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Does Jesus Still Speak

"Does Jesus still speak" to those who love HIM today, as in friend to friend? As in a two-way conversation.Or is he limited to only speaking by quoting the written Word? Personal testimonies welcome.

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 ---jack8937 on 10/3/07
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God talks to me all the time through a still small voice. I hear him talk to me about my kids, how to talk to my husband, how to show my husband love, how to help my students. It is a true relationship. I hear him talk through his word all the time. He talks to me in dreams and visions. He talks to me through other people such as the pastor or an elder. He talks to me through music or sometimes even a beautiful picture reminds me of something in his word. He always has ways of getting my attention
---MichelleS on 10/10/07

Are you asking if God can still talk. Yes He can still talk And in a two-way conversation. I do learn best that way. God gives us what we need. Without going into full details God told me the other night "NO, I want you to stay put". And I said, "I am with you".
---catherine on 10/5/07

Andrea:: "why do you worry how men dress me, but what is it "I"desire?"Did you test the spirit?"Ifyou love me Keep my Commandments."
---Emcee on 10/4/07

Jesus gave us His Holy Spirit.
We know in part and see in part.
God says, my sheep know my Voice, and a stranger they will not listen to.
If you don't know God's Voice, it could be your mind - a stranger's voice and be unaware.
I know God's Voice through His Word and His Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit drops Scripture in my heart, mind. Even when I'm not expecting it, I'll hear a Scripture, guidance, direction, comfort, instruction.

Michelle. MMR
---Michelle on 10/4/07

Jesus has His ways of communicating with us But He also left us a legacy in His Church. otherwise why would it be Boldly written in HIS word.We are told to test the spirits as because in our weakest moments we could be decieved.Satan is there to decieve mankind to thwart our divine creators plan.Our Lord left us His commandments "If you love me keep my Commandments" one of which is Keep holy the Sabbath Day Is this why He Built His Church??
---Emcee on 10/3/07

To the saved, washed in the blood, believers in Jesus Christ yes He still speaks to them. If not, either you need to do some serious repenting, or youre not listening.
---denna7667 on 10/3/07

another time 20 yrs ago - I was tormented by which church I should be in -- I was brushing my teeth and He said "why do you worry about how men dress me and not what it is that I desire".

I knew then that the denomination thing was just window dressing and I needed to get my focus on Him and not on being in the 'right' church. There is no right church.
I don't think God could stand us 'saved' and right too.
---Andrea on 10/3/07

He speaks personally also. One evening while on my way to pick up my son from work, a song was playing on a CD. It was the only Christian song I would listen to at my most rebellious toward God years earlier. I didn't understand why I liked the song then. Years later, after experiencing a very personal Savior, the words of the song came to pass in my life.
---Linda on 10/3/07

On my way to pick up my son that evening just a few months ago, I heard that song again and I heard Father say, "The reason you loved that song was because you heard Me in it. That was Me singing over you and wooing you by My Spirit. Even when you had nothing to do with Me, I had everything to do with you." That's pretty personal.
---Linda on 10/3/07

Also, early one morning I woke up and heard my son's radio playing. Although I don't listen to anything but Christian music, he had on a country station. As soon as I opened my eyes, I heard, "Good morning, beautiful, how was your night. Mine was wonderful with you by My side. And when I open My eyes and see your sweet face, it's a good morning beautiful day." I have to say that I was very intimately ministered to when I heard Him in that.
---Linda on 10/3/07

Yes, God is speaking to the Prophets, the Holy spirit is revealing Himself visibly, Jesus is walking into peoples rooms, especialy in the Eastern countries Iran, Iraq, and showing them Himself visibly, Signs and Wonders are literally dropping from Heaven the whole shabang is happening at this very moment, you better beleive.YES, YES, YES, AND YES.
---Whisper on 10/3/07

I was at a cemetery -a friend had died at 17 and I wasn't saved and had ridiculed her faith. But 10 yrs later I was tormented by the thought that I'd stopped her from being with Him.
As I was walking up to her grave - He said "as I have risen so has she". It was then I realized it was Good Friday and there were wild violets blooming on her grave - her favorite flower.
---Andrea on 10/3/07

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