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Can Christians Be Depressed

Can a person be a Christian and still have problems with reoccurring depression?

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 ---Darlene on 10/12/07
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Perhaps it isn't the occupation that has people depressed, but the void they have in their lives. If we don't let Jesus in to fill it, nothing else will satisfy. This can be said for Christians and non-Christians alike. The joy of the Lord is our strength!
---kady on 10/31/07

Top 21 -- Most Depressing Jobs

Percentages of full-time workers age 18 to 64 reporting depression lasting two weeks or longer, by categories of occupation, as provided by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health using 2004 through 2006 data:
---Bob on 10/30/07

1. Personal Care and Service: 10.8

2. Food Preparation and Serving Related: 10.3

3. Community and Social Services: 9.6

4. Health Care Practitioners and Technical: 9.6

5. Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media: 9.1

6. Education, Training and Library: 8.7

7. Office and Administrative Support: 8.1

8. Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance: 7.3

9. Financial: 6.7

10. Sales and Related: 6.7
---Bob on 10/30/07

11. Legal: 6.4

12. Transportation and Material Moving: 6.4

13. Mathematical and Computer Scientists: 6.2

14. Production: 5.9

15. Management: 5.8

16. Farming, Fishing and Forestry: 5.6

17. Protective Service: 5.5

18. Construction and Extraction: 4.8

19. Installation, Maintenance and Repair: 4.4

20. Life, Physical and Social Science: 4.4

21. Engineering, Architecture and Surveyors: 4.3

Source: The Associated Press
---Bob on 10/30/07

Any word that you would give, that doesn't line up with God's Word, has been filtered through your mind, Katherine.
You should give up the schtick, it's less than genuine. Since our validation of your 'gift' is more important than what you're saying, honesty is always the best policy. I would rather read God's Word than have it interpreted by someone who enjoys the schtick more than honesty.
---Bob on 10/30/07

Well, it sorter gets to me when unbelievers takes a scripture or any scripture and twist it, to suit their own agendas. TAKE THIS SCRIPTURE FOR AN EXAMPLE:>>>"Do not add to His words or He will reprove you, and you will be proved a liar". Means>> His words can not be improved upon and it is folly to seek to do so. And also we must be content with what God has thought fit to make known to us of His mind, and not [covet] to be wise above what is written.
---catherine on 10/30/07

Doublespeak, Katherine, doublespeak.
A Word from God and a Word of God and God's Word are all Scriptural.
---Bob on 10/29/07

Well, I don't see how unless God is dealing with you then Yes that can be very distressing.>>>Well, Paul was accused of not being an Apostle. Jesus went through some of the same junk. Today, if God's Person does not quote Scriptures verbatum well then, you are a false prophet. There is a vast difference in speaking the word of God and speaking forth a word from God.
---catherine on 10/29/07

Depression is biochemical, but our thoughts and emotions effect our brain chemicals so does depression start with thoughts/emotions or chemicals. Most of the time it is the first choice. Yes, the devil uses this to distract us remember we're his enemy. Is depression a sin? NO! Can sin lead to depression? YES! See King David. Can God heal us? YES! Might medication and therapy be part of it? YES! Depression is ussually stress related See Elijah's travels from Mt. Carmel to Horab.
---Gilbert on 10/26/07

Trish9863, your responses have more wisdom than just about anyone else's on this site. You are a breath of fresh air. Thank you!
---InimicusStultitiae on 10/19/07

Helen than you. But love not their lives "for their faith". In noway is God advocating for one to hate their lives, my friend. I knew that that was misinterprected but I also had not recall ever reading it. Surely I had.
---catherine on 10/15/07

Most depression is biochemical, which means it is rooted in the chemicals in the brain. Just as I would not tell a diabetic that they are not close to the Lord if they have diabetes, it is wrong to tell a depressed person they are not close to the Lord.

I praise God that we have the medications and therapies available today to help people learn and cope with depression, and to find relief from its devastation..
---Trish9863 on 10/15/07

Yes, a Christian can get depression, I had it and I am now cured from it for good. Now that I know that depression is one of the tricks the enemy plays and Jesus got me out of it and I thank Him for it. And its not hating my life it was alot of bagage that I didn't turn over to Jesus that cameback and cause me to fall into depression, but all of that is gone now.
---ANN on 10/15/07

Catherine - Revelation 12:11 says "And they overcame him by the bllood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death".
---Helen_5378 on 10/15/07

I have never read where Christians hated their lives. Life is a gift fom God. Why hate a gift?
---catherine on 10/15/07

The Bible states that Christians hated their lives even unto death. That does not sound like 'JOYFUL LIVING' to me. Christians go through MUCH spiritual stuff, going against us, seems nonstop, most days, it is very easy to get crushed and depressed under the very weight of it like David, who wrote the Psalms. Many men of God were often discouraged, depressed. Moses, Job, Paul, John, Peter, the list is endless.
---Whisper on 10/15/07

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Wasn't it Paul that wearied even unto death.
Yes, Christians get depressed. I've known many Christians that love the Lord and had bouts of depression.
They share with me bc I don't judge them. And bc I don't keep it a secret that I have had serious depression in the past. I no longer take medication but I have and would again if I needed to.
How callous to say people who suffer are not close to the Lord. May God forgive you.
---Andrea on 10/15/07

No! that is unless you are not walking close to God. If you are saved you may become depress because you are not walking close to the Lord thy God. God will keep you and keep you HAPPY. Happy+++No depression. Praise God.++
---catherine on 10/15/07

Yes christian can get depressed and guess who causes that?? the emeny of our soul he will put anything in your mind he can but when this happens just start praising the Lord a minster preach about this same subject
tonight i was really surprised to see how many came up for prayer When things come at us we tend to think we are the only one that goes threw this depression.He trys to control
our mind.The only thing we can give God is our praise and the devil hates that.
---betty on 10/15/07

God can heal every sickness that leads to our ultimate death.

But does God choose to heal us every time? No.

He may heal us as a result of prayer. He may heal through a surgeons trained hand, or He may heal us in a way that we can't explain medically. Gods will for our lives is for this earthly tent to be exchanged for an eternal heavenly dwelling that never suffers the effects of sins decay (2 Corinthians 5:12). For children of God, there is ultimate healing for each of us.

---Bob on 10/14/07

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Dr. Neal Nedley has the best depression recovery program I've every witnessed. He has seminars, treatment programs and also sells a good book on the subject. Google his name.
---robin8683 on 10/14/07

Have you ever read through the book of Psalms. Can a Christian be depressed? If King David didn't experience this, I don't know who did.
---Whisper on 10/13/07

Yes...Christians are afflicted with the same illnesses and sicnesses as others. The only differences are: we are healed by Jesus stripes.We don't know what form the healing is going to take place. Death is the ultimate healing. God makes that last decision. We also trust God to bring us through our problems and trials. The world usually does not trust God until all other avenues are closed to them. Christians are not exempt from troubles in this world.We are to lean on and trust Jesus, at all times.
---Robyn on 10/12/07

Blessings to everyone, my husband suffers from severe depression due to a fall off of a roof which resulted in a severe brain injury. He has severe mood swings and at times, I have a hard time dealing with him. He says that he has received Christ as his personal Lord and Savior, but that is between God and him. He is on two antidepressants, but he still gets severe depression. So by my own personal experience I would say that it can occur quite frequently.
---Cynthia on 10/12/07

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Jack, I'd also like to say, I don't think it's a sin or moral failure either, I just went about it differently as to getting rid of it. So please don't feel my initial response was an attack on you, or what you had to say. I just wanted to make it known that there is more than one way to get rid of it.
---kady on 10/12/07

For those that medication is not lifting the depression off of you, Jesus Christ is the answer for a spirit of heaviness.

In the Bible, a spirit of heaviness can open a door to spirit of infirmity. In the Name of Jesus Christ that door can remain shut.

---Michelle on 10/12/07

A spirit of heaviness can manifest itself in these ways...

Self pity
Death wish

In the Name of Jesus Christ, shut that door

Isa 61:3
Neh 2:2, 8:10
Prov 15:13
Psalms 69:20
Luke 4:18
Rom 9:2

---Michelle on 10/12/07

While we may disagree on the cause for depression, the fact of the matter is that is does exist, Christian or not. My dad uses medicine to curb his. I sought God out for spiritual deliverance, and he answered my prayers. We cannot discount eachothers experiences. I stand by the truth that God can set us free from anything through prayer, but that doesn't make my Dad a weaker Christian for taking a more physical approach to the matter, and it doesn't make me over-spiritual calling out to God for help.
---kady on 10/12/07

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Depression may be, as Jack stated, a physical disease but certainly not all the time. Many people are depressed because they have not handled their discouragements properly. These people don't need doctors and pills. I've prayed for many who had huge depressions and God instantly pulled them out and they said it was just a pile of weight they were carrying around that was too much for them.
Jesus taught "cast all your burdens upon me because I care for you."
---john on 10/12/07

Any human being can suffer chemical imbalances of the brain. Depression,like diabetes or heart disease, is an illness of the brain where the synapsis of the brain do not possess the correct amnts of certain chemicals and also do not process these chemicals properly. This is clinical depression. It can be treated with medication and can happen to anyone but usually there is a family predisposition.
---jody on 10/12/07

Hi Jack,


I would also like to add that King David seemed to have large mood swings,(down in the Valley, and then Up on the Mountain).

Lord bless you,
---trey on 10/12/07

Part 3:

If you are suffering from clincal depression, please know that there IS help available, dear soul. Unlike some people on these blogs, I don't pretend to be spiritual enough to know what God's provision is for you--be it medicine, therapy, or what--but I do pray that God will lead you to it soon.

And if, in the meantime, you hit bottom, know this: the bottom is SOLID, praise God!
---Jack on 10/12/07

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Yes. Clinical depression is a PHYSICAL DISEASE. I can't emphasize this enough. It's a chemical imbalance in the body, as much as gout and diabetes are, and is inii no way a sin or moral failure!

Now, what you do about it may or may not be a sin.
---Jack on 10/12/07

Part 2:

The worst thing you can do is to fall for the trap of the super spiritual people who say, "Real Christians aren't depressed. They have Jesus!" This is a lie from the pits of hell that has plunged many of Christ's children into stronger bondage, deeper sorrow, and even despair (which is where sin lies).

Jesus Christ Himself said, "My soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even unto death." That doesn't sound like He was on Mt. Feelgood at the time, now does it?
---Jack on 10/12/07

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