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See Demons Everywhere

This young 18yr.old girl I go to church with has opened up about some real disturbing things to me. She says she sees demons ALL of the time, even to the point she can't move. How can I help her?

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 ---Angela on 10/11/07
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If you're christian, why don't you help her? if you can't, call to Jesus for help!!! pray for her!! or tell people who knows Jesus better and know the answer!
---Rina on 5/6/09

Dear Whoever, she is young and maturing in the seer anointing. It's never about you helping her.
She has an open door and has to learn how to discern between the two-angels and demons.
All the time is what bothers me. There are angels present too. Do not be afraid young lady.
There are doors that need to be shut. If she tells them they have no legal authority there and tells them by the blood of Jesus I command you to leave. They will.
I do not know her situation. Something has been done. Be her friend and listen.
---kenny on 3/30/09

I'm not about to go into detail so to elevate evil but to bind them back to oblivion from whence they came.

It doesn't matter that people do not see them what matters is that you have the correct advice should you encounter them.

Pray/Fast in the name of Jesus and command them to get out and bind them in Jesus's name to a dry and deserted land from which no human dwell.

You can only do so when they are active you cannot pray to an empty room, you have to know they are present or your wasting your time.

the woman above would do well for downloading relevant prayers from demon busters, they helped me after tailoring them to my needs.
---Carla3939 on 3/27/09

You need to get her delivered. Take her to your pastor or leadership and command in the name of Jesus to leave her and any other spirits associated with that demonic spirit to go and not come back. Anoint her with oil and ask her if she has opened any doors, like new age, or witchcraft, magic, or watching horror movies or reading things that are not holy. She needs to stop and ask God to forgive her and then fill her up with the peace that passes all understanding whose mind is stayed on thee. Also the demons may be where she lives, she need to do a house cleaning, get any idols that may be there and anoint the house and bleed the blood and command any spirits to go in Jesus name and then ask God to fill the house with his glory.
---Janine on 3/1/09

i believe in evil spirits or they may be called something else. my sister and her church were called upon many many times to remove these spirits from people through our Lord. In the house we moved from there was a evil spirit there that caused a lot of problems and I was hurt and had to have a very serious surgery 3 mos. ago and still can't use my hand and arm. plus i have encountered many. plus i have had visits from very enlighten spirits . like i say, they may be known as some thing else. and i have been in the light. i have seen orbs.many many times have things came to me before a death. and i know i have had an angel visit me in human form when i was in hospital. so, i believe in demoms, etc. blessings in the name of our LORD! LORAINA
---loraa8379 on 3/1/09

How can one see a demon when all angels look alike?
---Steveng on 2/27/09

This poor girl needs serious corporate prayer, fasting and counseling.
The enemy has buffered her with these phony visions that attest to demonic presence and are designed to erode her faith further.
Real spiritual eyesight of course would include the power to see all things spiritual including angels and the heavenlies, providing her assurance that she is under the watchful eye of her creator as promised.
Humans have spiritual insight but spiritual "eyesight" is for spritual beings i.e. when your dead.
Other episodes have been allowed by God but always for a purpose.
---larry on 2/27/09

as a person who has once been in the same situation as the young lady you wrote about (because i too have the same gift) there a number of things you can tell her to do. for starters you can tell her that the ability to see demons are a gift from God, but if it is a gift that she is not ready for, she can ask that he remove the gift.
---chantia on 2/27/09

I personally have seen demons many times. Jesus said "I give you power over all the power of the ememy" This should be considered a gift. It is called spiritual discernment. Your friend should not ignore this, but should see what the Bible says about demons and familiar spirits. Jesus never ignored demons and we should not either.
---Mike on 10/31/08

To the 18yr old girl~ (Nikao~Overcomer)
Your friend is being pestered by demonic activity,we can actract them by our own activities.Here are some things you can do.
Find a trustworthy adult who is a seasoned Christian.Ask them to start a prayer time with you daily.Share the Word of God it is your sword!Sing the words of God,this will draw you both nearer to Him.Tell her not to acknowledge them when she see's them to sing the word of God out loud or recite scripture.Encourage your friend to seek a Christian Councelor who is seasoned.Our team will be with you in prayer.
---Rita on 10/29/08

Maybe your ready to wake up.
---Ahiah on 10/2/08

You really should encourage her to see a competent psychiatrist. There are even some who are Christians. She may have a serious medical problem that could be corrected with some simple medication. I am not discounting the supernatural, but I would look first for a natural medical chemical imbalance or mental illness. My sister has one, and she has been a ward of the state for 40 years. She is better with medicine, but still completely disabled. There is a full spectrum of how this disease can impact a life, but left untreated it will only get worse.
---obewan on 10/2/08

I have had the Lord my whole life and I knew he was always there. It always seemed like he was a million miles away to me but as my head cleared I realized I am the one drawing away. The Lord loves all of us not matter what, but I say to your this life is going to pass for all of us so have faith and draw closer. I too have been down the wrong sides of the road more than I like to mention in the past and I too have lost ones I love.
---Darin on 10/1/08

Kevin, believe it or not, this is a good sign - God chastises His children when they are disobedient. If He had abandoned you, you would be whistling "Dixie" down the Road to Perdition! Like a certain comedian, who has a certain movie coming out.

The Lord wants you to return to Him, and I would think that includes returning to your family. You made a vow before God (presumably), and "What God has joined, let no man separate." (Mark 10:9). But if it's too late, then I would suggest you spend all your spare time with God - believe His Word, read the Bible, and learn the hidden riches it contains.
---Luke65 on 10/1/08

Return to Jesus, Kevin. He will take you back in a heartbeat if you'll just ask Him to. He loves you more than you can possibly begin to know, and wants you to come back to Him and find peace and total healing of your spirit and mind. Whatever problems you may have had before that may have led to this can also be dealt with by the Lord in His time and I am praying earnestly for you, please keep talking and may God bless you and heal your heart. Love in Christ, Mary
---Mary on 10/1/08

I don't want anyone banned. We should self-censor our posts. If someone insults me, as they have in the past, I found I was allowed to direct the insult back to the person. If insults are allowed, we should ALL be allowed the privilege. Of course, a better Christian than me would just turn the other cheek. I am working on it. But I don't want people going away with the idea that I am sitting crying at home because they got to me. Christians ought to be strong, not weak. Showing weakness is not going to help our side.
---frances008 on 10/1/08

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We as Christians have authority over all demons
I would take authority over them and tell them to leave they have no authority no place in the Body of Christ. I have been there and its frightening You have to approach her with love
---Rocky on 10/1/08

I have had a mixed up bringing. All my family are Christians and i was until earlier this year. I left my wife and children and the church. I hear demons every day. They bring a cloud of blackness over you life and sometimes all you can do is sit in fear. I have lost everything and God seems a million billion miles away. Some times i feel peaceful but most of the time I feel like my head has caved inside out. If you find an answer let me know.
---Kevin on 10/1/08

Mark ... In my last line I should have said "we" not "you"
---alan_of_UK on 9/22/08

Mark ...
I do love you, as I love everyone here.
I don't agree with Atheist, but I don't want him banned
I sometimes don't agree with you, but I would not want you banned.
I'm sure Frances does not want me banned, although sometimes i irritate wer with my responses to some of her posts
And I don't want Tom banned, in spite of him not reading what I say.
I don't agree with MIC, either now, or under his previous name, or with Nicole, but I don't want them banned.
And I certainly don't want anyone banned fro a second time, except for abusive posts.
In fact if these people were banned, as is the danger, we might not have any blogs where you could argue yuor beleifs
---alan_of_UK on 9/21/08

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Hi everyone, some very good points made here. I just have to say again, though, medical help may be needed here, DESPERATELY! I don't know any more than anyone else who doesn't know her but I would seriously suggest getting her to a good and qualified psychiatrist--preferably a Christian one if possible. Medication can be a life-saver!
---Mary on 9/21/08

continue: I do love you Alan but I cannot make you love me, only God can. I don't need your love, it should be coming out of your heart. You standing for the rights of those who speak evil of their fellow men, and go to extremes to continue their cause. I said to you that there will never be unity between those who speak evil in their tongues and those who speak for Christ. That is their nature and no one can change that nature but God. If God changes them, through regeneration then they too will speak on behalf of Christ and His Word instead of trying to discredit the Word of God, the Bible, for their own glory and denomination.
---Mark_V on 9/21/08

Alan, you did not come to my defense is true. That I didn't need your defense is true also. I don't get glory for someone supporting me, where I get glory is when someone gives glory to God and His Word. I was not asking for your support, I just never saw it. Many support my views and I appreciated that, but I know that they do it for the glory of God not for Mark. I also know in my heart they and I are not perfect in knowledge of everything, but we stand for the essentials of the Christian faith and support them for the love of Christ.
Many of my post were not posted. I asked the mod if they had some kind of guideline. I didn't see an answer. But I know and trust that the moderators are doing a great job also for the glory of God.
---Mark_V on 9/21/08

Nark ... I am sorry you think i have been silen when someone has spoken to you about the devil

I have to admit that recently where you have spoken about that multiple name writing Satanic posts to you I just did not understand what you or he was talking about, so I could not comment, and yu certainly sseemed to need no defender.

My concern now is just that someone, with whom I profoundly disagree,should be silenced inadvertently because you do have not appreciated the implication of your form of addresss.

You might not like what I say, but you would not want me removed from here. & I'm sure yuo don,t want that other person removed, but your method of addressing him, or them, risks that.
---alan_of_UK on 9/20/08

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Actually Mark you do risk other's rights

Let me put the situation (and there is a risk in me doing this) as far as I was concerned ... for some reason (nothing to do with ways of expression, insults, but more for the views expressed & my defence against lies (YES LIES) about me) all my posts were not published.

I had to start again under new name.

Reflect how your way of addressing certain people might affect their continued ability to post.

Do you now see my concern?
I would rather have put this to you privately, but since you will not PP me, I have had to show that sad truth
---alan_of_UK on 9/20/08

Is it posible to be an enemy unto oneself.The truth is there are 2 forces Good and evil,Right from genesis spoken as a Prophecy BY GOD.You have to decide which side you are on. God has declared who the 2 sides are.Need I say more.Mary the Mother of My Creator is MY witness and Yes: She will crush His HEAD" DRV.YOU want Jesus then you have to take MARY.She is the 2nd EVE.just as Jesus the man is the 2nd ADAM."what God hath joined together let no man put asunder"This decides YOUR destiny.
---MIC on 9/20/08

Alan, I don't risk the rights of people to blog. They have the rights I have. This website gives rights to people who are not even Christians so don't come out with that stuff to me. I'm not responsible for others in their comments, but only responsible for what I write. I have done nothing to put anyone in the position they are in. I have only answered to the person who has changed his name but is the same person. I didn't change it.
Second, there can never be unity between those who speak for Christ and those who speak for the enemy. Never will. I have not seen you defend me when someone says something to me about the devil. Not one post, yet you defend someone who does. If you are the defender of people, where were you when I needed you?
---Mark_V on 9/20/08

Danelle, What exactly is a generational curse? Can you give a couple of examples?
---Trish on 9/20/08

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Tell her to read KJV-Luke 10:19-10:24! Demons are real! She is 18 and goes to church. Believe her. She told you for a reason. She wouldn't tell you if she didn't trust you. Also she probably has the gift of I Cor.12:10 discerning of spirits. There is a book I found to be useful and true called They shall expel demons by Derek Prince. available at bookstores and internet!!!
---Trish on 9/19/08

Mark ... you risk the right of poeple to blog

If you still don't understand, please contact me Alan8366, so I can explain why I had to post under a new name, and how I achieved it.
---alan_of_UK on 9/19/08

Sometimes People make mistakes which others point out ,not to offend but to clear the air,But when they persist then they offend God not willingly but nevertheless it is so. An Offence.Read Exodus 28:16 and Deut5:20.I say this out of Kindness as an elder brother in Christ.Go in Peace.
---MIC on 9/19/08

Emcee/Mic/ Nana, more evil comes from your mouth. You knew what I meant, "It meant "we" as many of people do. You understood that, but decided your opportunity was open to bring forth evil from your heart. I already knew that because of have seen your other evil comments before. Why don't you try changing sides help others instead of the side you are working for now?
---MarkV. on 9/18/08

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MarkV, Mark_V or whomever you are,
Why do yo call me evil? It was you who said, "What I am saying is that much of what we think, feel and believe is really of our own making." Why do you fault me for seeing in you that which you clearly declare of yourself and others? If you stuck your foot in your mouth and said what you did not mean, retract and correct your saying, but don't try to make others pay for your blunder.
---Nana on 9/17/08

Nana, why do you resort to evil? Why is evil your means of answering anyone? Could you not add advice to edify others? Why does it have to come from your heart as evil? You are the other one I mention to Nicole and Emcee who used evil thoughts on others whom you dislike. No child of God would say what you have said not just on this blog but on many others. Only you and two other Catholics resort to doing that.
---MarkV. on 9/17/08

What I am saying is that much of what we think, feel and believe is really of our own making.
---Mark_V. on 7/31/08
Hehe, you are living proof of that!
---Nana on 8/1/08

mark, demons are fallen angels. In Scripture the angels manifest themselves as humans and possess individuals. The angels have that ability. While you might not know it is a demon, it might be one and you don't notice it. If we study Scripture we know that a true Christian can never be possessed by a demon. It is the temple of God.
That said, many times (not always) when others say they have seen demons, it's the mind that takes in what we, read, study, see in pictures. All by themselves they enter those thoughts in their brain of demons when there is no demon present. What I am saying is that much of what we think, feel and believe is really of our own making. They don't have to do anything, the person is doing everything on their own.
---Mark_V. on 7/31/08

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well if this person sees demons can anyone tell me where in the Bible it says that you can "SEE" demons you may see the demon posesed but not the demon. Discuss.
---mark on 7/31/08

Mark v

What Angela has explained is not on that thread I feel and see demons if they are present, I never believed until I experienced living with them for 7yrs that they existed in the form Angela spokes of.

After much time I decided to testify about what was happen and found only one person was wiling to assure me that I was not alone and just how bad her experience was.

Demons are real not to be messed with but do exist, they differ according to your belief, If you think they wont possess you then your ignorant, the strength is not in you but through Jesus Christ.
---Carla5754 on 7/26/08

frances008: "there is a place for fear. This is the kind of fear that tells you to be careful. The kind of fear that tells you to flee from sin. The kind of fear that tells you someone is going to kill you if you do not move out of his way, The fear of God is good. It (fear) is sin.

There is no place for fear in your definition.

In your post, you're mixing fear, as in frightened, with fear, as in reverential awe. They are not the same, only in word.

There is also another fear for it is written, "Do not fear men who can only kill the body, but fear God who can kill the body and the soul."

Besides, I don't remember "fear" as being a commandment.
---Steveng on 7/25/08

Language is so often misused. 'Fear' is an example of a word that has many usages. Like 'judge'. So, Catherine, my summing up was not appreciated. Ah well! You cannot please everyone, so if I pleased the Holy Spirit it is enough.
---frances008 on 7/25/08

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I also see demons from time to time and yes, I fear them also, but I just pray my sweet Jesus to protect me and that fear is gone. Fear is NOT a sin so long as you pray to Jesus to give you strength to stand up to them in HIS name and HE WILL give you that strength and PROTECT you. That girl needs to give herself wholeheartedly to OUR LORD JESUS and Pray for his divine intervention and protection when she sees a demon. Sounds to me she is thinking too much about demons and not enough about her LORD and SAVIOR. Once she does this she will see less and less demons as I now do.
---Bryan on 7/25/08

Frances I rebuke you. Lets have a rebuttal.
---catherine on 7/25/08

Well, if she speaks the truth and physically sees demons, it's a great gift.

Remind her that demons have no ability to possess a Christian. Therefore, a demon cannot kill her, although she may be subject to injury if they are that kind of demon.

Remind her that there's no reason to be afraid. Demons are basically juggernauts to us mortals. But with our weapon, Jesus, they're just ants. Tell her that she can banish demons with Jesus.

Honestly demons are weak beings compared to Jesus.
---Connor on 7/25/08

Just to let you know ive known people that sees stuff like that and also hears voices.
Their is medication out there for it. Ive known people that has flashes of killing people and they are in and out of the hospital getting help. Its scary stuff! And its really real to them. I hope this helps some!
---Karen5894 on 7/24/08

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Catherine, there is a place for fear. This is the kind of fear that tells you to be careful. The kind of fear that tells you to flee from sin. The kind of fear that tells you someone is going to kill you if you do not move out of his way, The fear of God is good. But to be controlled by fear itself (paralyzed) or fear of the enemy is bad. It is sin. God has not given us a spirit of fear but of sound mind.
---frances008 on 7/24/08

Fear is lack of trust in God's provision and protection. It is unbelief. You need to be prayed over if you are fearful. A Christian life cannot produce any fruits whilst in a state of fear. We cannot fight against spiritual beings in the heavenlies by being cowed by them into inaction, paralyzed like a deer caught in headlights. Jesus calmly walked through a crowd that was about to throw him over a cliff. Courage, my friends. You won't achieve anything by fearfulness. The thing the devil fears most is fearless Christians who will be ready to lay down their lives for their faith. The thing that helps the devil most is fearful Christians who do not expose the truth.
---frances008 on 7/24/08

It is not a sin to feel fear. I have never been convicted of it. It is a sin to run. God's people gains victories over Satan. God helps us to be victorious. But what person in this world believers and unbelievers who do not feel fear from time to time? If you don't you are not doing much. And if Satan is leaving you alone, Christians, I would be worried, because you are not doing much, if anything for God. It is true we are not to fear the devil, we are not to fear man, fear God instead. Again, it takes a very brave person, when Satan pours fear out upon you, but you stand your ground. Noone but you and God. Stand your ground. We don't carry weapons, we do not have the whole world backing us up. Don't pity the Christians, we have God.
---catherine on 7/24/08

Donna, forgive me for saying this, but I offer my experience just like you do, because I have seen what this studies of demons can do to Christians. Everywhere they look there is a demon. It changes their whole attitude even to the point they don't want anyone to speak against that.

When a Christians whole mind is concentrated on demons there is less time spend learning about who God really is. They know more about demons then they know about God. You ask them anything about the Sovereignty of God and His nature and character and they know zip. But they know everything about demons and Satan. Isn't that a good way of keeping a Christian away from God?
---Mark_V. on 7/24/08

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Angela, unless you have the anointing to "set the captive free" and cast out demons, you can only pray to the Lord and ask Father God to set her free.

Seek the Deliverer and HE will provide the Deliverance.

Once you ignite prayer for her, the Lord will do the rest. Demons are not to be messed with, they are very evil, and evil brings with it power that is evil, make sense?

Also, to those who do not have revelation knowledge from God on demons and how they operate and who can and cannot see them, we should not offer our opinions. ONLY if we experience them ourselves are we equipped to discuss them. Man does not live by bread alone, but by EVERY word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Amen.
---donna8365 on 7/24/08

Carla, I too refuse to believe that a hand painting picture which has a dragon would be a demon or satan. But he did. Derek Prince. That was my point. I have his books and one states just that. What I wanted to point out is that it even change his attitude. And that is what happens when people enter those idea's into their heads. Many take his and others statements so seriously that their own lives began to change. The one most important thing I see with this studies is that it takes the responsibility of the person and puts it on the demons. The devil made me do it, as if they are not responsible. Very dangerous ground to be on.
---Mark_V. on 7/24/08

Believe what you want Mark v but I refuse to believe that a hand painting figure or picture is a fallen angel, (demon), it may be an object featuring evil but your explanation of demons defies all the Scripture concerning powers principalities..., and is an accursed gospel because it is not written.
---Carla5754 on 7/24/08

Demons should not ever bother Christians because they work through lies. The truth is that demons believe in God and tremble. They put up a front of disbelief, challenging God, rebelling, but in their hearts they know Jesus is Lord. The problem is that Christians do not all accept that Jesus is Lord and think, sometimes, that the devil is more powerful. Fear is sinful. We must believe, not fear. Godly fear is good. Fear of the devil is unbelief in God. Take your God-given authority over demons and send them out of the house, or the person who needs praying over. Demons attack in many ways. Jesus cured people through casting out demons.
---frances008 on 7/23/08

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Danelle, I say this things to you only because it is very important that we are careful how far we take certain studies as those of demons.

I took studies for two years a long time ago from the teachings of Derek Prince, "Blessing or Curse" Freedom from pressures you though you had to live with. Here is just a point of what I am talking about. Derek said, "I began to notice a change in my attitude toward the dragons" He was having troubles and began to sense opposition, and then realized it was a picture of four dragons he had on the wall and since dragon many times represent Satan, the picture was attacking him. Pictures have no power. Yet he confesses his attitude had change.
---Mark_V. on 7/23/08

Carla5754 Ditto! Yes,---UNBLEIEVERS. I would be a bit dense to expect everyone to agree with me. And like I said earlier, I do not write about things of which I am ignorant. To those who think Iam giving demons too much publicity, well if you are confident in Yeshua and your salvation,you can't go wrong by learning why this world is so war-torn,why thee are so many murders, rapes,ect. If I had children, I wouldn't alow them to play in the front yard without supervision! The D word is behind all this.
---Danelle8439 on 7/23/08

Markv I don't know what you are talking about. Could you possibly make yourself more clearly understood?
---Danelle on 7/23/08

Danelle, on 7/12 you gave almost everything everyone in life has had, read, understood, learned from, had relatives such as those you mentioned. You covered just about everything every single person has done, or did, or came from. Not many come from a Bible family, who always study the Word of God. Remember we were all lost at one time. But that doesn't mean that just because that happened in a later time, or had relatives, demons are there. You are giving the demons more credit then they deserve. How about the sinful acts of man? It wasn't the demon, but the flesh. Where is man's responsibility? An what if God wants to permit someone to stay tormented for a purpose as He did with Paul? There is a danger to go all the way to the left.
---Mark_V. on 7/23/08

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Mark, you will find my explanation about the mystry of the girl and the Free Masons somewhere on this blog. To a first time reader of Christianet,thier first reaction might be what is WRONG with this horror stricken girl!
---Danelle8439 on 7/22/08

To the Blogger who wanted to know why the girl wasn't able to move,perhaps because someone in her family or lineage may have been into Free Masonry,please be advised that it is the demons possibly contacted by this activity that are holding the poor girl in immovable horror--not the cult. If you wish to know more aboutthe enemy, I suggest you visit your local Christian Book Store and read what everyone should know about them. They are evil and looking for anything anti-God, as a way to inhabit a person. I suggest you learn about Generational Curses too. I do not blog about things I am ignorant about!
---Danelle_8439 on 7/19/08

If your friend has demon activity going on she needs to repeat the name of Jesus over and over and over again in her mind until it free's her.

This is how the ones I experienced started, then after leaving my last home I realised how bad it had got as I could for the first time in 7years go to bed without being afraid, and kept the same principle up until I am no longer trouble by demons.

The worst thing she'll experience is ''christian'' nonbelievers.
---Carla5754 on 7/18/08

Danelle, If you are not kidding, and you are not playing around and that you take it serious, then can you teach us, who didn't take the studies of demonology as you did from whomever you did. How having a relative as a Free Mason, can make this girl not move? I don't need an explanation about Free Masons, I know very much about them. But how is it possible for Free Masons to be able to not make her move? Do they have powers that can make others not move? Or is it the person that cannot move that permits this Free Masons to somehow enter her body? I hear what you are saying just don't understand it.
---Mark_V. on 7/18/08

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i would like to know more about this free mason cult. she isn't crazy. demons are real. only because people don't believe they are. doesn't mean anything. just like god, he doesn't need us to believe. he will still be god know matter what!!!
---dreamer on 7/18/08

Angela, can we get an update?

---Nancy on 7/17/08

To the person who seemed aghast that I would question the girl who was seeing demons that someone in her family might or may have been a Free Mason, I say to you that I am thoroughly versed in demonology and know for a fact that Free Masonary is a CULT that takes blood oaths. It is a secret society, that initiates members with fear of death if the cults secrets are disclosed. I have learned about many cases where children have been demonically attacked because of hexes,vexes, incantations and blood oaths. No, I am not kidding! I don't kid about things as serious as this.
---Danelle on 7/17/08

Danelle, "Someone in her family a Free-Mason" are you kidding? Do you really think that could be the problem? She cannot move Danelle. I think the best advice is for Angela to bring the gospel Truth to the person. The Word of God. If God brings light to His word, she will have nothing more to worry about. "Greater is He that is in me, then he who is in the world" She will have no more problems and she will move, if she doesn't have a handicap problem also. Everyone needs Christ. Those without Christ are going to hell whether they see demons or not.
---Mark_V. on 7/17/08

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This girl really ought to see a psychiatrist as quickly as possible, in order to rule out physical reasons for the visions which can range from brain-chemical imbalance to a life-threatening tumor. (The part about not being able to move is indicative of some sort of neural problem.)

A psychiatrist can also determine if said visions are a result of psychological trauma. In these cases, the visions would represent an evil done to the seer, not actual demons.

And naturally, there is always prayer. But it might be better to save any mention of actual demons for private prayer, where this person cannot hear them mentioned and be caused distress by it.
---Nancy on 7/16/08

To the girl who said her friend was seeing demons and was so frightened she couldn't move.I say gently probe the girl and ask her if she has been involved in any form of witchcraft( which would involve rebellion.) What about her friends? Has she played with a Ouija board,been involved in a cult,worn a mood ring, read a horoscope, seen a psychic,has a superstition,felt rejection,was (is) someone in her family a Free Mason. Has she done illegal-drugs,LSD, has someone in her family or generation read tea leaves,done Yoga with Mantra and so much more.Help your friend by asking questions?
---Danelle on 7/12/08

Asking someone to tell you what one looks likes is childish being a ''prophet'' like Christ......... you should have no problem understanding the word.

To want proof as it were is as bad as asking if there is a God.

The bible say's there are demons you don't need:
Common sense tell you If theres God theres Evil. If theres A God Theres the devil. You just need to be able to Read!!!!!!
---Carla5754 on 7/12/08

I have a hard time believing that anyone is seeing demons. What do they look look? I want to know. Next time you see her, ask her, what does the demons look like? I shouldn't be laughing, as much trouble as I had when I was lost. But I am!
---catherine on 7/12/08

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She must have great things in store for her if they are all over her in that way. Some will argue this can't be. It can be worse Mark 5:8-9 talks about a man possessed with many demons called "Legion". This girl needs your prayers and others.
2 Chronicles 7:14
With a command in the name of Jesus Christ the demons have to leave.
---dayce on 7/12/08

Yes, I admit I was under some stress when I saw the demons. They may well have been attacking my mind. I did not wishful think them into existence though. It is possible that God showed me something about those people, and that the reason for my stress was demons working in the people in that place (a further education establishment). Atheists say the mind can hallucinate voices from God and anything it LIKES, but you don't hallucinate something you don't even WANT. I was not at all afraid at the time. I also heard the devil speak to me, and a Pastor confirmed it was the devil. Oh ye of little faith. I believe peoples' experiences and think that many have an extra sense. I don't claim to have it. Just to have had a taste of it.
---frances008 on 7/12/08

Hi, I'm not disagreeing that some people have seen demons or thought they did, but I just really want to re-integrate the idea of mental health help into this blog--urgently! I have a brain condition which sometimes causes me to have bizarre hallucinations--but it's my brain and not demonic in my case and I think soooo often people could be helped with the right medications. Medication is NOT a bad thing if it's done right by the right doctor. :)
---Mary on 7/11/08

To those who have blogged here, saying they have SEEN demons--I am baffled! They have tormented me since childhood,i.e. boils, headaches, depression, grief, abandonment, ect. But, as they are forever reserved in chains of darkness, I havenever actually SEEN one, neither do I want to! Jes,you didn't want to reveal some things you were experiencing.I understand. Demons mess up the mind,that's what they AIM for! You may be gripped with sudden,unreasonable HORROR and wonder why.You may think you are CRAZY and have yourself comitted. The only thing that will help is a casting out! Demons enter us through the sins of our generations.Satan doesn't play fair! Also, we open doors for them through own own !
---Danelle on 7/11/08

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its not a mental ilness lisa i know you were not talking to me but i see the demones as well not in no wall or enything like that they go ever i go and then when i thank they are gone they come back iv seen them show there full figure a few times and i know what i have is a gift becuse it came from god they will leave when rebuked
---tom on 7/9/08

Demons are NOT something to take lightly. Although they are no match for Jesus the Christ, they are much stronger than the unsaved soul and even the doubting christian. Their greatest defense is to be unknown. I am 32 years old and they have tormented me since childhood. I used to think I was cursed. I realize now it is a gift, although it makes living much more difficult when you are more sensitive to them. Read Mark 5:1-3, Luke 9:37-42, Acts 8:4-8, Matthew 9:32-33, Matthew 17:14-18, & Luke 11:24-26. The only release or rest from them is in Jesus! You must fill yourself with Him!
---Matthew on 6/30/08

If you really want to find out, read the Book of Job!
Satan was ALLOWED to do Many things to him,
including putting a sickness upon him.
We must Endure unto the End!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/11/08

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