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Reinhard Bonnke Evangelism

I'm considering taking an online course in evangelism. I'd like one that is spirit filled in content or neutral. I've heard about one by Reinhard Bonnke. I don't know much about him. Do you?

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 ---Andrea on 10/10/07
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Clare....This is how I know.

"For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the electif that were possible."(Mat 24:24)
---Susie on 10/16/07

*One day the anti-christ will deceive many who don't want to judge*

How do we know you're not yourself a false prophet? Do you realize that whenever you point a finger at someone,the rest of the four fingers remain pointing at you! There is a place for judgment but some of it is outright self-righteous and verges on ignorance. God bless u sister.
---Clare on 10/16/07

After reading more on Ray Comfort's website, I realize that he is basically OSAS. He just has a different way of putting it. However, the majority of Baptist denominations and many other Christians organization also believe in OSAS. Maybe that is why those organizations put so much emphasis on evangelism as they know that there is only one true salvation. The Body of Christ is made up of all Christians even if they believe in OSAS.
---Susie on 10/15/07

Matthew - I read Comfort's book and link to his site I don't see any signs of OSAS. I wish I did. He is heavy on the law - not sabbath but on doing doing doing.
---Andrea on 10/15/07

Sure, in heaven, God will reward many people who have never been heard. But these will be people with the fruit of humility - not these self-righteous, judgmental type who think only they have the correct doctrine, they have such a high an opinion of themselves that they won't take instruction from other workers in the Lords garden. I agree with Jonathan such Pharisees even when they do a lot of preaching in the name of Jesus, they get no reward.
---Dianne on 10/15/07

i used to listen to Ray Comfort, and then I found out he is a OSAS believer.
---Matthew_from_LA on 10/13/07

Rooney...I don't believe that Jesus will care how many people see us doing HIS work. I believe we should be doing it so that people will know Jesus. There is no need for humility when judging the works of false prophets. One day the anti-christ will deceive many who don't want to judge.
---Susie on 10/12/07

Andrea: I have listened to some of his preliminary evangelism online teachings and learned much from just those, He gets insight to read between the lines, I love that about him. As for myself, I took a course in Evangelism Explosion by Dr. James Kennedy in my younger years,and then went on to enlist in Youth With a Mission, and Bible College, My life is a witness, I am nothing special but I try to never leave a stone unturned in being a witness for Christ.
---Whisper on 10/12/07

*My husband and I are actively involved in ministry and travel ....*

Thanks beloved for telling me about what you're doing - but B.H doesn't have to tell us about what he is doing for Christ. We simply see it everywhere with our own eyes. Perhaps if you were partnering with others as Hinn does, may be you would be more fruitful for Christ and require no self-introduction? God bless you sister but we need to have a little bit of humility when judging the work of others.
---Rooney on 10/12/07

But in heaven, dont get surprised when God will reward most those evangelist, pastors, christian workers who have never been heard, whose face have never been seen in a christian magazine, no radio or tv programs yet they do their works faithfully. God is looking not on how great, how large,how spectacular and phenomenal our ministry is, He is looking on our faithfulness regardless of how little our ministry is.
---ryan3888 on 10/11/07

Susie thank you - I like Ray Comfort and have some of their books

Rooney your right but my it is difficult to weed past the true from the false and before I lay out 150$ I'd want to have some respect for the person. As it is with Hinn (I just don't know).

Jonathen - pretty strong for someone who does not know me, my motives or my heart

whisper - I'm listening and I'll check his program
Have you taken his class?
---Andrea on 10/11/07

Rooney...You don't have a clue what you are talking about. My husband and I are actively involved in ministry and travel over 2000 miles a month to do it. And, we don't ask for a penny from anyone. Souls are being saved without "funny doctrine" as one poster stated. It's all about JESUS!!!
---Susie on 10/11/07

Another good source for evangelism teaching is Ray Comfort. His teachings are totally Biblical and full of enthusiasm.
---Susie on 10/11/07

Andrea: The same Holy Spirit that resides inside of Benny Hinn resides inside of me because we as the body are to dwell in unity one with the other. God never blesses a body divided. He is NOT A FALSE prophet, he is very much a true prophet, and repentance is necessary, for God will never bless the life of one who comes against a true prophet, I am always bearing witness in my spirit with the things he is saying. Many TRUE prophets are torn to shreds on christianet which is like a kick in my stomach.
---Whisper on 10/11/07

Andrea, before you can even consider taking an online course in evangelism, I really think you need to first take a course in humility. Without first taking this one, I think even the course in evangelism won't help you much. In my few years of experience as an evangelist, I have discovered that God doesn't deal with Avangelists of the Pharisees mode, and I used to be one of them.
---Jonathan on 10/11/07

Susie,Andrea and others, you may have a low opinion of this man Benny Hinn, and you're entitled to it. But believe me, the guy is far more productive for Christ than a lot of you folks who are doing little more than posting a few posts here! Yes, I do think so.
---Rooney on 10/11/07

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I can't think of anyone who has led more people to the Lord than Bonnke or Hinn. Sure, they may have some funny doctrines. But if you want evengelism these guys are proof that they know what they are doing. If Bonnke has an evangelism course I would think it would be excellent.
---john on 10/11/07

Check out the School of Christ website. Pastor Clendening is an anointed minister and missionary who is in his 80's and has an excellent reputation. Forget about listening to those false prophets like Benny Hinn. Listen to one who isn't teaching false doctrine and acting like he is part of a sideshow act.
---Susie on 10/10/07

Whisper - I'm just so ---Benny Hinn --- I don't know if I could take instruction from him. If I'm wrong I repent but he seems like such a charleton

He does know how to get the message out and that is what I want
---Andrea on 10/10/07

If you are looking for one that is Spirit Filled in content, I personaly could think of no one that I like better as an on line Spirit Filled teacher that really goes in depth the way Benny Hinn does, R. Bonnke is a German man with a powerful African evangelistic ministry. This Is Your Day is what you log into. and will give you the info. Bonnke just is not a teacher the way that B. Hinn is.
---Whisper on 10/10/07

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