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Salvation Time Limit

Is there a "time limit" on Salvation?

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 ---Cynthia on 10/9/07
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As for - with the gentiles, Yes. When the rapture takes place then the door of salvation will be shut - closed to the gentile peoples.

God will then return to His first chosen people, The Jewish people.
---Lawrence on 8/24/10

The biggest majority of the lost are those that claim they are not. The bible says the whole world would be decieved. My beloved brothers and sisters, PLEASE study with all of the time that you have and then start to tell people the truth. Just because what you know has been told you all your life does not mean it is true.
---jody5986 on 12/19/07

#2. Jesus commands us to spread the gospel to the lost. Millions of the elect are still lost. They need to hear the Word of God, for faith comes from hearing, hearing the word of God. There is millions out there who don't know they are of the elect, who still need to hear the Word. They need to be convicted by the Word, and need to repent because of that conviction. God decided that faith in Christ would come through His Word.
---Mark_V. on 12/19/07

Phil the Elder, has given a reason why so many out there do not believe in election. He say's, "why go out and witness" This is one of the vocal points against Election. I am sorry to hear it. This to me is the first time I ever heard anyone who believe's in election say that. And I know thousands. All of the elect who are still lost in the world, need to hear the gospel of their salvation. With God there is an order of things. It doesn't change just because some have been chosen.
---Mark_V. on 12/19/07

Cynthia, in answering your question, I find it kind of confusing. Is this limit you are asking after salvation, or are you saying there is a limited time before there will be no salvation? If it is after salvation, salvation is eternal. If there is a short time before the second coming, no one really know's but a person could die tomorrow, so in that case it is very limited time.
---Mark_V. on 12/17/07

To---Phil_the_Elder you are truly T.U.L.I.P. and you unterstand what you believe and that is wonderful.
---MIMA on 12/10/07

One big problem I have with the Calvinistic idea that everyone is predestined to be saved or damned is this:

If it's really true, why bother preaching the gospel at all?

Those who are predestined to be damned will be damned, regardless of any efforts on our part.

And those who are predestined to be saved, will be saved whether we peach or not. So why bother then?

Islam has a similar idea (called "Kismet" or fate). The trap here is that it leads to fatalism and apathy.
---StrongAxe on 12/9/07

not sure the year, maybe 50's but a pastor in st. louis told a man that if he didnt come to God tonight his head would be rolling in the street by morning. the man walked out of service and the next day he fell under a trolly and it decapatated him.
---Kraus on 12/9/07

Phil the elder - this is why your stance cant be Biblical. nothing i do matters so lets do nothing. God called His people to be first and formost wittnesses and you think its not needed? one of Jesus few prayer request was for laborers in the harvest! do you think if Peter didnt want to witness on the day of Pentecost that the 3000 would have found another way to be saved that day? we have to think these things thru.
---Kraus on 12/9/07

Phil you also said this :
God does not in any way limit Mankind's ability to chose.
---alan_of_UK on 12/8/07

Another of Phil's posts:
When you take scripture out of context it becomes a pretext for false teaching
---alan_of_UK on 12/8/07

Phil you also said this :
God does not in any way limit Mankind's ability to chose.
---alan_of_UK on 12/8/07

"Salvation is only granted by God's initiated actions not in response to man's actions and he made the decision before the creation of the world. Those predestined to be in the family of God shall be and those who were not selected will never be"
---alan_of_UK on 12/8/07

Well ... Most of humanity is created solely to be damned.
Loving God!!
---alan_of_UK on 12/8/07

"You are in or out at God's pleasure and there is nothing you can do to change your status"
So God is pleased if we are saved
And He is pleased if we are not saved!
I wonder if He enjoys watching the vast majority of humanity burning? (The sign of a real Sovereign, Mark, to follow our earlier discussion, although you will not reply now)
---alan_of_UK on 12/8/07

Phil ... You once said this:
The Bible teaches Truths, that does not mean that every thing in the Bible should be take at face value
---alan_of_UK on 12/8/07

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Why did Christ tell us to go out and tell?
How did you become one of the "elect" Or, did you?
---Elder on 12/7/07

I agree with Phil the Presbyter. Salvation is already a done deal. Christ's blood covers every single human being that ever lived (Rom.5:18, 1 Cor.15:22). Nobody will fall through the cracks.
---InimicusStultitiae on 12/7/07

Phil ... Several years ago someone talked about his followers becoming "fishers of men"?
I wonder who that was?
---alan_of_UK on 12/7/07

MIMA, I really have no interest in witnessing per say as it is a totally fruitless endeavor for God has selected his elect before the creation of the world [Ephesian Ch 1]. I am interested in educating Christians to better understand what they believe and why they believe it. And hopefully training some to be more effective leaders in their churches
---Phil_the_Elder on 12/7/07

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'Now' faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. How can we escape if we neglect such a great salvation, first spoken by the LORD Himself. For He said, "I have heard you in a time accepted and in the day of salvation I have offered you My assistance." Behold, 'now' is the accepted time. 'Now' is the day of salvation. "Is there a "time limit" on Salvation?" Why risk it? The Father's Spirit will not always strive with man.
---Josef on 10/11/07

I used to think old people would be easy to convert until I started witnessing to them. Its as if their heart have said no so many times they are stoney. In that sense there is a time limit but if they were to turn form their stoney hearts He would save them.
---Andrea on 10/10/07

LOL. Way to miss the obvious, Kady! I said the second coming, but of course it would be your time of death, for not all of us will be here for Christ's second coming.
---kady on 10/10/07

Yes I believe there is. Jesus said he would come like a thief in the night. And we need to be ready at all times. No one knows when their time on earth is over. It pays to be ready.
As the bible says, "Today is the day of Salvation".
---Rebecca_D on 10/10/07

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Mima, Yes absolutely we should be witnessing to individuals. We are the lights of the world, and we are to carry on the Great Commision as Jesus instructed us to do. Mark, as far as an unsaved person resisting the drawing of the Holy Spirit, this question is personal. The Holy Spirit through me has witnessed to one of my loved ones, who is very close to me. But, I believe that he may be resisting or maybe putting off the decision to accept Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. That is what I meant.
---Cynthia on 10/9/07

NO, there is not. Whatever that means.
---catherine on 10/9/07

Certainly. Our life. Once we're dead, we can no longer choose. And since we don't know when we are going to die, then the time to choose is NOW!
---robin8683 on 10/9/07

Cynthia, when Jesus says, eternal life, it means eternal. Maybe you were thinking of something else, can you be more specific? Is this time limit you are asking to what Mima answered? at what time to come to Christ? Because in that answer I disagree with him, the Holy Spirit cannot be dealing with them and they resisted, and so He moved on, But I agree totally with Phil-the-elder. The elect will come, they will believe, they will be saved, they will have eternal life. No question about that.
---Mark_V. on 10/9/07

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The only time limit I am aware of is the second coming of Christ...
---kady on 10/9/07

Taking into account your views about the election and those who are not in the election I would like to ask you this question should we or should we not(those of us who are saved now) be witnessing? If It is already decided should we be witnessing?
---Mima on 10/9/07

Sorry, I should have clarified my question more. What I mean about a time limit is when the Holy Spirit is drawing an unsaved person to commit to Christ, and that person keeps resisting. Will the Holy Spirit eventually stop dealing with that person's heart, especially if that person keeps resisting? Thank you and God bless.
---Cynthia on 10/9/07

You need to be a little more specific. What do you mean by a time limit?

As long as you are breathing and as the Bible says in Romans 10:9 that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved,
---denna7667 on 10/9/07

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Is there a "time limit"? I believe there is. And the reason I say that is because out witnessing I sometimes run into people who really give me a talking too in fact may get very angry with me for witnessing. Now I believe these people have a hardened heart and have used their "time limit" so to speak. Another words the Holy Spirit is no longer dealing with them. Upon meeting one of these people I always tell them I understand.
---Mima on 10/9/07

There is no time limit for salvation, those predestined to be among the elect will be saved. Those who are dot selected do not get the benefits of being in the family of God. You are in or out at God's pleasure and there is nothing you can do to change your status. Repentance is a result of salvation not a condition for getting it.
---Phil_the_Elder on 10/9/07

Can you explain what you mean by this?

It's rather vague.

Do you mean that salvation lasts only a year or two then needs to get renewed?

Or what?
---Jack on 10/9/07

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