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Mima Is Coming To Your House

Anyone who lives between Cairo Illinois and El Paso, Texas by way of Little Rock, Texarkana, Dallas, Abilene who would like to meet me please let me know. As we are gearing up to go to Mexico again. If you live close we will take time to visit an hour or so with you. I'm mima 3783 at penpals.

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 ---Mima on 10/12/07
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So Did I cathrine,

The underline connotations tooo Bless you dear!
---Carla on 8/25/10

I enjoyed that mima!
---catherine on 8/24/10

When I wrote this I was preparing to make my fourth trip to Mexico. A friend and myself were supporting a missionary in Mexico who we had found in our jail ministry. After he was released from prison he was on missionary for three years in Chihuahua Mexico and over 2000 people came to the Lord through his ministry. Both his family and our investigating people believe he was killed in the drug wars in and about Chihuahua Mexico two years ago. I'm pretty well confined to a wheelchair now and probably will not be making too many more trips. We had a wonderful relationship with this man and he went into the very hellholes of Mexico with his preaching.
---mima on 8/23/10

The man was 40 years old had spent 11 years in prison here in America had gotten saved through a ministry called re-teaming grace. When my friend heard him speaking in jail he asked me to go listen to him, I did as I listened to him the Holy Spirit began to shout in my mind, evangelist evangelist evangelist. I asked him how long before he got out? Three months he said. Okay I said when you get how send us your address. He did. And we made the trip to see him. Within two days we had made arrangements for him to be a missionary in his hometown and we had a wonderful relationship with him for the next three years.
---mima on 8/23/10

The bible speaks about going into ALL the World to preach the gospel not specified places!

God does not tell you do everything before you can do it, You have the word and common sense, together with the Holy Spirit who teaches /leads / comforts.

Thank goodness we don't have to rely on man/womans word!

Then the end shall come!
---Carla on 8/23/10

Well, this is how it usually works! God's people goes were God tells us to GO! There you go!
---catherine on 8/22/10

How come everyone go's to Mexico and Africa per se and no one go's to Jamaica?

They need salvation too you know!
---Carla on 8/21/10

How about your next trip coming close to Greenville S.C.
---catherine on 8/20/10

They were Apostles in The Early Church, Acts 2 v's 37 - 41.

The so called fathers & popes in the Man - made trin rcc came along about 300 yr's aft the day of Pentecost. When the devil 2nd.Cor.11 v's 14 - 15 using the roman leaders with nero & the crusades went to kill off The Early Church Saints.
---Lawrence on 8/16/10

Priests always took the brunt of Jesus's sharp tongue. The prophets said that the priests and people had together become corrupt. It is, of course, stupid to blame priests for the great apostasy when the church consists mainly of laity, but those in a leadership position are going to be judged under different terms to the rest of us. Why? Because they do not enter Heaven themselves (some of them) but actually block the gates for others to enter by their erroroneous teachings.
---frances008 on 6/16/08

I packed my bags and I waited by the side of the curb, that Mima never did show up.
I was left sitting on a bench for hours and hours, what happened to you anyway?
---Elder on 6/16/08

No longer were priests needed.
---frances008 on 6/16/08

Frances008 inform Jesus of this. Since it was He who told the Apostles, at the Last Supper to have Holy Communion ALWAYS.
---Nicole on 6/16/08

Nicole, Catholics are only 2,000 years old but based on heresies that go back centuries earlier. The Protestants were formed to challenge and provide an alternative to the heresies. Actually 400 years ago it all happened (I believe). That was when the Jesuit order was started. They could not stand the fact that some would actually gain Salvation by using their Bibles that were beginning to be imported against the wishes of the Vatican, into Britian and later America. No longer were priest s needed.
---frances008 on 6/16/08

Ramon, I'm sorry too. My posts also seemed angry and lacking in Christian love. :-) We all have the same goal, to serve Christ as best we can.
---Todd1 on 6/16/08

Duane_Dudley_Martin. I agree. We are all Brothers and Sisters. But we have to defend the faith "once delivered to the saints" (Jude 3). I respect everybody beliefs, and while I disagree with many of the posters here, I agree that we should pray for each other. Sometimes, my posts seems to have "anger" in it, but it in reality there is no anger in my posts. Remember, we are all in race of salvation!

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.
---Ramon on 6/16/08

Todd. I just wanted to say sorry. Has I read my posts, they don't seem to be friendly. I hope I haven't offend you in a any way Brother.

---Ramon on 6/16/08

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Ramon you're twisting my words like the RCC twists the scriptures. I never said the apostles all held different beliefs. I said, quite plainly, they are human and did not always agree on everything. So lets keep this civilized, if you can.

Your assertion is that the older church must be the correct one, like many Catholics before you. That line of thinking is simply false.
---Todd1 on 6/16/08

You ask to prove our protestant faith is older? We prove it by the scriptures! The scriptures which do not support purgatory! The scriptures that do not support praying to saints! The scriptures that do not support paying money to the church to take time off of purgatory! The scriptures that do not support paying to gaze at relics to take time off purgatory! The scriptures that do not support that Mary was sinless!
---Todd1 on 6/16/08

You ask protestants to prove their faith is the same as the early church, we do, with scriptures. I ask that you prove your doctrines with scripture! Prove these things you follow from your councils and your popes and your apparitions of "Mary"...prove them by God's Holy Word! You believe mere human beings, whether a pope or a council, can be infallible? Only God is infallible! Protestants are not the ones who have created blasphemous doctrines placing a man where only God should be.
---Todd1 on 6/16/08

You cling to the belief that the protestant churches were created only 500 years ago, but I tell you that since the beginning of time God has had His remnant...through all the apostasies and blasphemous doctrines there have always been those who stood firm on the Word of God, believing by faith the things which God has revealed to them, and not in what men taught. Your church may indeed have cast a long and dark shadow over the earth, but God's people have kept the flame of Truth burning.
---Todd1 on 6/16/08

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Todd #3 Saint Paul was mistaken because he believe his and his spiritual son [Timothy] Successors will faithfully preach the correct faith, right? The Eastern Orthodox Church has kept the faith of the Original Apostles and the God-Bearing Fathers and has Apostolic Succession!.

Thus, your theories can not be supported by Scriptures. You even believe the Apostles all held different beliefs, so how can we follow the True Faith, if there weren't any "Apostolic Faith" to begin with?
---Ramon on 6/16/08

Todd. #4 You said Protestantism Faith is "older". Prove to us that that the Early Church [1st-9th centuires] held to the chief doctrines of Protestantism. Can you do that? Please tell us of these "secret group" in the Early Church that preach the True Faith but was "attack" by this "Evil Roman Catholic Church".

It is easy to make claims like you did, but can you prove it? Your claims is based on your "Anti-Catholic" mindset.
---Ramon on 6/16/08

Todd. You didn't answer the questions. Prove to us that Protestantism has kept the Faith of the Early Church (1st-9th Centuries). Why belong to a sect that is only 500 years old instead of belonging to the Eastern Orthodox Church that has Apostolic Sucession and has kept the faith of the Holy Apostles and the Holy Fathers for the past 2,000 yrs.?

Most of your Protestant beliefs only came after the 1500s. Logically, they can not be the true faith perserve by the Apostles and the God-Bearing Fathers.
---Ramon on 6/15/08

Todd 1. #2 I believe Christ' words and the Apostle Paul that the Church will never fall into error (Matt 16:18, John 17: 2 Thes 2:15). But you believe Christ didn't guide His Church to the truth, but rather he waited until the 1500s or the 1600s to "illuminate" people to the True Faith. You have a very a wild imagination young man! lol.

What makes your and your man-made Church interpretation of Scriptures the correct one Todd? Please read Saint Paul words in 2 Tim. 2:2.
---Ramon on 6/15/08

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Todd1, are you saying that there is only one form of witnessing?
Because the Western/Eastern Church has written the 'book' on witnessing. Service, Person to Person, Living a devout life.
The Letters in the NT are evident of these.
Ramon has a good point. Protestants are less than 500 years old.
---Nicole on 6/15/08

The protestant church may only be 500 years old, but the light they revealed is a light that had been hidden for many years by the "interpretations" of the Catholic church. The faith is older, not the church. Although, even before the reformation that threw off the veil of secrecy the RCC had put the gospel truths under, there were those who faithfully followed the Word of God above the false word of the pope.
---Todd1 on 6/15/08

Todd1. Why don't you prove that Protestants (30,000+ Churches) has kept the Ancient Faith by telling us what our Ancestors [1st-9the centuries) (The Early Church Fathers) taught in comparison with what the Eastern Orthodox Church believe for the past 2,000 years. You have read there writings, haven't you? Why is Protestantism, only 500 years old, the correct faith?

Isn't it illogical to conclude that one can follow what the Apostles taught, if they all held to different beliefs, according to you?
---Ramon on 6/15/08


And I will admit, it is very hard for me to swallow some of these bitter pills. Defending my faith is necessary some of the time. But, I know it is just PRIDE the rest of the time.
---Nicole on 6/15/08

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I would say, WE that have come to God BY the Blood of Jesus(Yahshua), ARE Brothers & Sisters and we better start acting like it.
NOT, as Cain & Abel were Brothers, BUT as Our Lord was/IS!
How will we face each other on that day, if we have such strive & envy among us?

Jesus says, A man can't even say that they Love him(Jesus), Unless the Spirit has told him so.
Jesus points that out to Peter.
Let's not hate each other,BUT Pray 4 each other because of our short comings.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/15/08

I'd say it's protestants whose witnessing is closer to the "Ancient Faith" since their doctrines are more in line with those of the apostles and early Christian church, and the Catholic doctrines are from a few hundred years later.
---Todd1 on 6/15/08

Mima. Roman Catholics [Latin/Eastern] and Eastern Orthodox Christians does the same. We [Eastern Orthodox Christians] have radio programs, missionaries, seminaries, etc. The only difference between us and your witnessing, is that we preach the True Apostolic Faith, preserve by the God-Bearing Fathers, the 7 [Infallible] Ecumenical Councils, and thus the teaching of the Eastern Orthodox Church for the past 2,000 years. Protestants [especially Evangelicals] preach a lite version of the Ancient Faith.
---Ramon on 6/14/08

Mima, yes I do know. I lived in the Bible belt for 1/2 of my life. My father was Military and we moved around including Panama.1/2 my family is in Puerto Rico/New York city. I seen many street Witness. In fact, it was to me that some use to witness. I am Catholic, but I do like some TV Preachers like Dr Charles and Andy Stanley. I don't agree with everything, but they are spreading God's Gospel as well.
---Nicole on 6/13/08

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2. When I was a nun, we took care of dying cancer patients(inpatient) for free. Our convent was attached to nursing home. I was in St Paul,MN. I saw even more different Protestants. I finally found out where were all the Lutherans. The bells would ring all over on Reformation Day!
As a Nun we never forced anyone to convert. Patients were 97%Protestants. We have big 4 bed ward rooms. During morning care we listened to Protestant radio everyday! I liked Focus on the Family threater hours and alike.
---Nicole on 6/13/08

To Nicole, Street witnessing is my mission. Just yesterday, after a short witness, I led 12 people in a sinners prayer unto salvation. Being Catholic I do not think that you would understand what I do or believe in.
I believe in absolute eternal security. I witness straight from the Bible, where it says," whosoever shall call upon the name the Lord shall be saved." We have a radio program. We sponsor an full-time street evangelist in Mexico. Question, does all this seem crazy to you?
---Mima on 6/13/08

Mima, what do you do? I am sorry, but I don't understand your position or mission.
Please tell me.
---Nicole on 6/12/08

We have had a little trouble, my traveling companion's wife had knee operation, then he himself fell and busted his knee, so all in all we have failed to make the trip. But we are still planning another. The question is when?? September??? Presently we are working the faires here.-- The evangelist in Mexico prayed with over 1500 people in the last year and we are so thankful to the Lord for that.
---Mima on 6/12/08

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Mima, when are you planning the trip? We are in the Houston, Texas area.
---Moderator on 6/11/08

I was half kidding as I had no idea you would take this route if you went to Houston. Poor geography:) I am excited. I will email you right away. tks, jody
---jody on 10/15/07

Yes, it was very successful. three people accepted Christ one lives 2.5 miles from me. We have spoken on the phone a few times and I will begin discipling her and leading her to good fellowship.
I also have plans to do an evangelistic effort in my community on halloween with a local church.
My girlfriend and I will go again next week and I plan on going to some craft fairs
---Andrea on 10/15/07

To ---jody San Antonio presents no problem. Apparently from what we know now we will go the southern route as we have two places to visit in or near Houston. And highway 10 from Houston goes right through San Antonio. So please go to penpals mima 3783 and give us your e-mail address and phone number and moved it in touch with you before we leave plan on spending an hour with you. Our route and schedule is very flexible.
---Mima on 10/15/07

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Too bad you can't make it up near San Antonio TX. I would love to meet you.
---jody on 10/12/07

Would you consider coming by ChristiaNet one day during the week? Is so, let us know closer to the date.
---Moderator on 10/12/07

To Andre-- I like your sign you will be successful. Why? Because of who your helper is.
---Mima on 10/12/07

We're presently looking to go sometime in the first two weeks of November. We of course are retired and we can be very flexible. Both to when and what route we take.
---Mima on 10/12/07

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Mima -- oh why don't you swing by NJ and give me a personal lesson in evangelism.
Pray for me - I have a basket of Mary Kay with a sign on it.


I'm leaving tomorrow at 8am with a friend and we're going out soul-winning.
I'll be at my church tonight praying for the many gifts God has for us to use in winning souls to Christ....powerful stuff
---Andrea on 10/12/07

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