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Evangelical vs Fundamentalist

Is there a difference between a fundamentalist and an evangelical? If so, what is the difference, or are they the same?

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 ---Cynthia on 10/2/07
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You said: For they ( evangelical ) are evangelizing for your funds ( fund amentalist ). What ever ways to get into your pocket.

While this may be a clever bit of word play, it makes about as much logical sense say condemning people from several hundred years ago for being medi-evil [sic] or psychologists for being the-rapists.

(Then again, in some cases, it may occasionally have some truth in it. For example, the evangelist Peper Popov was caught using his wife in the audience with a radio - a mentalist trick - to fake the Word of Knowledge in his healing crusades and earn lots of funds.). But this does not apply to evangelicals nor fundamentalists in general.
---StrongAxe on 9/20/10

Historically, "fundamentalism" was a late 19th early 20th century movement reacting to theological liberalism.

It got its name from a series of books by Frank Machen, a Presbyterian of Princeton (hooda thunkit?) claiming the following propositions were not only "fundamental" to Christianity, but also intellectually defensible:

1. Plenary verbal inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible.

2. Deity of Jesus Christ

3. Substitutionary atonement.

4. Literal physical Resurrection and immanent personal Return.

There were some others, but you get the idea.

Certain cultural taboos and add-ons later crept in, but I remain a classical fundamentalist, as I'm sure most here are.
---Cluny on 9/18/10

For they ( evangelical ) are evangelizing for your funds ( fund amentalist ). What ever ways to get into your pocket.
---Lawrence on 9/17/10

No difference. these names are used for political reasons, not for spiritual or biblical reasons.

Every 4 years the " moral majority" "christiasn right" " fundermentalist" "evangelicals" "right wing republicans" change their names to ake themselves look more appealing to the masses.

This year the catch phrase is TEA PARTY and " VALUES VOTERS"
---francis on 9/17/10

shira, it is evident that your perception is misperception.
---Eloy on 9/17/10

In further research, it seems that the terms would entail a great deal of other factors, such as word usage, the time it was used and the denominational use of the terms, as well. One could be an evangelist, but not a fundamentalist, or both. At that point, it would seem that they are terms that could be applied to others only depending on the personal interpretation of the words themselves. Interesting question now that I researched it further. I wish we had the ability to place more than 125 words and at least one link, as this helps in the educational process--maybe the moderators will change this in the future. It would improve the site tremendously.
---Jerald_Archer on 9/16/10

Eloy, it is evident you do not know what a fundamentalist is.
---shira3877 on 9/16/10

Just holding up a mirror to you, Rhonda.
---Cluny on 9/15/10

Just like YOUR brand of religion, Rhonda.

hmmm very interesting ...your emotional frenzy is becoming increasingly defensive ...rah rah rah shish cuum bah GO TEAM JESUS!!

is Christ a BRAND Cluny?

by the worlds standards he sure is!!! small wonder Christ said MANY would pay him lip service and be NONE of HIS

True Christians follow Christ and examples HE left in HIS WORD - you do understand Christ is the WORD? ...the TRUE CHURCH are the called out ones - NOT a brand or building ...or have you not noticed not one TEAM JESUS (catholic methodist baptist evangelist and the thousands created by MAN) are found nowhere in Scripture? sad you can't SEE this
---Rhonda on 9/15/10

jared, I am fundamental enough and fanatical enough to believe every word the bible says. Literally and spiritually. It is the inspired Word of God.
---shira3877 on 9/15/10

Is there a difference between a fundamentalist and an evangelical? If so, what is the difference, or are they the same

No difference. these names are used for political reasons, not for spiritual or bilical reasons.

Every 4 years the " moral majority" "christiasn right" " fundermentalist" "evangelicals" "right wing republicans" change their names to ake themselves look more appealing to the masses.

This year the catch phrase is TEA PARTY and " VALUES VOTERS"
---francis on 9/15/10

fundamentalists are conservative, emphasizing elementary Bible teaching: and evangelicals are liberal, emphasizing advanced fulfilling of the Spirit.
---Eloy on 9/15/10

Cluny, you are correct. I shall leave off the comical side, as I could be misinterpreted. Now, I am an evangelical Catholic, as I engage in teaching Catholic truths, but never think of myself as a fundamentalist. I teach fundamentals of the bible and teachings of the Church, but am not "fanatical" or take scripture literally. Is that closer to the definition? Perhaps we attempt to define to finely the terms, as you said, based on media definitions.
---Jerald_Archer on 9/15/10

\\An evangelist gets things done. A fundamentalist tells others how to do it.\\

Funny--but alas, like most quips, not true. "Fundamentalist" has a particular historical theological meaning that has gotten misused and even lost in the popular media.

**MAN defines these terms because MAN created these BRANDS**

Just like YOUR brand of religion, Rhonda.

BTW--what earthly words did man NOT create and define?
---Cluny on 9/15/10

An evangelist gets things done. A fundamentalist tells others how to do it. Preach the gospel, and if necessary, use words.(St. Francis of Assisi)
---Jerald_Archer on 9/14/10

MAN defines these terms because MAN created these BRANDS

understanding there are no such people/idea's/terms (labels) in Holy Scripture it is easy to understand whatever difference or similarities are all man-made!!

Once you comprehend this it is easy to step AWAY from religious christianity

start reading Holy Scripture praying to have eyes opened to truth

rather than entertaining the definitions of the labels created by man
---Rhonda on 9/14/10

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Bro. Elder, you are right on target. Keep preaching brother. cn should be thankful for biblical input.
---shira3877 on 9/14/10

Andrea, what do you think the fundamentals of the Bible are? There are 12 fundamentals of the faith. I am a fundamental because I believe them. Like the Doctrine of Salvation. The "freedom of faith" you speak of must be guided by the fundamentals.
As you say there will not be a "bio test" to get into heaven. It will be a Born Again issue. No matter what you have done good your entry will be stopped if you are not Born Again according to the Written Word of God.
---Elder on 9/14/10

andra, you are wrong about baptist independents. You say fundamentalist are bible denying. I don't know what you call a fundamentalist. Please explain. If a baptist independent is a fundamentalist, then I am one. Most preachers I hear do not deny anything in the bible. (kjv). I have read the history of the King James bible.
---shira3877 on 9/13/10

I have serious concerns about Baptist fundamentalists.

Why? Because the KJV-only Baptist fundamentalists often make claims that they are Pre-Reformation while failing to notice two things:

1) they claim that the KJV was translated from Theodore Beza's Greek New Testament... all the while hiding the fact that Theodore Beza was a Protestant (and not a Baptist).

2) It is a 100 percent historical fact that the Church of England (Anglican) wrote the KJV. The Church of England (Anglican) is not a Baptist Church! Although KJV-onlyites rely on the Anglican's KJV that was supposedly translated from the Protestant Theodore Beza's Greek New Testament.

The list above sufficiently proves that KJV-only Baptists are misleading.
---Kev on 9/12/10

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1) MikeM - I don't usually argue. i have plenty of RC friends and family. I just try to make sure they have a personal relationship with Christ.
I'm actually very non-denominational and don't really care what church long as you know Christ...its up to Him after that. I figured that out bc I was saved and became a mormon - I was still saved while I was mormon.
I'm not a fundie in life but in doctrine - you have to take a stand somewhere and wishy washey doesn't get it.
---Andrea on 10/3/07

I argue vehemently about cults bc they're the fundies. There is no freedom of faith or thought.
In Christ it's all just walking with Him. Day in and out a real life warm relationship with a loving Father. Who nudges us along. Cults -- all cults. Take that freedom away or exchange it for a lie.
There should be no reason why you can't be a compromising evolutionist and be saved. God isn't going to give you a Bio test before you get into heaven.
He will ask you... "who do you say I am?"
---Andrea on 10/3/07

Andrea, good point is made, I speak more what I am against than what I am for. I am now doing the same thing I find deplorable in others. Why do you attack all non-fundamentalist as cults? Is that not old fashioned religious intolerance and bigotry? i find fundamentalism more in line with the way the RCC was in medieval times.
---MikeM on 10/3/07

Andrea, I work with a few devout Catholics. We disagree VERY strongly, but we depart as friends. These Catholics, fellow field biologists srongly support 'intelligent design.' Once a month or so we anger our wives by debating until 3:00 AM these ISSUES, with my falling-apart-Bible and other books open. It gets heated, but we all learn. Those are good times.
---MikeM on 10/3/07

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Mike is a ray of fresh air. Andrea you're the hatemonger. You even raise the RCC on posts that have nothing to do with Catholicism. Can't you find a church?
---alexia on 10/3/07

MikeM - to believe you is to deny the bible, what do you think people should do? Would you want them to shut out God and believe you?

Why if your a christian do you feel the need to be a 'evolutionist evangelist' but you rarely have anything decent to say about Christians or about Jesus Christ. You seem to hang around only to spout out hate, anger and unbelief.
I encourage you to be still and let God heal your heart and your family.

Once again until you can forgive - you cannot move on!
---Andrea on 10/3/07

4. The evangelicals are the 'quiet protestants.' Changing themselves, and their families. Most are non-political, and unlike fundamentalist, are in general pro-education. Note, there are FEW fundamentalist colleges, but many Baptist/enangelical colleges. Thats my 4. comments. BTW this interest me as a well known American fundamentalist was my great uncle, William Jenning Bryant-thus my interest in the subject.
---MikeM on 10/3/07

I believe the Bible is true in every way.
Views and opinions of man can change your mind.
The Word of God can penetrate your heart, the marrow of your bones, your spirit. Opinions of man won't heal your family, your marriage, or your body.
The Word of God is a two-edged sword - it goes right to root level of your misery and can cut that root rot out.
---Michelle on 10/2/07

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The Word of God literally transforms your mind. Jesus is the Word.
Reject the Word, you reject the Lord.
I wouldn't exchange the Word for a book filled with man's theology. I wouldn't trade my literal belief in God's Word for man's word, ever.
---Michelle on 10/2/07

1.Fundamentalism arose in Topeka KS and Azuza Ca about the same time 100 years ago. It was a reactionary force against what then was called 'modernism'-meaning the secular european ideas of Frued, Darwin and marx, the 'unholy trinity.' Its appeal was to the uneducated who felt abandened by left- leaning protestantism. It rose until 1925,(scoped Trial) then receded to the backcountry.
---MikeM on 10/3/07

2. Fundamentalism from 1925 until 1980 it remained the hill-billy religion. With Ronald Reagen the rise of the 'moral majority-or religious right it gained national attendion in the republican Party. As mainline protestantism declined do to left-wing causes,(social gospel) the right grew.

By 1990, it began to decline. Scandels among televangelist, fear of theocracy, and failure on all social issues led to this, and they were 'purged' from the republican party.
---MikeM on 10/3/07

1/2)Fundamentalists are a reaction to Bible-denying preachers who began changing the face of many churches and their beliefs post Darwin. This rise of doubting followers led to the American church phenomena called - Fundamentalism. By the early 1900's America seemed to have fully imported this unregenerate anti-Christian, and rationalistic thinking. Liberal theologians had taken over a majority of Christian schools and pulpits of the major denominations.
---Andrea on 10/2/07

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2/2) Evangelicals are believers that believe in a personal experience with Jesus Christ. They also think the great commission is for all believers not just for missionaries and preachers.
---Andrea on 10/2/07

splaa6685 ... If you Google for "evangelical", you will find a lot of references.
---alan_of_UK on 10/2/07

1. If you take the bible lierally you have to deny objective reality.

2. "The Bible and I' meaning 'everyone is their own church.'

3. In literalism the Bible is reduced to a talisman.

4. There is no apostolic authority in protestantism.
---MikeM on 10/2/07

I've noticed two things about people that God uses in a powerful way, all through the Bible and today.
They believe literally in God's Word and receive direct counsel from the Holy Spirit.
They don't muddy the waters with titles, (evangelical/fundamental), and vague interpretations of the Bible.
They can read and hear God's Word for themselves, understanding that it says what it says.
Those are the people that I see God using historically and presently in a powerful way.
---Michelle on 10/2/07

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It does not matter whether one is Fundamentalist or Evangelical. Labels and denominations are useless when it comes to serving God and keeping His commands. The bible is to be taken literal. Anything short of this is hypocritical. We must be born again, according to the bible. Our faith must be in Jesus Christ and no other. Labels want get us into Heaven. By the way. Where in the bible do these terms appear(Fundamentalist and Evangelicals)?
---Robyn on 10/2/07

Is there an organization called the Evangelical church? I have seen on this site many list under their DENOMINATION section on profiles "evangelical" and I had not heard of it as a denomination. Oddly, some are not christians as it turns out. I looked it up in my major city phone book and only found EVANGELICAL FREE BIBLE churches(5). I called one and was told that they were different than EVANGELICAL. So what is EVANGELICAL? Is it an actual organization or an adjective?:)
---splaa6685 on 10/2/07

A Christian is fundamentalist by believing the Bible is God's word with a straightforward meaning. A Christian is also evangelical by preaching and living the gospel that Jesus loved us and gave Himself for us.

But there are fundamentalist groups who are divisions with their literal interpretations isolating them from real Christians. And evangelicals can exclude you (Galatians 4:17), using a false gospel of inclusiveness and soft morals to keep wrong people from seeking forgiveness.
---Bill_bila5659 on 10/2/07

I know many fundamentalist who wish they were evangelical many of them actually refer to themselves as evangelical. Now to be evangelical fundamentalist or anybody else would have to engage in some form of evangelism. And this requirement eliminates 99% of all fundamentalist and I know or have heard speak.
---Mima on 10/2/07

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I consider them to be the same. Since the day I was saved I have always been an evangelical. As far as I'm aware an evangelical believes the bible in its entirety. That is also the description one would usually give to a fundamentalist isn't it? Please correct me if you think I'm wrong.
---RitaH on 10/2/07

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