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Take Lord's Name In Vaid

What does it really mean in your own words to take the Lord's name in vain?

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 ---Cynthia on 10/12/07
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My public school students started taking the Lord's name in vain all the time and I stopped them- I couldn't stand to hear the name of Jesus as a swear word. To get around the religous issue I said, "You don't see me going around saying Oh my allah or buddah every time I stub my toe. It's rude and insensitive to the Christians in the room and there are some here." My kids see it now as offensive to a certain religous group in the class so they don't do it. Praise God!
---MichelleS on 10/22/07

When you are baptized into the Family of God and married to Christ you take his Name if you live in adultry by operating in an antichrist life style, having no witness, or power of the Gospel evident, you are taking the Lords name in vain. The Angels will Mark you with the Mark of disobedience
for the vials of wrath to be poured out upon. The wrath is upon the children of disobedience, and those children of the kingdom are cast into eternal darkness.
---exzucuh on 10/22/07

When you take God's name in vain,[refer to Him in a sling fashion or negative expression
of thought]you abuse His deity.He then becomes of less value in your life.You don't injure or abuse anything you love,if you love it.Otherwise.........your'll lose it.
Iam the last of the major spirits of the
Almighty God, from which came forth this knowledge.Ihope it filled the vold in your
---Jack on 10/22/07

Today (10/21) I heard yet another local radio preacher use the Lord's name in vain by use of the word "doggone" in his message. That's twice this month by two different preachers. Incredible!!!
---Leon on 10/21/07

To me, taking the Lords name in vain is more then swearing. If someone proclaims( false prophets) something is from God and it is not, that is taking God's name in Vain.
---kathr4453 on 10/19/07

You may think what you will, but I feel funny when I even say gosh. How many of you are tuned in and sensitive to the Person of the Holy Spirit?
---catherine on 10/17/07

There probably is an origin to many swear words but I understand there is also an origin to expressions that many do not consider swearing or cursing. I was disciplined when I was a very new Christian because I used the words Gosh! and Crikey! as expressions of surprise. I was told that these words has been adapted from God and Christ so that people could curse without it sounding as if they were doing so
---RitaH on 10/17/07

Beautiful post michelle
Oh Yia,
Absolute, Awesome, Almighty Beautiful, Blameless, Boundless
Councelor, Comforter, Creator, Christ
Deliverer, Delightful, Defender
Eternal One, Faithful One,,,
I'm feeling a song, Praise God
and thats only 6 letters of the alphabet !
---imahoosoever on 10/16/07

Someone has way to much time on their hands.

how many times do we curse in another language and don't know it. Silly -
---Andrea on 10/15/07


Doggone means "damned" or "to damn".
Those words in themselves are not bad. It is how we use them that can be sinful.
---Adam on 10/15/07

What does "doggone" mean Linda? Do you use the word? What does cultural "popularity" (useage) have to do with the word being right or wrong?

You said, most people who use the word don't know it's meaning. That's exactly why I mentioned it to my Christian brother & why I posted it on this blog. God doesn't want us to be ignorant regarding right & wrong. We wrong our fellow Christians when we don't lovingly confront their error.

I hope you're not offended. :)
---Leon on 10/15/07

Pointing it out only causes the offense to abound. The Word tells us that is what happens. Why not let the Holy Ghost convict? He's pretty good at that.
---Linda on 10/15/07

Leon, the way you worded your response made it sound like you looked up the word "dog" and it meant something blasphemous. If you were hesitant to even write the word "doggone" when making reference to what the man said, then why did you write it out at the beginning of your reply? Although I know what you are saying, that word is not popularly known as a blasphemous euphemism and most people who use it are ignorant of its meaning.
---Linda on 10/15/07

Lindaaaa! :) The issue isn't the word "dogs". What the Christian brother said was "dog'(gone)". If you don't know what that word really means, please look it (doggone) up in a dictionary. You will discover Paul, & certainly not Jesus, would've used such a blasphemous word. Neither should any Christian today speak such vile, obscene words. Again, please learn what the word means. Thank you. :)
---Leon on 10/15/07

Leon, Jesus used the word "dogs" when referring to a Greek Syrophonecian woman who came to him to cast a demon out of her daughter. Paul used the word "dogs" when referring to men who were "flesh eaters". Were Jesus and Paul cursing? To Paul, "doggone" would have been a good thing. Kind of like, "Get thee behind me Satan." The Word sets the precedent because it was in the mouth of God before there ever was a dictionary.
---Linda on 10/15/07

Recently, on the radio, I heard a preacher use the word "doggone" in his message. Though it doesn't specifically mention the name of Jesus, the word (look it up in your dictionary) is a euphemism for one that, in general, is a very offensive (blasphemous) curse word towards God.

Occasionally I hear other Christians use the same unholy word. Some time ago, in private, I told a Christian brother the word dog' (he'd just used it) was a curse word & he took offense to being corrected.
---Leon on 10/14/07

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Taking the Lord's name in vain is taking the name Christian and not being faithful to Him.
Just like getting married and taking your husband's name but not acting married or remaining faithful.
It is being a Christian in name only and continuing to live a lawless life.
---robin8683 on 10/14/07

It's using Jesus' name with a casual or disrespectful attitude. It's been debated whether or not the phrase "Oh My God" is taking the Lord's name in vain. From my study I've found that "God" is just a title. Jesus is God's name. 'Jesus is the only name under heaven which is able to save.' But the commandment that tells us not to take the Lord's name in vain wasn't given to us Gentiles. What we have to ask ourselves is "Is me saying this, loving toward God or my neighbor?"
---Adam on 10/14/07

I explained it to my children in very simple terms - any time someone says God's name without intending to communicate with Him (or when speaking about Him by way of explanation), then it is like ringing a doorbell and running away. It is rude and useless. Jack is also quite right. Quoting scripture is not bad, but when someone uses it inappropriately without intent to honour God, then it is in vain.
---lorra8574 on 10/12/07

I believe that this mainly means using 'God' or 'Jesus' as a swear word. I think it might also come in the same category if people say, totally insincerely, phrases such as "May God strike me dead if....." etc. Once we are saved we should only use God's name in context, never flippantly.
---RitaH on 10/12/07

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Jack, do you not also believe that quoting the Bible is to use it as a "talisman"?>>

Yes, I do.

Using the Bible as a grimoire (book of spells) is no better.
---Jack on 10/12/07

In the Name of Jesus Christ

The Name above every name named. Eph 1:21

In the Name of Jesus, the lame walk, healing in that Name
Acts 2:21
Acts 3:16
Acts 4:30

Give Thanks in the Name of the Lord
Eph 5:20

The Name of Jesus Christ
Mighty One

1 Cor 1:2
Col 3:17
2 Tim 2:19
Phil 2:9
James 5:14
Heb 13:15
1 John 3:23

---Michelle on 10/12/07

In the Name of Jesus

Alpha and Omega, The First and the Last
Bright and Morning Star
King of Kings
Chosen One
Prince of Peace
Living Water

---Michelle on 10/12/07

Hi Cynthia,

We take the Lord's name in vain literally when you use it as a curse word.

I have friends that also use the name God or Jesus, as an expression of excitement, or astonishment, or disgust. It grieves my soul when I hear it.

A friend of mine warned me about saying "Goodness Gracious!", because those are also God's names.

Pr 1:7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Thanks for the question.
---trey on 10/12/07

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Here are some ways a spirit of antichrist manifests

1 John 2:18
1 John 4:3
II John 7

Persecutes Christians
Blasphemes gifts of the Holy Spirit
Suppresses ministries
Warfare against the saints
Carnally minded
Takes away from the Blood of Christ
Opposes Christ and His victory

---Michelle on 10/12/07

Jack, do you not also believe that quoting the Bible is to use it as a "talisman"?

It is a 'spirit' that would prevent one from saying, "In the Name of Jesus Christ".

---Michelle on 10/12/07

Certainly cursing is terribly offensive to the ear and the use of the name of Jesus in casual conversation as some sort of exclamation is also offensive to the ear. The name Jesus should always be used in reverance and only in referance to the man when discussing Him. All else is vanity.
---jody on 10/12/07

One way to take the Lord's name in vain is to say the awe-inspiring phrase "In the name of Jesus..." as a magic charm to try to put God over a barrel and get what you want out of Him.
---Jack on 10/12/07

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