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Hybrid Animal Human Embryos

Hybrid Animal-Human embryos now have the green light in Great Britain, Combining the two to make part animal humans. And the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales want these "Chimeras" to be carried by woman. America has no laws concerning this yet. As Christians what do we do?

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 ---Whisper on 10/14/07
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Whisper ... Please don't whisper .... please speak up! So we can hear what you are telling us about the bishops' statement
---alan_of_UK on 9/11/08

The Roman Catholic Church has repeatedly condemned this attempt of placing human nuclei in cattle embryos.

The Catholic Church is even against in vitrio fertilization and arificial insemination of humans, whether this be with the husband's or a donor's sperm.

I don't know where you got that the Catholic bishops of Britain or anywhere have said that women are to carry them.

It doesn't sound like this story comes from a reliable source.
---katavasia on 9/10/08

It seems the questioner Whisper is not able to produce evidence for his statement
"And the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales want these "Chimeras" to be carried by woman"
---alan_of_UK on 9/10/08

the last I heard the RCC was still against invitro fertilization etc etc etc.
Where did you hear this, I would be very suspect....doesn't sound like RC doctrine.

I took a course on medical ethics in an RCC University 5 yrs ago - no way.
---Andrea on 9/10/08

Where are you?
---alan_of_UK on 10/19/07

Whisper ... I never called yo a liar.
Just said that the newsonsunday site does not seem to be an active site with news, and asked you for your source of you comment about Catholic bishops.
---alan_of_UK on 10/17/07

Charles - yes that is what I saw but the research is under way to put cells on animals (usually pigs) to actually grow apendages. That is different then hybrid humans - I don't want to think about them except Hillary will probably allow it.
---Andrea on 10/17/07

If any of my children lost an ear I'd much rather them have a prosthetic ear than one of an animal. animals are there to eat if you eat meat not joined in body and God forbid soul. What communion has animal with humans apart from the obviously God GIVEN STATED?
---Carla5754 on 10/17/07

You may have seen human ears on animals but they were not growing on the animals. They were incubating while the human tissue of the person that the ear was torn or burnt from was healing. It used to be a common practice to do in the 80's. Technology has grown far beyond that where using live animals to incubate human body parts to keep them viable in no longer needed. So fireman that are burned in a fire saving lives can have reconstructive surgery from grown or donated tissue.
---Charles on 10/17/07

Allan of UK, Beleive me, as a Christian I do not lie, or pull things from the top of a hat. Sorry you could not read it as I could. Another place to read about the go ahead, given in Great Britain is by Daily Mail online by David Derbyshire, article Oct. 9, 2007. Scientists win right to create human/animal test chimmeras. Since you are living over there, Call the Bishops on the tele.
---Whisper on 10/16/07

I have seen human ears growing on animals. For reconstructive surgery and such and it is a weird thing but if my kid lost their ear I'd want them to have it.
Years ago there was a huge debate about heart tranplants and most people would say - no - they would rather die with their own heart. Today it is common.
I think what they are trying to do is good but as always it could turn into a nightmare and Linda is right - we need to focus on Christ.
---Andrea on 10/16/07

wHISPER ... "newsonsunday" does not appear to be an active site.
Where do you get the idea that the RCC says women should carry the embryos?
---alan_of_UK on 10/16/07

For sure this has already been attempted. Failed to materialise and hidden from the media. There is absolutely nothing these Scientists will not do under the influence of the devil. After all satan has long been trying to disprove that God is the creator of all things without confusion and he obviously in grave need for company at his final destruction.
---Carla5754 on 10/16/07

Next thing you'll hear, will be the crossing of gorillas and man, they may even call it evolution.
---Bob on 10/16/07

The Bible speaks of bestiality, I think this may be a type of it certainly.
---Whisper on 10/16/07

First we need to study on it and then preach against it.
---catherine on 10/15/07

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This playing God with crossing species is frightening. I have no idea how God sees it since it is not taking life away but there will be complications of putting dispositions of and anatomies of different species togethers. These creatures may suffer strange and serious consequences which we will after the fact be of regret. To include humans in this equation is right out of the science fiction-horror Hollywood scene. I would guess it could turn into an abomination to God at that point.
---jody on 10/15/07

It wouldn't surprise me at all if all these "man-made idols" were nothing more than the work of the enemy to distract the people of God from who they should be focusing on. Believe it or not, distraction is one of the greatest enemies of the church right now. Distraction not recognized leads, in the process of time, to death. It starts small but is huge at the end.
---Linda on 10/15/07

Preach the gospel to every creature and make disciples of all men. You can't expect the world to do "Christ" things...and, as always, knowledge and the manifestation thereof is always something to behold. It is yet only an expression of the darkness of their hearts. Part man/part animal? Isn't that an expression of double-mindedness?
---Linda on 10/15/07

"Look at what we can make...part man/part beast...even in our own image. This is how we view ourselves and we must have an expression of that image." Even in fallen man, there is the desire to reproduce in his own image. That is built in by the Creator. The Word tells us that the world will wax darker and darkner but light will arise on the Church. The darkness in the earth is going to be such that even the smallest amount of light will be something to be coveted.
---Linda on 10/15/07

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I say we concern ourselves with knowing Jesus and that will result in the world seeing HIM...and they will mourn because of Him but blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted. The light that arises on the church will be no small flame. It will be the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, the light of the world.
---Linda on 10/15/07

Yes I have already responded to Andreas question but it must have been lost in the shuffle, the source was a British online news sight called newsonsundaydotcom
---Whisper on 10/15/07

On googling this subject, I found the following report "Scientists would be allowed to grow the embryos in a lab for no more than two weeks, and it would be illegal to implant them in a human."
I can find no suggestion whatsoever that Catholicc bishops want women to carry these embryos.
What is your source, Whisper?
---alan_of_UK on 10/15/07

If I were part faithful German shepherd unconditionally loving, this might help me be better at pastoring sheep. I'm curious if they've got the technology to make a viable and functional individual > I don't think so, and just the name "chimera" feels sick in me. And I believe animals have feeling personalities, so combining animal with human > possibly you wouldn't have human OR animal, deeply. The women need to give birth to babies they can bond with and love. Prayer, caring for them
---Bill_bila5659 on 10/15/07

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