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Praying Offensive To Some

What is it that causes some people to feel very offended when you say you will pray for them or, indeed, when you do pray for them? Why do they take it as an insult when just the opposite is the intention?

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 ---RitaH on 10/1/07
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It is bcos some would just say things and not do it or mean it..some would just pray for this and that for others yet not mean what they pray about..and not even lift a finger to help those in need..If I ever get sick n need help, someone pray for me etc and not even try to help me, I will be very offended...knowing that this person could of helped..
---jana on 10/27/07

If it offends even one in 5 stop doing it, let them ask for prayers from you. How about I will be thinking of you and wish you the best. This is about them, so praying in private for them will do the same thing, it is not about you so why mention it?
---Doug on 10/22/07

The only time I have had someone get offended or refuse my prayer was here on CN.
otherwise even the hardest atheist has thanked me.
---Andrea on 10/20/07

Some people feel they dont need prayer or they have heard so many hypocrites want to pray for people and then turn around and live like the devil.Disheartening. Some people are afraid of prayer. Many reasons. If I ask to pray for someone and they say NO...I respect that. Most of the time people welcome prayer. I have asked people to pray for me. We all need it. No one is exempt.
---Robyn on 10/19/07

I believe some of that if not all of that is PRIDE. Also a strong mark is rudeness. Not on behalf of the prayer but on the behalf of the unbeliever.
---catherine on 10/18/07

Mima: Is it your job or calling to have people look at themselves? If the subject is prayer, then I take people at face value. If someone offers to pray for me, I thank them. I usually will take this as an opportunity to discuss spiritual things with them in the future, and I usually will ask them about their relationship with God at some point later. To challenge the veracity of their words is to put up a wall, and cause division. I prefer to trust their word.
---Trish9863 on 10/3/07

I occasionally get uneasy when people pray or offer to pray, it depends on the person and what they say. Most people are making a genuine offer, but some just use it as an excuse to preach and chastise ("Lord, please help my brother here see the error of his ways, and be a good Christian like I am", etc.) Such prayers are seldom genuine, but more often born of self-righteous pride.
---StrongAxe on 10/3/07

To---Trish9863 is it unloving to have people look at themselves. I do not believe we should lightheartedly refer to prayers when we have no intention of praying. I'll also to not believe in prayer list.(As many times talked about and kept in churches) I have searched the Scriptures in an attempt to fine where prayer list were kept. I have found none.
---Mima on 10/3/07

I have offered to pray for people many times and they always say yes. I have never had anyone be offended. I can usually gauge when someone doesn't like christians because on of the brethen has hurt them and then I keep my mouth shut but if I sense they are open to it, I pray to show them I mean it, I'm sincere.
---Michelle on 10/2/07

I have never had that reaction. Usually, the people are grateful that I would pray for them.

Mima: Why would you challenge a person's offer to pray? What are you trying to prove? Does it make you feel better to ask them to pray right then and there, and show that they are not really a praying person? That seems very argumentative and very unloving.
---Trish9863 on 10/2/07

People with a Spirit of Pride don't think they need prayer. A family member of mine has a deep root of bitterness and told me not to pray for her. I intercede for her every day. I believe it's because she doesn't think she needs prayer. When people ask me to pray for them, I ask them "What specificially would you like me to say to God for you? and why can't you tell him yourself? You never see King David praying for Jonathan in the Psalms, amen?
---Donna on 10/2/07

I have never had that reaction. Perhaps, it has to do with the context. If there is an argument and one says that they will pray for the other one to see things according to the first's interpretation - the second might be upset. But other than that, I cannot imagine why anyone would be upset - except for a militant atheist (they hate God and do not want anyone else praying to Him).
---lorra8574 on 10/2/07

Holly, I think that you misunderstood my question. I didn't say that I got offended. I was asking why the person that I (or someone else) offer to pray for gets offended. I think that it is often embarrassment. If they don't ever pray themselves the mere suggestion can be embarrassing but some really do find it offensive that someone else can think that they need prayer.
---RitaH on 10/2/07

Pride gets in the way. Each of us at some point do not want any help from anyone. It is our nature, to be that way. But we need to swallow our pride and just get over it.
---Rebecca_D on 10/2/07

Usually people will seek me out for prayer, but I had one ocasion when a woman was stricken with an infermity, and was angry that I offered to pray for her, had I prayed, I was in full faith that she would have received her healing, to her great loss, she is doing bad. When this happens sometimes I beleive the demonic that is resident inside their body can not stand your light as it is a HUGE THREAT to them.
---Whisper on 10/2/07

People are offened by prayer because it causes them to relalize that they are sinners, and need Jesus. They don't want to give up their sin.
---Leslie on 10/2/07

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People think it's only lip service. Another glib, churchy thing to say....but no follow through. People may roll their eyes or tell themselves, sure you will. We all know those that are shallow and too self-absorbed to ever pray for anyone else.
Sincere Christians will actually pray. I think it's better to follow through without telling that person. The blessing is greater. We're not to pray on the street corner so our prayers will be heard. No need to toot our own horns, either.
---Michelle on 10/2/07

most people are offended because some may think they aren't worthy of being prayed for or they don't know the love of Jesus Christ has for them to be prayed for, even if they get offended pray for them anyways I do.
---Ann on 10/2/07

Here's an interesting fact along these lines. We have all heard people say, "I'll be praying for you" or "I'm praying about that" so the next time you hear this, muster up enough courage to ask them to pray out loud in your presence, my experience has been few will know what to say or do. Why? Because they were lieing!
---Mima on 10/2/07

I do what praying I consider necessary for myself and am willing to allow others the same privilege. Anyone can pray for me who wishes.
---Jack on 10/2/07

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I have never had that response, but WHEN it happens (I'm sure it will as well) I won't be offended myself because I just don't go for "the bait". Be offended is a trap someone else puts you in. Anyway, they may be offended (and trapped) because they don't think they need anything from anyone else. Many nonChristians are self absorbed, so don't take it personally!
---Holly on 10/2/07

Alan, I am pleased that you have never experienced that. I haven't either from Christians but I have from non-Christians. The reaction usually is "Why would you want to do that?" "I don't need your prayers, I'm fine as I am." etc. I know of quite a number of other Christians who have had similar reactions. However, I also had the reaction you mention where non-Christians will let you pray for them 'just in case'. It's a kind of superstition then I suppose.
---RitaH on 10/2/07

I have never had that reaction, even from non-Christians.
In fact, often non-Christians in trouble will ask for prayer ... presumably just in case it will work.
---alan_of_UK on 10/2/07

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