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Should You Warn Others

Do you tip-toe with fear and trepidation as a Christian Watchman for your family as you observe the [DEVOURER who comes as an ANGEL OF LIGHT to steal, kill, and destroy them} take their souls down to hell, or Do you warn them, of their wrong direction?

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 ---Whisper on 10/24/07
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Thank you for this post. There is a member of my husband's family that is deep into addiction. As a professional counselor, I'm going to him to give him the information that I believe he could use to make a decision about treatment. When I do this, the rest of the family will become extremely angry at me. They do not want to believe that there is an addict in the family.
---Annie on 8/9/08

Whisper an awesome question, I have many family members that are not saved, and when I try to warn them the majority of them get offended. I do not cram it down their throats, but I tell them the truth in love according to the Word of God. Would you keep warning them, or would you back down? What do you or anyone think about this? I love them and I do not want to see them spend eternity in hell. Any suggestions would be appreciated. God Bless you all!
---Cynthia on 11/10/07

jody: Good For You! Amen!!!
---TS on 11/9/07

Our unusual family consisting of four generations of women 78,55,27,9 yrs of age. One is an athiest and we other 3 are Christians who speak openly and honestly about the Lord regarding any issue. I warn when I see spiritual dangers in a loving way. Sometimes it is necessary to use some amount of persuasion with Bible references with my 9 year old about music. She understands and submits though thank the good Lord. She actually doesn't even understand the lyrics but likes rap beats. I do not allow it.
---jody on 11/8/07

Andrea: Same lie you keep telling shows your real character. The SDA church does not teach the nonsense you claim.
---TS on 11/8/07

Andrea: "The SDA church says Jesus returned in 1844 to begin judgment. weird but they believe it."

What is weird is that you expect anyone to believe that we believe it because we don't believe it
---djconklin on 11/8/07

The SDA church says Jesus returned in 1844 to begin judgment. weird but they believe it.

So we do not know the hour/day but we act as if it will be tomorrow.
---Andrea on 11/8/07

Whisper, the SDA Church is giving this last Warning Message in Love right now as most of Christianity turns toward easy pleasing fables, denies the Commandments of God and Faith in Jesus' sacrifice and Grace to cleanse us from sin rather than us continuing to walk in sin.
---TS on 11/8/07

We warn as God directs us. But to be honest some don't care. Some believes they are already saved, some Satan has hook, line and soul, some are mockers. Now this is my family. So what are you going to do? I keep praying for these people, for they do not really know what lies ahead for them.. Sometimes it bothers me.
---catherine on 11/8/07

No, because people who know their God will be strong.
Even the angels rejoice over that one that makes the decision to follow Christ.
If we don't tell them, the world that is cold, callous, numb to violence and injustice - will not.
---Michelle on 11/8/07

I have been witnessing to my family for 25 years. There are about 15 believers and about 25 close. The attitudes have changed and I can see a gentleness in them now as they see me and my family living our lives in His. I expect them all to come. "me and my whole household"
I hesitate to use the fire and brimstone thing I beleive it is the love and mercy of God that draws people. If I could scare them into heaven I would but it simply would make them avoid me.
---Andrea on 10/25/07

The majority of my family are not saved and I'm guessing that most families are like that. In my case I am viewed as the 'odd' one who believes in God and Jesus and talks of 'hell' and 'sin' as if they are real. My family try to avoid any discussion of Christianity and I see glances pass between them as if they are saying "don't give her a chance to discuss this" Some are nearing the end of their lives and some younger ones are not at all well. I fear for them
---RitaH on 10/25/07

2.but I do 'tip-toe' around the subject because, if I didn't, I would never get the chance to discuss it at all. I would be avoided, never invited to anything. Being ostracized isn't what worries me, it is the fact that all communication would then be gone along with any chance to witness to them. I believe that there are times when all we can do for them is pray and leave God to show us when the time is right to speak out.
---RitaH on 10/25/07

3. I have been given a few rare occasions to do that and, although I haven't seen any of them saved yet, I can see changes and believe that seeds planted could take root. Im not always certain that my approach is the correct one but I do feel that it is wise to try to keep lines of communication open but I also trust that God has someone else lined up, to whom they will listen, and that in His time, He will send them to witness to my family.
---RitaH on 10/25/07

I don't think anyone will listen to our warnings before they know they can trust us.
---John1944 on 10/24/07

cant put it better than robyn, in all things apply wisdom, i think john the baptise could have prepared a better way but his approch is wrong, i would'nt listen if someone is just yelling at me everyday that i will die. by your ways and your fruth you can turn more people to God than actually talking to them.
---tim on 10/24/07

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We should always warn the lost(everyone) of their wrong direction. But it is a right and wrong way to do anything. We should pray for discernment and guidance in how to share with others. We can sometimes, turn people away from the Lord by our harsh,evil and accusatory ways.Christians mean well but are in desperate need of working on themselves,first, then learning how to share the gospel, in the right way, with others.
---Robyn on 10/24/07

I warn them. If I know someone that is doing wrong and I don't at least let them know, I'm just as guilty. I don't want anyone's blood to be on my hands. I don't want Christ telling me, "You seen this person all the time how come you didn't tell them about me or about hell". And no, I don't tip toe or beat around the bush, you can't sugar coat God's word. His word is his word, people need to tell it like it is written.
---Rebecca_D on 10/24/07

Don't be afraid to warn anyone, even the unbelievers here.
Don't be afraid to give them the Word of God.

For too long, people have gorged themselves on information that does nothing to make you strong or able. Soul winning training is back.
Prolonged exposure to naysayers will leave you weak. Surround yourself with those strong in the Lord, gear up, don't be afraid of flopping or embarrassing yourself.
---Bob on 10/24/07

If your loved ones have a computer, forward them some of your blogs.

If a wildfire was headed their way, wouldn't you warn them? If a tornado was about to touch down, wouldn't you sound the alarm?
If an earthquake was about to hit, wouldn't you tell them?
---Bob on 10/24/07

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I've seldom seen a family that did not have at least one 'sacrificial lamb' for the rest of the family.
One Christian that fasts and prays for the others to come in to the sheepfold.
At least one family member that cries out for the salvation of their loved ones.
You may be the one that plants the seeds and someone else may reap the harvest. The results are still a blessing. A family that comes to Jesus Christ before their dying day.
---Bob on 10/24/07

A Christian shouldn't tiptoe with fear.
Fear is the opposite of faith.
We 'fear, are in awe', of the Lord.
We shouldn't fear what man can do to us.

You'll need a backbone of steel to stand in the evil day. Better start today.
---Bob on 10/24/07

Light dispels the darkness.
Darkness cannot remain in the light.
The Word of God is Light, start speaking the Word in love and watch the darkness flee, and scatter.
Opposition will come, even demons and foul spirits may manifest themselves, but the Bible says that a Christian can cast those devils out.
---Bob on 10/24/07

I have warned. As God directs me. looks as if it is doing no good. There are so many in my family who really believes that they will go to heaven. Even though, even though noone it seems has been bought by the Blood of Christ. Some are stiff-necked. You can see it written all over their faces.
---catherine on 10/24/07

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Actually, I do try to warn people about them not having Jesus Christ in there lives and what would happen if they don't. And what they do with it is on them not me, you are surppose to tell people about Christ what they do afterwards is up to them.
---ANN on 10/24/07

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