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Should I Get The Bio-Chip

Would you get "CHIPPED" with the Bio-Chip?
I would never!

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 ---Lisa on 10/6/07
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Absolutely not. I don't know if that is the mark of the beast or not, but I heard that they have already made enough of those "chips" for every person also. I don't trust the governement anymore. They have already done so much to us christians, (taking prayer out of school, ten commandments, etc.) that there is no telling what they will do next. That's is why it's so important to draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to us! God bless!
---Angela on 10/18/07

the question is ....WHO ARE THEY?
---Lisa on 10/13/07

Isn't that the scariest thing yet? I hope they do not make it mandatory because I am going to refuse it. I don't know if it has anything to do with the mark of the beast or not but it certainly has the appearance of evil and we are suppose to avoid that.
---jack4335 on 10/10/07

Aside from the paranoia, look at the research done on the animals that have already received it. Increased instances of disease, and terminal health issues. Now for something real. Tracking chips are already in your cars.
---dan on 10/10/07

If you are willing to take a "chip" that may or may not be the mark and if it isn't would u be willing to take it if it was? I am not going to take anything that could represent the mark and cause me to be removed from my Lord. Jesus is more important than some chip.
---ANN on 10/10/07

NO! What is it? Come on, I love your help if you belong to God.>>>In any case, I do not want it.
---catherine on 10/10/07

Lisa: To answer your question "Would you go to jail or get this chip"? I would go to jail, instead of getting the chip. Who knows maybe it will be like Paul and Silas in prison. Along about midnight Paul began to pray and Silas started to sing, the earth shook and the doors swung open wide. Could you imagine what would go through the Policeman's/guards mind? I bet they'd run like a scared pup with it's tail between it's legs.
---Rebecca_D on 10/8/07

the point being...with this chip they can track you , a disease you may have, and take control over everything you own $$$$ wise. They may be even able to genetically change you to become forced into worshiping the anti-christ when he makes himself known.
Who is in control over this computer connected you your chip? And who gains control over it will have power over everyone.
---Lisa on 10/8/07

If it comes down to the chip - sell or buy or die...I would head for higher ground first.. I thank God I live in a place that door to door doesn't exist. Survival instincts would kick in. I'd pray for help from my heavenly Father and I'd be praying for my loved ones. But if you have to die, go out with a prayer on your lips.
However, at this point, I'm not sure the biochip is the mark of the beast.

---Michelle on 10/7/07

What if they came to your door and it was mandatory, and had nothing to do with your faith and who you chose to worship?
Would you go to jail or get chipped if this was your only option?
---Lisa on 10/7/07

No. First of all, I do not want to be known that way. When someone looks at me I want them to see grace, to see mercy, to see me as a saved person. For I've been saved by his mercy and grace. I do not want to be known by a number.
---Rebecca_D on 10/6/07

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