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Why Is There Pain In The World

If God is good and loving, why are there so much sufferings and pains in the world?

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 ---ryan3338 on 10/8/07
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No pain, no need for compassion
---InimicusStultitiae on 1/26/08

Why does God permit suffering?

I think you ask the wrong question. Perhaps we should ask, What have we done, that God should spare us any suffering at all?

I can answer for myself. I have done nothing worthy of being spared any suffering. That suffering which I have been spared is proof of a generous God that loves His creations.
---Constantine on 1/26/08

Because of Adam and Eve's sin, pain came into the world. Women suffer in childbirth, but also they are purified in their suffering. Jesus was perfected by his suffering according to Hebrews.
---frances on 1/25/08

I have question God along these lines so many times. Some of it is demonic.
---catherine on 1/25/08

Because of ying and yang
---Jade on 1/25/08

if humans don't suffer they don't seem to think they need God.
When there is plenty of money and no fear of death it just seems people laugh at the idea of giving their precious lives to Christ.
Most (not all) people come to Christ in pain.
---Andrea on 10/25/07

Nelen "Those who are without Jesus are the ones who really do suffer because they have no comforter"
I see what you mean, and agree ... Jesus enables those who are with Him to bear the pain better than those who do not have Him
But the actual physical pain (and indeed the mental disturbance as well in many cases) is just as great for a Christian as for a non-christian.
---alan_of_UK on 10/24/07

A lot of times people creates their own problems. And then they blame God for putting to much on them, that they can't bare it. God said in his word that he will not to much on us that we couldn't bare. If we are Children of God, we must suffer for Christ, so we could glorify with him. As the bible says, I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.
---Rebecca_D on 10/24/07

No pain, no gain?
---John1944 on 10/23/07

You may want to read God's response to Job after Elihu's discourse, then Job's answer to God after being reproved by Him [Job 42:1-16], then God's response & instructions to Job's 'friends' [vs.7-9], finally God's response to true repentence [vs. 10->17, Psalms 34:18, Isa.66:2].

[Wonder why God said nothing to or about young Elihu]? 1Peter 4:11.

God Bless
---bob_[Elishama]_6749 on 10/23/07

Alan, yes the fall caused suffering, and the greatest suffering caused is seperation from God, so in that sense I agree with Helen, we will continue to have suffering until we are perfectly united with our Lord and savior.
---Christina on 10/23/07

AlanofUK - I wrote "There is suffering and pain in the world simply because people are without Jesus." Those who are without Jesus are the ones who really do suffer because they have no comforter.
---Helen_5378 on 10/23/07

Helen ... Presumably you mean that because some (actually it is more than that, probably nearly all) people are withour jesus, then ALL people, including those who have Jesus, suffer?
But if everybody had Jesus, suferring would still continue, because it is here because of the Fall?
---alan_of_UK on 10/22/07

There are three possible reasons why there are sufferings in this world. First, because of Satan, he came to kill, steal and destroy (Job). Second, because of wrong decisions we chose (Adam & Eve). Man was depraved and our decisions are susceptible to mistakes. Third, God allows it for us to be strong and mature in him.
---ryan3888 on 10/18/07

AlanofUK - ("Even with Jesus, people suffer.
How, Helen?") -- Alan, I wrote "There is suffering and pain in the world simply because people are without Jesus."
---Helen_5378 on 10/17/07

"Man is still separted from God in a sence, until He comes and completly does away with sin."

He has already dealt with sin.

Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world.

The last enemy to be put under His feet is death. And what God calls death may surprise you. To be carnally minded IS death, He says. And carnal doesn't necessarily mean doing some sin.
---Linda on 10/17/07

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Carnal represents anything that is earthly (dust realm) or sensual (pertaining to the five senses). If you the truth on what you see in the natural, that is carnal. James also talks about an earthly wisdom which is demonic and sensual. That is wisdom that is not first pure, then peaceable, without hypocrisy, willing to yield, and full of good fruits.
---Linda on 10/17/07

Even with Jesus, people suffer.
How, Helen?
---alan_of_UK on 10/17/07

Helen, "There is suffering and pain in the world simply because people are without Jesus.
---Helen_5378 "

Beautiful, succinct answer!
---Christina on 10/17/07

If God was to judge the world now - the pain and suffering would soon end. God has chosen to withhold judgment and allow many more souls to enter His kingdom.
I would ask these questions as a new christian but after a decade or so you'll settle it within yourself. God knows and I believe Him - He is for us and not against us. One day we will all be healed, every tear shall be washed away and all our questions will be answered. This life is but a speck of time compared to eternity
---Andrea on 10/17/07

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People frequently make sacrifices to achieve a higher thrill. NFL players for example allow themselves to go thru painful training and practice sessions for the potential thrill of winning football games. Likewise, there is so much more we can do to prepare ourselves for positions on the winning team that really matters. Jesus went through much pain and suffering and asked two of His disciples "Are you able to drink of the cup I drink ?". It is not for everyone, but sometimes happens to test us.
---Dan1724 on 10/16/07

People bring a lot of pain and suffering into their own lives through disobedience,selfishness,pride and other evil emotions and actions.Also--Pain and suffering can bring us closer to God. It makes us more dependent on His strength and protection. It allows to learn we are nothing without Him. Pain also shapes our character and cause us to grow into maturity.
---Robyn on 10/16/07

Being with Jesus has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you will suffer. On the contrary the more obedient that you are to the Lord thy God the more you will suffer, my friend.
---catherine on 10/15/07

Because mankind has chosen wrong over right. If you steal, then someone suffers: if you are selfish and unsharing, then your neighbor will suffer again. The golden rule is to do to others what you would want others to do for you. Do you have two coats, two meals, two cars, two houses, and your neighbor has none, then the Right way is the "haves" are to give to the "have nots". There is suffering because mankind is unloving and uncaring to those who are less fortunate then them selfs.
---Eloy on 10/15/07

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The answer is: SIN

But thanks be to God for sending his Son, Jesus Christ.
---trey on 10/15/07

There is suffering and pain in the world simply because people are without Jesus.
---Helen_5378 on 10/15/07

greetings.p2.The fact that we were never created perfect is that God said 'be ye perfect'.His statement is not for us only.It is for all creation near and far.If this world and the people there of were perfect then we would never have been born.If perfection were here then there will be no marrying or given in marriage.Greed is by far the most dangerous attitude to ever exist in any world.If greed were non existant by itself then a near paradise idealistic place we would live in.
---earl on 10/15/07

The Garden of Eden was indeed perfect. Man had perfect fellowship with the Lord thy God. But because of man's sinful nature, Adam disobeyed God. God did create a perfect world, man has destroyed it to a fare you well. God said, "it is good". Satan hates everything and anything that God creates. Satan hates it.
---catherine on 10/15/07

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greetings.Jesus,the creator Son did not create this world perfect as some claim it once was.If it were then perfection will forever be perfection.Lucifer caused 1/3 rd.of heaven's occupants to rebel for 'free will' against their creator.This caused the 'lost world effect'and Jesus appeared to 'save ' it,(back on track).We experience retarded growth(plan A was discarded by Lucifer).Plan B went into default.Plan C is now in progress.Much suffering is man made.Man could have been made perfect
---earl on 10/15/07

The will of God is that all men be saved. We as His creation was a part of His fullness and His glory. When man made the choice to disobey His laws in the garden, we became separted from the purity of God's love.
Man is still separted from God in a sence, until He comes and completly does away with sin. His soverign love for us is that He will never turn His back on His children. He said that He would go with them to the ends of times until all things become Holy as in the begining.
---Brenda on 10/12/07

When we remember this, He will then walk through all things with us. Usually, when a suffering or pain problem arises in our world, we forget this simple rule of life.
His love will cover us and carry us on. He said that He would never put more on us that what we can walk through. We msut keep Him in the forefront of our lives during the good times and the bad times...UNTIL He RETURNS FOR US.
---Brenda on 10/12/07

I think I need to repeat Ryan's question, I'm not satisfied with your answers. Where is God's sovereignty when there is so much suffering this world? Does suffering guarantee Gods Sovereignty? What is God's role to man's suffering?
---jude on 10/12/07

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This is a question that I too have never been able to satisfactorily get an answer for. Two responses I have had though is that God allows sin (but did not create it) and secondly God gave us free will limiting his omniscience in the process and sin (which is the cause of pain and suffering) is caused when we use this free will and choose not to walk in the will of God. Also God is a God of Justice as well as Love. Other thoughts would be appreciated.
---Marty on 10/9/07

There will be pain in this world, until it is done away with, and the New Jerusalem is here.
---Gayla on 10/8/07

The suffering and pain that I have gone through does not compare or even come close to the sufferings and pain that Jesus Christ endured on the Cross of Calvary. I believe that it is better to be taught by suffering than to be taught by sin! The Lord sometimes sends us sorrow to keep us from iniquity. God uses our sufferings and pains to mold us, and shape us to be more Christ like. I believe that He is getting us ready for Heaven!
---Cynthia on 10/8/07

Ryan, God does not "control" every individual, we have free will! When satan is bound, and God's Kingdom is fully established with Christ on the throne,only the will there be paradisaic conditions on this New(renewed)Earth. "blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth!"
---1st_cliff on 10/8/07

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Cliff and Brenda. Thanks...but where is God's Sovereignty when He does not have control (pains and sufferings) over the events of every individuals' lives?
---ryan3888 on 10/8/07

Ryan,Satan is the god of this world,so naturally it's chaotic,full of pain and suffering. God's Kingdom will put an end to these conditions and usher in peace, health,joy etc. forever!
---1st_cliff on 10/8/07

Well, Ryan that has been a point that has stumped many who never accept Christ. But remember that God allowed His only Begotten Son to suffer all things in a way that makes our suffering on this earth look trivial. His ways are higher than ours. He does not look upon suffering as do we. He does not look upon the life of leisure as do we either. It would be better to suffer than to eat of the life of pleasure
---splaa6685 on 10/8/07

Remember that there is evil in the world along with the good. Satan was named the god of this world, he with the help of our selfish ways bring on the pain. He brings in selfish desires, when we act on the temptations,he brings on the heap of pain that produces the sorrow of this life. We must learn to resist the devil so that he will flee from us. We do this by worship to God,His love will carry us through the most difficult times we have in this world. We must trust His word as a truth. Brenda
---Brenda on 10/8/07

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