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Against Flags Or Banners

Why are so many people against the use of flags or banners in the church? I think it's a method of warfare yet people don't embrace it.

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 ---MichelleS on 10/8/07
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Some Christians are concerned about the Commandment regarding worshiping an image or idolatry in general. I would rather see them overreact in this way than to have them praying to dead people like saints or Mary. :)
---splaa6685 on 7/2/08

is the United states more important than God? Is England, France, Germany, Iraq, India or any other nation more important than God? Are Americans more important than Indians or ukrainians? In God's eyes we aren't labled by our nationality so why do we label the church which is God and is international by our nations' symbols. and what do we do when our nation doesn't follow a christian worldview? do we keep putting the flag in the church or do we rise above the nation and join the kingdom of God?
---Jared on 10/17/07

I think what Michelle is referring to is the use of banners and flags during the worship and praise service. My church sometimes looks like a renaissance fair broke out. Its a part of celebrating Him and each flag color carries a specific meaning. Banners have pixs or words like 'king of kings' or God's names etc
---Andrea on 10/10/07

It's been rightly said flags are banners symbolizing whose authority one is under, answer to, or protects them [Jehovah-Nissi (One of God's seven definitive Names). Exodus 17:8-*15].

I believe it's required by law, rightly belonging in 'any' public buildings over all others! Then again, who knows in today's world. Countless GI's etc, have fought & died for us in America under that flag!

By burning it, you're technically rejecting your American protection.
---bob_[Elishama]_6749 on 10/9/07

I believe that the US flag should be in all churches.
---catherine on 10/9/07

Oh but just incase anyone misunderstands my earlier post, I do NOT support the war in Iraq--I say BRING OUR BOYS HOME! I am disgusted by our President but the soldiers have my complete love and respect.
---Mary on 10/9/07

I think it is a very beautiful thing, but, many are from the old school, where there were no banners, and they are probably uncomfortable with them.
---Gayla on 10/8/07

Hi everyone :) I personally decorate my Christmas tree every year with at least one American flag--my way of thanking our soldiers--dead and alive--who are not here to celebrate with us. Someday, due to Muslim extremism, there may not be a Christmas allowed, so I am praising God and thanking our men and women of the service while I still am allowed to publically do so.
---Mary on 10/8/07

What if the banners and flags are put in the back of the church where they are not noticed as I have seen many times at Christ for the nations.
The flag symbolizes something of God. Recentley in prophetic prayer, we waved a read and orange flag over people as we prayed symbolizing fire. We also waved one that said Breath of God in hebrew.
---MichelleS on 10/8/07

There a couple of verse in the Bible that talk about banners. One is his banner over me is love. Apparently, banners where prevalent in Jewish society. If he waves a banner of love over me, then I think it's biblical to wave it right back at him.
---MichelleS on 10/8/07

I get it and you have to get it to feel that it is a part of worship. I don't use the flags unless I am prompted. It is a great and joyous expression of His majesty - fitting our King.
Why did the people greet Jesus with palms and the priests give wave offerings? It is a form of worship.
But I agree if it gets in the way it is not a sideshow.
---caleb on 10/8/07

Here is the thing. I respect my government like we should,it says so in the bible, however the flag & banners do not reflect God. It in one way or another is a form of idol worship,so I donot have it in my home.I donot celebrate holidays not honoring God. I stick with the holy days in the bible, the only "holiday"I do still partake in is thanksgiving for this is a special time thanking God for family,etc..
---candice on 10/8/07

Did Jesus need flags and props to move God?
Jesus said to the demons, "Come out." They did. He didn't wave a flag to get the job done.
I've seen flags and banners flinging around in people's faces, whipping people upside the head while they are trying to worship God. They can be a distraction and an attraction for attention for the flag bearer.

---Michelle on 10/8/07

I don't know if the devil really pays all that much attention to a flag.
The bible says we are to use the Word of God.
Name of God, Jesus Christ, the Word of our testimony, the preaching of God's Word, the worship of God.... I don't see the use of flags and banners holding any significance in the Bible. Someone handed me a flag once, waving it around didn't feel like a weapon of warfare. I can accomplish more on my knees that waving a flag.

---Michelle on 10/8/07

We have an American flag and a Christian flag hanging up in our church. It is in the Sanctuary where it can be seen by all. I think every church should have both of these flags hanging up. I believe Christian homes should have these up as well.
---Rebecca_D on 10/8/07

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