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God's Word Needs Money

Joel Osteen was on Glen Beck tonight, and he stated that there is 73 million dollars comming in mail donations and tithes. When asked why so much money, his response was "it takes money to get God's word out. Any comments or thoughts on this?

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 ---Cynthia on 10/18/07
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There is a way that seems right to a man, but God's ways are higher than ours! If you ever really notice, it's all the mammon loving pastors on tv. The true evangelists and preachers are on the streets and in the mission feild. God doesn't need money to get His Word out, but the devil does in order to spread his lies! When Jesus and the apostles, and John the baptist, and Paul, etc., every real man and woman of God, decides to walk in faith, God will carry his Word wherever He desires! If Jesus be lifted up from the earth, He will draw all men unto Him, not man made tv! God can move faster than money!
---Bryan on 2/7/09

"...mail donations and tithes.." Two sources to spread the God's word -- donations, and tithes.

1. donations:

Where do they come from? From their members only or do they accept from anybody?

"...they went forth, taking NOTHING of the Gentiles" (3Jhn.1:7)

The apostles as they went forth preaching God's words (getting God's word out) did not take anything from the gentiles.

2. Tithes:

Nowhere in the new testament can you read that the christians gave tithes. They gave... "accroding as he purposeth in his heart... not grudgingly, or of necessity..." (2Cor.9:7)

So to use money (which comes from a doctrine that is not for christians) to spread God's word is wrong.
---manny on 11/6/08

Each one of us will have to face God oneday. Not one single person on this earth will escape that, Judgment Day. We will each have to give an account on what we did with God's money and the power He gives us. So lets each woman or man of God mind our own store the best that we can. We only must answer for ourselves. Me for me and you for you.
---catherine on 11/1/07

that is why pastors, tele evangelist, like pat robertson, can say that 'do not worry, worry is a sin' I do not see them denying themselves!
---kai on 10/31/07

it is not wrong to be prosperous or rich. it is the result of 'sharpening your skills-biblical, & you worked hard for it & finally continue to be humble when you reach the top. unlike pastors or tele evangelist, they pervert the gospel for profit & enrich themselves.
---kai on 10/31/07

73 million dollars.....that is obscene. I wonder how many hungry people live down the street from that huge stadium? How many people need clothes and shelter? I guess Joel never read the scriptures where Jesus told the disciples to go without script or money.
---Susie on 10/18/07

I'm not an Olsteen fan as I do not care for prosperity preachers. He would make a great Corporate motivator. Christ certainly did not need millions to spread the word--He not only fed the hungry people with the fish and loaves, but fed them spiritually!! Yet
Christ's preachings have endured forever.
---Pernice on 10/18/07

I'm in Haiti right now preaching in a seven day crusade. It takes money to do this.Paul said several times that he was blessed to receive funds for the work to continue. God bless everyone who gives. And if anyone finds a way to do it all without having to spend any money, I sure would like to know because I'm going through it like water right now.
---john on 10/18/07

I think that it's sad that he is more of a people please than our God pleaser. He don't want to offend anyone, and don't get me wrong, I most certainly don't want to offend anyone either, but these people's lives are at stake that follow his teachings. I hope that they study all of the Word on their own time. Just being a good and positive person won't get you to heaven.
---Angela on 10/18/07

Also, If I had 73 million $$, I would be trying every way in the world to help the less fortunate. That's a LOT of money that could do good things for the kingdom of God. By the way, J.O.'s dad John taught more of the whole gospel, right? He wasn't afraid to tell people that they are sinner's and needed the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, and that there was a real hell. I can't figure out why Joel feels the need to be so politically correct.?
---Angela on 10/18/07

Money??? lol, What a joke.
---duane on 10/18/07

People have alsways wanted to associate with something big,fancy and well known. Celebrities and so called important people. They like to name drop and so on. Only weak and insecure people get pleasure out of doing these type things. They pick and choose who to support and who they like (favoritism) God hates this attitude also. Keep this in mind. Joel Osteen refuses to preach the truth. People love this type preaching. He is a man of the people not for God.
---Robyn on 10/18/07

I disagree with him, it don't take that much money to get the word out, it takes all Christian's to get God's words out not money. Jesus didn't have money when he spreaded the Word and neither did his disciples. And I know Paul didn't have money when he was spreading the word.
---ANN on 10/18/07

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