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Best Ways To Witness

Which is more important: that we present ourselves as doctrinally correct, or that we show each other patience and kindness?

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 ---InimicusStultitiae on 10/10/07
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matthew - when I witness to people I ask them if they want to spend eternity with the Lord.
Not if they want to spend eternity with satan.

Does that message glorify Christ?
Does it glorify Christ if you go around and espouse your opinions and judge others.
I tell people Jesus told me to go out and share the 'Good news' it is the Holy Spirit's job to convict you of sin.

There have been evangelists that used that message but what message do you use?
---Andrea on 10/25/07

Jesus spoke more about hell than heaven and described hell more than heaven. Shouldn't the Gospel we preach mimic His? If it doesn't maybe we should question if we are preaching a different Gospel. Do we talk about hell when we witness? We should because Jesus did so, and he did it because he loved.
---Matthew_from_LA on 10/13/07

2) If you see a kid about to touch a stove burner you would stop them right? Would you tell them why you stopped them? You should. If you did is it unloving? No, because now they are more likely not to touch the burner knowing the unfortuante result. If you didn't tell Him why he shouldn't touch the burner is he more likely to touch the burner and get burned? Yes, and by then it would be too late.
---Matthew_from_LA on 10/13/07

Some feel they don't need God's love at all. Maybe they have money. When you talk about God, they respond "I don't need God, I'm happy." What do you do then? Do you walk away or do you preach the Gospel that Jesus preached? Because if all you talked about is love you only covered some of the true Gospel message.
---Matthew_from_LA on 10/13/07

Duane - can I ask you how many people you've led to the Lord?

You people who rail against easy believism are quick to think you can scare someone into heaven.
Have you tried loving them first?
---Andrea on 10/11/07

Letting people see "Jesus" in us is one of the best approaches we can do. We will not, or even could not ever be 100% doctrinally correct anyways. Most people who even try to be doctrinally correct are doing so in vain anyways, showing the world their so-called intelligence. Live your life as a testimony to Jesus Christ. That's my best advice. God bless!
---Angela on 10/11/07

You WILL go to HELL if you follow vain Doctrine!!!
GOOD JOB Cinthia!
God has promised destruction to those nations that don't follow the examples that we're given to us!
With flattering tongues they decieve themselves...
---Duane_m on 10/11/07

I'm sorry, Good Job, Cathrine!
I would ask others, to read...
Jude 1:21-23
The Bible has ALL the answers you need!
---Duane_m on 10/11/07

You may sit around all day and look sweet if you want. But I am telling you God is fed up with this society. You don't sweet talk people right into hell either. Tough times brings tough messages from God. Wake up America. This prophet is not sweet.
---catherine on 10/11/07

We are vessels that God uses to lead the unsaved to Jesus Christ. We,should present the truth of the word of God in kindness and patience to others. So I would say that both are correct. We have to be sure that we are sharing the truth in line with the word of God. We plant the seed, and if that person does decide to recieve Christ as their Lord and Savior, God should get the Glory. It is not us who saves anyone, we just share what Christ has done in our own lives as born again believers.
---Cynthia on 10/11/07

#-1-Recently I had this experience. After making an altar call to a group of men in public,5 men came forward and followed me in a sinner's prayer. A minister standing by and observing this made this statement. I can not believe the response you got, I have never seen anything like this. When I began to tell him about having a message of how someone could be saved would get results in a very agitated and stated.
---Mima on 10/11/07

#-2- Oh I do not believe in the way you are doing this. I would never use a set method or a formula. Well I said how much success are you having, I do not know he said. So regardless of whether my method is correct or not he saw the results yet refused to consider doing something along the same lines.-- go figure
---Mima on 10/11/07

Sometimes you are not to cast your pearls to the swine in both cases. They will only take it and trample it under their feet.
---Whisper on 10/11/07

Both ways are important. We need the truth and it need to be done with patience and kindness. One without the other is not edifying to ourselves or to others. We must remember as Christians we are to show love, at all times, to others who may not understand why we do the things that we do. Love is the backbone of Christianity. If we fail in this area, we are no better than the world and all of its evil ways.
---Robyn on 10/10/07

The Moderator is here to make the call between the unkind, hypercritical and the the truth spoken in love.

---Michelle on 10/10/07

If there needs be a choice,patience and kindness and the rest of the fruits of the Spirit. THe main thing is the presence of the Holy Spirit because it is not us who do the saving it is He.
---larry9688 on 10/10/07

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Oh definitely patience and kindness come first, I think, but of course we should also be doctrinally correct. But I've seen so many people "witness" by being rude to the person and all that does is leave a bad taste in the unbeliever's mouth, so to speak.
---Mary on 10/10/07

patient and kind - all the doctrinal stuff is a turn off to the unchristian anyway. Jesus did not come preaching doctrine, His message is simple and loving full of mercy

"take my yoke all of you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest'

now that's sound doctrine
---Andrea on 10/10/07

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