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Santa Claus With Christians

Should Christians participate in Santa Claus?

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 ---Jimbo on 10/17/07
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St. Nick- Man of God
on the southern coast of Turkey. His wealthy parents, who raised him to be a devout Christian, died in an epidemic while Nicholas was still young. Obeying Jesus' words to "sell what you own and give the money to the poor," Nicholas used his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering. He dedicated his life to serving God and was made Bishop of Myra while still a young man. Bishop Nicholas became known throughout the land for his generosity to the those in need, his love for children, and his concern for sailors and ships.

Rhonda..the devil hates God..Not St. Nick
Santa is not St. Nick..but a version of his rememberance.

Saints are God's Children.
---paul on 12/17/08

Answering the blog question.

Seek that which is good.

If your friend gave gifts away, do you rebuke him for being evil? Isn't it better to give than to receive? Do you not share with others that he is of "good report" because he gives gifts? Isn't a good name better than gold and rubies? Are we not to find good examples that will set an example to our children?

So why do you rebuke Santa Claus? (wasn't St. Nick a real person?)

We are told to learn from each other, shouldn't we learn something from Santa Claus about gift giving and expect nothing in return? (except maybe for the cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer)
---Steveng on 11/24/08

When my kids were little, Santa was treated like Big Bird and Mickey Mouse, fun, fictional characters to enjoy and play with. My kids were never told he brought the presents. They were told about the real Saint Nicholas who did exist.

My children were also taught the Nativity story, and we had a Nativity set that was under our tree every year.
---Trish9863 on 11/24/08

We don't need to be 'holier and thou' and say 'Santa has no place in Christmas.' I just don't like the over-devotion to it like has been occurring in recent years.
---Anne on 11/24/08

Rhonda ...St Nicholas was a real Christian bishop.
---alan_of_UK on 11/24/08

evangelistjerry & Rhonda

Nicole said "You do know that Santa isn't real?"

too funny I'm just getting back around to this post

guess Nicole thinks Santa isn't real because she cherishes St Nick - the DEVIL

Santa common name for Nimrod throughout Asia Minor - fire god who came down chimneys of ancient pagans ...same fire god to whom infants were burned and eaten in human sacrifice
---Rhonda on 11/22/08

Nicole said "You do know that Santa isn't real?"
Not quite the same thing as SATAN
---alan_of_UK on 11/3/08

Thanks Alan for the correction.

Rhonda, you still didn't answer if you think Santa Claus is real or not?
---Nicole on 11/4/08

my mistake, i apologize.
---evangelistjerry on 11/3/08

evangelistjerry & Rhonda

Nicole said "You do know that Santa isn't real?"

Not quite the same thing as SATAN
---alan_of_UK on 11/3/08

nicole, am i reading you right, you don't believe satan is real?


that's what it looks like to me too, we'll have to wait for further explanation maybe she just forgot to add some punctuation or finish her sentence or......
---Rhonda on 11/2/08

nicole, am i reading you right, you don't believe satan is real?
---evangelistjerry on 11/1/08

Rhonda, when Jesus was born, the Angel went to the Shephard to announce to them of His birth.
The day you are born is your birthday.
Birth - date: the date your mother gave birth to you.

I was telling you that the Jewish people celebrated their first birth = Jesus Christ.
Jesus and the Shepherds are Jewish. They meet when He was born.

I said the RCC only celebrates 2 other people's birthdate - Mary and John the Baptist. They were born(out of the wombed) Saved.

You do know that Santa isn't real?
St Nicholas is a real man several centuries ago.
No connection.
Secular people decided it was neat to call Santa St. Nick.
But, by calling Santa a name it doesn't make Santa a real person. FAKE STILL.
---Nicole on 10/31/08

He sent angels to tell Shepherds of His Birth.
Luke 2:8-20

Nicole no where in Luke or anywhere in Gods Truth does it describe a birthday for Christ, his mother, or John you must ADD and IMPLY this to make it true

it's disturbing how much satanic rituals are part of rcc

remember St Nick is Santa who is the DESTROYER ...rev 2:6,15 ...doctrine of the Nicolaitanes are simply those who follow Nimrod

you celebrate Christmas and Easter "so hard" because the true intent of these days is pagan worship of the sun at a time when children were sacrificed ...rcc wrapped up Christ into worship of Nimrod the destroyer and all her daughter churches follow blindly
---Rhonda on 10/30/08

---Nana on 10/30/08

One of the things that people will be doing in the last days(according to scripture) is "forbidding to marry". I think that answers it.
---jody on 10/29/08

Hi Mary, I celebrate birthdays, not the Church except for Jesus, Mary and John the Baptist.
The Church has FEAST DAYS when we join together in celebration.
Official celebrations of the RCC.

Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, but this is an original day for the RCC.
They enourage each culture to celebrate good traditional holidays.

One American might call Christmas a Holiday.
Not me, It is One of the biggest Feast day in our Church calender, 2nd to Easter.

Babies are sweet, pure, but not innocence.
They are stained with Original Sin.
That's why we celebrate Christmas and Easter so hard.
These celebrations tells us how Jesus Saves the sweet, pure babies to future generations until His Return.
---Nicole on 10/29/08

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Hi Nicole, are you saying you don't celebrate birthdays at all and see babies as being sinners? Or did I misunderstand? I know we're all born with "original sin" but a sweet baby is nothing but pure innocence and his every birthday should be celebrated with thanks to the Lord Who made him--and us. :)
---Mary on 10/29/08

emty,---Eloy on 10/28/08
empt,---Eloy on 10/28/08

Eloy, if you are going to condemn or judge me or others, please get my name right. You would think if you were a prophet sent by God himself to judge us sinful, unreachable wicked, he would at least give you our correct names. emtp, stands for (emergency medical technician paramedic) might help you remember. Thanks
---emtp on 10/29/08

Rhonda, you are right about Jews not celebrating birthdays. Because everyone is born with original sin.
Only 3 Birthdays are Celebrated.

1. Jesus Christ.
2. Mary: Saved at Conception
3. John the Baptist. Saved in the womb of his mother.
Luke 1:41 So he was born Saved.

But, you forgot one thing about Jesus' birth.
God intended for some of the Jews to celebrate His birth.
He sent angels to tell Shepherds of His Birth.
Luke 2:8-20

God wanted a celebration.
The angels celebrated in Heaven and the people on earth.
Luke 2:14
Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to those on whom His favor rests.

Leave us in peace to Celebrate Our God's birthdate.
If Angels can, so can we!
---Nicole on 10/29/08


You just proved my point on the great I AM.

YOU WROTE to emty: And inspite of your dissing, I am who I am, I rightly judge as I am Commanded to rightly judge.

Notice how many times you used I AM. You even used I AM I. Neither you nor anyone can describe himself without beginning with I AM! That is why God is everywhere (universal) and can never be a man! If God is a man, God would be ONE gigantic man who is everywhere at once! You and I know that this is impossible, because no such man can ever exist!

In creation each person must describe her environment using a background. The stars have a black background that we call space. The I AM takes on whatever background IT chooses!
---I_AM_I on 10/29/08

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.nicole, you cannot enlight one whom is already alight, and has firsthand experience of truth, for many children receive apples from their trick-or-treat gatherings.
---Eloy on 10/29/08

Steven, I just finished answering you on another blog about love. I have to agree with you about the love Eloy shows others. None, Zero. He does say he is born again two or three times so maybe because of that he can hate others that disagree with him. I only know of one spiritual awakening, not two or three. But you are right in the assumption that some who call themselves Christians show no love for others. But you first have to consider whether they are even born again once. If he is the light that Jesus saw on the Cross he has been alive longer then Christ and maybe he was with the Father in heaven in the beginning. This could go further just consider that.
---MarkV. on 10/29/08

...according to the Holy Scripture the man Jesus Christ was proven to be born between 7 and 8 oclock Mediterraean time, on December 25th, 5 B.C."

Jews of OT NEVER celebrated birthdays ...declaring day of Christ birth is antichrist to Gods Word directly contradicting scripture (aka Gods Word) because there is no record of Christ birth ...declaring time too is laughable

pagan worship of sun and Nimrods birth were heathen events during time of Emperor Constantine GAIN MORE POWER Constantine MERGED pagan worship of sun and BIRTH of Nimrod wrapping Christ into pagans traditions

it's no small wonder Satan deceives the WHOLE world by blending Santa and Christ into same day as Nimrods birth
---Rhonda on 10/29/08

I have testified to finding the razor blade in my little sisters halloween apple. I am Eloy, a light, the sanctified prophet from God---Eloy

What KID EATS FRUIT on halloween?
The purpose of halloween is to get CANDY.
Let me enlighten you prophet of God.

When children bring their candy bag home, and before their parents can grab the bag, they have a system.

They separate the wanted candy from the candy they don't like.
They offer the ones they don't like to other members of the family if they are told to share.
Your sister had no intentions of eating that apple.

There are dangers all around us. That's life. This shouldn't disturb you.
After all, you are a Prophet?
---Nicole on 10/29/08

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.steveng, you are still in condemnation. And since I am a born-again Christian, I am not able to receive your falsehood, but if you repent then I would be able to hear you. John 10:4,5.
---Eloy on 10/28/08

emty, you judge yourself by indulging in the world, which you are commanded not to do. And inspite of your dissing, I am who I am, I rightly judge as I am Commanded to rightly judge.
---Eloy on 10/28/08

Eloy: "I am Eloy, a light, the sanctified prophet from God, sent into this fallen world only to do his will."

Anyone can say they are a prophet from God by words only. You are definately not a prophet from God - a false prophet. Many of your posts I read do not even come close to being proven by Scripture, but merely your own interpretation of a Bible verse or your own opinion or what you have taken from another opinionated author as being true in your own mind. I suggest that you do research of the post you are going to write, if it cannot be verified by Scripture or by the Holy Spirit, don't post it.

I pray that your eyes be open and you repent of your error before it's too late.
---Steveng on 10/28/08

Eloy: "Separate from myths and manmade idol gods, according to the Holy Scripture the man Jesus Christ was proven to be born between 7 and 8 oclock Mediterraean time, on December 25th, 5 B.C."

Were you actually there to witness the birth? Scriptures have clues about the time Jesus was born, but not an exact time and date because it has no bearing on what is important - the Kingdom of God and how to populate it. It's the same reason why God buried Moses without telling anyone where and when.
---Steveng on 10/28/08

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Where in your bible, THE INSPIRED WORD OF GOD, did you get that from? Show me where in your bible that it said "Jesus" was born on that date. That will be the miracle of all miracles!

Move onto the next proof! Eventually, you will see that there is NONE!
---I_AM_I on 10/28/08

empt, you are deceived, santy claus is not Christ Jesus. And you are confusing hypocrisy with what a faithful Christian is, else you would not be a friend of the world.
---Eloy on 10/28/08

I never said Santy or Santa Claus was Jesus Christ. You are confusing or more like manipulating what everyone is saying. Jesus is the true and only reason for the season of Christmas. Sadly that has been lost upon a lot of the world but don't you project onto me or other people that we are not "true Christians" because of Santa. You are not God's prophet and he did not send you to judge me or anyone else on matters of Santa Claus. Quite frankly i think you should be worried about your own self hypocrisy.
---emtp on 10/28/08

Separate from myths and manmade idol gods, according to the Holy Scripture the man Jesus Christ was proven to be born between 7 and 8 oclock Mediterraean time, on December 25th, 5 B.C.
---Eloy on 10/28/08

empt, you are deceived, santy claus is not Christ Jesus. And you are confusing hypocrisy with what a faithful Christian is, else you would not be a friend of the world.
---Eloy on 10/28/08

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.nicole, Whatever worldly or wrongful activity you participate in will have consequences, and many times regrettable, even as I have testified to finding the razor blade in my little sisters halloween apple. Many ignore our words that people should avoid wrong, and make vain excuses and wrongly say, "There's no harm." Tell that to the grieving parents who now have an organically brain dead child who ate some halloween candy tainted with poison. Or tell it to the grieving spouse who lost his fiancee to a young drunken driver who's judgment was impaired with just one drink and killing a person. And I did not say I was dead peter. I am Eloy, a light, the sanctified prophet from God, sent into this fallen world only to do his will.
---Eloy on 10/28/08

Christians do not participate in Santa Claus.
---Eloy on 10/23/08

I am a faithful christian. I did. BTW I am about to give out candy for Halloween also. Oh yeah...burn me at the stake.
---emtp on 10/26/08

I am as well giving out candy on Halloween.
My faith isn't based on other's opinions or beliefs.

My Faith is based on Jesus Christ who died for me!
If He said I am welcome at His Table, who is Eloy to remove my place mat at the table?

Eloy, you are at the wrong house.
You have the wrong key.
Jesus did not put you in charge!

---Nicole on 10/27/08

Nicole & Eloy,

Dec. 25 and March 25th are dates first used to celebrate the many SUN GODS or SUNS of GOD annual travel through certain heavenly constellation. It is a FACT that these dates represent the winter solstice and spring equinox. The ancients revered these and other dates. The church (RCC) usurped these dates and claimed that "Jesus" is yet another savior god or godman in order to win over converts to early Christianity. GO DO THE RESEARCH! Christmas = mass for the ancient Christ or Christ-Mass. Savior gods or godmen have "died" and "resurrected" before "Jesus of Nazareth." Prove otherwise!
---I_AM_I on 10/27/08

.empt, you speak falsehood because there is no truth in you. Many sinners and nonChristians call themselves Christian, but there is no Christ in them. You are no Christian, and you are zero part of Christ's body. Oh yeah, you have already condemned yourself by choosing sin over Christ.
---Eloy on 10/27/08

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Christians do not participate in Santa Claus.
---Eloy on 10/23/08

I am a faithful christian. I did. BTW I am about to give out candy for Halloween also. Oh yeah...burn me at the stake.
---emtp on 10/26/08

That date is more applicable to His conception than His date of birth.
---joseph on 10/25/08

Guess what? we have a Feast Day for that.
March 25th. 9 months before His birth.
---Nicole on 10/26/08

"Dec. 25th has been the birthday for MANY Gods before Jesus of Nazareth."

That date is more applicable to His conception than His date of birth.

As far as participating in the celebration of the day, what is the harm? Unless of course one is overextending themselves financially for the sake of traditional expectancies, as in anticipatory beliefs or desires associated with the day, whether one is "christian" or otherwise. As far as Santa is concerned, I agree with Nicole's comments concerning him on 10/23/08. Giving is a beautiful thing, however giving grudgingly, of necessity, or for the sake of tradition, takes all the joy out of it:o)
---joseph on 10/25/08

I didn't say Jesus was born on Dec 25th.
The RCC doesn't have to know the exact day to CELEBRATE JESUS' BIRTHDATE.
It is a Solemnity: Holy day of obligation of going to Church.

People didn't know how to read as you and I today. They remember the Truths of their faith by Solemnities and Feast days.
Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, The Beheading of John the Baptist, Wedding of Cana and many parts of the NT have certain days we celebrate.
Feast days/smaller ones.
Solemnities/big ones: Christmas and Easter.

I celebrate His birth on Dec 25th at Church.
Midnight Mass and Mass during the day.

My thoughts are not on any other so call gods.
---Nicole on 10/24/08

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I AM I, the birthday of many fairey tale personages were born long before you on the same day of your birthday, so does that make your birthday a fallacitous falsehood and a proportioned copy of them? and I know that worms were born long before you on the same day you were born, so does that make you a worm? or you a copy of a worm?
---Eloy on 10/25/08


Dec. 25th has been the birthday for MANY Gods before "Jesus of Nazareth." Do not accept my word. Please research this yourself! More importantly, what proof do you have that "Jesus of Nazareth" was "born" on Dec. 25th?
---I_AM_I on 10/23/08

Christians do not participate in Santa Claus.
---Eloy on 10/23/08

Santa Claus isn't a Christian tradition.
St Nick or Nicholas was a true man that because a saint in the RCC.
He was a man who gave food and toys to poor kids in his day.
The feast day is Dec the 6th or 7th.

But, secular (sp?) people took a feast day belonging to Christians, changing his name and making up his life in placing it on the Day we celebrate the Birth of our God.
Dropping God and celebrating a fake man.

Do what some do.
They give their kids gifts on St Nicholas day or on 3 Kings day on Jan 6 or 7th.
They get gifts when Jesus got gifts.
But, on Christmas day only celebrate Jesus' Birth. Bake a cake, eat fruit and the like.

If you want to keep Santa Claus, do it before or after the 25th.
---Nicole on 10/23/08

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When my son was small, I explained to him that there was no such thing as Santa Clause. He was a fictional character and that we celebrate Christmas as Christ's birthday. We give gifts as the Magi did, but that that was not what Christmas was about-the gifts. I feel that in telling our children that Santa Clause is real, we are lying to them and thus teaching them a behavior that we wouldn't want them to turn on us later.
---Faith on 10/21/08

Personally there is no such thing as Santa Claus, but I know some parents that teach there kids that there is, instead teach them about what Christmas really means instead of telling about something that isn't real, tell them about someone who is real. If u want to participate then thats up to u and God not us to judge.
---ANN on 10/21/08

Mary: Does Santa detract attention away from Jesus? Does the spirit of Anti-Christ detract from Jesus?

Is Materialism what Jesus preached?
Does Santa have attributes similar to Christ? Sweet yet subtle deception.
---Observing on 10/29/07

Robyn: You and your husband thought it was funny to let the kids think Santa Claus and the Tooth fairy, Easter bunny, were real. About my nephews, seriously the parents couldn't afford anything. My bother got laid off and the money they had left, went to pay bills and get stuff to eat. I guess they thought that paying the utilities and buying food was more important than buying toys. If something isn't true then why spread the lies around? Isn't that the same as being deceived?
---Rebecca_D on 10/27/07

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Oh boy! I think I'll pull my hair out if I see the term "Satan Clause" one more time lol! :D One more time, in my humble opinion: Santa is NOT EVIL--but should be put in the proper place. :)
---Mary on 10/26/07

Robyn: It does. Not all Pastors are like that. Perhaps if they were closer to Jesus than to Satan Clause such would not be the case.
---Observing on 10/26/07

I love Christmas.My kids know the true meaning of the holiday..but we still have done the Santa thing(in the spirit of St.nick)and enjoyed the "game".One time,I recieved an envelope from my pastor,he said someone had told him to give it to me.2 two hundred dollar bills in it.I really think Pastor gave it to me and my kids for a nice holiday.It is not always about money.
---judith on 10/25/07

A greedy man(probably fat) standing in the pulpit on Sunday, Wednesday andy night of the week with both hands in your wallet.Dressed up in a suit(any color) he definitely won't be leaving any gifts for you. He's looking for gifts(preferably your money ,anybody's money) Sounds familiar?
---Robyn on 10/25/07

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I belonged to a small assembly once. Christmas was not celebrated.I lived down the way from the church. I put my Christmas tree up, every year. The church members passed by my house and yes my tree was in the window, as usual. And lights on my house, as usual. We had a wonderful and conviction-free Christmas, that year and every year.
---Robyn on 10/25/07

Rebecca_D: I have already answered this question. It was considered a game and not a lie to me and my family. When the kids found out it was me or Dad or anyone can play Santa, the game was over. My kids moved on to something else.
The year your nephews did not receive anything was a bit heartless. I believe the parents could have given something. I don't believe they were so poor they could not give even a pair of socks or something. People always find a way to do what they want to do.
---Robyn on 10/25/07

Observing: Undoubtedly you have not read other posts of mine on this subject. My church is a wonderful church. I would not trade with any other. We do outreach year round not just on Christmas and Thanksgiving. We also rendered outstanding help to the Katrina victims. A lot of the victims moved here to Houston. We were able to first hand witness to them,we distributed clothes,food,healthcare,housing,money,transportation. Some of the Katrina victims even joined my church. So what are you talking about?
---Robyn on 10/25/07

Observing...We hug and kiss at my church(holy kiss)I don't really need anymore friends.More than I can handle. I fellowship with a wonderful group at my church. And my church is far from dead. We praise,worship,dance and just do our thing for Jesus. We follow the teachings and works of Christ. By the way. I have already stated: we know the true meaning of Christmas. So do my grown children. Peace
---Robyn on 10/25/07

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Robyn: I too sneak into my kids room and take the tooth and leave money, but the next morning when they found the money, they knew it was me, not the tooth fairy. My nephew's when small, believed in Santa Claus. One year the parents weren't able to buy any gifts for them at all. They told their kids that they didn't have the money to buy them Christmas presents, they said that's okay because Santa Claus will bring them, don't worry. cont:
---Rebecca_D on 10/25/07

Robyn: cont: Christmas morning the kids rushed to the Christmas tree, to find it was empty under the tree. They looked at their parents with mouths gapped open and the parents told them the truth about how Santa Claus wasn't real and the parents were the ones that bought presents, but they didn't have the money to buy them anything. Needless to say, two boys heart's were crashed. They still got presents from their grandparents, Aunts & uncles. but it is not okay to let a child believe a lie.
---Rebecca_D on 10/25/07

I love Celebrating all of the holidays. Christmas is my favorite. I tell my two children that the true meaning of the holidays. How Christmas isn't about presents, Santa Claus but it is about the birth of Jesus Christ. And Easter, it isn't about bunnies, it is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is okay to have fun with your kids, to color eggs and hide them and to have presents for your kids at Christmas. But I have never led my kids to believe a lie about any holiday.
---Rebecca_D on 10/25/07

Robyn: My Church cares deeply for people. The Katrina efforts were extraordinary. When they hug you they mean it! We celebrate Christmas low-key and not in grand materialsm. We teach our Children the true meaning of Christmas by giving them a small gift and then helping others that are in need. Sorry that your Church experience is so dead. Try doing what Christ did and see if you make some new friends who will love you.
---Observing on 10/24/07

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xmas and all these holidays i take like sabath day,the act of giving is good to practice even if its on a false pretense, Jesus did good on sabath thats why it does not look like he did something wrong.we should let our children on the other hand know its man made hiliday like 4th july or thanksgiven
---tim on 10/24/07

After I got saved I explained to my daughter about how Jesus wasn't here and He wanted us to love one another and that's why we give gifts in His name. And why we give extra to the poor and to strangers. We celebrate Christ by acting at least for awhile the way He wanted us to.
yes we even talked about doing Christmas 365 days
---Andrea on 10/24/07

The entire Catholic system is paganism.These people are into traditions,paganism and ritualism.But yet some of you want to hurt small children and take the fun out of their lives while the Pope and all of his imps are leading millions of people to Hell! Something is very wrong with you people. Believe what you want but I will always participate in Christmas and other holidays.There are many more horrific sins being committed, everyday, than celebrating some holiday.
---Robyn on 10/24/07

Rebecca_D: Yes we did do the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy. Santa Claus was the favorite. I sneaked into their rooms when they lost their baby teeth and left money for my kids. They loved the game and so did I. My husband participated in it also. We saw it as a game, not a lie. I still celebrate Easter. Even though my children are grown. I dye eggs, cook a big dinner, go to church and enjoy the day. I know the true meaning of Easter, Christmas do my children.
---Robyn on 10/24/07

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Observing:Most of the preachers are doing the same thing to us these days. Robbing us blind, preaching a bunch of lies and they don't even pretend anymore. You know up front we won't get anything back for our troubles. Especially from them. At least the kids get a gift from Santa.When was the last time you got anything from your church? You miss one church service and you don't even get a phone call.How lovely is that? And how blind are we? Get real.
---Robyn on 10/24/07

Robyn: So you let your children believe in a lie? What about the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy? Santa Claus is a mythological creature. He was first mentioned in Dutch, but they called him Kerstman (meaning Christmas Men). He comes in different colored suits depending on the Country. The US made up his suit as red and white in the late 19th Century. If you want to let you children believe a lie, then so be it. How did they feel when they first realized that Santa Claus wasn't real?
---Rebecca_D on 10/24/07

Mary: There is nothing wrong with Christmas when we do things to honor Christ.

Instead of giving ourselves a bunch of material things we do not "need" why not give to others as Christ did? Give to the needy at Christmas, in His Name and forget the teachings of Satan Claus.

It should be comforting that your dead relatives are sleeping and not conscious of your trials and tribulations or are not burning in eternal torment.
---Observing on 10/24/07

Observing, hope I'm not around you at Christmas lol! Especially if I'm missing my dead loved ones all the more and needing some cheer in my life!
---Mary on 10/23/07

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Robyn: The precurssor Anti, in Anti-Christ, means "in place of."

Is Santa [In Place of Christ]?
Santa is so sweet. Deadly sweet, just like the fruit in the Garden.
---Observing on 10/23/07

Nothing is more important than leading someone to Christ. We all should know this but a little harmless fun at Christmas for the kids is ok. This is very necessary to their well being in childhood. I can think of other things that are more harmful to kids than Santa Claus. I have a wonderful snapshot of me and my kids sitting on Santa's lap at Christmas. The kids were happy, I was happy and old Santa was beaming like a Christmas tree. That picture is a treasure for us.
---Robyn on 10/22/07

Robyn: They need to be led to Jesus not Satan Claus. Jesus gave to the poor. Santa teaches them to desire for self.

Big Difference.
---Observing on 10/22/07

St. Nick is not a pagan term or satanic. It is short for St. Nicholas the Bishop of Myra in the early 300's AD. He was well known for his gift giving and generousity to the poor. He actcually DESTROYED pagan temples in Turkey. So I suppose thats where Santa Claus came from. But the name St. Nicholas has become too commerical and it seems the the true meaning of Christmas is lost.
---Patrick on 10/21/07

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It's fine as long as the kids are taught from the start that these are fairy tales, but that usually isn't the case.

More often than not, kids are taught to believe in the American Trinity of invisible benevolent beings: Jesus, Santa, and the Easter Bunny. After a few years, they discover that Santa and the Easter Bunny aren't real, even though their parents insisted that they were. Small wonder that many of them also later reject Jesus for the same reason, then we wonder why.
---StrongAxe on 10/20/07

Santa Claus is real. Don't take that away from the kiddies. They need to believe this. They will find out soon enough that Santa Claus is MOM or DAD. So you see Santa is real. It is like a game you play at Christmastime. My kids told me they knew who Santa was when they got a certain age. It was ok. Then we stopped the game.Why? Because they were old enough to not need the game anymore and to move on to something else. Lighten up,people.
---Robyn on 10/19/07

Hmmm... A Gluttonous fat man in a red suit, breaking into homes at night under cover of darkness, providing a bunch of materialism to people who already have so much and then sticking Mommy and Daddy with ungodly financial debt, while having songs about Jesus replaced with songs about jolly ole saint nick and doing it so sweetly all in the name of love.

Sounds like Satan Claus to me.
A very clever anagram.
---Observing on 10/19/07

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