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God Told Me Who To Marry

I know I heard from God that I would marry a certain person. I prayed and it was confirmed. Now after being in a relationship for 2yrs we seperate. He now questions what I heard. I am confused but still trust what I heard. Can God share with you who you will marry?

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 ---Mary on 10/23/07
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Yes, He does show us His marriage pick for us. Many Christians can attest to this. Hopefully the two of you are born-again and have not engaged in fornication.
If you have been having pre-marital relations, this could be a reason the Lord separated you. If your boyfriend questions what you heard, he needs to go to the Lord himself and ask! Why hasn't he done this yet?

Getting a personal 'rhema' word from Scripture is the most reliable method of hearing from God. He will illuminate specific verses that apply perfectly to what you are asking Him about. It is as if that verse/passage was written especially for you. I am very curious as to what method God used to reveal this to you.

---Genevieve on 8/30/11

John, Andy this is a Hen eat your chocolate!
i'm a belgian, and believe me you don' need hen's to eat chocolate
a hen lays eggs, and produces chickenmeat good for all kinds of dishes,
---andy3996 on 8/23/11

Why have you both separated. Yes, God can reveal who you will marry. The easy part is "marrying", for most anybody can marry, but the part which requires serious committment is the "remaining married".
---Eloy on 8/22/11

Andy this is a Hen eat your chocolate!

You see I heard this one before>>> the typical Bourgoise Wife....
"I have a Lovely Husband and a Wonderful Home".


I married a rich dude, so now I'm pretending I love him.



My Husband is Controlling
My Husband doesn't buy me gifts.
My husband is Lazy
My Husband doesn't work..

---John on 8/22/11

JOHN Amazing how G-d doesn't send you to the ghetto to some ugly poor man.)

Actually God told me to marry a poor orphaned village girl in Togo Africa.
in the beginning i taught this was like cinderella and the prince
now i know Im cinderella and She the princess.
---andy3996 on 8/22/11

With God the journey is never straight foward. God can reveal to u anythg if u have a close relationship with him. It will or might not happen in the way u expect. So far he/she is living on this earth there is hope. Anythg can happen with God. Even if it will take several years or more.. Just think of joseph story, david's story and many others who never had a straight path for their vision to manefest.. Trust me all paths lead to ur destiny or dream. He orders our steps
---sandra_shobo on 8/22/11

Yes God Can share with us who we are going to marry, however we have to walk in his way. Remember, the Israelites who were brought from Egypt, only two persons could reached the Promised land due to disobedience/unfaithful to God's commands. God never lies, he will not change his will for you if you keep his commands. If you fail to do so he might change.Check yourself where you stand and if you do not cross the line it will come true.

If we are sure God has spoken to us and showed our future husband or anything else , we just need to believe and have faith and keep walking in his way. God will make a way. And we should remember His Time Is Perfect not our time :)
---mz on 6/3/11

God is not the author of confusion. God is a God of peace. We can often times misinterpret God's plan with our own desires. When I am uncertain about something I pray for confirmation and I can tell if I heard correctly by the way I feel. If I am still doubtful or confused I know God is telling me that's not His plan for me. If I have an overwhelming sense of peace I pretty much believe God is giving me the go ahead.
---renee on 5/17/11

YES!(part 1) The Heaven Father of Jesus Can.I devorised from physical abussed. Stayed single two years.On one day, I decided it was time to date( I had 2 boys,3and 14yr.) I heard about detail prayers. I asked God for tall dark hair, mushstach, dependable, faithful worker, must love my boys .and Father this man to love me as you intended a man to love and provide for his wife. And we must have the same faith in Jesus. Ro. 1:12. After.2- 3mo. latter I met Him. in a resturant and had lunch. We each lived in the oposit direction an hour appart. We dated approx. 2 years and married. His boys lived with him, and my 2 with me.
---Linda5994 on 4/29/11

I prayed for five years asking God for wife. He sent her to a church I was a member. I knew her many years ago when we were both without God in our lives. When I first saw her, it was never in my mind this is the one. Months later when the service ended we hugged and said we loved each other in a friendly way. After she began to walk away The Lord told me that will be your wife. I was beside myself and kept thinking wow, this is her. So, because my sister was a friend of hers those years ago, I asked for her phone number. I called her and talked for a minute, then I told her God said you would be my wife, and she said she knew. So here we are fours years later and have not given up, even though at times we felt like it.
---willa5568 on 4/29/11

Hmmm? Let me guess.....

And G-d told you to marry a Handsome man with lots of money!

And the good Lord guided you right to him. Yep right there in that corporate excutive cocktail party VIOLA!!! There he was!

Isn't G-d just wonderful!

Sometimes, woman are so vain, silly, and shallow it gets me nauseated.

Who would have known G-d read Harliquim Romances!

(Amazing how G-d doesn't send you to the ghetto to some ugly poor man.)
---John on 4/25/11

God said he was your husband, not your boyfriend there are issues that needed to be removed. It's wrong Christians dating, when God tells you that you will marry someone then you wait till it is time or the blessing will become a curse. God showed me who my wife was years ago but he told me that it is not time. I see her everyday but I don't act on my feelings. Even flirting is wrong. You didn't hear wrong you just moved ahead of God, Jesus want us just to work according to his will that's how he did it with Isaac and Rebecca. KJV Genesis 24 1-67.Remember this last thing.

Psalm 27 v14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

God bless you
---Gareth_Rodway on 4/25/11

God told you he was your husband, not your boyfriend. you both have issues that needed to be removed. it's wrong Christians dating because the blessing will become a curse. God showed me who my wife was years ago but he told me that it is not time yet I see her everyday but I don't act on my feelings because just like you it will mess up. you didn't hear wrong you just moved ahead of God, Jesus wants us just to work in his time and according to his will that's how he did it with Isaac and Rebecca. KJV Genesis 24 1-67. Remember this last thing. KJV Psalm 27 v14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

God bless you
---Gareth_Rodway on 4/25/11

if it doesnt come to pass, i question that it was from god. the adversary can put things in our head as well.
---debbie on 3/29/11

Lmarks, I'm so glad you and your husband were reconciled.
---Cluny on 3/29/11

After a life saving surgery my husband left me. I knew we were under attack. I heard aloud "Your marriage is important to me." 1-1/2 years later,my husband began calling, asking to see me. Finally, I said "Come now" When he came, he said "I never would have behaved that way if I was in my right mind." I grabbed him and we agreed to begin seeing each other. The next day, he got sick. Six weeks later, he died. I told him "You are the love of my life and I will love you Forever" It was as if all the love that I had for him came gushing forth. He responded "Me...You" Those were our last words to each other. God was faithful. He fulfilled his promise to me in His time...not mine.
---Lmarks on 3/28/11

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i prayed for my partner, God revealed to me whom to marry, and you know what these are the relations under the mostr pressure. satan knows God put us toghether for His reason. and want that destroyed. so sister keep faith keep praying. God can still do everything. My wife and i have been on the edge of divorce but since we both count upon the Lord He saved us. He will do the same with you if you keep trusting Him and whatever the result is trust the Lord always.
---andy3996 on 12/10/10

I was interested to see your blog. I always test the spirits to see if a "word" is truly from the Lord by asking the Lord for Scripture to confirm. I fasted about my hubby, met someone, went through some intense spiritual warfare, bc Satan wanted us against each other and God did always confrim a "yes" that the man I was communicating with, was who I was going to marry. As things panned out, we ended up not communicating and stil do not, but with much prayer and wholly trusting in God, the Lord affirmed me many times, that my husband will be back. It has been 3 months since we have communicated, so I know how you feel! Satan cannot stop the union, he may try but God is sovereign. Embrace the prep time!
---Andrea on 12/9/10

God can indeed tell people whom they are to marry.
As a matter of fact, not only is it in scripture with Isaac and others, but it is the best way to find a mate.
Odd how it's he that questions what you heard.
---Frank on 12/1/10

I don't want to declare here what God did or did not say, though we do know from God's nature that when he gets specific (i.e. names) its specifically for his own glory.
If God really told you to marry a particular person there is a mission involved not just a marriage.
---larry on 12/1/10

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I beleive in god and I'm not dissing on him, but he told you to marry someone? I thought god like beleived in true love..... That's just crazy. Maybe you just heard it in your head and thought it was god.
---Geneva on 12/1/10

Don't let anyone convince you that you didn't hear from God. When my relationship was in trouble, prayer lines told me that God does not answer prayers for relationships. Does satan wait to destroy the marriage or kill it in the birthing stage? Yes! I pray God counsels you both in the Spirit. God spoke through a donkey. He causes angels, strangers, ministering spirits to lay a message on someone's heart. Satan wants destroy ANYTHING that's good or has potential to be good. He never messed with any of my relationships until I entered into one with a godly man. But God is still alive, in control, and on the throne of grace! He renders judgement and gives new mercy daily. Be strong, watchful, pray, listen. You'll know it's God when you hear Him!
---peaches on 11/30/10

whatever happened to your situation? because I am in the same one right now. I made a list and prayed that i meet a guy with the traits listed. I met him and he was all the things i prayed for. We dated 2 years, almost got married. Now we broke up and I don't know what God's will is. I believe I got a sign before, so y is he gone?
---shea on 10/22/10

My friend forwarded me this blog. I believe that God can reveal to you who your spouse will be. The road to marriage can be challenging. Sometimes we focus on the end result and neglect to include God in the process he wants to take us through, to refine, sharpen and prepare us. I pray that you will not focus on the separation, but act in a manner that demonstrates that you believe God at his Word. Charles Stanley encourages to take steps in anticipation of God's fulfillment of His promises. As such, I suggest you spend time inquiring of the Lord of the characteristics and qualities he wants to develop in you to be the Godly spouse, and what would He like you to learn through this process of separation.

God Bless!
---Whit on 10/7/10

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Hi guys, I have read through all the blog entries, and there are some valid points that have been made!!! From my experience I do believe God can tell you, or show you who you are going to marry, but however on the other hand you have to be extremely careful that you dont get carried away with your own desires, and try to turn your own desires into what you think God desires is for you.
---Tanya on 10/7/10

God told one of my prayer partners who she would marry and I thought she was CRAZY but prayed for her and her promised husband anyway. I even started praying for a husband for myself, never really thinking God would answer. A few months later God told me who I would marry and I know I am not crazy. It was the very first time God spoke to me so I was completely in total shock. I did not think God would actually speak I thought it was just a heart feeling or something. This happened in April 2010 and now we say hi and there are little flirts here and there. I am still in shock that God told me this and it now seems this person actually likes me. So be careful you unbelievers that arent married. God may give you your own story.
---Tabetha on 10/6/10

I am not going to mock your testimony here. But, I, myself, would rather believe that God leads us into such an important life time commitment. Hallelujah, Thank You Jesus.
---catherine on 9/14/10

I am curious if you have met your intended yet. Please feel free to reply to me. I too have been told by God whom I will marry and am still waiting but am in constant prayer and servitude to the Lord I know in all of my heart that this man, whose name I have been given, will be brought into my life when it it is God's will. Trust in God's timing, it is always right. Be careful to weed out some of these less supportive responses, they are Satan's way of making you lose faith in God. Keep faith and your intended will appear. I am so grateful to know that others have had similar experiences to mine. :-)
---Krista on 9/13/10

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God told me who my future partner would be also. In my case, it's my ex-boyfriend. During this year we'd been apart, over and over again God had reassured me through many different ways that he is the one for me. What's more is that God also showed me His leadings in the past. He had showed me that my ex was not all that i desired, but he was all that i needed: everything about him, both weaknesses and strengths drew me closer to God.
Pray about your situation, God will definitely reassure you more than once. Simply listen to Him and not your circumstances, because we walk by faith and not by sight. What's more is that, if it is God's will, God's peace would be with you.
Praise be to Him who is Holy.
---Bonnie on 7/9/10

deffenately, here in Africa it is the surest way to ghet a good partner, but this is HOW it works
1 you receive a revelation
2 you go to the pastor of your church who prays with you until HE ghets a confirmation in his heart
3 he aproaches the person
4 if the person agrees, toghether they ask God to reveal and pray toghether until that confirmation commes.
quite different then just think its rom God now.
---Andy3996 on 6/22/10

It is a very rare occasion when God tells people who to marry.
i highly doubt that this will happen again any time soon.

He did it ONCE to show israel thier sin.
So he can do it again to show the church it's sin.

Well, i would say that you should rethink the idea that God tould you whom to marry.

then try to figure out why you two are seperated.
---francis on 5/21/10

I believe God will tell you who to marry, because the scripture talks about being led of the spirit, and if we are led of the Holy Spirit we will not go wrong. Because we are fleshly beings, our flesh has a way of speaking and because we desire something so strongly we sometimes become confused and believe in what we feel even though it may be wrong for us. Maybe what you are experiencing is a falling away on your mates part. We all have a will to do so don't be in doubt about whether God spoke to you, just keep moving in the power of God and he will work things out. Don't try to fix it.
---Cat on 5/18/10

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//But I prayed for God to confirm it 3 different times. Each time He did, the worse our friendship got.// -seeking_only_Him

If confirmed by God once, then why two more times? It seems to me, God answered your three prayers by causing him to fade away and you to have increasing doubt. Praise God!
---aka_joseph on 5/18/10

To Catherine, I'm just wondering how do you know that any of us who have had this experience did not obviously hear from God? If God created us in His image, do you not ponder that He will speak to us in a way we may understand? Or do you not think that satan can come in and use people or situations to bring discomfort, cause us to doubt? The more you draw closer to God, the more the devil comes in to disturb our peace of mind.
---seeking_only_Him on 5/16/10

Well, we do have to be careful, ha, ha. On the other hand, as God pointed out to me, "you must trust your intellect", how God loves to speak to me. We do have to be careful. God understands that as we grow we will become more of an expert in discernment. What to do now? Obviously, you did not hear form God on this one. Sometimes, God will use circumstances for spiritual lessons. Just wait on Him. The worse thing that you can do, is to lose your confidence that you can hear from God. Because, trust me, you can. [only for born-again believers].
---catherine on 5/16/10

I am in a similar situation. I met someone and I fought with it because he was everything I wanted in a husband and friend but there is a big age difference and we didn't exactly meet in church. He said he didn't want to date anyone but wanted constant contact and I never forced the issue. But I prayed for God to confirm it 3 different times. Each time He did, the worse our friendship got. I never told him about my prayers, but I was hopeful. I prayed for God to draw us closer to Him and to strenghen our friendship, now he ignores me. The more I prayed, the more he pulled away. This once was the man I talked to all the time, wanted the same things in life, shared his hopes and dreams with me and really enjoyed. It saddens me.
---seeking_only_Him on 5/16/10

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in my situation we liked each other, and didn't talk for a long time.We reuinted and felt this was divine intervention, because we both liked each other still and the timing was right.we both felt this was God's will.I also confirmed it later by reading the word. about 3 yrs later,she breaks it off suddenly, saying God wants her to be with him and says all these things about the relationship that i havent heard her ever say.We are separated now,but I still think of her and still think God truly spoke to me.At the same time,she said God told her one thing as well.I still shed tears because of the pain,but only hope God will cover me with his love to endure.My love was genuine.I pray God will enlighten us both.I hate that i keep crying though
---rainbow_candy_drops on 5/3/10

I to had a dream about my future husband and I believe it. What I saw in the vision wasn't something I could have done on my own. I even spoke to a friend and asked her how she met her husband and how did she know he was the one. She told me God showed her a man and it was like someone typed " you will marry him" in her head, and she their still married
---Alexis on 3/31/10

If what u stated is the exact truth, u are not to blame. He needs to confirm from God himself, but should have done that b4 starting the relationship. In Judges13:8, Manoah asked God to confirm the message earlier delivered to the wife for the 2 of them & God did. If He is God's choice for u & HE refuses(God gives right to a person to choose), know that God has others to fill the position HE planned for him. If he gets confirmation in good time & come back to u, accept him. If he doesn't come back, ask God to meet your need in HIS own way.
---Adetunji on 1/15/10

In my experience with people hearing from God
If God tells you to do what you want to do
It is in most cases judgment against you.
Because you are not listening to what he is saying. Just like Balaam kept asking God If he could curse Israel and God told him to Go and then sent an Angel to kill him.
I am very leery of these God told me people
even though I myself hear from God. But I do not go around telling people God told me this and God told me that. Because people use that to manipulate situations and project superiority. Because there are other voices that sound like God a person must learn to hear with their Heart and not their mind.
---exzucuh on 1/14/10

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God could tell you but if you already wanted to marry the person it probably wasn't him speaking.
There is not a lot of specific biblical examples of such, though in cases like Isaac's the Lord provided a mate the seeker did not know previously.
Its a common error for someone to want something and then believe God is telling them to actually follow through with emotional desires.
God is sympathetic to our wants but he is about HIS will.
Its more likely he would bring two people together to start a ministry and further his kingdom. One as a helper to the other. Was this the case?
Lonliness is a powerful drug.
---larry on 1/14/10

I think.If that person god told you to marry,both would love god first, then god will draw both of you together.GOD does give us the test to see wat do we know about love, and usually the test is more likely draw you close to him cuz he want us to seek him more and cry out to him.If the person who you really love draw you AWAY from god,then i dont think god'd choose that person for you.Are u ready to get marry during this time, maybe ur ready but god is not,cuz god always prepare something better.It does take time, patient and alot of prayer.Sign usually is not very clearly,cuz sometime we see it match like we'd ask but at the end it doesn't end up like wat we want,but let's the holy spirit guide you. KEEP PRAYING, he will anwswer u
---TED on 1/13/10


Most people don't make recordings of what God tells them. First of all, they usually think they've "got it" so it's not necessary, and second of all, it's technologically impossible.

Also, extra-biblical revelation is, necessarily, extra-biblical. If God tells you what church to join, you can see how Biblical its teachings are. But if God tells you whom to marry, or what job to take, or what car to buy, it's much harder, since the Bible doesn't talk much about cars or modern jobs (nor, for that matter, do many of the people in the Bible find ideal spouses). Look at Hosea - God told him to marry a prostitute. By Biblical norms, he would have said "prostitutes are bad, no way God make me marry one".
---StrongAxe on 11/6/09

Number 23:19 says that "God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?"
Do some research and see where you went wrong? i also believe that While God was preparing you to meet your man, He must have been preparing your man for you -
Go back and check if it was really God who had spoken to you: How did He confirm to you the message. Remember there are always two voices in our life: Was it really God. Refer to His Word in the Bible as you research. Remain blessed
---laura6946 on 11/6/09

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Numbers 22:20 And God came unto Balaam at night, and said unto him, If the men come to call thee, rise up, and go with them, but yet the word which I shall say unto thee, that shalt thou do.

Then God sent an Angel to kill Balaam, Why? because like Jesus said if you are persistant in asking, God will eventually give you what you want. He gives people over to their reprobate minds, If you wanted this person and wouild not listen to what God was really telling you, then you Got what you wanted. If this person was not a christian God would no way tell you to marry them.
---exzucuh on 11/5/09

do not take word for word out of contest
What i think Cathrine is trying to emphasize is that she doesn't believe in it.... the 20yrs she mentioned is just a way of emphasising.... a little bit of literature work i think.

Catherine it is OK not to agree

I agree that it is possible for God to tell us how to run every aspect of our lives if only we are ready to go along with Him....It is possible but we could also be in error thinking we have heard from God....

So for me it is kind of 70-30 is definitely highly possible
---patie3447 on 11/2/09


If all Christians took your advice, then by the time they met someone they wanted to fall in love with and marry, and then waited another 20 years just to be sure it was God's will, all Christian married couples would be past the age of childbearing on their wedding day, and there would never be any Christian children at all.
---StrongAxe on 11/1/09

Well, befire taking such an important, life taking step, one should pray for 20 years before doing it. God usually do not that.
---catherine on 10/31/09

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A wild wild story!!!
When my mother was a 12 year-old girl she was told by a gypsy fortune teller that she would meet the man who was to become her husband wearing a raincoat, barefooted, and riding on a mule, all of which came true seven years later.
While my mother was a strong Christian and was very reluctant to tell the story us kids used to get her to tell us the story on my parents wedding anniversary.
The Gypsies made a habit of camping in the wintertime in the woods on by my mother's father. This whole episode came about because of the gypsy woman asking my mother if she could have some eggs from their barn. And so the deal was struck that mother would bring her some eggs and in turn she told my mother fortune!!!
---mima on 10/29/09

hello Mary,
thank God you are sure of what you heard
Keep trusting God, pray and let Him lead you.

Allow your man to listen to God for himself.... encourage him to hear from God and decide what to do next

There is very good advice in most of the replies here....especially the fact that all hope is not lost

But be also open and ready to move on
Because your guy also has to hear for himself... (do not try to manipulate him...he may feel you are, especially if you are more in e with the not make yourself his personal Holy Spirit trying to hear on his, don't)

Also make room for the fact that you may be in error.... our Father in heaven knows best...cheers!!!
---patie3447 on 10/29/09


It's true that we need to listen to what God says, and the notion that God has created one perfect match for everyone is a very nice romantic ideal. However, the idea that one must wait to marry until God reveals ones "perfect other", or that if one marries someone other than that "perfect other" that God has chosen it is adultery, is nowhere taught in the bible, so teaching this is a commandment of men.

Saying "Be careful whom you marry" is wise advice. Saying "If you marry the wrong person, it's adultery" is pharisaism.
---StrongAxe on 10/29/09

God told me who I was going to marry. I'm still in the process of it, but whenever I've doubted, I've gotten something reassuring that told me it wasn't just me. Let the Holy Spirit guide your thoughts and emotions. We all have a soul and sometimes it's hard to differentiate between that and our spirit. Let your husband pray about it, too. It's best if you're on the same page. Also, you are separated, not a divorce? There is still time to come to an agreement. Let God back into the marriage.
---triptych on 10/29/09

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Abraham was a great man and very close to God and his ways, which ways he also taught his people (Genesis 18:19). He sent his servant to fetch a wife for his son from amongst his people that he knew. God did not send that girl signed, sealed delivered. Should we expect any different?
---Nana on 9/2/09

God does share with you who you will marry, if you ask Him to bring the person He has for you to you. Other wise we are in adultery, because we are with someone elses wife or husband. This is why it ends in separation or divorse. When we hear things, we can hear from 4 different sourses (God, ourselves, the world, and Satan). If you heard from God, it will line up with the Bible ALL the time. Other wise you have heard from one of the other three sourses.
---Leslie on 9/1/09

You are seeking God and His will and you are right to do so. Don't get confused, If God told you it is a for sure thing and if you are seperated now, it is still a for sure thing. Remember my brother, we do not walk by sight. Right now it looks like God did not speak to you cause you are seperated but that may not be the case at all. The Devil want s us to move, lose our position because things look bad but once again go back to what God told you. Pray and Fast and ask God to confirm His words to you.
---Dee on 8/31/09

I don't believe God would tell you that you would marry a certain person and not tell the certain person the same thing. This is spiritual manipulation.
---Shirley on 4/23/09

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Personally I think you did not get a message from God to marry anyone. To many people when they want something really bad convince themselves that God wants them to do this or that or be with this person or with that person etc. And it is only their own minds trying to justify their wants needs or desires at the time...If God had truly ordained this relationship you would still be together! But your post leaves out alot of information such as are you both grounded in Christ and going to services regularly? God would never place two people together if they were un-equally yoked. Remember before you jump at something because YOU THINK God wants it to be...Make sure it lines up with scripture! God Bless!
---Rev._Daniel on 4/2/09

God told about a year and 3 months ago that I was going to marry this guy. But I immediately objected the idea cause were completely different. Then I thought I was weird or something so I asked my mom how she knew that my dad was the one for her and she told me that God had told her she was going to marry my dad, then two minutes after I got threw talking with her I saw an Adrian Rogers commercial saying when he first saw his wife that God told him that he was to marry her. So I don't think your crazy. Just make sure that God is your number one focus and he will give you His desires for you.
---Lauren on 3/27/09

I too questioned if i got the sign right and i keep going over what i asked for and there was no doubt he gave me the go ahead but we still have problems and both of us have thought about getting divorced but neither of us can do it cos God put us together. get a pastor to help you with your problems.
---Mandy on 3/18/08

God spoke to my husband in January that he was going to marry me, I laughed since he is 23 years senior, and I thought God was going to bless me with someone younger, November that year I finally asked God if this was his will. And he made it clear to me this is what he wanted, yet I cried, I asked God each step to close the doors, than 6 doors open immediately, I remember being at the alter, I said I'm dedicated to God if this is your will, were still married, I am still trying to do our fathers will.
---sheila on 2/28/08

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Did he receive the same message? If he did, maybe he is scared and in denial.
---TT on 10/24/07

If you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God told you who you would marry, and I believe that he can, and will show a person. You take what God showed or told you which was conformed and you stand on his word. Others will question it, and will get you to question it as well. Don't let them. Stand firm on God's word, what he told you.
---Rebecca_D on 10/24/07

God could possibly be wanting you or your partner to learn something while separated or maybe He wants you both to see the whole relationship from a new perspective. Something that could be difficult to do while still in an active relationship.
---TT on 10/24/07

Just because youre separated now doesnt mean that God cant bring you back together. But I have to ask--If you heard God and He confirmed it, then why are you asking if God can speak to you? Questions: Have you kept the relationship pure? Have you been encouraging and pointing each other towards the Lord?
---Bish on 10/23/07

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If God wants two people together, he will tell both of them, not just one. That way there is no hesitation on the part of either the man or the woman. I know several young ladies right now who are saying that God told them to marry a certain minister. He can't marry them all!
---Susie on 10/23/07

Like prophesy, test what you heard. Is what you heard biblically sound? Do the both of you have the same spirit? Is God the head of your family? Is Jesus the head of the Man as the man the head of you? Are you convinsed that he would lead the family the way Christ leads the church? Did he have a solid foundation in God's word? While conflict in a relationship is inevitable, do the both of you have the Biblical attitude to resouve it? (not letting the sun go down before you resove it)
---Steveng on 10/23/07

Or, did you greatly desire him that you thought (or planned it that way) to get him any way you can to get what you desired?
---Steveng on 10/23/07

Once I discovered a woman who showed me all the main things I wanted my wife to have and she said God told her we would convenient. But more and more it was sinking in to me that God was not personally satisfying me that He wanted us to marry. But she pushed me on, anyway, NOT encouraging me to make sure with God. It was my fault I went along with her without making sure God was personally leading and satisfying me to stay with her.
---Bill_bila5659 on 10/23/07

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Being told who to marry is one thing, Mary. Learning how to relate to make it work is something you can't just be told how to do. It's a beautiful adventure of discovering God together and evangelizing each other to better love all people as yourselves. If you isolate together, this can inbreed you (Matthew 5:46). You need to grow with other Jesus Family people. Maybe you have gotten too involved only with each other?
---Bill_bila5659 on 10/23/07

# 1 I think that God gives us brains and emotions. And He expects us to use them.
That's how we get on with some very good people but sometimes find other very good people quite intolerableons,
---alan_of_UK on 10/23/07

# 2 .How did you hear from God ... how was it confirmed?
I suspect that either
You were wanting to get married and were influenced by what someone said that this man must be the right one
Or you wanted to get married, and wishful thinking made you think he was the right guy.
Did you ever feel madly in love with him? That I think is how God lets us know the person MAY be the right one, but even then H e expects us to thinks carefully about it, and challenge and query the strong emotion
---alan_of_UK on 10/23/07

The REAL question is whether you heard from God to start with. If you had, wouldn't He have told the man as well?


I know a lady who was widowed 30 years ago. Every man she met afterwards she just KNEW that this was the man God wanted her to marry. As you can guess, she's been miserable for 30 years.
---Jack on 10/23/07

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I'm sure God would be glad to tell a person who that person should marry, but I'm not so sure I myself would hear Him right(o: If he was going mainly by you telling him what God told you, I understand a man is his lady's head and so he can make sure for himself. So, if after two years he's questioning YOUR ability to hear God, and has not really made sure with God, himself . . . he needs to do this and not put it all on you, I'd consider (o: God bless you.
---Bill_bila5659 on 10/23/07

I don't believe that God would tell one person and not prepare the other one in some way. If only one heard then I doubt it was from God.
---RitaH on 10/23/07

Yes, God can tell you and show u who you will marry, and so can the devil. Most likely if u too are seperated most likely it was the devil that put u together, because once God put you together nobody can seperate your marriage not even the devil.
---ANN on 10/23/07

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