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How To Identify Bloggers

I can often guess who has written a post before I see the name at the end. Perhaps we all use 'key words' that mark us out as individuals. I don't know what mine is but 'fundie' tells me it's Alexia, 'bailed' is Mike M and 'you will believe what you want to believe' is Eloy. What's yours, any idea?

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 ---RitaH on 10/7/07
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" By the way, does anyone tithe their time?"
---Bob on 10/8/07

Good question Bob, why don't you start a new blog with this?
---robin8683 on 10/16/07

bob you need say nothing. I'm hoping the people who run this cite, from whatever country they are from will modernize it and make it user friendly instead of this format which discourages real debate and good exegesis.
---alexia on 10/9/07

I have posted as willow since 2002 I hop in and out of here every few months.
---Willow on 10/8/07

I will often say: This is my humble opinion only.
---sue on 10/8/07

Well, Do I have news for you: God Told me, "that noone is 100% in the mind". If anyone believes that they are, think again. God knows what He is saying. And God created each one of us. So I believe Him. Praise God.
---catherine on 10/8/07

Well alexia, what can we say to that?

If all the other sites are all that, then you know what you must do.
For myself, I must answer the questions without worrying who anyone else really is. I no longer look at anyone as someone I need to know, but answer the questions for those readers that do not blog. Trying to identify bloggers too literally is a waste of your blogging time. By the way, does anyone tithe their time?
---Bob on 10/8/07

better yet, why the insane need to sign in for every single post? this cite needs to move into the 21st century. I never spend much time here its too unweildy. Other forums are so much easier to use.
---alexia on 10/8/07

Sorry I don't think about it.
---catherine on 10/7/07

My thought on this is that we shouldn't have to guess. This site should have a log in system that clearly identifies the blogger.
---robin8683 on 10/7/07

Blessings Rita, I would have to say that mine would be, I was not trying to offend... there are many on CN who get offended easily (I have a few times ) because you state what you believe the Holy Spirit has taught or revealed to you, and sometimes if you have a different understanding than what someone else has, you definitly get attacked. I believe that we should respond with a Christ like attitude to everyone, not attack them because of what they believe. I have responded wrong a few times as well.
---Cynthia on 10/7/07

People has often called me Grace. Because when they look at me they see grace.
---Rebecca_D on 10/7/07

any arrow > by this I mean a ">" (o:

and I'm getting a taste to use "(o:" ^
---Bill_bila5659 on 10/7/07

I use the word "however"....a lot. It is my conjuction word of choice :)
---Linda on 10/7/07

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