better than all I lose.
---Bill_bila5659 on 9/30/07

Not if you belong to God. We simply cannot understand why God allows His own people to suffer, because it is so very painful. But suffering really is dealt out pretty equal among the believers as well as the unbelievers. For the believers it's to make you stronger and not for distroying you like I once thought, until I came across the scripture.
---catherine on 9/30/07

Denimari, I am so sorry for your loss. Emotionally it must seem like hell and certainly the most sorrowful time of your whole life. I pray that you receive the comfort of the Holy Spirit during this time.

With that said, I also must bring you back into faith and not leave you believing the way you do or thinking of our Heavenly Father in a way not consistent with His nature.
---Linda on 9/30/07

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