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Salvation Or Sanctification

I'd like to know how people define the biblical concept of SANCTIFICATION and how that compares to their definition of SALVATION.

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 ---AG on 10/11/07
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Salvation leads to sanctification. Aft you'v received The True salvation of God, sanctification comes to keep you progressing in growth. Matt.24 v 13.
---Lawrence on 8/5/10

cindy, i would have to disagree w/ you. We have already died to sin, Sanctifation and righteousness is a gift from God, which we get through the blood of jesus and the cross. (romans 6 and romans 9:30??)

God has dealt w/ our sinful nature by killing the sinner, not by strengthing us to overcome it.
---mark_B. on 10/20/07

Sanctification is a continual work of the Holy Spirit in the believer to conform us to the image of God's Son. It is the holy Spirits work to bring practical holiness and the fruit of the Spirit in ones live. This is continual process until one is taken to be with the Lord.

What does Gods justifying us by faith move us to do in return?
2 Cor.5:17
1 Jn.4:19
---cInDy92714 on 10/19/07

Gods justifying us will inspire us to be a new person spiritually. We will not live in sin as we formerly did, but we will live holy lives as Gods people.


This new, holy life of loving service and thanksgiving is the FRUIT of our FAITH, the good work we do in response to Gods justifying us. We do NOT DO GOOD WORKS TO *EARN* SALVATION WE DO IT BECAUSE WE DO *HAVE* SALVATION.
---CiNdY92714 on 10/19/07

Salvation is the actual transaction we make with Christ, being born again. Sanctification happens much later in our walk with the Lord. Usually after we have been saved for some time. We have matured,grounded and are sure of our love for Christ and His for us. Then we move to a state where God sanctifies us or sets us aside for His special purposes. It is a level of faith that we rise to before God can do this work in us.
---Robyn on 10/19/07

What will keep us from sinning? Love(grace) or the law? I would think love.
A slave can obey and keep laws but hate his master.
A man under grace knows love, and he will love back if saved. If you love, you will NOT sin all you want to.
We love BECAUSE HE first loved us.
Law condemns
Grace says I love you.
---duane on 10/19/07

1) "Jude 1 warns against teachers who preach a license for immorality or turning the grace of God into lascviousness(You can sin all you want now and you are still saved)."

I never said such a thing. You cannot find responses by me that give a license for immorality or lasciviousness. Instead, I believe that grace teaches you to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts.
---Linda on 10/18/07

Matthew, don't forget that salvation is three-fold. It begins in the spirit of man~born again, born of God, born of the Spirit, he that is born of the Spirit is spirit. Then that salvation is worked out into the soul of man (mind, will, emotions, personality, intellect, imagination,etc) through the renewing of the mind to the truth already in the spirit of the born again man. Then it is culminated in "to wit, the redemption of the body".
---Linda on 10/18/07

Simply put, sanctificaton means "made holy", and salvation means "saved". Jesus, God's word, the Spirit, worship, and his blood sanctifies: this also saves souls, along with fervent praying, fasting, repentance from sin, obedience, anointing, and baptism.
---Eloy on 10/17/07

Simply put, sanctificaton means "made holy", and salvation means "saved". Jesus, God's word, the Spirit, worship, and his blood sanctifies: this also saves souls, along with fervent praying, fasting, repentance from sin, obedience, anointing, and baptism.
---Eloy on 10/17/07

I checked out the videos. Saw the intro and most of the other.
Tommorow will finish it. That media format is a good idea.
We people are quite into audio and video, movies, news,
documentaries, you name it! For most people, I think they
rather watch and or listen than read. "Eye" and "ear" appear
many times in the Bible. Take care and stay busy always.
---Nana on 10/17/07

When a person accepts the gospel of Christ, and confesses their sins and asks Jesus Christ to come into their heart and be their Lord and Savior, for their life. Then Jesus cleans their life up and wipes all their sins away--that is God's gaurantee! That is our Salvation! Then He, through time, seperates us from the worldly things in our life to bring us closer to Himself and fills us more and more with His Holiness--that is Sanctification! Jesus Christ is our gaurantee!
---gaia4978 on 10/16/07

Linda, the Bible treaches security but only as long as you are following Christ. There is "eternal security" but only as one is following Christ. The prodigal son is a great example of one who left their Father for the world(the parable says he was dead and lost while he was in the world), he repented came back to the Father and the Father said he is alive again.
---Matthew_from_LA on 10/16/07

Jude 1 warns against teachers who preach a license for immorality or turning the grace of God into lascviousness(You can sin all you want now and you are still saved). Jude then warns us of how the angels left their salvation in heaven and also warns how the Jews who were saved out of Egypt that later believed not were destroyed. The Bible does not teach you are always saved. It is a lie.
---Matthew_from_LA on 10/16/07

3) Also Linda this site you are on right now calls the Once Saved Always Saved a false Gospel. If you click "mall" on the top then click "free ecards" then click "apostate" you will find OSAS listed right there among other false Gospels. The whole reason I stayed on this site is because they don't believe in OSAS. The Bible is quite clear that if you return to the world you forfeit your inheritance. Therefore, I agree with those who run this site but I don't agree with you.
---Matthew_from_LA on 10/16/07

I am sure people are going to be just ecstatic to hear the good news of how they can't even find security in Christ Himself...or that they may even be of the number that isn't "chosen". Sounds wonderful but I cannot wish you godspeed. It makes no sense in your predestination theology to even attempt to preach the gospel since no man will hear unless God has already chosen him...and if already chosen, he doesn't need to hear your message because God has already taken care of the whole thing.
---Linda on 10/16/07

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Hello Nana, I have found a new place to share the truth. If you go to youtubedotcom and look up the name "NoLongerSilenced" I have started posting some vidoes there. I will be showing how the Bible clearly does not teach false doctrines such as Eternal Security etc. I hope you check it out. I also hope others here will to.
---Matthew_from_LA on 10/16/07

Compare these two Scriptures:
Isaiah 8:13: "Sanctify the LORD of hosts himself, and let him be your fear,
and let him be your dread. 14: And he shall be for a sanctuary, but for a
stone of stumbling and for a rock of offence to both the houses of Israel,
for a gin and for a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem."
---Nana on 10/16/07

Philippians 2:12: "Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not
as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your
own salvation with fear and trembling. 13: For it is God which worketh in
you both to will and to do of his good pleasure."
---Nana on 10/16/07

They both contain "salvation" and "santification" and to me these scriptures
are interchangeable one with the other for they mean the same. And I see
that Emcee's blog line up them!
---Nana on 10/16/07

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Gayla that was an excellent answer. I have found that sanctification is an ongoing process of learning to yield to the Holy Spirit. Everyday listening to Him and walking by His voice. I keep my eyes off of myself and off of my sin and stay in communion with Him and He has done a wondrous work on me and through me.

It is absolutely not of my own doing, it is Christ in me my hope of glory.
---Andrea on 10/15/07

Salvation which is eternal life is immediate upon one becoming born-again. Sanctification is a life-long ongoing process of being set apart and made more and more holy and Christlike, this is a work of the Holy Spirit through the finished work of Christ on the Cross.
---Helen_5378 on 10/15/07

Salvation is by faith thru grace, sancitification is by faith thru grace. It is a second work of grace in our lives, cleaning us up, thru the power of the spirit, makeing us into the image of Christ, and continues thruout our lifetime.During this period of our lives we learn how to be overcomers. The spirit leads, and we follow.
---Gayla on 10/14/07

In hebrew the word for sanctify is "qadash".
It means to consecrate, prepare, dedicate, be holy, or be separate.

In greek the word for sanctify is "hagiazo".
It means to to separate from profane things, to consecrate or to purify.

The word picture for sanctifcation is "Unleavened bread". Unleaved bread has no yeast which represents sin.
Therefore sanctification would be to set something apart from sin or the process of purifying something of sin.
---AG on 10/12/07

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But we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth:

14 Whereunto he called you by our gospel, to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

sanctification- 1 set apart 2 saints and had made us priest and kings Rev1:6
Salvation- Matt1:21 saved from sin and saved too God's glory
---steven-rem7000 on 10/12/07

If salvation is a gift of Grace,then why did Jesus Say "Follow me" was it for Faith or was it for His actions as to HOW he lived His life as a man while being The Creator,and attaing Heaven. Satan has a way of camouflaging the truth do you wish to be beguiled ?
---Emcee on 10/12/07

This has been my understanding of it. Salvation is the gift of grace we receive at the time we ask Jesus to be Lord over us. Sanctification is a term the church has used to define the process of change in one's life after having accepted Christ in their heart. Such as putting away the old man and showing fruit of the spirit in it's place.
---kady on 10/12/07

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