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Jesus Wrote On The Ground

In Matt.8:3-11 we read the story of a woman brought before Jesus who was caught in the act of adultery.Most are familiar with the part about 'casting the 1st stone'.Has anyone ever wondered what Jesus wrote on the ground? Has anyone ever ask God?

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 ---Jack on 10/2/07
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I believe that Jesus was just scribbling, or doodling, on the ground, just like we do when we are waiting for something or somebody.
---Helen_5378 on 10/4/07

Did anyone notice that the Pharisees departed before Jesus said in verse11,"Neither do I condemn thee:go and sin no more." God must have known that didn't matter, because this same 'Letter of the Law' bunch often tried also to stone Jesus(the TRUTH)himself. The Pharisees today still go armed with stones and will quickly seek to kill anyone who will not join them.Today as then, they only succeed in identifying 'whose' spirit they are of.
---jack8937 on 10/4/07

maybe He was drawing a bullseye
---Andrea on 10/3/07

Or another way you could look at it is. This woman was clearly an Adulterer and that was a sin punishable by death before Christ came. Those's that were going to stone her would have all the right to do so because God made that law but the very Christ that had come unto them they refused to accept HIM or indeed know HIM yet they were willing to step in his Godly position to stone someone who was in sin as themselves. Now for me that was the sin, they did not operate forgiveness or Love.
---Carla5754 on 10/3/07

I forgot the text but Jesus was writing all the sins of those who were accusing the woman .. isnt it strange how they accuse her and not the man who was with her?Is that why it seems when men do wrong its ok yet when women do, world is upside down..
---jna on 10/3/07

Well if he was just as we were but.. perfect I guess he was just biding time waiting for all the answers to come in doodling for a while in the sand as we normally do when awaiting sometimes. If it was of any significance someone would have read it afterwards and made public what he had written. Again as someone already pointed out not everything was possible to publish.
---Carla5754 on 10/3/07

I always thought he may have written the ten commandments.That would have made sense concidering the question he asked.
---Patre3543 on 10/2/07

Scripture does not tell us, but if you turn back to the prophets, you pick up on something interesting. Jeremiah 17:13 tells us that all that forsake thee shall be ashamed, and they that depart from me shall be written in the earth, because they had forsaken the Lord. The woman had forsaken the Lord and so had the religious rulers. Their names shall be written in the earth. This is what I think He could have wrote, linking their names with sins of the past. Secret sin on earth is open scandel in Heaven!
---Cynthia on 10/2/07

The old law stipulated that both the adulterer and the adulteress were to be put to death, and that the hands of the witnesses were to be first to put them to death, and afterwards the hands of all the people. John did not record what Jesus wrote. He was signifying dust to dust by stooping down and writing twice. He could have written first, "Misjudge not, (then stood up, and again stooped down and finished writing) that you all be not misjudged."
---Eloy on 10/2/07

Thanks Ann, you are right, it was In John not Matthew. No two answers alike.Also correct that the specific answer is not written. Also true that the Word tells us that if everything Jesus said or did was written all the books in the earth could not hold it.I did ask God over 20 years ago what Jesus wrote that day on the ground.Since there are no witnesses to God's answer to me, No-one is under any obligation to believe. cont'd
---Jack on 10/2/07

cont'd, as someone mentioned the Pharisees were trying to prove that Jesus would not keep the law of Moses. In Leviticus 20:10 the Law required that both the MAN 'and' woman be stoned. The woman was caught in the very act. The words Jesus wrote that day? 'WHERE IS THE MAN?'.Like I stated. No one is required to believe this but I thought it an interesting question.
---Jack on 10/2/07

I believe Jesus wrote the number "zero" implying none of the men were without sin. This question was raised some time ago (circa '05) on the blog. Someone said the zero hadn't been invented at the time Jesus was on earth. Well, maybe not -- at least not by man, but God...

Anyway, maybe it wasn't so much what Jesus "wrote" but what his ensuing convicting silence "wrought" (accomplished: implied none of them).

This is what the Lord has put on my heart. :)
---Leon on 10/2/07

Jeremiah 17:13 shows us that all who are written in the earth have forsaken Jesus. They are those who are ashamed.
They that departed tried to use the word of God to trap the Lord and pass judgment on a sinner. They knew they weren't without sin themselves.
Jesus was actually fulfilling a type and shadow of a prophetic word concerning the haughty religious people that condemn others.Those taught by man and not taught nor led by the Spirit.

---Frank on 10/2/07

This was Jesus the Son of God putting His finger to the ground to write...not using some high-class, educated material to write on...showing He is humble, and down to earth (o: So, just by doing it, He was writing that He is humble, not conceited...willing to communicate even with people who were wrong and had nothing to offer Him. He had it all, they had their sins which ones say maybe He was listing.
---Bill_bila5659 on 10/2/07

Some people say Jesus wrote the 10 Commandments on the ground, to show that ALL have sinned.
---Leslie on 10/2/07

I believe Jesus was writing the names of women that those men had been with the previous night - in the dirt.
Women that were not their wives, adulterous affairs of their own - revealed in the dirt for all to see. They ran away.
That is what I believe.

Michelle - who believes in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
---Michelle on 10/2/07

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I have often wondered what He wrote. Perhaps the laws governing faith, liberty, the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus, love, and the law of Christ. Whatever He wrote, it caused them to drop their stones and leave. I love how Jesus said, "Let he who is without sin first cast a stone." The only one among them without sin was Jesus and He had nothing in His hands to harm the woman.
---Linda on 10/2/07

Our Pastor once said that he believed Jesus drew a line in the dirt and pretty much dared them to cross it. May not have any foundation in Scripture (or does it), but the imagery was wonderful. Kind of like Jesus saying, "You can touch Me but you won't."
---Linda on 10/2/07

Standard answer to this question is that Jesus wrote the sins(of adultery) of those ready to stone the woman. What ever he wrote it was very condemning of those who were ready to stoned the woman, because they quickly disappeared after seeing what he wrote.
---Mima on 10/2/07

I thought that it was the sins of the accusers.
---robin8683 on 10/2/07

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I have always thought that, whatever He wrote, it was never meant for us to know, otherwise it would have formed part of scripture.
---RitaH on 10/2/07

It was John 8:3-11 instead of Matt. its ok I put down the wrong gospel too. As for what Jesus wrote is a good question, and I have to ask God that answer of course by the time I find the answer this question be over, but at least I would know for next it is brought up.
---ANN on 10/2/07

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