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Good Christian Rock Bands

I have a great idea. Let us suggest Christian Rock bands that others can check out and comment on.

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 ---Joe_Hardy on 10/8/07
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Robyn, rock is the predominant musical style in the Western world (well, it and its variants), and to deny Christian musicians the use of its stylistic forms is to deny them a form of musical communication which is understood and appreciated by nearly everyone under 30, and many older people as well.

I see no reason to restrict Christian music to any one type. I may not LIKE certain types (I loathe Punk--nails on chalkboard to me), but as long as the message gets out, that is what counts.
---Nancy on 11/16/07

"We should abstain from even appearances of evil."

Here you are assuming that listening to a certain kind of music is evil, which you've yet to prove.
---Adam on 11/14/07

I feel we need to discriminate on all things. The bible tells us that. We should abstain from even appearances of evil. We cannot serve two masters. Either we will love one or hate the other.There is no in between. It is still our choice.
---Robyn on 11/12/07


"Why would I want to listen to Marilyn Manson or The Damned or any of these ghoulish character bands?"

I don't know, why would you? I'm just saying it's not a sin to listen to anything. I'm not saying you HAVE TO listen to everything.
---Adam on 11/12/07

I grew up in a church where "Christian" music was only hymns or southern gospel. I believe you have Christian LYRICS set to either upbeat,bluegrass,R & B(etc) music. God wants to reach the youth and this can be done by a very important outlet today---MUSIC. Barlowgirl has songs about purity, modesty and trusting God.Their lyrics are good Christian values I want my 12yr old daughter to hear. Every song doesn't have to be a worship song. It can be about life as a Christian.
---Christy on 11/11/07

That is the problem with so many Christians these days. We want to use the label Christian but yet not be willing to separate ourselves from worldy things. There is a price to pay and a cost that goes along with being a true Christian. Some things we just won't be able to do. Places we just don't want to go to, things we just don't want to be a part of. We can refuse to make a change but this will stunt our growth and maturity in Christ. We do have a choice.
---Robyn on 11/9/07

I agree with Paul - (1 Cor 9:22)I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some. - I would rather someone package the real Gospel in Rock Music to reach people than to package it in a more conventional way and water it down, like so many others unfortunately do.
---Greyrider on 11/9/07

Adam: Learn to use common sense as well. Why would I want to listen to Marilyn Manson or The Damned or any of these ghoulish character bands? We are to avoid any all appearances of evil. That includes everything,even music. It may not say that exact thing in the bible but wisdom will show that to you. Any self respecting Christian would not listen to just any type music. Music have been know to drive certain type people mad. To kill etc...get my point? We need music that lifts up Jesus.
---Robyn on 11/8/07

We all have different tastes in music. I love that Christian artists play a wide variety of styles in music. They use that music to reach others. That's what Christian rock bands do, they play rock that appeals to many people, but at the same time, they are sharing the Gospel, in a way that people understand. I can't imagine my younger brother going to a Hillsong concert and hearing the Gospel. But if he were to go see Seventh Day Slumber and hear that bands testimony, he would be more receptive.
---Katie on 11/8/07

Audio Adrenaline
Barlow Girl
Big Dismal
Building 429
Casting Crowns
Casting Pearls
Chris Tomlin
Jadon Lavik
Jeremy Camp
Kevin Max
Mat Kearney
Matt Redman
Stephen Curtis Chapman
Story Side B
Super Chic[k]
Third Day
Todd Agnew
Tree 63 petra
---the_watchman on 11/8/07

"Adam:...You have to come on with the come on to convince me that Christian Rock bands are of God"

I'm showing that by Scripture it is not a sin to listen to anything, including any kind of music.

How can a band be "of God"?
---Adam on 11/7/07

Adam:What is your point? And what are you trying to show me in the bible? You have to come on with the come on to convince me that Christian Rock bands are of God. We can listen to what we want but we will only be stunting our own growth as Christians. We do have freedom of choice.God does not force us to do anything.
---Robyn on 11/6/07


"No one has all of the answers"

But Scripture does. That's what we're showing you, that your opinion conflicts with Scripture. So in that case it is not good to agree to disagree over conflicting with Scripture.
---Adam on 11/6/07

We can agree to disagee. No one has all of the answers.I don't have a problem with that. Jesus will set it all in order when He makes His appearance one day.We must maintain the love and unity among ourselves, above all. We can disagree. It is ok,people. Love....
---Robyn on 11/5/07

My opinion is worth $.25 and it is to avoid all appearance of evil. Look at this blog and note the example of Robin and Adam. One sees it one way and the other sees it another way. In 1st Corinthians 10:32 we see that we are to give no man offense. Our brothers and sisters have differing levels of faith and stumble at different junctures even though we are at full liberty in Christ as you also find in that chapter. It is a sin to cause a someone to stumble from we like, since LOVE is our greatest calling.
---jody on 11/1/07

What do you mean literally?

Scripture please.
---Adam on 11/1/07

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Adam:Christians dance to a different beat spiritually and literally. It fits both ways

J_the_nomad: You don't have to agree with what I say. Its ok. What's the problem?
---Robyn on 11/1/07


"We are in this world but we are not of this world."

Taken out of context again. Scripture doesn't speak against looking like people of the world (technically WE are people of the world). Scipture speaks against having the spirit of the world, such as greed, lust, pride etc....

"Christians dance to a different beat."

You're not seriously talking about music here are you? Cause if you are, then what "beat" SHOULD Christians dance to?
---Adam on 10/29/07

Robyn: the problem is, if it looks evil to who? You or me? Because I think your judgment of musical genres looks evil. Will you stay away from the appearance of it please? See what I mean? You can't take that scripture out of context and apply it to everything you don't prefer as a way to guilt others into meeting the requirements of your personal opinions. Otherwise, it's just one big game of manipulation.
---j._the_nomad on 10/26/07

Adam: No, Christianity is not based on feelings/emotions. But emotions and feelings do figure in, at some point,in our journey. I don't depend on feelings but I have felt the presence of the Lord many times, in myriad ways. But if I do not have a feeling on something, I don,t get thrown by it because I do know we are to walk by faith. I stay focused on Christ. But keep in mind, music was designed to stir and effect our emotions and feelings.
---Robyn on 10/26/07

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j_the_nomad: Music was designed to move and touch our emotions. Music can have a negative or positve effect on us. Depends on what you listen to. We as Christians should always be careful what goes into our heads,hearts and minds. The devil is very cunning he has many ways to make us stumble. The bible tells us in I Thessalonians ch 5 to abstain from all appearance of evil. If something even looks evil stay away from it.
---Robyn on 10/26/07

Adam:God gave us many things to enoy. This is what you said in one of your posts.Are you sure it was God and not the devil? We have to be very careful with the things we choose to enjoy. Many things in life bring pleasure but all things are not for Christians to partake of. We are in this world but we are not of this world. A big difference. Christians dance to a different beat.
---Robyn on 10/26/07

Robyn: For the record, I don't really like Christian Rock 100% either. As a matter of fact I think contemporary worship music in general sounds like a bunch of U2 cover bands. Almost every singer sounds like Bono. Almost every guitar player sounds like The Edge. Once in while I like a song or 2. But sometimes I prefer the hymns for their richness and history. I'd really like to see Christians take the lead in the arts and sciences again. But that doesn't mean everything has to look or sound old.
---j._the_nomad on 10/26/07


Christianity isn't about feeling God. That would make the basis of our faith, feelings.

"It is more edifying and soothing to the spirit. For me,anyway."

Ha, there. It is just your preference/opinion. Not truth.

There really is no such thing as Christian music. God gave us music to enjoy, not to make a religion out of. There's nothing wrong with listening to ANY music. It is what we do in response.
---Adam on 10/26/07

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j_the_nomad: I have listend to so called Christian Rock. It sounds ok but it does very little for my spirit. Just music. I can turn to any rock and roll station like 99fm or 102fm here in my town and listen to that type music.And no I can't speak and won't speak for others.I only share my ideas,faith and opinions, as do everyone here at this blog.
---Robyn on 10/25/07

Adam: Not only do I feel God when I eat I also thank God for my meal because so many don't have anything to eat. I pray for the poor and hungry everyday.
The Gospel genre is not necessarily better than Rock. It is more edifying and soothing to the spirit. For me,anyway. Be blessed
---Robyn on 10/25/07


I do not feel God when I eat, thus eating must be from Satan? Silly logic.

"At least my idea of a Gospel Concert"

What makes the Gospel genre better than Rock?

---Adam on 10/25/07

"Some of the so-called Christian Rock Bands should not have to imitate the world"

I think this is the idea that is taken the most out of Scriptural context. When we are warned against "worldliness" we aren't being warned to avoid dressing or looking or sounding like the people of the world. We are warned against the spirit and attitudes of this world. Such as: Pride, greed, lust,...etc.
---Adam on 10/25/07

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Robyn: I love how you take liberty to say what's in everyone else's mind. If that's what happens in your mind, by all means don't listen to Christian rock. However, the next time you sing amazing Grace remember the tune was crafted in a bar not a church. God can use anything for his glory if it is not sinful by definition. There is nothing sinful about certain sounds. "What are the words saying?" Should be the only question.
---j._the_nomad on 10/24/07

Robyn: also, it wasn't that you didn't "feel God", you just didn't like the music. What if someone else did "feel God"? Are we going to argue over who "feels God" the most? There is nothing wrong with disliking certain music. However, don't make it into a moral issue. I've heard too many say what you're saying as absolute law. Let's not teach the opinions of men as commandments of God. You don't like it and that's OK. Have a nice day!
---j._the_nomad on 10/24/07

Adam: I know I did not feel God was at that concert. I don't know about anyone else. At least my idea of a Gospel Concert. Some of the so-called Christian Rock Bands should not have to imitate the world. Their music should sound different. If you sit and listen to Christian Rock for any length of time, you will begin to be pulled in the direction of evil. Your mind does not dwell on godly things as it should when listening to gospel/christian music.
---Robyn on 10/24/07

When someone is truly delivered, not just saved, they will let that type music alone. Rock music is not for the saved.It conjures up evil thoughts,ideas and effect your mood in a negative way. This is not the purpose of music for Christians.When I listen to music, I want to focus on Jesus through the words and the music,meditate,worship Jesus not the devil.
---Robyn on 10/24/07

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Chris Tomlin and Casting Crowns are very good to listen to. And there is a bunch more, but 85 words isn't long enough.
---ANN on 10/23/07

Sonicflood has some great worship songs! They really spoke to my spirit when I rededicated my life to Christ. Mercy Me is another great worship band. I love music because it can reach people that wouldn't otherwise be reached, and often I find that the song reflects what I sense in my heart/spirit. Hope that makes sense...
---kady on 10/10/07

This is in response to Robyn's post:

Christian Rock is not an oxymoron. It just doesn't make sense, since there really is no such thing as Christian music (just as their is no such thing as Christian food). Just because the atmosphere made you uncomfortable does not mean it was controlled by Satan. That is absurdity. God created music, and yes it appeals to us. How is that necessarily a bad thing?
---Adam on 10/10/07

Christian Rock is an oxymoron. There is nothing Christian about them.I attended a concert once and could not tell where I was. At a rock concert or what? Most certainly I was not in a church atmosphere. That I know for sure. The devil was in control that night of the musicians and all of their so-called music. The young kids/teens/worldly adults enjoyed it because it appealed to their flesh and gave them what they wanted.I felt so sad and that my money had been wasted. Tsk.........
---Robyn on 10/10/07

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I Like Sonicflood
---ELIZABETH on 10/10/07

I don't know if Relient K would be considered a rock band. They are probably more poppy-punk (or whatever that genre is titled), but I love their music! Not only are the songs catchy and fun, but you can see they really have a heart for the Lord in their lyrics, and are just enjoying singing for Him. Third Day is great too! They are definitely in the rock category. And once again, great heart for the Lord!
---kady on 10/9/07

I would if I could. But I do not know of any Christian rock bands. I have heard of the music, I couldn't understand them. Just because a song has the names Jesus, Holy Spirit, angels, doesn't mean it is a song about God. I listen to Southern gospel music and some country and some oldies rock music.
---Rebecca_D on 10/8/07

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