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My Preachy Husband Is Wrong

How do I handle it when my husband says something that doesn't line up with God's Word, when I KNOW in my spirit that he is wrong? He gets "preachy" and claims that he is right and even very learned preachers are wrong, and says God tell him things that He doesn't tell them.

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 ---beth on 10/14/07
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Matthew 24:10-12

Speaks about a cold love happening in this day and age, and in a round about way targets into what you are saying.
---Whisper on 10/17/07

Considering that most of what is called Christianity is heresy and darkness and that Christ always left the multitudes to minister to the few and since there were only 12 disciples and 400 false prophets for every real one I would not be too quick to criticize.
Maybe show an example of what is "wrong."
Bear in mind Jesus was not joking when he said few would find the way.

---Frank on 10/17/07

When most men are confronted they tend to dig in and defend their position. Let the SPIRIT lead you to search the scripture, pray, and let God turn his heart. If a man of God is obedient then he will be led back onto the path ... if not, then there is nobody that the man will listen to anyway and will just lead to more strife in your marriage. Let God lead the man, and the obedient wife in you follow your husband.
---Tom_Wymer on 10/17/07

Some School Teachers think they know more..and best..when they are being taught by someone else in other classes, they refuse to be told what is right and wrong and what to do..They still assume the position of teacher and think noone can teach them..they are a arrogant breed..
---pam on 10/17/07

"Isn't this a widespread problem in just about every Christian you meet,
not just "preachers".
---Linda on 10/16/07 "
That's a fact Jack! (Old time expression) Linda, totally agree with your
statement of fact. Good subject for a study for sure!
---Nana on 10/17/07

beth 1,
Are you still on this planet or have you left for a cruise around the Galaxy?
I say that on account that many blogs get started by "time travelers" who
just grace us with a blog and we never hear from them again. Just in case
you may still be in this time-space and just to join the others who have
commented, so will I.
---Nana on 10/17/07

beth 2
"Preachy" and "Is Wrong" put together is "Preachy Is Wrong". So you start
the blog! Next you ask to be adviced as to how to handle your conclusions:
"doesn't line up", "I KNOW in my spirit that he is wrong", "gets 'preachy'".
"claims that he is right and even very learned preachers are wrong". What
"handle" advice can be given here?
---Nana on 10/17/07

beth 3,
There is not enough information given except for someone like whom said
"Tell him straight out that he is full of pride." That big "I KNOW" speaks
of pride too... Can you provide at least one example of his sayings that do
not line with "God's Word". We will have to leave your "spirit" out of it for
now and with Scripture on Scripture prove your case or his!
---Nana on 10/17/07

Yet, there are many people that Satan will use against God's people. Twist words, accuse, call us liars, [same as saying God is lieing], mock, [you are a fake or false prophet]. I never figured that one out when God saved me, such a powerful visit it was. Wicked people and unbelievers do not know scriptures. So what qualifys them to rebuke a dog let alone one of God's own people.
---catherine on 10/16/07

"Most persons in fields where they teach and instruct others are very hard to deal with when it comes to trying to teach them something or telling them they are wrong."

Isn't this a widespread problem in just about every Christian you meet, not just "preachers".
---Linda on 10/16/07

My sympathy to you beloved. I would not want to trade places with you. You have a lot of work on your hands trying to convice your spouse he is incorrect on a subject. I have found a lot of preachers very arrogant and prideful. Most persons in fields where they teach and instruct others are very hard to deal with when it comes to trying to teach them something or telling them they are wrong. My prayers are with you.
---Robyn on 10/16/07

There are many ministers just like your husband who think that they are the only ones who know the truth. There is a lot of jealousy among preachers today. That's why we have so many preachers who are tickling ears.
---Susie on 10/16/07

"How do I handle"

Your choice of words discloses what is in your heart.

How do I throttle my husband or make him shutup

Many women have unspiritual husbands that don't read the bible pray or have any relationship with God.

Whether he is right or wrong sit and study with him try to see what he is saying, pray and worship together and let him share what he feels God is speaking to him

Then if you have a concrete question as to scripture ask away.

---Richard on 10/16/07


Here's something you might try?
When he makes a wrong statement, DON'T correct him. Wait...
Go to him later and humbly, and ask him to explain the scriptures that prove him wrong. You have to be harmless as a dove, and wise as a serpent (Matt. 10:16).

I also recommend prayer!

Just a thought???
---trey on 10/15/07

To tell someone right out that they are full of pride leaves you in the same judgment. In essence you are saying, "I am right, you are wrong. You change." The bottom line is that he probably thinks the same about you. Well, Jesus is right and we are right with God based on Him. The counsel of the word says, "Win him without a word." It is the ornament of a meek and gentle spirit that is precious even in the very sight of God.
---Linda on 10/15/07

Do you want what is precious or are you more interested in making a point? Only you can answer that question.
---Linda on 10/15/07

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Tell him straight out that he is full of pride.
---Helen_5378 on 10/15/07

There is nothing you can do. Only God can deal with him. If he claims that God tells him things that God does not even tell the most learned of preachers, he is 100% wrong. Because WE ARE ONE BODY, what God tells one he conirms in the other, even prophets must answer to other prophets, usually they will all come out hearing the same thing that is how they Know they heard from God.
---Whisper on 10/15/07

First be grateful that you 1) have a husband
2) that he knows the Lord

God tells me things too, but they are for me and sometimes they may not be good for you or your not in a place where they will be of value to you. So listen to your husbands thinking and respect his relationship with the Lord. If he's off the wall then talk about the things of God but don't fight about them. If he is not making you follow his gospel respect his right to be different.
---caleb on 10/15/07

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