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Pay Money To Witness

Question, would you give one dollar to hear a person receive the message of how they can be saved? Yesterday, my friend and I at dinner were asked this question.-- How would you have answered?-- What kind of proof concerning this would you have requested?

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 ---Mima on 10/16/07
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No I wouldn't give or receive money for somebody to get saved. Jesus gave us the message freely and we should do the same, and even if u did give them money how would u know they were actually saved or not? Remember Money is the root of all evil and giving somebody money to hear about Jesus is wrong to do.
---ANN on 8/21/08

to mima - christ did not charge the good news. then why is christianity a $2 billion industry as CNN reported? how would you feel, what would you say if I charge you $1 per verse, so you can hear the good news?
---kai on 10/31/07

Pastors are receiving 100s of thousands of $$ every sunday? isn't that proof that money is given to them to preach the gospel?
---kai on 10/31/07

To all who question witnessing. I offer this verse, Romans 10:14"How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher." Question, what do you think this verse means??
---mima on 10/31/07

Andrea, I am all for winning the lost over to Christ. But for me to ask a sinner/backslider if they would like for Jesus to be their personal Savior then repeat after me. If God is not convicting the hearts of the lost then their prayer doesn't count, it is no good. If a person is really,truely close to God and they ask someone to Christ, you can tell if they are under conviction and are serious or you can tell when they will say anything to get the other person off of their back.
---Rebecca_D on 10/20/07

Andrea: I'm not fighting True Workers, just apostates.

You've already stated that you do not Keep the Commandments. The leaven of falsehood you spew about "the Saints, who Keep the Commandments of God and the faith of Jesus" shows whom you serve.

The serpent made the fruit look better than it was and then with the subtle addition to God's Word he said "Thou will NOT surely die" when God said "Thou will surely die"
---TS on 10/19/07

and Rebecca - I get coached from Mima - so I only wish I could emulate his commitment to the lost.
Remember the ones that Jesus died for.
---Andrea on 10/18/07

TS - I'm glad your way is the right way. When I find the right way I'll let you know. Meanwhile there is a lost and dying world out there and your fighting the few workers there are.
Churches use all kinds of give aways to help people or to get them to listen to the message. Remember these are unsaved worldly people. Nothing is sold no money exchanges hands but you have to add your negative garbage anyway.
Rebbecca your comments don't deserve an answer
---Andrea on 10/18/07

Mima: Salvation is the issue. Jesus never converted a single soul without first befriending them. Those preaching truth... truth without the social Gospel become like clanging brass.

"In as much as you have done it to the least of these My brethren, you have done it unto Me"

The Laodecian Church preaches a lazy gospel without the first works that befriended the people.
---TS on 10/18/07

Andrea: What your doing isn't any different than what Mima asked. Most if not all sinners/backsliders will pray or say a few words just so they can win a chance of free stuff. Anybody can repeat a prayer after someone else. But very few of those prayers come from the heart. And very few people are convicted of their sins from God. If a person raffles off a ticket for a car or a tickets for something else, for whatever reason, that is like saying Christ is for sale. And Christ is NOT FOR SALE.
---Rebecca_D on 10/18/07

To ---TS after reading this scripture,"" And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and COMPEL them to come in, that my house may be filled." Luke 14:23 would you call yourself the Lord's servant? I believe you're saved and a servant of God, and I'm thankful for that. But I also believe yours is a social gospel, which is good, but salvation is a sideline instead of your main intent.
---Mima on 10/18/07

Andrea: I help them, care for thier needs, show them genuine friendship, run a Disaster Relief Ministry that provided some 25,000 pounds of supplies to the Mississippi Gulf Coast following Katrina. Not much I suppose but a small start. Jesus helped them with genuine friendship before ever preaching a single sermon. He did not lure them with inducements other than kindness and love.
---TS on 10/18/07

TS - all the more reason to give them Jesus.

what do you do to get people to listen to the message of salvation?
---Andrea on 10/18/07

Isnt gambling an Addiction?
---TS on 10/18/07

#-2-now to the question of whether or not,when we raffle off a car or just plain money. Are we practicing fraud, deception or deceit. Some say yes, some say no. As for myself I believe we are. And as I've said before feel free to charge me with whatever word you choose to use. I have been doing this for a work 20 years and I have seen the results, and the results would be staggering to you I am sure, in fact when I offer figures to pastors and church leaders I'm more times called a liar than not.
---Mima on 10/18/07

#-3-what is my rationale for such things as rifling carts and just raw money? It is very simple, and here is the Scripture,
" And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and COMPEL them to come in, that my house may be filled." Luke 14:23--- I submit, if you understand this Scripture. You understand the reason we do the things we do. We are interested in souls being won to Christ, not societies' traditions.
---Mima on 10/18/07

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If you share the gospel by knocking on dorrs, you'll get the attention of the homeowner bc you make them come to the door. Is this a distraction a fraud. No it is simply getting their attention.
If you raffle off a car or gift basket its to get their attention. If they want the ticket they have to interact with you.

If you are an agent of the most High God - they get an opportunity to receive the gospel and salvation.
---Andrea on 10/18/07

#-1-This question arose out of a discussion of how strong do you believe in witnessing. Would you pay one dollar to know for certain that a person received the message of how they can be saved. Everyone at the table agreed that they would. I then asked how we know for sure that this person had received the message of how he could be saved. And so the question, however poorly worded, was posted.
---Mima on 10/18/07

Mima rafflwes cars. I remember seeing him talk about this.
If the raffle is genuine, it is appealing to peoples greed, and how can this be a good way of bringing people to jesus?
If the raffle is just a "come-on folks" to get people to listen, it is a fraud.
I would be interesting to hear more from Mima about this.
---alan_of_UK on 10/17/07

if the answer is yes, then we must pay tax to pastors who teach you how you could be saved. if the answer is no,where will your money (tax) go?
:), God loves all.
---dsda on 10/17/07

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I wonder if I misunderstood this question. If you want to be gracious>>> help me.++
---catherine on 10/17/07

It is not gambling when no money exchanges hands.
How ugly your heart is that you would see sin in the offering of salvation to the lost.
---Andrea on 10/17/07

Is it OK for Christians to gamble? Is a raffle gambling? I know some Christian groups that do bingo yet are they giving the appearance of evil when no evil is intended?
---TS on 10/17/07

O.K. I found the answer. It is found In the book of Acts 8:18-24 it is where Simon offered money to have the Holy Spirit. Most interesting chapter.
---Whisper on 10/17/07

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Recently I started evangelizing using a basket of Mary Kay. I walk around and offer a free chance at the gift basket if they'll answer one question.
The will you go to heaven question.

Three people prayed with me the first day. The basket cost me about 100$ if I raffle it off after 100 people pray with me. In effect it will have cost me 1.00$ per person to hear them recieve the Lord.
I don't know what MIMA using but his group raffles cars and such. It's like having a traveling alter call.
---Andrea on 10/17/07

I would say,"Jesus gave up His Kingdom,power
peace of mind, relationship with His Father,
all He is, and fought in Hell for man-He
would've done all that He did even for one life saved.Now what is that worth,hm?"
---gaia4978 on 10/16/07

I believe I would, on the first question. I believe I understand the second part. I would have to ask, now that I am thinking about it, What would be your testamony on salvation? If test was past, here is your dollar. speak!
---catherine on 10/16/07

It is wrong. An example of this is written in the Bible of a man wanting to pay I think Apostle Peter, but don't quote me on it yet for Christian perks and favor. I will look into it more tomorrow and get back with you on it.
---Whisper on 10/16/07

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I think it is truly a shame that someone in the world can get up and say absolutely nothing and get a standing ovation plus hundreds of thousands of dollars to boot just for running off at the mouth when God's messengers are shamed if they pass an offering plate, not for their message, but for their expenses. I think those who spend so much time concerning themselves with the finances of another minister are the ones who have the wrong focus.
---Linda on 10/16/07

Instead of looking at the good that is being done, they look for ways they can hurl an accusation, taking the side of the enemy. Who is on the Lord's side?
---Linda on 10/16/07

<< Question, would you give one dollar to hear a person receive the message of how they can be saved?>>

What on earth do you mean by "hear a person to receive", Mima?
---Jack on 10/16/07

I would help pay for the Pastors meal if they're visiting or offer a place to stay for them, but the word should be free.
---Candice on 10/16/07

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THis is confusing. How THEY can be saved. If it is about how someone else can be saved by some evangelist, it is priceless. I will pay the evangelist. It depends how much money I have on me and how much they want. I will pay money for a potential brother's/suster's salvation. After all Jesus gave His life. The Proof? Salvation!! This is a bizzare senario, mima. Maybe I didn't understand it.:)
---jody on 10/16/07

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