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Same Christian Divorse Rate

Why is the divorce rate for christians about the same as non-christians? Comments and opinions?

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 ---Cynthia on 10/16/07
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Leon: Well said my brother. It takes work to have a good marriage in the Lord. I have a passion for marriage and I HATE to see all these Christian marriages going down in flames. Psalm 127:1
---Bish on 10/25/07

pride,independent, lack of support and teaching neither fro the church or paternts are the courses, i stand to be corrected but if our woman can be a bit submisive,,not a fool or punching bag,and keep them more at home i believe it will help, man are motivated by site and it takes nothing to be foolish, forgiven is easiar to forgeting stop living bad presidence for our kids.
---tim on 10/24/07

Bish: I once heard a preacher say, "When the Church gets into the world, there's revival. But when the world gets into the Church, there's apostasy." My point is todays Church is acting (aping) & subsequently looking more 'n' more like the world. Therefore, is their any wonder the divorce rates of Christians parallel that of non-Christians? Christians should be taking our lead from the Bible, not from the "no fault" easy divorce -- rattrap practices of the world.
---Leon on 10/24/07

Thanks Mary. I wish I could take credit for the rat in the cookie jar comment, but it came from Xavier Ries. I feel bad for all those whove experienced divorce and I dont want to make light of their situation. But, if youre a Christian you should be able to tell if someone is genuine, or is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Keep your eyes on Jesus.
---Bish on 10/23/07

LOLOL! :D Love your comments Bish--and I agree with you a lot there! :)
---Mary on 10/23/07

What a SAD commentary for Christians. Leon said, Its getting harder to tell the sheep from the goats. I disagree, in dating someone youll find out quickly where they are spiritually, this is key. I see so many Christians get lost in their emotions in getting to know someone and in doing so, their focus moves to the person instead of remaining on God. I see too many women thinking a guy is a Christian just because he attends church. Just because the rats in the cookie jar, doesnt make him a cookie.
---Bish on 10/22/07

Don't know...
But one thing is evident, that neither group has been able to
surpass the other in transgressions!
---Nana on 10/19/07

Because being in love and staying in love with just one person, is very rare now-a-days. Alot of people get married for all the wrong reasons and at that moment in time, they believe with all their hearts nothing can separate them. When in fact, they have no idea what their doing to begin with.
---Rebecca_D on 10/17/07

The reason is due to alleged "irreconcilable differences". In other words, an unwillingness to forgive. It makes one wonder, how can this be so? Certainly unforgiveness isn't Christ-like, is it? It's getting increasingly harder to tell the sheep from the goats. (Jn. 13:34-35)
---Leon on 10/16/07

I've heard that insurance salesmen have the highest divorce rate, ain't that a kicker?
I guess it's the out of town, east bound and down, loaded up and truckin', always on the road, off the road, along side the road type of lifestyle.
---Bob on 10/16/07

The kicker part is that they're giving you the assurance that everything's covered, copasinki. But the only insurance against divorce is two equally yoked Christians that have made a covenant agreement with Jesus to occupy, stand strong together, until He comes.
---Bob on 10/16/07

I understand that Baptist and those belonging to non-denominational churches experience the highest divorce rates of Christians while more liberal denominations have significantly less divorce. Part of it too has to do with geography, where the northeast has the least divorce rate and religious belief tends more toward liberal or Catholic opposed to the south with the highest divorce rate where churches tend to be more fundamentalist. There are also issues of income and education.
---randy on 10/16/07

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