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Love To Dance For God

Anyone here just love to dance before the Lord like David did? I do it at home all the time.

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 ---MichelleS on 10/8/07
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MichelleS - If you truly want to dance before God like David did (in the Spirit), then I suggest you get the CD "Love Warrior" by DJ Caleb. This is techno-worship a.k.a. "Ekstasis Worship" - the highest form of worship to God. You can get this CD on Patricia King's website - Extreme Prophetic. This CD will truly make you dance before God.
---Leslie on 9/28/08

Michelle, I love to watch the younger women dance in church and wish they didn't have some kind of cultural thing about the older women doing it too. boo:( But I too love to dance before the Lord at home with my 27 yr old and 9yr old at home and by myself as well. It really feels like true worship.:)
---splaa6685 on 9/26/08

Jesus did not really teach about worship. He did teach on prayer but not worship. Thus we look to the old testament worshipers which were accepted by God and see that dance was an acceptable form of worship. Jesus did teach that if the eye is bad that the whole body is bad. Perhaps some men are not able to look upon any sort of movement without having lustful thoughts.
---jody on 11/1/07

Amen Michelle S...You are right about casting my pearls before swine...I do it so often here and it is rarely received by those who choose to follow the lies of satan and the false religions set up by the kingdom of darkness. hope is that someone reading one of these blogs and perhaps not writing back is somehow enlightened to the truth of the Word. I commend you for putting up with 10 kids all day!! me that's harder than dealing with lawyers!
---Holly4jc on 11/1/07

Holly, sometimes you have to remember to not cast your pearls before swine too on CN. As in the case with the "stripper" comment or when they tell you your priorities are mixed up because you won't be redundant, then my wanna be lawyer logic goes out the window. I am around immature 10 year olds all day, I don't want to be around their adult couterparts when I get off work.
---MichelleS on 10/31/07

1) Michelle S...My daughter is in her last year of law I can relate to what your mom must have gone through when you were a kid! My daughter always liked to argue her case and litigate everything! And she is really good at it too! And as for me...I've worked in law firms for 11 years I am around lawyers all the time...had some of my biggest bible debates with this ex-boss of mine...a Jewish lawyer who was into all kinds of new age stuff...but would not accept Jesus as being...
---Holly4jc on 10/30/07

2) ...the Lord and Messiah...and since I am a Jewish believer, he loved to just sit in my office and argue the bible with me. He would plop himself down for an hour at a time debating the Bible with me. He actually read it...but of course, did not understand it. Boy...did he come up with some strange interpretations..such as Jesus was a communist because He cursed the fig tree and took away some poor farmers way of making a living and supporting his family!
---Holly4jc on 10/30/07

3) He used to get so angry at me when I answered him back with scripture. You could actually see his demons manifest when he was upset...and that was quite often. I guess his going to Tibet and hanging out with Buddists took it's toll on his spirit and his ability to see the truth...oh yes...and let's not forget all the "acid" trips he took to get "spiritual enlightenment" and to communicate with his "spirit guides". Those didn't help either.
---Holly4jc on 10/30/07

4) You bet I was DANCING WITH JOY when God removed me from that job! :-)

Oh yes...debating on these blogs is very similar to what lawyers do...they debate facts of the case and try and prove the case. :-)
---Holly4jc on 10/30/07

King David danced before the Lord in little more than a g-string, according to the Bible.

Is that what you're doing, Michelle--being a stripper for God?

Please show me dancing before God in the NT Church. Give book, chapter, and verse in your answer.
---Jack on 10/30/07

Hehe, I wanted to be a lawyer when I was little but I'm not this argumentative in person- just on the net where someone can't see my face.
I love the Greeks dancing! It's so intricate and amazing to watch. One of my favorite movies- My Big Fat Greek Wedding-especially love gracefulness of some of those jumps and how insync they are with the music- major talent. I need to go to a Greek Wedding and see it live- I would probally have fun. I love Ballet too and Tap- just my preferance.
---MichelleS on 10/30/07

Michelle, I don't know how I got started on this you are a good debater, I live near Native reservations where they have "pow wows" dancing to the monotonous beat of drums.The Greek community dance in line bowing as they go (like Zorba the Greek)I myself went to "mainstream" in square dance but left (didn't like dancing holding a man's hand) What I really like is roller dance (on roller skates) and even taught it! Dance on Michelle,love you too!
---1st_cliff on 10/29/07

I am going to put my elementary teacher hat on here and look at this through a purely teacher point of view. If I want to teach someone a Bible verse but they don't learn very well by memorizing things because they are not auditory learners, what do I do? I teach it in music or kinestetic (using a form of your body to learn something) and then they get it. Sometimes I use a picture (which dance creates sometimes)
---MichelleS on 10/29/07

Now, most christians songs nowdays are made up of scripture or inspired by scripture. The person dancing can hear the music thus the words to the song get in their head ever so much quicker and they learn the scripture faster-wow, could that be helping the kindgom of God if a christian learns scipture and hides that word in their heart to use as a sword when they need to? Think about it-strictly from a logical/non-emotional mind.
---MichelleS on 10/29/07

By the way, another whole in your argument- God created us with emotions because he is an emotional God. Example- Jesus wept. Jesus would not weep if he didn't have emotions. Jesus also was angry at the money changers- hence, emotion. Why would he create us in his own image and then tell us not to express emotion? Makes no sense at all. It is okay to show emotion in church-just don't base your faith on it.
---MichelleS on 10/29/07

People who dance express emotion- No, wrong again. You are way too fixed on this emotionalism thing. Most talented dancers are not into the emotion part of it- they are performing an art and that takes concentration, stamina, focus, ect..
When I dance I am not necessarily feeling anything at that moment. If God chooses to bless me with happiness than so be it but the same thing can happen when I read his word. It's like anything else- sometimes their is emotion and sometimes not.
---MichelleS on 10/26/07

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Dancing is a form of art and just because emotional people do it does not mean we all get emotional every time someone dances. The only emotion I feel is love towards God and that is more like an adoration type of love towards the Father-not an "I feel good!" kind of love. There are many times I dance and feel absolutely nothing but I know because of his word that it pleases him. God doesn't necessarily ask us to do practical things. Putting mud on someone's eyes is certainly not practical.
---MichelLeS on 10/26/07

What purpose does it serve in the Kingdom of God? Let's talk about that shall we.
How could a person possibly express their joy and love towards Jesus when they dance and not have that affect someone who is lost? At the very least, the lost person could question why someone would get up and dance for a God they can't see- this leads to a conversation about why we love God and what he did for us- thus, the christian explaining the gospel.
---MichelleS on 10/26/07

Hold on now Michelle, I never connected you with the pagan dancers,just cited an instance where their dancing led to disaster. People who dance express emotion,if your dance is "praise" then so be it! If I find nothing "practical" in it, that's my analytical mind. I'm not driven by emotion. Sorry (I didn't mean to offend) but everything has to make sense to me and I can't connect dancing with "seeking first the Kingdom"!
---1st_cliff on 10/25/07

Another thing- I am totally in love with my God and not every form of worship I demonstrate is for a feeling or a emotional high. In fact none of it is done for a high. I do everything to glorify God whether it be singing, dancing, praying, teaching, being a mom, ect.. I want to honor him with my praise and dance is just a form of praise. When I dance unto him it's just me saying, I love you God and I want to praise you- in another way besides speaking it or singing it.
---MichelleS on 10/24/07

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It is me before the King, not a calf or an emotion. Two totally different things. Those people that want the high get on my nerves. They are always seeking the high and they never actually care about what God wants. They are in it for themselves- that is not me and you have to know me personally for you to disagree with that statement. Please don't personally insult me again by callling me a calf worshipper- it's not loving as Christians should be.
---MIchelleS on 10/24/07

What "practical" purpose does it actually serve other than a release of pent-up energy expressing itself?
---1st_cliff on 10/23/07

Then I guess you could say the same thing about singing praise and worship songs unto the Lord...what "practical" purposes does doing that serve? Why does everything have to be "practical"? God's ways are not our ways, His thoughts are higher than our thoughts....
---Holly4jc on 10/24/07

Okay 1st Cliff to insuate that I am a pagan God worshipper because I dance before the Lord is unkind and in itself unscriptural- where is your scriptural basis for insuating that I am a heathen because I dance before the Lord. Dancing before a golden calf and dancing before the Lord God of heaven are two different things. One is a statue made to replace God. The other is a actually dancing before Jehovah
---MIchelleS on 10/24/07

When it comes down to it, you can't argue that it's not Biblical or that God doesn't command it because I proved it to you that's it there. You think that it's a release of pent up energy- yes, me a mother of two and a teacher has a whole lot of energy I want to release. I just have so much I don't know what to do with it-please, try again. What purpose does it serve-how about pleasing him? David's story proves that. We were created for his glory.
---MichelleS on 10/24/07

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I think you need to look at the entire Bible and remember that the God of the New Testament is the God of the Old Testament. If God says I will turn your mourning into dancing that means Jesus is saying- yes, it's okay to dance- I approve!
You call me a worshipper of a golden calf- does that mean you are telling me I'm not a christian and I'm a satanist? That's what the calf worshippers were. They disobeyed God and turned from him. Their hearts were wicked and in no way turned towards the father.
---MichelleS on 10/24/07

Michelle, Thanks for your response,I know where you,re coming from and to you it's a "feel good thing" . I try not to make too many "assumptions" like, who "probably" did what. The Israelites who were dancing around the golden calf (while Moses was in the mountain) thought that God would be pleased,but it ended in disaster! What "practical" purpose does it actually serve other than a release of pent-up energy expressing itself?
---1st_cliff on 10/23/07

1st Cliff- isn't our Jesus the same God that wrote the Bible and put in the Bible as I quoted before, "He will turn your mourning into dancing?" How about the same God who accepted David's dance? In response to your statement about 2 left feet- I never said I was coordinated either. That doesn't amount to a hill of beans where God is concerned.
---MichelleS on 10/20/07

Do you think the God who created your inmost parts and knows the number of hairs on your head honestly cares if you have two left feet or not. You are wrapped up in worrying about what you will look like and your talking about pleasing the God who saw you in your mother's womb. He has seen you at your worst and your best. All he wants is a sacrifice of praise from you and dance is a wonderful way to give it. The challenge still stands. Jesus did command it if he is the God of the Old Testament.
---MichelleS on 10/20/07

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Also is you want to get technical 1st Cliff, dancing was part of the Hebrew culture. It was definately part of weddings. Jesus performed his first miracle at a wedding so if you infer like every good reader does (I'm a teacher) than you will figure out that Jesus probally danced with his relatives at that wedding. He may have even danced during feasts and celebrations and I don't think the Father ever told him to stop or we would know about it.
---MichelleS on 10/20/07

Michelle, I appreciate your challenge,(but I have 2 left feet) If you are a follower of David, OK, My challenge is show me Jesus,or any of the Apostles engaged in this kind of worship! If you are Jewish then this is their type "spirituallity", When did it become Christian? Christendom continues to borrow from other religions.
---1st_cliff on 10/18/07

Holly: I did not say dancing is wrong only the sensual elements that have now entered into so-called christian dance.
---TS on 10/18/07

michelle et al: You are in denial if you've never seen christians dance in a sensual way. Such is not christian dance and it happens all the time in the name of Jesus.

Perhaps the standard has been made so low that unless one is doing the hoochie dance anything less is not considered sensual.
---TS on 10/18/07

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steve: Seen just the opposite at Christian Concerts. Not all Christian Dance is Christian. ---TS

And TS...not all worship is truly done from the heart. So, should we stop worshipping? Yes, there are people who do things in the flesh in a Christian environment, but we shouldn't stop others who truly worship in spirit and in truth, just so we can stop the fleshly ones. Jesus allowed Satan and evil to stay in the world so that HIS people could shine and be a light unto those in darkness.
---Holly4jc on 10/18/07

Amen, I have never seen a sensous dance from a christian either. Dancing is an outward form of the joy he has given us. It expresses the music in a way our words can't. There was one time I was dancing to a song that kept saying, "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty."
---MichelleS on 10/17/07

It was just me and a few other intercessor in the sanctuary and we were doing prophetic prayer and intercssion. I began to dance to this on the stage with a few other and it was total worship to him. Every time I bowed a knee to the ground I felt as if I was really bowing to the king. I grabbed the flags and felt like I was declaring his majesty with each movement.
---MichelleS on 10/17/07

The whole time I could see myself before the King offering up this dance as a sweet smelling aroma unto him. I know he smiled down on me and loved it. There was no one watching - it was just God and me. It was a physical expression of the words in the song. I challenge you 1st Cliff to try something like that at home. Just put on some worship music and dance before the King. God loves it!
---MichelleS on 10/17/07

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God is a Spirit and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth. God does not deal with us a in a sexual or suggestive way. If one's mind is dirty and in the wrong place anything can be dirty and impure. God is a clean and pure God. We should follow His leading. This is why we should ask forgiveness of our sins and ask God to cleanse our hearts and minds as we come into His presence(prayer). God does not dwell in uncleanliness.
---Robyn on 10/17/07

Blessings to all!
I Agree with Steve and others of same Heart!
---Mary_D on 10/17/07

I agree with you. I dance before "The Lord" in my home as well. I love it that David worshiped God with his dancing. I can imagine God smiling when He sees His children dancing with the freedom that "Jesus" came to give us.
---Mary on 10/17/07

steve: Seen just the opposite at Christian Concerts. Not all Christian Dance is Christian.
---TS on 10/17/07

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In response to dance in worship being sensual. I am a man and I have NEVER seen Christian dance that was suggestive, or even the slightest bit sensual. I have only ever seen it very tastefully done. God created WHOLE beings and we are to worhsip Him with our WHOLE selves. If He leads us to worship him with movement, then let's move. He won't lead us to do something inappropriate. Let's give ourselves to Him and trust Him. Let's stop putting our Creator in a box.
---steve on 10/17/07

Yes, dance IS a beautiful form of worship. I love to dance and sing and worship God.

I am disappointed that so many bloggers on this site seem to prefer legalism to freedom in Christ. I live in a Muslim country where legalism and trying to earn salvation is the norm. Xians have the TRUTH. Let us embrace that truth and live in freedom in Christ.

"Approved songs"?: "psalms, hymns and spiritual songs" in the NT includes more than a particular church's preferred hymnody.
---steve on 10/17/07

David Danced with Joy. Christian dance is not to be earthly or sensual.
---TS on 10/17/07

Yes, David danced, and the one who despised him because of it never brought forth a child. In other words, there was no reproduction of the seed. That's not good.
---Linda on 10/17/07

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Amen Michelle preach it! Seems like Cliff or any other male that sees that kind of dance as "sensuous" has a real problem with their flesh.

And need to read the Old Testament...the Bible is full of dancing and the Psalms speak of it too. And it is a form of warfare...the dancers/musicians always went out before the battle in the OT. We no longer to go to battle with our hands, but in the spirit realm and dancing and music are still a very effective part of warfare.
---Holly4jc on 10/17/07

1st cliff - David danced
---Andrea on 10/16/07

1st Cliff- have you ever seen a real Christian ballet type dance where the women are dressed modestly and they are not doing any sensous type hootchie movements? If so, you can't tell me you were turned on by that. How can anyone watch someone dance to a praise song like Holy is the Lord and think of it in a sexual way? You need some help if you think like that. Please stop taking God's creation and claming it for satan just because satan has tried to steal it.
---MichelleS on 10/16/07

Holly4jc,Show me where Jesus suggested "dancing" as a form of worship! Nominal Christians imitate the world, like "Christian Rock" imitating worldly rock bands but legitimizing it with Christian words!Pagans have had their sacred dances that tug the emotions, so christians gotta do the same thing? There's a church here where they dance,cry,laugh uncontrollably,fall on the floor,all of course "to the Lord!" Ya right!
---1st_cliff on 10/16/07

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1stCliff- is the New York City Ballet seductive? How about some Russian folk dancing? Give me a break. If every form of dancing is seductive to you then you have deprived yourself of a great art that God created.
Jesus himself advocated dance when he spoke through his word and said, "I will turn your mourning into dancing". Obviously dancing is not a problem for the Lord. He also struck Micheal, David's wife, barren for despising David's dancing.
---MichelleS on 10/16/07

21 David said to Michal, "It was before the LORD, who chose me rather than your father or anyone from his house when he appointed me ruler over the LORD's people IsraelI will celebrate before the LORD. 22 I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes. But by these slave girls you spoke of, I will be held in honor."

23 And Michal daughter of Saul had no children to the day of her death.
---MichelleS on 10/16/07

1) 1stCliff: To some men, women just walking down the street is sensuous, so should women all stay indoors? The kind of dance we are talking about is not "hoochie" dancing, but more like a ballet done unto the Lord. If you see it as "sensuous" then perhaps that is something you need to be delivered of. Of course, there are and will always be Christians who operate in the flesh, but does that mean that all others have to suffer because they have an issue that needs to be worked on?
---Holly4jc on 10/16/07

2) Ask God to allow you to see the beauty of the dance that is offered up unto Him as He sees it through HIS eyes, a Holy Sacrifice, acceptable unto Him. Romans 12:1-2.

And John did not lose his head due to dance, it was because he was a speaker of the truth, even unto death. Salome used the dance to seduce, and many preachers only preach to seduce the congregation into giving money...should we stop all preaching? Anything good can be used for evil and visa-versa.
---Holly4jc on 10/16/07

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Michelle S: Dancing women are sensual to males,John The Baptist lost his head because of a dancing Salome!Dancing is a ritual in most religions,Native Peoples or Aboriginals in most countries dance to their gods. Whirling Dervishes of Konyo Turkey,twirl to Islamic worship.(once outlawed is now allowed). My example is Jesus,did He or any of the disciples "dance"or advocate it?
---1st_cliff on 10/15/07

Amen brothers and sisters- preach it!
Dancing in the prophetic can bring down strongholds and it has nothing to do with emotions so don't even go there with me you religous people.
It's all about obedience to the word and learning what pleases the King. Worship pleases the King and dancing is just one form of worship.
---MichelleS on 10/15/07

Praise God for the freedom to worship him in the dance... Victory... comes from worship... and that can take many forms, purity of heart is the only requirement !!!!!We should all be able to do this, if we did, there would be a lot less problems to deal with. He is looking for worshipers... in spirit and truth.....
---Gayla on 10/14/07

~~~the Spirit of the Lord is upon me~~~ i will dance as david danced.~~~~

Gods people are dancing again,
like the dancers in the old testament dancing in worship, dancing in service(in healing and ushering the awareness of the presence of God) like the dancers that led the way into battle... dancing in spiritual warfare with flags, banners and a joyful noise that literally peirces through. Yes,these are the days when heaven touches earth and Gods people are dancing again ...
---linda on 10/14/07

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Totally Scriptural-David's worship 2 God. Many Christian churches R teens/young adults incorporate original dramas/dance skits.WE'RE called where kids R & "take it 2 the streets".We NEVER ask 4 money/love offering(could use it!)God supplies:they may feed us.At times they hand R director an envelope($50-200):gas-5 vehicles,make simple no pattern costumes,sound system, equipment,stage(stretch black knit/twisty ties/30 black poles we join together)takes 2 hours 2 put up & it tears.
---Angel on 10/14/07

Wow - what happened to that freedom in Christ. I'm old and overweight and can't dance a lick and you know what - God loves it.
I can't sing either and God loves it more. Its one thing to dance or sing bc it looks good but its another to do it for the love of Christ.
I love the flags and banners too.....I get it and you have to get it to understand that it is worship when everything in you just needs to worship Him.
---Andrea on 10/12/07

Yes, I love it. Sometimes I wonder if mabe God doesn't get the short end of the stick, because He gives a high like you wouldn't believe. I do try and keep in mind glorifying God.
---catherine on 10/12/07

Dancing was done as a form of worship throughtout the Old Testament. Witches were not the only ones who danced Matthew- lots of people dance. It's a form of art that God gave us. What you do with the art and who you point it towards is what God cares about. I have seen many ballerinas dance to christian music- they bring tears to my eyes because I know who they are dancing for- the King. Have you ever seen the Jewish Dances?
And what's the deal with the approved songs? You have to be kidding me.
---Michelle on 10/12/07

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Matthew...dancing and praising God in word, song and music is something that was done throughout the Old Testament by God's chosen people. The Psalms are full of encouragement for us to sing, dance and play instruments unto the Lord as well of all kinds of emotion expressing love to the Lord. Yes...the pagans also do it, but they are only copying what God initiated. So, why should we stop doing what God initiated as a form of worship just because of them?
---Holly4jc on 10/12/07

Dancing before the Lord is an amazing thing. I do it all the time at home, with flags,I sing, I worship, and just love Him, Praise changes atmoshperes and opens up a whole new realm where God moves in the miraculous,and power.
---Marlene on 10/12/07

I'd be careful here. Dancing is something witches did and is a physical form of idolatry. Giving oneself over to music, succumbing to the sounds, feeling emotion because of it is a form of worship, but not to the true God. Christains should not dance, and singing should be left to a Chruch environment and approved songs.
---matthew on 10/11/07

1stCliff- How does dancing before the Lord in worship because you love him look silly. Only people who don't understand how I love the Lord would say that. The modern day church is to God what the congregation of Israel was back then. God dwelled with them in a tent, now he dwells in our hearts. We are his people, grafted into the vine. Dancing expressed our joy and freedom in Christ. Doesn't the gospel bring the peace and joy of the Lord to people's lives?
---MichelleS on 10/11/07

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Amen go before the Lord, it brings victory! In the OT the dancers and musicians always were sent out before the battle army...and victory came!
There is something very powerful in the prophetic dance, I would encourage you to continue to let the Holy Spirit teach you to dance in the presence of the Lord. Hallelujah!
---Holly4jc on 10/11/07

Michelle. I encourage you to continue to dance before the Lord. He appreciates it and that is all that matters. Let the stiff shirts sit by the wayside and dry up. God bless you for moving to another level in Christ. This is another way to enjoy our relationship with Him. I am so happy for you. Keep on dancing and praising Him. I will,too. Hallelujah!
---Robyn on 10/11/07

Yes it is a form of worship some people laugh some cry it's all worship the only thing we can give the Lord and that is to worship him and all of this is worship
---Betty on 10/11/07

Michelle, At the time David "danced" there was no "church" ,so besides looking silly, how does it proclaim the "gospel of the Kingdom"? My view is that it comes under the heading of "entertainment" Going to church for entertainment is straying a way off course.
---1st_cliff on 10/11/07

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I personally love to watch the Jewish dances, I think they are so beautiful. There are many times I have begun to sing unto the Lord and I feel the urge to just dance unto him in the middle of the living room. There were also times I did it prophetically in church when it was just a few people. I grabbed the tamborine after prayer and just became like Miriam. It was completely freeing and I felt like I was honoring the Lord with my joy and freedom.
---MichelleS on 10/8/07

In years past when I worked on the Mississippi River my wife and I sometimes had the opportunity to attend a messianic Jewish church in Memphis. And there the congregation dances and clamps and has a big time and we always enjoyed yourselfs. They meet on Saturday mornings(the Jewish Sabbath, please take note all you SDAs).
---Mima on 10/8/07

Yes...I love to dance at church,mostly. Sometimes at home.I had an awesome time at church dancing on yesterday. Can be very tiring though. I perspire a lot and feel happy when I leave church but wrung out. I highly recommend dancing before the Lord as David did.
---Robyn on 10/8/07

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