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Please Explain Revelations

Can someone explain the book of Revelation, I am so confused and wonder if it is relevant. Please start from Chapter 1.

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 ---Ellen on 10/15/07
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Remember revlations is a prophecies of John a vison of end times. The detials are not as important as the message. If we do not choose Jesus over satin we are doomed.
---Timothy on 11/16/07

TS: "So now we know. StevenG is a disgruntled former SDA. The SDA Docrine is Biblical.

Where do you depart from it?"

There you go again, making false accusations. I was kicked out of the Catholic Church at the age of nine and never belong to any sort of denominational church since. I grow my own church the same way they did it in the early church - by starting home churches.
---Steveng on 11/10/07

Clues to a proper understanding of Revelation:

Any theory that must re-arrange John's chronology, is immediately suspect, and will be proven wrong.

Find the midpoint: Daniel said the abomination will divide the week into two halves. Any mention in Revelation of the 3 1/2 years, is a hint that you are very close to the exact midpoint.

Once the midpoint is found, before it will be the first half of the week, and after it will be the second half of the week.
---Lyle on 11/9/07

To the church of Smyrna: They are encouraged to be thou faithful unto death, not just as long as they lived, but even if it cost them their lives. In the Old Testament Saints were delivered from death, but in the New Testament they triumph over death. Their hope was to be dependent upon the Lord. Christ Himself, faithful until death, was crowned with life on Resurrection morning. Believers may be rewarded with one or more of five crowns.
---catherine on 11/9/07

Ellen, I haven't seen your further response. Linda offered some useful info to help clear the confusion, that Revelation is all about Jesus and His plan for you and me. Did this help? What do you find most confusing about Revelation?
---Geoff on 11/8/07

The risen Christ informs them that He knows the reviling of the synagogue of Satan. The reference is not to the Jewish nation in general. Christ has gone to the utmost depths of suffering and death. He sometimes permits trials in order to rekindle lost first love. [Ps. 119.67]. Futhermore, He knows their poverty. We are talking about Smyrna church. Satan attacked this church from without by persecution and from within by perversion of doctrine. Revelation>>2:8.
---catherine on 11/8/07

Steveng: "Don't you worry your little heart about the meaning of Revelation"---Steveng on 10/30/07

So now we know. StevenG is a disgruntled former SDA. The SDA Docrine is Biblical.

Where do you depart from it?
---TS on 11/8/07

TS: "We do not discourage folks from study of Revelation like you do."

On the contraty, TS, you have misjudged me again. I encourage teaching of prophesy. It's what proves the Bible's accuracy and is inspired by God. It's the denominational churches that discourage the teaching in which I was thrown out of and even severely reprimanded by a few churches throughout the United States over the past twenty years for doing so. Even the SDA teaches prophesy contrary to the Biblical guidelines.
---Steveng on 11/7/07

TS: "Why do you not teach what the Protestant Reformers taught?"

These so-called reformers might have had good intentions in the beginning, but they brought with them many of the rules and regulations, the man-made traditions and the interpretations from which they were trying to reform. They went only half way to truth. These denominations are now guided by what the government dictates and by what the itching ears of the people want.
---Steveng on 11/7/07

StevenG: I am very aware what is happening and by the Spirit so are my SeventhDay Adventist brethren. We do not discourage folks from study of Revelation like you do.

We study, know our history, and understand that the Protestant Reformers were correct. Why do you not teach what the Protestant Reformers taught? You know: Luther, Calvin, Wesley, Williams, Jerome, Huss?
---TS on 11/7/07

One needs to get close to the Lord thy God. Not many people are. Only a few.
---catherine on 11/7/07

TS: "One only need a competent knowledge of..."

You have to admit, TS, that 90% of the Christians don't have the knowledge you speak of or else everyone would think on the same page. But "knowledge" isn't everything and God knows this.

It's written that if Christians are one with the Spirit, God will guide them to do what is needed even if they do not understand, but are aware of what is happening.
---Steveng on 11/6/07

StevenG: Its the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Jesus pronounces a blessing on those who study it. Its meant to be understood. The Left Behind garbage perverts the truth Jesus Reveals in Revelation

One only need a competent knowledge of History and one need only let the Bible define Prophetic Symbols, Scripture defining the symbols and Revelation unfolds so well that Daniel and Revelation go hand in hand to show the Protestant Reformers were correct. Lahaye and others are confused and non-biblical
---TS on 11/6/07

The paradise of God expresses the blessedness of heaven. >>The letter to Smyrna is the shortest of the letters. That letter to Thyatira is the longest. Verse 8>Tells us that the infinite Saviour is supreme before all things and all time. His great triumph over death is next stated. He has destroyed death and its power.>>>Revelation 2,7-8. Moving right along, folks.
---catherine on 11/6/07

Elder: "Steveng are you trying to teach something here?"

Last year, several newly born Christians logged on to this site (and others) and became more confused about Christianity than they were before. I visited this site for a couple of months before becoming actively involved. Technology may be great in some areas, but not growing the vine, not for christianity, not for Scriptural truth. Come on, admit it, most of the opinions on these blogs are definately not Scriptural.
---Steveng on 11/5/07

In Revelation chapter 1, the angel of Jesus Christ told John to write his vision and his words in a book, and send it to the 7 churches (lampstands) of Asia: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea.
---Eloy on 11/5/07

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I am enjoying this on Revelation: >>>The church is commanded to repent or suffer removal. This does not mean that individuals lose their salvation, but the church can forfeit its place of light-bearing and witness. Ephesus is a city now wrapped in the mantle of Islam. The light of the church has indeed been removed. It is clear that the message and warning of this church were for all in that day, but the admonition is pertinent to all true believers today.
---catherine on 11/5/07

DO NOT learn from the people on this blog. You'll become more confused. Trust God.
---Steveng on 10/30/07

Hey, Steveng are you trying to teach something here?
---Elder on 11/3/07

Sorry I missed yesterday's lesson. Title: The Church. It has lost its first love. ["I may yell alittle".] A church may have >>>GREAT ZEAL and SOUND DOCTRINE and PRACTICE, yet have its first love for Christ on the DECLINE. It is subtle. Love looks for love, and meticulous care with doctrine and discipline will not take its PLACE. Loss of first love can be so easily followed by EVILS in DOCTRINE and PRACTICE. Christ will have all the believer's love or NONE. [Luke 10:38-42].
---catherine on 11/2/07

Don't you worry your little heart about the meaning of Revelation. Just do the two commandments Jesus spoke of in the NT and God spoke of in the OT, spread the gospel of the Kingdom of God, and you'll be walking in the light. God will reveal to you in His time what you will need to know and do.

DO NOT learn from the people on this blog. You'll become more confused. Trust God.
---Steveng on 10/30/07

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And, God forbid, don't rely on the meaning of numbers. There is no unity among different cultures (and God is not a person of division). The number 7 is defined as peace, harmony, or completion in the western culture, but a bad omen in others. It is forbidden in the Bible and an abomination. Would you base your friendship with anyone, or even your marriage to someone, based upon numbers?
---Steveng on 10/30/07

Interestingly, the early church fathers taught that the book of Revelation was "fulfilled" every day, that it is meant to be read symbolically to represent daily spiritual warfare and the eternal struggle of good versus evil where we can only emerge victorious by aligning ourselves with the Lamb of God. And this all culminates at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.
---Greyrider on 10/30/07

Scripture seven is the number of completion. The messages have spiritual, historical, and prophetic value. Chapter 1 dealt with the things John saw. The risen Christ. And chapter 2 and 3 treat of the things that are, then they are pertinent to the church age from Pentecost to the Rapture====I know thy works....labor...patience. In each letter it is indicated that Christ has absolute knowledge of what transpires in each local congregation. Deeds, toil, and perseverance are all virtues.
---catherine on 10/30/07

Understand this folks>>>The angels of the seven churches are not literal angels, nor believers in general. But they are pastors of ministers of the local churches in places of authority and responsibilty. >>>Write the things which thou hast seen....which are...which shall be hereafter. This is the key verse of book. It indicates threefold plan of prophecy, and it is only safeguide to its correct interpretation. Now, there are seven churches chosen, because in Scripture seven is the number of completion.
---catherine on 10/29/07

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R. is foremost the R. of Jesus Christ and secondly a R. of things which must shortly occur,up to and including Christ's second coming.
It is a book for the times we live in, THE END TIME. We are greatly encouraged to read it and to HEAR its words for it is like a map to help us travel through dangerous terrains, so we may safely arrrive at out destination. P.
---Pierre on 10/28/07

Revelation is simply what some scared and angry people dreamed would happen to the Roman Empire about the year A.D. 100. Their attitude is not one I would recommend sharing.
---John1944 on 10/27/07

Though John fellowshiped with the Lord in His ministry, the vision of the risen Christ was so glorious and overpowering that John fell at His feet as dead. Fear not, John is reassured by Christ's word concerning His Person and nature. I am He that liveth. He lived, lives, and lives forever. He has supreme authority over death [the body] and Hades [the soul]. Revelation 1: 6-14.
---catherine on 10/26/07

Cont. Revelation: Christ is revealed as the High Priest coming in Judgment, yet as a serving One [the golden girdle]. His head....hairs....white as snow, and His eyes were as flame of fire.>>>>The Seven Stars [to be explained in vs. 20] are securely under His complete control. The two-edged sword is His word, which will be active in the coming judgments. His countenance. As for His blessed face, here are brilliance, splendor, and Holy strength. Revelation 1: 6-14.
---catherine on 10/26/07

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More on Revelation: Greetings, The isle Patmos=John was writing that very hour from a lonly island where he had been banished for his fidelity to the word of God. Just as all Scriptures is given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit so John was under the control of the Spirit where the vision was revealed to him. [the Apocalypse], considered that the phrase could mean only the day of the Lord, referred to so many times in the Old Testament and elaborated on in the Revelation.
---catherine on 10/24/07

There is an allusion to the candlesticks in the Tabernacle and Temple. The difference being they were all united there, where as they are separate here, with Christ in the midst in the place of preeminent authority. The churches are seen in their sphere of earthly Authority. Christ is revealed as the High Priest coming in Judgment, yet as the serving one [the golden girdle] His head...hairs...white as snow, and His eyes were as a flame of fire.
---catherine on 10/24/07

More on Revelation>>The vision of the Risen Christ: Emphasis is laid on the fact that John not only heard messages but he saw visions as well. Events are seen from the perspective of the Lord and not from the human viewpoint. Only this Book in the Bible pronounces a blessing on he that readeth [singular because with few copies of the scriptures in those days] one read while many could hear and keep [obey] those things which are written. Book is called the prophecy. More later.++
---catherine on 10/23/07

Revelation, in every sense of the word is the capstone of the Bible, and its significance cannot be over estimated. "Revelation is relevant". Revelation was written by John the Apostle through the inspiration of the Person of the Holy Spirit. Place, the island of Patmos, where the Apostle was exiled for the faith. Patmos is an small rocky island in the Mediterranean sea. The date of the Book is ca. AD. 95/96 in the reign of the Roman emperor Domitian.>>>"Tomrrow, God willing, more".
---catherine on 10/22/07

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The Code to Revelation is allowing the Bible to interpret and define the symbolism.

Much of Revelation's Sysmbols are defined in Daniel. Those missing definitions in Daniel can be found in Revelation.

The two Books go hand in hand.
---TS on 10/18/07

I am studying Revelation and by Monday I should be able with God's help ofcourse give you a good outline on Revelation.
---catherine on 10/18/07

Come on people you want us to work. Well, I will tell you it is relevant. The Bible tells us that if you read revelation that you will be blessed. Later on mabe I will work some and explain the Book.
---catherine on 10/15/07

Ellen, may I suggest that you purchase a good Bible commentary on the book of Revalations? Use it along with your Bible study. Commentaries can be an excellant Bible tool along with your Bible. One that is very good is J. Vernon McGee, and willmingtons guide to the Bible. Hope that helps. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 10/16/07

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Ellen, it is relevant and it can be confusing. It was written entirely in code developed previoysly by the Hebrews. Its purpose was and is to bring hope to God's people under persecution. It is a story of victory. It also provided news and information to the early Church - large chunks of it are the liturgy for the early Church.
---lorra8574 on 10/15/07

If you are really serious about studying Revelation (not a topic for beginners, I might add), a very good book written from a non-dispensationalist standpoint is APOCALYPSE by Archbishop Averky, translated by Fr. Seraphim Rose.

It's based on a verse-by-verse commentary of St. Andrew of Caeserea written in the 500's or so, so it's much closer to the time of the Biblical book's writing.
---Jack on 10/15/07

Linda, I would be interested in getting this link you mentioned. CNN profile is chria6957
---Christina on 10/15/07

Revelation, called the Apocalypse, or the Uncovering of the end things or future things that will happen. First you have to have the Holy Bible, and not any of those corrupted texts on the market. And then you should have the Holy Spirit in order to rightly understand the in-spirited words. I suggest that before you start to read Revelation that you say a prayer to Jesus, and truly ask him to open your understanding to his words. The Holy Spirit is the great teacher, and staying in prayer is essential.
---Eloy on 10/15/07

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Go to Gary's reply at [Religious Extremism A threat]
---gary on 10/15/07

Ellen, every book in the Bible is relevant. Revelations is extremely important in understanding what will happen in the end. It gives us ideas of how to live and what to watch for. Pray for wisdom as God promises to give wisdom to those who ask. It is a book which must be spiritually discerned. Always pray before attempting to read it. Maybe buy a good Bible commentary to help guide you but even then, these are mans ideas and you must understand this book for yourself through the power of the Holy Spirit.
---jody on 10/15/07


I believe there is a good reason the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ is the last book in the bible. Before tackling this book, it is good to have a good understanding of the other books (Old Testament and New Testament).

Jack, AMEN!

Bless you all,
---trey on 10/15/07

To understand Revelation, start with Daniel. Chapter 2, Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the great statue is fairly easy to understand. It tells of the succession of world powers affecting God's people from Daniel's day to Jesus' coming. Daniel's dream in chapter 7 tells of the same powers but expands, giving more detail to the last great power which is the antichrist. These will give you a good start to understanding Rev. especially chapter 13 which also speaks of the antichrist.
---robin8683 on 10/15/07

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Revelation is the most symbolic, pictoral, figurative book in the Bible, and you actually expect it to be explained in 85 words or less?
---Jack on 10/15/07

Ellen to do this I would need to write a book. And many have been written already. Go to a book store or check online for ''REVELATION EXPLAINED''
---Whisper on 10/15/07

The key to the book is right over the the first five words. "The revelation of Jesus Christ...."

The revelation (unveiling, uncovering, revealing) of Jesus Christ in His body is what the book is about. The whole book is a summary of the other 65 books of the Bible and shows us how Christ and Him crucified is worked out in a people.
---Linda on 10/15/07

If you will notice, the end of Revelation resembles the Garden of Eden. There is a tree of life, a river, stones, gold, a man in the garden (we are God's garden and the man in the garden is the Lord Jesus Christ-the second Adam), leaves (not fig leaves this time), and fruit. No tree of the knowledge of good and evil is there nor is there a serpent.
---Linda on 10/15/07

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The book is not a scary book. It tells us, "Blessed (not cursed) is he who reads the words of this prophecy and UNDERSTANDS it. If you are afraid when you read the book, it isn't because of the book. It is because you don't understand it. If you really are interested in the redemptive view of the book of Revelation, let me know and I will give you a link to a study that expounds "Himself" out of these Scriptures.
---Linda on 10/15/07

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