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The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is now being taught in my church. makeing lots of money seems to be what the sermons are all about. I feel it is time to move on. Is this wrong to pull my family out of this church?

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 ---the_watchman on 10/8/07
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From Africa - looking thru many of the posts on this net, I'm amazed at the tendency of people in your culture to pull out, to move on ... whenever they hit something they don't like. A marriage hits a rock - move on, a pastor preaches a message one doesnt like - pull out! It's a sign of spiritual maturity to put up with unpleasant people and situations, as we pray and trust God to change things. Instead of running from church to church, marriage to marriage, learn to pray for your pastor, spouse ...
---Aduula on 10/11/07

If you enjoy false teachings then by all means stay. No God called preacher goes into the ministry to make money. UGG.
---catherine on 10/9/07

It's always a hard thing, when something starts to happen in a fellowship that is disturbing.In this particular case, if you study the law of attraction, you can see that it does not give credit to God, only to man, and the power of mans mind, you can study it online, then make a copy and give it to the pastor, telling him what you see in it, and that it is disturbing to you, pray before hand that he will have a right spirit about it. If he cares he will see your point, if he does not, he will persecute.
---Gayla on 10/9/07

The first thing you must do is pray, pray, pray. I've recently had severe problems with my church. When you've done all you know to do, then Stand. Wait on the Lord. This is what I did. I sought after Him and His rightessness. I stood still(very lonely place, I might add). CONT>
---Angela on 10/9/07

I asked the Lord to lead and guide me into all truths. He started revieling to me scripture after scripture reguarding the Problems I was enduring. I did NOT want to leave my church because I loved everyone there so much, But finally God told me to go, He told me-- noone else. CONT>
---Angela on 10/9/07

IF and when He tells you to go, then go in peace. Don't cause any divisions inside the church. Just remember that there is no perfect church-YET. Hope this helps a little. God bless!
---Angela on 10/9/07

I have been in the same fellowship for ten years and there have certainly been times when I felt like leaving. I have seen everything from legalism to religious hype, and have been disturbed at times. But none of those times were actually a leading of the Lord to leave. When I actually spent time with Him, desiring only to hear His heart, I never heard, "Get thee out of that fellowship." Instead I heard, "I will never leave nor forsake thee." Now those things do not disturb me.
---Linda on 10/9/07

No matter what teaching manifests itself or rears its ugly head, the bottom line is that this is not about you or the teaching. This is about Jesus and the revelation of Christ in and through you. And He can raise up a people right in the middle of Babylon who will leave the confusion and build the house.
---Linda on 10/9/07

The word "gentle" also means "moderation" or "patience". Is the Lord patient with you? Yes? Then be as patient with others while they learn and teach unless, of course, you already know everything. Then by all means leave and start your own church too where your knowledge is all that will be taught. The Word says the His sheep know His voice and they follow. It does not say they might follow. The fact that you even has to ask if this is wrong is already an indicator.
---Linda on 10/9/07

Instead of pulling up your tent stakes, why don't you pray instead of going on your feelings? Feelings are not the indicator of what to do. His Spirit is. Spiritual people are not moved by situations and circumstances. They are led by His Spirit. Besides, God has determined that light would shine in the darkness. If you have so much light that you can recognize the darkness in this teaching, then you may very well be right where you should be. You can be around the darkness without partaking of it.
---Linda on 10/9/07

I would also be wary of talking about this with others and possibly causing them to view the pastor in a negative light, causing them to stumble. That is a sin of the spirit. When you do that, you are already partaking of a darkness that has nothing to do with the teaching. Forewarned is forearmed. Be more focused on craving God instead of on whether someone else is or not and then you can be assured that no deadly thing will harm you and you will be free from fear and oppression.
---Linda on 10/9/07

I would be careful about uprooting my family over one sermon. It is a doozey but it is still one sermon. What does your spouse think and do youhave another church in mind. you also do not want to set a precedent in your home - jump and run.
---caleb on 10/9/07

do what the spirit leads you to do. but they way things are now you will find more mess in the next "church". understand that we are living our last days and right now the "church" is out of order as a whole. pray god's will and cover your family.
---amelia on 10/9/07

Michelle, AMEN, you said it well. Watchman, I agree with you about pulling your family out. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 10/9/07

It's not wrong if you do it in a Godly manner. May I offer some advice? You can do this in a kind manner or cause all kinds of division. May the Lord give you a gentle spirit that will not be devisive and retaliatory. It is at this time that you could offer your Church leaders some good advice but always in a spirit of love. They are learning too and every Church will make some mistakes.
---john on 10/9/07

It's not wrong if you do it in a Godly manner. May I offer some advice? You can do this in a kind manner or cause all kinds of division. May the Lord give you a gentle spirit that will not be devisive and retaliatory. It is at this time that you could offer your Church leaders some good advice but always in a spirit of love. They are learning too and every Church will make some mistakes.
---john on 10/9/07

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Michell. . You explained Jesus very well but Jesus, though he was rich, became poor so that we would have riches. He destroyed poverty. 2Cor8:9.
And in 2Cor9:6 He that sows bountifully will reap the same. Paul is speaking about the subject of giving money here.
I'm not agreed with all aspects of the prosperity message but also not of the poverty message.
---john on 10/9/07

---Michelle if you continue to state things such as you're asking where Jesus slept, whether or not he was seeking money, and whether he was attracting people of wealth are wealth itself, you will destroy televangelist like Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Marilyn Hickey and others of this kind in my mind. So please be more general with my mind. Ha ha ha
---Mima on 10/9/07

My daughter's pastor went through the prosperirty message phase for a few months (tv preacher) and then he stopped and seems to be back on track. He is a wonderful man and the message is scriptural but not well rounded. When I first saw the 'the secret' I could see its biblical analogy but that it was 'power of positive thinking' mixed with Christianity = new age.
It is an enticing message and your pastor needs discernment.
I can only think that your leaving over more then one 'off' sermon.
---Andrea on 10/9/07

This past sunday my pastor says there are many good things we can learn from the book 'the secret' he then rebuked other christians for speaking out about this book and it's teachings. Then to top things off we all got a 40 min sermon on how to become a millionaire by using the Law of Attraction. i wonder do we go to the same church? yes i am pulling my family out.
---the_watchman on 10/9/07

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The law of attraction is new agey as far as the Church is concerned.
Did Jesus use the law of attraction to gather wealth?
Were people heaping piles of money at the feet of Jesus and the disciples?
Where did Jesus lay His head at night? No stretch limo to take Him to the Threshing Floor Conference, no buffet table set up in the green room with all of His favorite things to eat. No, He wasn't attracting that kind of wealth or attention.

---Michelle on 10/8/07

If the Pastor of the church is preaching on how much a person should give or preaching on tithes, then yes move to another church. If the Pastor is saying gimmie, gimmie more money, then take your family and flee. It wouldn't be wrong by no means. My Pastor has always said, if you can give money, then give money, if you can't, then give God your time, for God would much rather have your time than your money.
---Rebecca_D on 10/8/07

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