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Satan's Man The Anti-Christ

Certainly Satan's man the Anti-christ is coming in the future. Will his arrival be after a knockdown drag out war? Or perhaps after great fear caused by the rapture. What do you think will usher in the Anti-christ.

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 ---Mima on 10/14/07
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God became man in Jesus Christ.

Satan will become man in the a - christ.
---Lawrence on 8/4/10

The ant-christ has been around since the fall of man.
---duke on 12/15/07

There are many antichrists all serving the true antichrist Satan. John spoke of the antichrist in present terms. John also said that anyone who denied Jesus Christ was the antichrist. What religions do that?? I think antichrist Satan is trying to rebuild the Tower of Babel which some believe is a 1 world government. He has had many players helping including some US presidents & politicians.
---Pernice on 11/4/07

'THE' antichrist will appear to do what NO MAN has ever been able to do before. Bring Peace to the MiddleEast. For this reason MANY in the nation of Israel will believe him to be their long awaited Messiah. Many believe he will be a JEW. Whoever he is, he will hold great sway and power over the muslems so He well could be Muslem.Possibly someone like the President of Iran.Watch for a 7 year peace treaty.
---jack8937 on 10/30/07

He is already here.Paul spoke those same
words 2000 years ago.It is evident in many
cults of the world.They of who do not believe in Christ Will be his followers
as Anti-christ believers.He is one of the
2 beasts in the book of revelation's.
Be prepared.
---Jack on 10/22/07

Any person who rejects Christ is Antichrist, our government is Antichrist, Jews are Antichrist, Muslims, Budist,Hindus, false Christians that believe doctrine that is Antichrist and preach another Jesus. You must be born again and translated out of the kingdom of Antichrist and covered with the Mark of the blood to be separated from the Antichrist. You are either the seed of God or Satan by choice.
---exzucuh on 10/20/07

Sorry TS. I can't afford any more books. I will trust your quote when you give it!
---alan_of_UK on 10/19/07

alank: He did. Perhaps you should get a copy of his sermons or a good Bible Commentary. All the reformers "feared that the Mother Church has become the Anti-Christ of revelation" Check it out ,)
---TS on 10/19/07

I have to admit my memory of my history lessons has faded, so I can't recall when Luther actually called the pope the son of perdition and antichrist.
Can you remind me?
---alan_of_UK on 10/19/07

lorra: They did not damn one another to hell. Yet they ALL agreed that the Papacy and Vatican are the "Son of Perdition" and "Antichrist" respectively. Why is that?
---TS on 10/18/07

TS, those Reformers also thought that each other were wrong and should be damned to Hell. Were they all wrong?
---lorra8574 on 10/17/07

I learned a lot studying the Adventists and the Millerites. The JWs all thought the Lord would arrive at a specific time. Well truly all prophecy has been fulfilled but I remember they thought the same thing. If God wanted us to know He would have given us a date or time frame. So we wait as Paul waited and John waited as the christians before us waited and just when we think it has been tooo long. He'll come.
---Andrea on 10/17/07

Why did Martin Luther, Roger Williams, John Calvin, John Wesley, Melancthon, Huss, Jerome, all Baptist, Methodist, Prysbeterian, and Lutheran founders all identify the office of the Pope as the "Son of Perdition" and the Vatican as the "Anti-Christ Beast"? Could they all be wrong?
---TS on 10/17/07

robin, I was thinking the same thing.
I am reminded of Jesus time when everyone was looking for the Messiah (to deliver them from the Romans) when the Messiah was right before their eyes but they refused to see the obvious because He didn't fit their ideas and opinions.
---robin8683 "
---christina on 10/17/07

The Holy Bible not only tells us who the antichrist is, but also tells us exactly when the antichrist will reveal himself. Please read Daniel 11:20,21,31+ Matthew 24:4-22+ II Thessalonians 2:3+ Revelation 6:3-11+ 12:17+ Revelation 13.
---Eloy on 10/17/07

Russia's (Gog/Magog) Putin wants to build a nuclear reactor in Iran(Babylon). The Turkish army (today)is gathering on the Iraq border to war with Iraq - we're in Iraq. Does anyone think we're in a world war yet.

Beware bc the man of lawlessness will be revealed before that time. But first he will bring peace
---Andrea on 10/16/07

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Eventually, and soon, there will be enough hardened Christain, Muslim, and Jewish fundamentalists, who believe that their particular Holy Writings are the inerant word of their God that each, in celebration of their God's love and righteous will proceed to vigorously kill the others in the name of God.
---matthew on 10/16/07

In my pathetic opinion, the anti-christ could appear at any time now. Although some say that there will be a rapturing of the saints first, I really do not see this. I believe we will be allowed to see him emerge and will need to refuse the mark of the beast as the Bible says. I have no idea if another war will break out first only to be stopped by this Charismatic God-like man or not. That is likely?:)
---jody on 10/16/07

I am reminded of Jesus time when everyone was looking for the Messiah (to deliver them from the Romans) when the Messiah was right before their eyes but they refused to see the obvious because He didn't fit their ideas and opinions.
---robin8683 on 10/16/07

The antichrist:He will be a political leader. It will come about it the latter part of the tribulation period. I will tell you folks, please do not guess or make your own views there are many different views by Bible people and all supported by scriptures. I am finding out.
---catherine on 10/15/07

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The usher will be popular opinion, and it's reasonable to assume that agreement by masses of people will only occur with a global panic.
We can try and figure out things to come, but if most of us are honest we have trouble with today's problems.
---Pharisee on 10/15/07

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