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How Many Sins To Give Up

A person becomes saved, and after salvation how many of his sins must he give up. One third, one half, one tenth how much?

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 ---Mima on 10/17/07
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(1) The wages of sin is death! Now, your eternal soul is saved but your temporal body is not, it is left here to ether enjoy the glory of the Lord or suffer under the wages of all the sins that you wish not to give up? So Mima Im interested in knowing, how much suffering do you wish to endure during your journey here in this world?
---Shawn.M.T on 10/30/07

(2) Now the reciprocal percentage of your answer is how much sin you will have to give up. But just know if you are saved and truly hold the love of God in your heart, you will have a desire with-in you to depart from all sin.
---Shawn.M.T on 10/30/07

We must repent of ALL sin. But some people call things sin, that aren't really sin, so it really depends on what you mean when you say "sin".
---Adam on 10/29/07

If you are alive when Jesus comes we will have already been judged, right? Is He going to bring anyone to heaven that is unwilling to give up their own stubborn will and obey all His precepts?
---robin8683 on 10/18/07

All of them. A person can't keep little foxes (sins) in their hole (life) hidden away and expect God not to notice. Each follower must pick up their cross and follow Jesus. A person can't serve God and still hang onto their past sins. Because once a person comes to Christ, they have knowledge of what their sins are. The more we know, then much is required.
---Rebecca_D on 10/18/07

Without repenting for your sin as you sail and coast through your life, you can lose your crown.
Unbelievers do not have a crown to lose, crowns are for the believers. So you can make it in, but not have a crown.
Keep telling yourself that you don't need to repent, with that prideful aire.
You may find that your crown was taken from you, and you never even knew when it happened.
---Bob on 10/18/07

Keep telling yourself that an adulterous affair won't affect your being used by God.
Keep it a secret.
Keep telling yourself that running your spouse down doesn't matter either.
Keep telling yourself that you can lay your hands on others, it doesn't matter how much blood is on your own hands.
Keep telling yourself that it will all come out in the wash.
It won't, but you can keep telling yourself that it will.
---Bob on 10/18/07

Jesus removed all of our sin's when were borned again acts 2-37-38it says our sins are remitted meaning he delived us from our sin's when we were baptise in his name
---Betty on 10/18/07

All of them,if you don't give up all of your worldy ways you haven't really given your life to Christ and you aren't saved. Humans are a selfish,selfcentered lot and to be a Christian we must die to self and live to Christ,seeking not our own will but seeking the will of God and working for His Kingdom. When you walk in the light then all darkness must flee.
---Darlene_1 on 10/17/07

All of them. Whether he succeeds or not is another matter. On his own, he cannot, but with God all things are possible.
---lorra8574 on 10/17/07

However hard we strive, we will not be able to give up all our sins.
Maybe the thief will stop stealing, or the drunkard become sober, but it is much more difficult to set aside pride and anger, as is demonstrated daily on these blogs (by me as well)
The thing is we are saved from the eternal results of these sins.
---alan_of_UK on 10/17/07

There is not a number. We cannot give up anything. The Holy Spirit takes these sins away from us over a period of time.It is a process.This called Deliverance.But do remember: we will never be delivered from all sins here on this earth. Without God we can do nothing. It is according to our faith and our knowledge of God. What pleases Him and what doesn't. This is why we should constantly pray, study and read our bibles. The bible is God's instructions to us.
---Robyn on 10/17/07

I would say one tenth. That's the tithe right? Just kidding.

I believe Jesus cleans as many fishes as can be caught.
---Linda on 10/17/07

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